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Aura Reading George Zimmerman

Aura Reading George Zimmerman

Aura Reading George Zimmerman, a hero to those who believe in “Stand Your Ground” laws

Aura Reading George Zimmerman — hey, I’ll have a lot to set aside before doing that.

First of all, ho9w about I get a few words off my chest? Then I’ll deliver a proper Aura Reading of George Zimmerman.

What, God has authorized George Zimmerman to kill? How special he must be!

I’m referring sarcastically to a YouTube video, taken from a Fox News interview, which is circulating widely now. Zimmerman sympathizers are celebrating the happy verdict for him, acquittal in the murder trial of black teenager, Trayvon Martin.

As you may know, as reported in the New York Times yesterday, the unarmed 17-year-old “was on a snack run, returning to the house where he was staying as a guest.”

Ruth Marcus summarized the legal problem perfectly, in my non-expert view, with her editorial in today’s Washington Post, “A Case of Imperfect Justice.”

About the verdict: “This outcome is simultaneously sad but healthy — sad because a 17-year-old boy is dead and his killer walks free; healthy because the verdict seems justified as a matter of law.”

Isn’t that the case with so much political news today? No matter what you believe, there is good news. Also bad news. Galore.

At least I can bring clarity related to deeper perception. 🙂 Rosetree Energy Spirituality is for emotional and spiritual healing, not any one kind of political action.

Legally, George Zimmerman has been found not guilty. That is a fact. Another fact is his fascinating YouTube video, “It was God’s plan for me to kill Trayvon Martin.”

Inquiring minds want to know, what will his aura reveal?

Aura Reading George Zimmerman

Let’s research him from the time of the photo at the top of a recent picture.

Aura Reading George Zimmerman

Root Chakra Databank for Trusting People

17 inches. Security matters immensely to George Zimmerman. He has overcome a lot in his life.

Having let time heal difficulties and disappointments.

Trying his best to be a good sport. But resentment, anger, and worry are festering in this chakra databank.

Long story short? At the time of this photo, unless you have the right credentials to be considered possibly safe, Mr. Zimmerman doesn’t have the slightest inclination to trust anybody.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Handling Conflict

9 inches. At the time of this photo, handling conflict is not well developed as a way of being resourceful in life. Instead, George Zimmerman stores up rage… Until he lets out a whole bunch of rage in ways that could be quite random.

Basically, he’s a sweet guy. He does not like to argue.

Incidentally, any of you who are face readers (with the system of Face Reading Secrets(R), can recognize a very significant power-related item of face data. See it in this straight-up head shot?

Aura Reading George Zimmerman

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

7 inches. A glimmer of joy lights up this throat chakra databank (along with so many of his other throat chakra databanks). Mostly, however, shame has been packed into this throat chakra databank.

I suppose it would be hard for any of us to imagine what it has been like.

That trial? All the build-up. Becoming such a celebrity.

Facing such controversy about what he has done.

And knowing that he used his perfectly legal right… to kill someone… and thus “Stand his ground.”

Murder a boy who turned out to be young. And appealing to so many millions of Americans. And a person of color.

Aura Reading George Zimmerman

 Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

80 miles. The man feels vindicated at every level. It’s as though this chakra databank has received retroactive rightness, virtue, “Of course, I have been right all along.”

Aura Reading George Zimmerman

Third Eye Chakra for Spiritual Integrity

Blog-Buddies, I’m really curious about researching this particular chakra databank, along with the next one. This is the man I watched today in his video, solemnly saying, in the most stalwart tones of absolute certainty, that he had no regrets whatsoever about killing Trayvon Martin. Even in this short YouTube clip, Zimmerman said repeatedly that “what happened” was “God’s will.”

Clearly, in a sense, he is correct. And it is also one human being’s version of spiritual integrity, according to his lights. Sharing approximately zero in common with Rose Rosetree’s beliefs and values, what shows here could be magnificent. Which I would not mind finding in the least.

Whether I do an aura reading that is controversial or not, I faithfully use the techniques that I recommend for others as well as myself. I put aside my personal perspective and just do the technique as well as I can.

If I were jumping into a swimming pool right now, I might do like one of those kids, squeezing my eyes shut and leaping into a sort of fetal position, scrunching up in anticipation.

“All the way up to God’s throne.” Angels are singing and George experiences a tremendous sort of religious peak experience. By comparison with what’s going on legally, his religious sense of vindication, is way more powerful and important to this man.

