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Announcing Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)


Announcing Rosetree Energy Spirituality. A.k.a. RES

Starting today, officially, I will begin using the name Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Here’s a definition:

A session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality begins with a client’s choice for emotional or spiritual growth. Then the healer uses techniques of Energetic Literacy, healing, and empowerment.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality helps normal people to solve normal, ordinary problems. Then move forward rapidly on that very individual path of personal development.

Depending on the individual, that might mean a person’s path to Householder Enlightenment.

Because I was the first to write about the field of Energy Spirituality in general, I have been using that term alone. Yet this field of Energy Spirituality is growing, and rapidly.

Announcing Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Because It’s Time.

Therefore, I believe it is time to distinguish my particular version of Energy Spirituality, my existing and developing body of work.

Here I take inspiration from my friend Donna Eden, who began by using the term Energy Medicine. Since there is no way for her to exert quality control, or any control, over that well established field, Donna has begun in recent years to refer to her work as “Eden Energy Medicine.”

Now it’s time to make a similar distinction about Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Announcing Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Compared to Energy Spirituality in general?

Let’s start with the general field. It’s an important one to know about. If you’re reading this now, you might be among the first 500,000 people on earth to know about Energy Spirituality.

To quote from “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing“:

“Technologies expressly designed to move energy may become one of the defining discoveries of the 21st century. Consider the array of energy healing methods available to us today.

“Gary Craig and David Feinstein are pioneers of ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY, a holistic system of self-help that changes inner lives, healing psychological problems. Even
though the full mind-body-spirit system becomes engaged, the point of entry is the mind part of mind-body-spirit.

“Energy Psychology produces results by changing energy patterns within an aura. Energy techniques with a psychological point of entry include Emotional Freedom Technique, EMDR, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, [most forms of] Past-Life Regression Hypnosis, Holographic Repatterning, and Transformational Breathwork.

“Donna Eden’s ENERGY MEDICINE is another system of self-help that changes a person’s aura.

“Here the point of entry to the mind-body-spirit system is the physical body, with the main intention being to align physical health, correct imbalances, keep energy flowing.

“Besides Eden Energy Medicine, other holistic techniques with a physical point of entry include Reiki, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, Bio-Energetics, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Homeopathy.

“ENERGY SPIRITUALITY uses the spirit, or aura, itself as a primary point of entry for healing the mind-body-spirit system.

“This matters because an aura can contain blockages to spiritual clarity that will be left untouched by mind-body-spirit approaches with a different point of entry.

Announcing Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Where’s the Uniqueness?

What makes any techniques of Energy Spirituality different from other fields, especially Energy Psychology? After all, both address emotions.

Techniques of Energy Spirituality do not shy away from working in a spiritual manner. We co-create with the Divine.

If there is astral healing, shamanic healing, psychic readings, or any other astrally-based work, the healer is not working within the discipline of Energy Spirituality, including Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

By contrast, Energy Spirituality techniques are done by consciously, effortlessly, collaborating with the client’s choice of Divine Being, such as God, Jesus, Buddha, Archangel Gabriel.

You may know, modern Western psychology began with Freud’s genius work. Freud was no big lover of God.

Credentialed psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers… they don’t get to include the Divine in their work. Not officially, anyway.

Announcing Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Different from Energy Psychology, Too.

Doesn’t the same go for practitioners of Energy Psychology?

Energy Spirituality is not limited in this way. Every one of my books, most of my techniques and systems, includes co-creation with God.

Out of the closet! No longer locked in the confessional (You may have seen the related story in “Empowered by Empathy.”)

Energy Spirituality is not a religion, nor does it require religious beliefs. Yet is the mind-body-spirit modality that puts spirit in a co-starring role.

I have helped many an atheist, actually, in healing sessions.

A healer in Rosetree Energy Spirituality does not work with a religious preference that must be accepted by the client. Yet co-creating with Divine vibrational frequencies is never optional. Nor are astral vibrational frequencies considered a substitute.

Who is on the healing team in Rosetree Energy Spirituality? The client, the healer, and the client’s choice of Divine Being collaborate to bring forth results from every session.

Announcing Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

What That Means for Us as a Community

Many of you Blog-Buddies have never studied with me or read even one of my books, let alone aspired to use Rosetree Energy Spirituality skills to take others.

Yet something about these skill sets and knowledge moves you.

We do have a community here. We are bringing into this world a type of healing, a vibrational frequency of skills, with the potential to move human consciousness forward greatly.

I welcome you, however you connect to Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Your questions, your appreciation, your enthusiasm support me more than you may know. Right now, and over the years to come, you can help to shape this community and expand it.

