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Face Reading Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, ready for his face reading

Face Reading Johnny Depp? Fun!

Face Reading Johnny Depp — are you as curious as I am? The power of face reading will bring us insight. But which insight? Let’s find out.

Through face reading I can complements the aura reading of him done so recently. Search for photos of him and, gee, do you notice anything interesting about it in terms of physiognomy?

Face Reading Johnny Depp. A Mystery to Solve

Dashing Depp is nearly always portrayed at one or another adorable camera angle.

By the time you reach the end of today’s face reading, maybe you can answer a bit of a mystery about finding photos of the handsome movie star. It is really, really rare to find a photo that shows his face straight on, not a 3/4 angle or other cute camera angle off to one side.

Why do you think that is?

Meanwhile, here is what we need to get started with today’s bit of face reading, using one photograph that does show Johnny Depp quite well from a front angle.

Face Reading Johnny Depp. Requirements

Face reading works best with a straight-on camera angle, regardless of a celebrity’s glamour or reputation for quirkiness. So let’s use this version of Johnny Depp’s face photo.

And now, for you up-and-coming face readers:

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What does the system of Face Reading Secrets(R) have to do with personal development? If that isn’t clear to you by now, ask your version of that question in a COMMENT below.

Before we proceed, Blog-Buddies. I know that some of you are sophisticated face readers. Can you share, how does the mega-rich movie star look a whole lot like Nelson Mandela?

Face Reading Johnny Depp. Trendsetter Lips

How to see it like a physiognomist

Right at the center of the upper lip, directly beneath the philtrum, lips make an inverted V shape.

Sometimes that is called a “Cupid’s Bow.” I prefer the term “Trendsetter Lips.” Because the meaning of this face reading characteristic is not related to being loveable, one way or the other.

The mustache in the first Johnny Depp photo here really frames his VERY intense Trendsetter Lips. While the lower photo semi-hides it.

Looking for a Johnny Depp-related photo? Check out his facial hair and the camera angle. The most-played-up (or down) feature on Depp’s face is usually his VERY version of Trendsetter Lips, plus the item of face reading data I will read for you next.

Corresponding talent in the system of Face Reading Secrets(R)

Each of us humans has self-authority. With that goes the ability to express ourselves in words and speak up for ourselves.

With Trendsetter Lips, there’s an extra ability that comes quite naturally, a kind of talent: Being able to speak eloquently on behalf of a whole group of people.

Potential challenge

Having no life of your own, communication of your own, when not in a representing role?

Always, in life, there can be a balancing act between:

  • Serving humanity as a World Server
  • Having a glorious human life, especially important if you are a householder rather than a renunciate

With big fame, or a big job to do in the world, or simply the talent of Trendsetter Lips, it can be tempting to throw aside one’s humanity and, instead, become an idol of humanity, a.k.a. “Movie Star.”

Face Reading Johnny Depp: Natural Lip Liner, Upper Lip Only

How to see it like a physiognomist

Notice the upper edge of Johnny Depp’s upper lip. That lip only is defined by a ridge of flesh, a kind of natural cosmetic.

Notice, too, only his upper lip has this definition.

It is easier to see this item of face reading data in the picture at the top of this post, of course.

Corresponding talent in the system of Face Reading Secrets

Natural expressiveness and forcefulness when communicating how people feel.

Feminine energy, emotions, hidden secrets, even secret shames or ambitions can be expressed powerfully.

Potential challenge

Perpetually disappointed in how inadequate other people seem at communicating how people feel?

When we have a talent, it can be hard to accept that.

Often a challenge that shows in face reading first intrudes on self-awareness through perpetual disappointment that others do not do what seems so obvious to you. However, look at Johnny Depp’s career.

For instance, ever see the wacky and uninhibited role he played in “Pirates of the Caribbean”?

Face Reading Johnny Depp. Out-Angled Ears

How to see it like a physiognomist

Both ears are out-angled. In our lower photo, you can see from a pretty straight front view how Depp’s ears show their shape when you look from the front.

That is the easiest way to tell, rather than trying to see from the side.

In-angled ears lay flat against the head, not showing much from the front, but outies like those belonging to Johnny, wing right out.