God speaks to him through events in the world. George Zimmerman is making contact with God in a highly dramatic way, as if jump started by the law, then amplified by all his human fans and followers, and now being felt by him as the ultimate stamp of Divine approval.

Aura Reading George Zimmerman

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

3 inches. Adamant certainty.

No need to question. The faith is rock. The faith keeps him safe and secure.

Aura Reading George Zimmerman

 Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear and Terror in Collective Consciousness

15 feet. Much anxiety overcome. “I have helped people use their guns safely. I am helping to protect every righteous man and woman.”


Let’s hear from you, Blog-Buddies. For now, I’m out of words.

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  1. 1
    Elaine says:

    I haven’t followed this trial but what I do get is no one wins and actually I think all involved lose. However, I am disgusted by some of the pictures I saw splashed here and there after the verdict. Smiles. Whether it’s people watching the trial, the attorney’s, Zimmerman. Whoever. A life was lost, there should be no smiles, plain and simple.

  2. 2

    Given the evil, racist murder he committed, I expected to see different things in his aura – all kinds of wickedness.

    To me, however, the picture this reading paints is of a not-terribly-unusual person, who believes he has performed some fundamentally righteous act.

    This reading illustrates something critical about the nature of racism.

    Many people misunderstand racism as being merely interpersonal hostility – people “being mean” to each other due to racially-motivated animus.

    Racism is so, so much more than this.

    Racism permeates western culture so thoroughly that it has become totally invisible to most whites – it just looks like “how the world is supposed to work”.

    Like many white people (for the people who are going to jump in here and say he is hispanic, Zimmerman identifies as white) Zimmerman has been thoroughly conditioned to immediately view a black man as a threat, and to not value black lives.

    In many ways, Zimmerman only did what he had been born and raised to do by a deeply racist culture.

    Statistically speaking, one of the most surprising things about Trayvon’s murder is that it gained so much traction in the media. So many similarly racist murders happen all the time without comment.

  3. 3
    Adam McIntosh says:

    I think this article does a great job of explaining some of the broader structural and cultural factors that makes murdering a boy seem like an necessary act to an ordinary person like Zimmerman:

  4. 4

    ELAINE, I agree. It says something about the consciousness of people who smile and declare righteous victory, celebrating that this outrageous murder can go unpunished (for now), doesn’t it?

    I’m curious what you think about the third type of reaction, the “Chill” way of relating to life, including events like these.

  5. 5

    ADAM, thank you so much for your contribution to this thread.

    And for that link.

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  6. 6

    Among all the surprises to me from this aura reading, ADAM, Zimmerman’s ordinariness did not especially shock me.

    So often, when people commit evil deeds, live with unnamed prejudice, or perpetrate way less dramatic (but routine) hurtful acts, one sentence says it best: “They know not what they do.”

    No, that doesn’t take away responsibility, nor will it stop karma from coming back to everyone like George Zimmerman.

    For me, the biggest shock was the content and contrast with the two Third Eye Chakra databanks in this aura reading.

    When it comes to connecting to Spiritual Source, at this time in his evolutionary process, Zimmerman has a pretty typical Fundamentalist’s process.

    You know if you read that chapter in “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” — where I share what I found doing a three-part aura reading of 50 Fundamentalists who happened to be Christians.

  7. 7

    So, usually, there is a sense of righteousness and “Done deal” in the Connection to Spiritual Source, with the Fundamentalist belief system bringing comfort, companionship, and emphasis on security.

    You, ADAM, and you, ELAINE, are oriented to value growth and spiritual evolution, learning and truth.

    Maybe 45% of folks on the planet have the polar opposite for an orientation in life. What matters to them? Security, belonging, approval from the tribe.

    Back to what surprised me, it was that huge showing at the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity.

    That would be integrity in George’s terms, of course. It’s always about the person’s sense of integrity, not a comparison with what other people would call “Integrity.”

    Notice the huge “Religious” experience caused by the external validation? Consider, a peak experience of feeling God’s big love and approval, experienced in this man’s inner experience, and all because “The world” proclaims now that he is officially not guilty?

    Religion and spirituality can take twisty turns, as part of a human incarnation. Aura reading lets us observe another person’s who-you-be, a version that we cannot necessarily imagine.

    And maybe, in the case of Zimmerman, if we were healing frozen blocks from our own long histories of past lives, some of us might find similar versions of hatred, evil actions, self-righteousness, etc., that we have pursued in our earlier stages of soul development.