Overall characteristics of this community are intelligence and discernment, respect and compassion, humor and honesty.

I like that.

I like that you help bring these qualities, as your questions and experiences help to shape the sacred work of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. It’s for people like us. It’s for the world’s empaths. It’s for those who wish to heal and be empowered.

And it is for all of us with a passion to bring truth, and ever more truth, into earth.

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  1. 1

    How did I find that statistic, 500,000?

    It’s a guess. I do know about:

    * 335,000 copies of my books are in print worldwide. Plus the growing sales of e-books.

    * 41 foreign rights contracts, including an Agreement that goes in the mail today with Random House Germany, expanding the rights to keep publishing their bestseller of the last seven years, “die Aura erkennen mit allen Sinnen” (To us English speakers, that is aura reading through all your senses.)

    * Over 1,000 media interviews, including major newspapers throughout the U.S., international and domestic interviews on public radio, a bit of TV with segments that became top-rated for the week, etc.

    * My “Energetic Literacy” column in the quarterly, “Pathways Magazine

    * Being spoofed by Steven Colbert, in a class of its own. (I’m still waiting for him to dare to interview me in person.)

    And, last but not least, being read by all of you who visit this blog from time to time. Plus the friends and family members to whom you send links to articles, etc.

  2. 2
    Linda Stone says:

    Yes,Yes,Yes! Appropriate and credit where credit is due. I am so proud to be a graduate and working professional of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.A bold and brave move. You are my idol in that arena… Linda

  3. 3
    Suz says:

    It has been so thrilling to find your work, Rose, because it is right where I have always operated best. Sure, I know and use EFT and help others with it; sure I practice qi gong and am learning some healing techniques with that. But the spiritual level is where I have always lived, since childhood. Now I’m getting to learn some great specific tools to use on the spiritual level, and it’s very exciting. Thanks for not leaving out the Creative Source, God, divine energy, whatever name you wish to use.

  4. 4
    Dave says:

    Awesome, and what an exciting for you and for your students as your work continues to develop and reaches more people!

  5. 5
    Kathryn says:

    I appreciate the clarity in describing the differences and distinctions among the three; also the special role of the divine in contrast to the astral in Energy Spirituality.

    As a graduate of the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, I deeply appreciate this work! Thank you, Rose.

  6. 6
    Linda Stone says:

    I just wanted to add another comment regarding this astonishing work. Co-creating with the divine makes all the difference in the healing. And…. not just co-creating with the divine, but using very specific and clear techniques that have been pioneered and utilized and taught by Rose over a lifetime of world service.

    That is what brings the work all together. It is a step-by-step, push-button process that Rose can teach to anyone.

    It is so appropriate that it be recognized by the name of the embodiment and force of nature that is Rose Rosetree.

    Rosetree Energy Spirituality is a legend in its own time. This is such an exciting time to be on planet earth… and ever so much more, to be a part of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    It is at once humbling, and a privilege. Wow!

  7. 7
    Isabel says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so happy that you are clearly describing and educating people on how profound this type if healing is for people. The huge amount of integrity involved with this program is so important!

    Not to mention, taking credit for your years of hard work! Three cheers for Rose Rosetree Energy Spirituality!

  8. 8
    Jill Erin says:

    Congratulations, Rose! This is wonderful news. Your system of Energy Spirituality is every bit as clear, concise, effective and elegantly sophisticated as Eden Energy Medicine (which I love, also) and it makes perfect sense for the true founder of that system to put her name on it.

    This also makes it easier to refer other to your work. There is something very satisfying about rolling “Rosetree Energy Spirituality” off the tongue.

  9. 9
    Josie says:

    Rose, I am so thrilled about the new name “Rosetree Energy Spirituallity”. You have pioneered, developed and taught very specific and clear set of skills of Enegy Spirituallty and you have helped so many people for so many years as a world server that it sure deserves to have your name.

    Your defenition of Energy Spirituality is right on target and the distiction between Energy Spiritually and other forms of energy healing are well defined. Thank you.
    I am proud and very appreciative to be an apprentice in your mentoring program.

    In my psychotherapy practice I used EMDR, Energy Psychology, Pranic psychotherapy, etc. and now I added sessions of Rosetree Energy Spiritually. The difference that I find as I start to work with this form of healing is that I see results in every session, the results are permanent, and because I am co-creating with the Divine, I can see the miracle of a much greater human and soul evolution, and more consciousness with each client.

    Again, what a privilege to be an apprentice with you Rose and to be part of this community.

    Love and gratitude always.