Corresponding talent in the system of Face Reading Secrets

Leadership at life, being deeply individual and doing what he pleases as much as possible.

Social rules, in particular, are often not considered in making life choices.

Potential challenge

Social rules, in particular, are often not considered in making life choices?

Face Reading Johnny Depp. High Ear Position

How to see it like a physiognomist

Ear tops are above Johnny’s eyebrows, while the earlobes are above the lowest part of his nose.

Check, of course, that the face has not hinged forward or backward. A face really needs to be on the level for one to reliably see ear position.

The camera angle here isn’t perfectly level, but even taking it into consideration, Johnny Depp’s ear position remains high.

Corresponding talent in the system of Face Reading Secrets

Learns super-fast.

Reacts super-fast.

Can make his best decisions super-fast.

Note: This talent is about speed of intelligence. Doesn’t mean that Johnny Depp is smarter than other mortals, just that he thinks more rapidly.

Potential challenge

Lack of tolerance for the rest of humanity?

This kind would be about why other people take so very long to figure things out. It’s like being trapped in a horror movie, “The World of the Slowpokes.”

Face Reading Johnny Depp. Left-Angled Nose

How to see it like a physiognomist

For starters, tell right from left like a physiognomist. Cross over, a.k.a. “Go flippo.”

Consider that the bridge of Johnny Depp’s nose is “The middle.”

Check out how the center of his nose tip is more on the left side of his cheek.

It can help to hold up an index card, up and down, covering the right half of his face, then the left. That left side has a whole lotta more nose on it, see that?

Corresponding talent in the system of Face Reading Secrets

When Johnny Depp works, it’s personal. He doesn’t perform to please others. He performs to please those on his wavelength, those who would appreciate him.

Elvis played this way at the start of his career, though this changed on his unique evolutionary journey.

Same with John Lennon.

It’s significant that Johnny Depp has been famous for so long now, since xxx, and he still is doing his performance role HIS way.

Potential challenge

Not taking direction very easily? Not seriously cooperative when flacking his films?

You Blog-Buddies who know more about the distinguished Mr. Depp, might you find any stories to tell, or links revealing a certain unwillingness to play the star game?

Just for fun, Johnny Depp-style

Here is a quote of Johnny Depp’s that I came across while putting a few links into the finished post:

If there’s any message to my work, it is ultimately that it’s OK to be different,

that it’s good to be different,

that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different,

behaves different,

talks different,

is a different color.

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  1. 1
    Elaine says:

    Very interesting Rose. And then I always wonder about the beards/mini beards that change the shape of the chin.

  2. 2

    ELAINE, the topic of beards, mini-beards, etc. is fascinating.

    You are so right. To a face reader there is great significance to this.

    For that reason, I explored this topic more deeply than ever before in “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

    More deeply… when compared to my previous four books on physiognomy, that is. In this new book, I really went to town on facial hair, including my critique of the manly displays on Naughty Alexander and Curmudgeonly Lloyd.

    If you have the print edition, start reading at Page 226. With an e-book edition, search on this sentence:

    “Now that you can read Chin Bottoms, What About Beard Bottoms?”

    At least I think that is what one does with an e-book, Blog-Buddies. Am I correct? So far, I don’t pull out my Kindle for pleasure, just to check on e-book conversions.

  3. 3
    Jill Erin says:

    Thank you, Rose, for both the Aura Reading and Face Reading of Johnny Depp. He has been one of my favorite Actors for a long time. Very interesting about the Trend Setter Lips (which he shares with Mandela).

    I love that he has played so many different character types and is so good at it that you can almost forget that it is Johnny Depp playing the role.

  4. 4
    Donna says:

    Rose thank you for this….I really enjoy Johnny Depp’s style!

    I have one question regarding face reading. Is there a way we can nominate someone for you to face read in future blog posts? I am very curious about a Dr named Gabor Mate’. He has written extensively on, stress, addiction, parenting etc and the mind body connection. His face seems to me to have so much to say!


  5. 5

    DONNA, you’re welcome.

    Look out for contests at the blog.

    Otherwise, you might consider booking your own session time with me where I can read faces from any photos you provide of people over the age of 18.

    Another advantage? If it is a personal session, you can have me read people you personally know, as it is a confidential opportunity to learn about what makes people tick.

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