    The latter repulsive to us now, but once a sacred part of the learning experience.

  8. 8
    Marion Cooley says:

    This is very useful to me, especially the description of the attraction of fundamentalism. Security, belonging, approval from the tribe. This would seem to be a sort of hiccup in spiritual progress. It must be so that even if the mass of group-think seems impenetrable, some individual and societal progress is going on.

    Thank you for getting past the revulsion into clarity.

  9. 9

    MARION, to be able to help someone I admire so much is really an honor.

    I love how you put that, “getting past the revulsion into clarity.”

    It could be said, we live in interesting times.

    Could be said, we live in times where everyone who chooses to grow… can grow a lot.

    But it could also be said (affectionately), that we live in revolting, disgusting times. 😉

  10. 10
    Annabelle says:

    And so how are you so sure he commited a racist murder?
    He was profiling black males, because the safety in his neigbourhood was disrupted by a series of burglaries and they were all young black men.

    I would be curious to see an aura reading from Trayvon’s recent pictures. I found it quite unbelievable amongst other reasons that he is that innocent boy they tried to depict of him, when I see that annoying, hateful energy beaming out of his eyes making me want to punch him (which probably means that was what *he* was feeling like that I was picking up on) in several pictures I have seen from Trayvon.

    I think this woman is seeing would this trial is really all about:
    she has several video’s on this trial btw

  11. 11

    ANABELLE, you raise a good question about whether the murder itself was racist.

    Another separate question is whether police handling of the murder, including the trial, involved racism. Recently I heard about a different trial in Florida about “Stand Your Ground” law.

    As reported by CNN, on Friday a woman in Florida fired a warning shot into the air. This was a warning to her abusive husband, who had tried to strangle her.

    When this black woman tried to base her legal case on “Stand Your Ground,” she was sentenced to 20 years. The jury took only 12 minutes to decide the verdict.

    Do you think that, possibly, one factor was that Marissa Alexander was black? Imagine if she had been a white woman, especially blonde and blue-eyed. Do you really think the outcome would have been similar?

  12. 12

    Another interesting idea in your comment, ANABELLE, is proposing an aura reading of Trayvon Martin.

    Sure, that might be informative.

    But consider what you just wrote, “I see that annoying, hateful energy beaming out of his eyes making me want to punch him.”

    People dislike other people’s energies fairly often. This is a subjective assessment, right? It is not a justification for punching or killing, which are pretty strong actions to take in objective reality.

  13. 13
    Annabelle says:

    I have come across the sentence of the black woman you refer to as well and I think it is ridiculous she got 20 years for that. There are a lot of unfair trials happening in the court room. Also with white people. I am not saying that it doesn’t happen more (injustice in the court room) to black people, but that particular case reeks more like sexism to me considering her husband tried to choke her but she was the one that was sent to prison.

    The point is that it is racist from the black community to cry racism when this was a socalled white (eventhough he was hispanic) on black crime, whereas when black on black crime, they don’t call other blacks out (nearly as much) for it. And there IS a serious problem in ‘the hood’ where a lot of black people are committing crimes. This may have to do with their history, but it is time for them to do some inner work also and for the liberal white to stop baby-ing them, because that doesn’t help them either.

    I assume you haven’t seen the pictures of Trayvon that I am referring to, because they weren’t subtle. I’ve already said that I was picking up on what HE was sending out, I am an empath too after all. He looked very sweet and innocent when he was a child, but then he seemed to have changed. He also texted himself about fighting and guns, so he already admitted he was into fighting and I feel that very much from his more recent pictures.

    Here are some more pics of him:
    close up:–300×350.jpg

  14. 14
    Bonnie says:

    It looks like Miss Karma has her track shoes on.

    An Open Letter to George Zimmerman:

    Dear George Zimmerman,

    For the rest of your life you are now going to feel what its like to be a black man in America.

    You will feel people stare at you. Judging you for what you think are unfair reasons.

    You will lose out on getting jobs for something you feel is outside of your control. You will believe yourself to be an upstanding citizen and wonder why people choose to not see that.

    People will cross the street when they see you coming. They will call you hurtful names. It will drive you so insane some days that you’ll want to scream at the top of your lungs. But you will have to wake up the next day, put on firm look and push through life.

    I bet you never thought that by shooting a black male you’d end up inheriting all of his struggles.

    Enjoy your “freedom.”