  10. 10
    Donna says:

    Rose, I am kinda new to you work and am so excited to see it expand even more. I am especially drawn to your work on empathy and empaths and think I need to start there….but it is so great to have a trusted teacher to grow along with. Much thanks to you for your work and teachings, it is helping me understand me…and I hope to continue along this path with your guidance.

  11. 11
    Jordan says:

    I am so excited and proud that Rosetree Energy Spirituality now has the name it deserves, one with appropriate gravitas and attribution!!

  12. 12
    INFPstarflower says:

    This seems to be the place for testimonials.

    Rose, when I first found you, I was in a really bad place. I had never heard of Energy Spirituality. I only knew you could help me. Within a short time, I went from filled with despair to hopeful. Although not perfect, my life is actually enjoyable, now! Thank you, Rose.

  13. 13
    Miranda says:

    Congratulations Rose. What a wonderful and profound direction for your work. RES for short and the first 3 letters of resonate!

    The Empath Empowerment part of your work is what I have needed the most and I appreciate the depth of your work the more I practice what you teach!

  14. 14

    Thank you so much, everyone.

    RES as the first three letters of resonate. Awe!

  15. 15
    Melanie says:

    I am so grateful to be a part of this work, as a client, and as an apprentice. Rosetree Energy Spirituality is truly amazing.

  16. 16
    Jesse says:

    Hi Rose,

    Congratulations on officially naming your work Rosetree Energy Spirituality and providing a clear and specific definition in this post. It is unique and powerful.

    Every time I read a post/ go to a class/ practice a skill, my current view of reality is challenged allowing me to grow. I am grateful for that.

  17. 17
    "Casey" says:

    I have a question about the Mentoring program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, if anyone who is in it currently, or has gone through it, wants to share. And if not, that’s ok too.

    How does one know that one wants to be a professional healer?

    It seems like a big step, and a big decision, to apply to the program, go through it, and become a professional healer.

    Does anyone have anything they want to share about what drives that decision?

    I know there’s lots of wise people here, if anyone wants to comment.

  18. 18
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Rose! Rosetree Energy Spirituality has changed my life. Like you INFP Starflower, I was in a really bad place when I started working with Rose in 2009. My life has changed so much, it is like I am a different person. Congratulations on the new name for your amazing healing system. I am so glad also to see new graduates of the mentoring program beginning healing careers.

  19. 19
    Gladys says:

    I’d recommend you start by having many sessions as a client in the type of healing you find interesting. There is more than one type of healing. Without having done this, I never would have known I was interested in being this type of healer.

  20. 20
    Melanie says:


    I have always wanted to be a healer since I was a little girl. I didn’t know it was possible, though. When I found Rose’s website, I ordered all her books and a 55 minute phone session. I was so wowed by it, that I continued phone sessions, and finally got up the courage to attend one of her workshops. It was truly amazing. I kept attending her workshops, and when I found out about her mentoring program, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

  21. 21
    Jordan says:

    Hi Casey! It wasn’t a big deal decision for me. Just natural and obvious. Sorry no drama in my story 😉

  22. 22
    "Casey" says:

    Thanks, guys! I appreciate the responses. I’ll think it over. I’m at a good place in my life and feel like I have a lot to offer, a lot to give. I’ve always thought healing is one possible path for this lifetime, for me. I do have other interests, so it’s not a clear-cut decision or the easiest decision to make, but I’ll give it “due thought” (that sounds so serious!). This year, 2013, seems like a brand new playing field and great time to start new projects. We’ll see what emerges:)

  23. 23
    David says:

    Congrats Rose! An excellent idea, to differentiate yourself in the market. And I love the review of points of entry. Much easier to understand if there is context.

    Without spirit, a practice is groundless. This has been my experience and why I have passed over most energy training. I’ve stumbled onto some stuff in my own experience but knew there had to be a better skill set than random personal experimentation.

    Being INTJ myself, I like precision. So I would clarify that spirit is formless. But the foundations of a personal form can be read energetically through various means in an effect we can call auras. 😉

    The mental, emotional and physical are all effects of that, so while we can work on those levels, the most effective is the causal. If we can work on its foundation, we resolve everything that arises from that.

  24. 24
    David says:

    Casey – I’ve been poking around this arena for awhile but not finding the quality and depth I was looking for. I just found Rose a few months ago and have gotten 3 of her books, with 4 more on the wish list. If this is the general arena you seek, she’s a key. But you need some internal certainty before choosing a path. Knowing your purpose and gifts can be very useful. The form of the path will come from experience but you need clear direction to begin.

  25. 25
    David says:

    hmmm – too bad the name couldn’t be in French. Then the acronym could be RoSE. 😉
    RES is good though. Resonance. Resolution. Reason. Rescue. Research.

    RES means
    “n. – A thing; the particular thing; a matter; a point.”