    A black male who could’ve been Trayvon Martin
    Alex Fraser on Facebook

    There is more irony to this story.  George Zimmerman is afraid a citizen will come after him now–he’s afraid for his life.  Does HE not realize that he fought for the right of another person to chase him down, profile him, scare him and then pull a gun on him and kill him in self-defense? Because that is exactly what he did.

  15. 15
    bmeade says:

    Annabelle, what I see in the pictures is a young man, a teenager, trying to look cool. I don’t pick up hate beaming from his eyes like you do. I see a teenager struggling with identity like any normal teenager.

    However, what I pick up, as an empath focusing on objective reality, is your hate for young black teenage males trying to emulate a culture targeted towards his demographic. What your writing tells me is that you’re projecting, Annabelle.

    You’re also exhibiting a lack of compassion and cultural experience with ethnic cultures. Why don’t you try going to a black church this weekend? Volunteer tutor at a mostly black high school. If you think they need to change why don’t you help them “change”? I think if you acted constructively in objective reality you’d find black teenage males aren’t beaming hate. You’d pick up on their humanity and just might learn to love and appreciate people who are different than for who they are – not what they look like.

  16. 16
    Suz says:

    The entire thing is a tragedy and should not have happened, but after looking at and watching almost everything, watching the entire trial (yes, I sat down and watched it for hours, every day, because it was important), etc., I say it was self defense. NOT racist.

    It is not racist to be concerned about an unknown person who just happened to match the looks of all the other people who committed robbery in the neighborhood during previous year. As for me, I don’t care if Trayvon was green or purple or bright blue — he was not a regular in the neighborhood, and he was looking in people’s windows on a dark, rainy night. If you were the captain of your neighborhood watch, wouldn’t YOUR intuition antenna start buzzing? Trayvon should have just walked straight on home. And George should have identified himself as neighborhood watch.

    That said, I do find it kind of peculiar how Zimmerman has talked to himself about it and made it all okay with himself. There are parts of it that are not okay, and never will be. You can probably bet that in the wee hours, he knows this.

    My three cents. 🙂

  17. 17
    Dave says:

    I agree with Annabelle that Trayvon wasnt an innocent angel like some would like to believe. He had been texting about drugs and guns and can be seen refereeing street fights on YouTube. Inner city culture in America (of which many ethnic groups can take part) is macho and often criminal and the evidence presented in the court seemed to suggest that Trayvon started the fight or at the least was ontop of George Zimmerman punching him when he was shot. People get shot all the time in America and if you start the fight you sometimes have to expect the worst, including getting shot.

    Now with that said, the fact that Zimmerman followed Trayvon after he was told not to, got out and approached him, all while feeling like superman because he had a gun, is also unfortunate. But due to the very lax nature of the gun laws in Florida he was somewhat in his legal right to do so. And based on the second degree murder charges the state brought against Zimmerman, it was very unlikely he’d get convicted. There just wasn’t enough evidence. It’s just sad that Zimmerman lived in such a paranoid reality that he needed to go around harassing teenagers wearing hoodies (I believe he could’ve stopped a Hispanic or a White male he didn’t recognize wearing a hoodie in the rain at night. Nearly any male in such circumstances, especially if they’re dressed in baggy hip hop style clothes favored by petty drug dealers and wanna be thugs, of many races and ethnicities.)

    Had Zimmerman not had a gun he wouldn’t have been so brazen and possibly aggressive and Trayvon would be alive. Furthermore though, if Trayvon hadn’t tried to be a tough guy and beat Zimmerman up, and had been polite in that situation, which I know I wouldve done, he’d be alive. So basically my take is two sets of bad decisions and a very lenient legal code and no one wins.

  18. 18
    Suz says:

    bmeade, I must say I find your comments and “recommendations” to Annabelle self-righteous and condescending. More like a really snotty slap in the face. What she has said doesn’t sound racist. It sounds realist. I’ll leave it there …

  19. 19

    Civility, Blog-Buddies!

    SUZ, I didn’t see those qualities in BMEADE’s comment, but from your angle I can appreciate that the comment could be read that way.

    Thank you for a comment that was restrained and civil. 🙂

    This thread has really stirred passions, which is a good thing. Civility does remain a policy with our online community, and I will not post comments that seem, to me, to cross a line.

    Main reminder for us all, even when passions run high, is that we can have civility together, even kindness. We’re all on the same side, the human side, and the side of personal growth.

  20. 20
    Jordan says:

    Annabelle, are the same person that commented a while back criticizing some aura readers here for pointing out Angelina Jolie’s lack of integrity? Wondering.

  21. 21
    "Anna" says:

    I saw this article and it was powerful.

    I wanted to share it.

  22. 22
  23. 23

    Hi Rose,

    Yes, your findings at the Spiritual Integrity databank are fascinating to me as well!

    Can you please clarify something for me?

    Do you think Zimmerman is merely experiencing the massive approval of millions of racist whites, and that experience is so powerful that he is interpreting it as the feeling of God’s love?

    Or do you think that his acquittal has cleared a path in his aura for him to feel worthy to consciously experience and receive God’s ever-present love?

  24. 24

    Re-read my question 22 and realised it was framed in an unnecessarily binary fashion.

    I imagine you will probably have yet another take on this conundrum, Rose.

    Those are just the only two explanations I can think of at this point…

  25. 25

    Whoops, I meant my question #23.

  26. 26
    Dana says:

    Thank you for this reading, Rose. It was interesting and alarming for me to hear more aurically about a man who showed no remorse for what he did. It’s confusing to me that Zimmerman has had so many supporters, but that 45% number would be about right, I guess. But 45% is a lot…

  27. 27
    Sylvia says:

    In the straight-up head shot above, he’s got the under cheeks as the widest area. This page

    has a video that shows pictures of him at the beginning of the trial, about 120 pounds lighter. In the earlier photos, his cheek proportions seem to be about even.

  28. 28

    ROSANNA TUFTS just interviewed me this morning about Empath Empowerment. She led off by discussing what she saw in Zimmerman’s wife during some of the televised trial.

    Absolutely fascinating!

    I won’t attempt to paraphrase her commentary, except that part of it was x-rated and all of it made so much sense.

    Within a day, I believe, this interview about Empath Empowerment(R) will be archived here:

    Just click on the tab (once it displays) for “Download this episode.”

  29. 29

    SYLVIA, this facial contrast is absolutely fascinating.

    My next blog post will compare and contrast the MANY significant face changes to Zimmerman’s physical out-picturing (a.k.a. face) during the pressure-cooker time of his going through the intense drama and public scrutiny.

    Some of you Blog-Buddies may want to take an advance look. This link to Zimmerman’s changing face will get you there. Face readers, which physical face changes do you notice? Comment below!

    SYLVIA, thank you so much for this latest contribution to the blog.

  30. 30
    Jordan says:

    The corners of his mouth turn way down!!! Face reading is incredible. And all of that added cheek padding must have been good for him.

  31. 31

    Perceptive and interesting observations, face reader JORDAN.

    Oh, there is more though. Keep looking, face reading enthusiasts.

    I’ve got to do some other things right now, much as I want to do that face reading RIGHT NOW. In case you’re wondering, what happens in a day in the life of Rosetree Energy Spirituality….

    Have been working on the website redesign.

    Now will prepare for this weekend’s workshop, Empath Empowerment Level 2.

    Then have this very cool face reading project for the Lithuanian edition of “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

    Will tell you more about that one after this FABULOUS Lithuanian edition is published. 🙂

    I do hope all you Blog-Buddies are having a scrumptious day.

  32. 32
    Jill Erin says:

    After watching several hours of the trial, myself, I find the article that Dave suggested
    the best summary of the whole incident and why everyone is reading it the way they do. This article sums up my whole perception of what happened and why. I think special interests on both sides of the race issue are making inappropriate assumptions.

  33. 33
    Jill Erin says:

    I will add here, that I spent this last weekend at a gun show and did several aura readings of vendors at that show for the purpose of doing a guest post on this blog latter. I will do more research at the gun show I will be attending in August and then collate and write that guest post.

    A sneek peak of the research so far: very surprising and not at all what I expected. Each person was unique and different and the readings had nothing to do with the type of wares the vendor was selling. There are more than just guns sold at these events. You will find home made cookies and candies, soaps and skin products, and alternative energy products along with antique guns and “assault” guns.

    Never assume! Do your homework in the form of face and/or aura reading before drawing any hard and fast conclusions. That is one of the best ways for you, as an interested person in your own personal growth and development to learn and understand from the perspective of compassion instead of just passion.

  34. 34

    JILL ERIN, thanks for that sneak peak.

  35. 35
    Dana says:

    RE: Dave’s comment 25, it seems like William Saletan takes the “Chill” attitude in his article conclusion, that the Trayvon Martin case wasn’t about race, it was just about two people overreacting.