  26. 26
    SJP says:

    Congratulations Rose!

    Thank you for making this incredible healing available to all of us here.

    Your creation of names and categories such as “empath” etc have been a relief and helped me understand myself more.

    Thank you!

  27. 27
    Valerie St. John says:

    Your work is such a gift Rose, for anyone who finds you!

    You are truly a pioneer Rose. Since the beginning, working with you has been a real turning point in my life, and I am so grateful.

    The best part to me, is that you keep fine tuning your work into something that is more and more exactly what is needed.

    Thank you for this work Rose!

  28. 28
    Jordan says:

    Aw, thanks David! 🙂

  29. 29
    David says:

    Wow – congrats on the launch, Jordan! And congrats on developing such skills.

  30. 30
    David says:

    And Jordan – don’t forget to add your new web site link to your name here so people can followup with you…

    Incoming links help with Google too.

  31. 31

    JORDAN, of course you must know how very thrilled I am about your new website. Did you notice yet your listing on the Blogroll here?

    Gorgeous website!

  32. 32
    Jordan says:

    Thank you Rose and thank you David! Your support is so frickin’ sweet and so freakin’ appreciated!!!!!!

    I’m really glad to have it underway even if there are some glitches to work out. There will always be glitches, right?

    I have a lot of ideas for promoting it too. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

  33. 33
    Rachel says:

    Rose, would you say that Energy Spirituality can help to identify what goes wrong when relationships break down? I am guessing that a session using energetic holograms and looking at what is going on in each person’s aura would be the most helpful thing for this – do you agree or do you have other suggestions?


  34. 34

    RACHEL, sorry about whatever prompted that question. I am, however, glad to answer it.

    The really good news is that, as a client for a healing session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality you do not have to pick and choose whichever techniques would help you.

    Instead you would simply bring an intention. Such as “To move forward in my love life.” You would also let me know whether you are interested in a session for RES Energy HEALING or a session for RES Energy READING.

    I’ve got a session coming right up but afterwards I will go into details about different skill sets that can help, depending on whether you were more interested in RES Energy HEALING or research with energetic literacy.

    Meanwhile I hope you will let this idea sink in. It can actually be a bit of a relief that you do not have to BE the healing expert when you go for a session of energy HEALING in this modality of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. If your experiences as a client have been good so far, you will have built up a certain level of trust with the healer. So you do not have to outline in advance what the healer’s role will be.

  35. 35

    For research to add support after a difficult breakup, or simply make it informative, possibilities with Rosetree Energy Spirituality include:

    1* A face reading of the ex.
    2* A comparison face reading with the ex and YOU.
    3* An aura reading of the ex.
    4* A comparison aura reading with the ex and YOU.
    5* Doing a compatibility reading from a photo of the two of you together, including body language, face reading, and aura reading
    6* Pulling out energetic holograms and researching them

    If you were choosing a research session, you do have more of a say about the type(s) of techniques to be used.

    And it would be wise to say, while making the appointment, if you are aiming for choices 1-5, because photos might be required. Depends, as would be explained in preparing you for that session.

  36. 36

    So, if you are interested in RES Energy HEALING after a relationship has broken down, there are many skill sets within Rosetree Energy Spirituality that might be chosen by the practitioner.

    A short list includes:

    * Cutting a cord of attachment to the person in the relationship
    * Cutting one or more cords of attachment to other exes
    * Removing negative thought forms
    * Healing psychic coercion
    * Upgrading façade bodies
    * Installing a Blessing of Light
    * And the new technique, Vibrational Re-Positioning

  37. 37
    Rachel says:


    Thanks as ever for the detailed reply.

    Fortunately I don’t need help with an actual breakup myself (not yet!!), but it does help to know what resources are available – and healing sessions are always invaluable, for me, for sure.

  38. 38

    RACHEL, this is great news about your not being the one in need of breakup healing.

    About what to tell a friend, I recommend keeping it simple. You might tell GLADYS something like this:

    “I know an energy healer who helps people get past breakups much faster than otherwise. You make an appointment for a phone session or Skype video, bring an intention like ‘To move forward in my love life,’ and get an amazing healing.”

    Aura Transformation Session:

    If she wants to learn more, GLADYS can browse away at But friends do not usually need a lot of info when they are suffering. A simple referral (from a trusted friend) will do plenty.

  39. 39
    catrien ross says:

    Rose: From Japan, congratulations on Rosetree Energy Spirituality! Wonderful name and wonderful that you continually expand to help our essential evolution. Warm greetings to you from the foot of Mount Fuji – wish I could send a bath of warm onsen water to help you celebrate. Catrien.

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