    Why? Because the lawyers didn’t think that? The jurors didn’t? It wasn’t proven? If people want to say racism isn’t an issue in crimes, arrests, and trials in this country, then they have their heads in the sand:

    I’m glad people are protesting, are “screaming” about racial inequality, which yes does still exist and is still a major issue in this country.

    I’m glad people are making a fuss about Stand Your Ground Laws, which are also doing serious damage to people’s lives, and which were very much present in the Zimmerman trial, whether or not they were formally acknowledged. If we pretend these aren’t real here and now issues, especially in Florida, our “Chill” attitudes will allow civil rights to plummet. No one who ever made a difference in civil rights had a “Chill” attitude. Stand Your Ground Laws are destroying lives:

    And lucky George Zimmerman could afford his own lawyer. Most poor people who are charged with crimes cannot, “80% of them in large states” (latter link above). Many of them plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit because if they go to trial, they risk a longer sentence. And who are these people? Well, “While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States’ population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned.” (see alternet 1st link above or see

    If we pretend inequality doesn’t exist, it doesn’t make it go away and issues only get worse:

  36. 36
    Suz says:

    Jill Erin, thanks for sharing that super article. I’m also anticipating your post about the people at gun shows. It is quite true that you never know “who” you will see at a show, because they are all there for a wide variety of reasons. They’re not all militia skin-heads. 🙂

  37. 37
    Dave says:

    Re Dana’s comment 36:

    No doubt those are problems in the US. I don’t suggest anywhere that they’re not. But many people who followed the trial and it’s evidence closely, including the author of the article I linked, believe it to be intellectually disingenuous to link said wide scale problems with the factual specifics of the Zimmerman case. To do so pushes a political agenda regardless of the evidence presented, which is something I find distasteful regardless of my political leanings, which happen to be mostly progressive.

  38. 38
    Suz says:

    Please let me sneak in here and say Zimmerman did not “afford” some swanky attorneys. Those men were public defenders and did not charge a him fee.

    Dave, I tend to agree with you about this whole event being used politically. You called it distasteful. I have uglier words for it.

    Oops. Way off topic. Sorry.

  39. 39

    DANA, DAVE, SUZ, you know what I love about all these comments?

    Just to give a shout-out related to context here, all you Blog-Buddies.

    With the Zimmerman verdict, we have a real-life event with human, legal, political, and social contexts that are huge and personal for anyone who is engaged about any of these contexts.

    Plus it is a big deal for anyone who is engaged in “Chill.”

    So we could consider this objective reality event like a psychological inkblot test, only real.

  40. 40

    Through all this, we can shed some light with aura reading.

    Then we integrate that info with all the other human ways that each of us, personally, needs to bring that deeper perception into our meaningful contexts.

    Add civility.


    This is not a political blog, with the need for any agenda or official conclusion.

    Instead, this is an online community of pioneers about having Energetic Literacy be practical, available, illuminating. I feel honored to lead, to moderate, to learn.

    We are finding our ways to wake up as householders.

    I, personally, am finding this so very beautiful. Thanks to all who are contributing.

  41. 41

    About your question, ADAM, from so many hours ago. (And I know you are already deep into your Thursday, even while I am about to end work on a Wednesday.)

    One way to interpret that George Zimmerman’s Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity? Yes, I agree with the plausible theory that you wrote in your comment:

    “Or do you think that his acquittal has cleared a path in his aura for him to feel worthy to consciously experience and receive God’s ever-present love?”

  42. 42

    It was a gorgeous treat to me, reading this part of Zimmerman’s aura.

    I felt as though joining him at what might be the single most glorious moment… and chakra databank experience… of his entire lifetime.

  43. 43

    Adding just a bit of interpretation, ADAM, what I’m about to write next will not be Aura Reading Research with Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Rather, just my reflection on the experience of George, in this way.

    Seems to me, George Zimmerman lives at a level of consciousness where The Tribe matters a great deal to him. Religion provides security. He is used to having a strong set of beliefs, backed up by social connection, to give him a sense of self.

    Sense of self, something that everyone needs.

    George Zimmerman spoke solemnly about God’s plan and God’s will, with a kind of reverence and/or stubbornness, in the video linked to in the main post.

    Yet I don’t think it really occurred to him as a possibility that he could have a direct experience, in consciousness, with God. And in a very concentrated and personal way.

  44. 44

    Now, you’ll note, ADAM and other Blog-Buddies, this was at Zimmerman’s Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity, not Connection to Spiritual Source.

    Thinking about this, my reaction is, “How perfect.” FWIW, I’m thinking, George could accept an unprecedentedly strong, major direct experience of connection to the Divine through receiving approval from the law for what he has done.”

    To me? Perfect.

    He is law-based, security-based, a standup guy on his own terms. This was a perfect moment, in human objective reality, for him to get back something religious — a really great reward for all the suffering he has gone through.

    When I do the face reading tomorrow, I will be able to explore through that modality about some of the inner changes.

    Without face reading, or aura reading, but just perspective as an emotional and spiritual healer (doing holistic healing with that long new name I am still getting used to, “Rosetree Energy Spirituality”), I feel certain that gaining 120 pounds in a relatively short amount of time…

    is nothing, nothing, compared to the inner turmoil this man has faced since the murder.

  45. 45

    Thanks for that, Rose! Really intriguing assessment.

    You were NOT kidding when you talked about the twistiness of human spiritual evolution!

    Who could have predicted that committing a murder could ultimately lead to a person having a peak spiritual experience?

    I think this is a powerful testimony to your skill and clarity as an Aura reader, Rose. You have an amazing gift for suspending your preconceptions and just free-diving for the truth.

  46. 46
    Sylvia says:

    I’m looking forward to your face reading, Rose! I was quite startled to see the degree of facial change in Zimmerman.

    One change is the shape of his earlobes? They seem to have grown puffier. Before, they were not such a noticeable feature, but now they really stand away from his head.

  47. 47
    David says:

    Thanks for the link, Dave. Good article. And I can certainly see why the case inflames passions and why many, even here in comments, see things that are broken that lead to the disaster even if that was not part of the proceedings. But I agree many seem to have gotten carried away with their agendas. That speaks more to the healing needed than the actual case.

    As a Canadian, I find the whole gun rights thing kind of bizarre. And this is not because I wasn’t exposed to it here. For a time, I was a police firearms registrar. (now thats a whole story in itself) I knew all the gun fans and nuts in the community. There were indeed all types. But in these parts, most people don’t see being armed as a right but rather a privilege. Living in a large city, there are some gun problems but its mostly drug gangs shooting each other. Most people find little need or desire to own a gun. Carrying a sidearm, except to a range or for repair, is illegal. That makes more people feel safe on the street.

    Thus, the American obsession with arms is outside this collective consciousness. It really has little to do with it’s historical roots either.

    I look forward to Jill Erin’s article. And I found Roses comparison of fundamentalists and LOA databanks in Magnetize quite insightful. This level of reading puts a very different take on other peoples realities.

  48. 48
    Kathryn says:

    Much research on the Holocaust has centered on how ordinary people could have come to do the things they did and feel themselves to be on the side of the right. Evil does not have be dramatic.

    Note from Rose: The rest of this eloquent comment has been moved to a new blog post. I will supply the link after I finish putting this together. For now, I just want to thank KATHRYN for an exceptionally meaningful comment related to the mission of this blog.

  49. 49

    DAVID, thank you so much for your Comment 48 as well as all your superb comments in your latest batch, you prolific writer. 🙂

    I agree, DAVE, that the link you provided was fascinating.

    Even if you agree with that article in Slate, a bigger conversation is opening up in America now. This conversation is important for growth in American collective consciousness on a number of issues.

    Years ago, we would just have had riots, like the Watts riots in 1965:

    Or the riots related to Rodney King in 1992:

    Thank God, America seems to be advancing in collective consciousness to the degree that we can have conversations about this rather than riots.

    Perhaps we are ready to collectively expand our understanding of security needs (as with concern for civil liberty, gun ownership).

    Also important is growth in collective consciousness regarding race and legal justice — whether or not it was fair to consider racism a factor in this particular legal case.

  50. 50

    Further, I am glad that this blog is no ivory tower-ish theoretical exploration of “How nice that we can use techniques for energetic literacy and Rosetree Energy Spirituality.”

    Nor is the Enlightenment Coaching function of this blog (for those who are interested) along the lines of “Let us renounce all worldly concerns and assume that, once Enlightened, life will go on automatic pilot.”

    I am no mere theorist. I celebrate my human engagement.

    Politically I am opposed to “Stand Your Ground” laws. I want strong gun control laws, even though I do not demonize gun owners in the least. There are plenty of things I want politically, and that’s why, off-blog, I vote and sign online petitions and call up my representatives in government on particular issues.

    Personally, I care passionately right now about standing on human ground in consciousness, standing on householder ground.

    Thank you so much, Blog-Buddies, for sharing in a thoughtful conversation where we may not agree politically. Yet the conversation itself, shining with both human engagement and social civility, may help to advance collective consciousness.

  51. 51
    Dana says:

    Re: Dave’s comment 38

    “But many people who followed the trial and it’s evidence closely, including the author of the article I linked, believe it to be intellectually disingenuous to link said wide scale problems with the factual specifics of the Zimmerman case.”

    I think it’s intellectually disingenuous to believe that if Trayvon Martin had shot George Zimmerman, he would have been acquitted. You can’t have a trial outside of “wide scale problems!” It’s like analyzing fish and saying that the water they live in doesn’t matter.

  52. 52

    DANA, I think you make an excellent point. And within our culture of fishing.

    I mean civility. 😉

  53. 53

    The blog post that continues this expanded thread is now officially here:

    Blog-Buddies, please position your comments there, rather than here.

    You’ll see, this will work out better for readability. I will move comments if you’all forget. Part of my job as Blog Monitor!

  54. 54
    Donna says:

    Rose, your comment 44…exactly what I see in Zimmerman. I think he has a very strong traditional, fundametalist veiw of “God” I cannot judge that as right or wrong! This whole thing was a tragedy, much like many other tragedies that happen every day in this world. I don’t believe this was racial act on his part, I don’t believe that Trayvon was a completely innocent kid with some candy walking around either…it think it much more complex. But in the end it’s just sad. Maybe this event is causing exactly what it is meant to…doesn’t everything really. People are talking some are mad, some are silent, some point out things to try and ecourage people to look at things the other way. But people are talking and emotions are fueled and when that happens, some kind of change is right around the corner.

    As far as face reading goes Rose, I notice the mouth area, his upper lip having that deep groove about it you spoke about somewhere on this blog before..I think what he says…he is his truth. What are your thoughts on this part of his face? Im just a curious newbie…who is trying to find time to read those books of yours!

  55. 55
    Donna says:

    Dave…comment 38…brilliant.

  56. 56
    Gina says:

    Annabelle, I wasn’t going to comment because this trial has been so over publicized and it is such a painful occurrence each and every time I’m reminded that a young life (black or white) has been snuffed out. But you need to understand something. Firstly you mentioned that there’s a lot of crime ‘in the hood’, but you HAVE to ask yourself my dear, was Trayvon committing a crime at all at the time he was approached by Mr. Zimmerman? And if so, what was that crime exactly?

  57. 57
    Gina says:

    We also have to, absolutely HAVE to remember that people are not caricatures. If you read the supposed hateful energy coming from Trayvon’s aura, have you bothered to ask why that might be there, that maybe it was caused by teenage angst? And are we therefore going to kill all teens who have a facial expression or aura that looks like Trayvon’s? This young man was shot in the heart. I’m not at all saying he’s innocent and has never and would never do anything wrong, but we can’t punish people for what they MIGHT do.

  58. 58
    Gina says:

    At question #18, Dave, seriously? You’re telling me that you would be polite if someone approached you with a gun. Your defence mechanism wouldn’t have gone up even a little bit since this (lest we forget) is a total stranger approaching you? I find it really disturbing that people believe that Trayvon had no right to defend himself but George Zimmerman. That said, what I see in George Zimmerman, is not racism. I see overzealousness. I also see that when all this media hype dies down and it eventually will, he will start to possibly second guess what he did because it will haunt him, because he does have a conscience.

  59. 59
    David says:

    Actually, I have twice been “approached” by someone with a gun and in both cases, I was able to talk them down. And yes, I was unarmed. As the Slate link Dave posted noted, both people made incorrect assumptions about the other that lead to the tragedy.

    The key is not new laws or protests or editorials about who was right or wrong or what laws are screwed up. It is in healing enough people that the collective consciousness shifts and fear doesn’t rule the day.

    This is already happening. It is so much better than it was when I was young. But there is still work to be done. Inner work. And then the outer form can be much more easily changed.

  60. 60
    abbey says:

    I have to say whenever Zimmerman’s face is shown on the tv I have to look away. There is something about his eyes that disturbs me. Like there’s a sick, creepy, zombie-like one track frequency about him I don’t wish to get sucked into. I’ve never felt such an aversion to another person’s eyes before! This reminds me of anabelles comments above. I hope I am not projecting. Is it possible to pick something like this up via unskilled empathy merge? What chakra databank corresponds with energy coming forth through the eyes?

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