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Face Reading George Zimmerman

Face Reading George Zimmerman

Face Reading George Zimmerman. Fan or foe, it’s fascinating to learn about who people really are… from face data.

Face Reading George Zimmerman — why not? He’s in the news and I’m a face reader with pretty huge curiosity.

This is not going to be a rehash of George Zimmerman’s murder trial nor an exploration of what the verdict has personally meant to you or me. It’s a face reading, which you might find fascinating if you are fed up with interpreting people’s lives as though it were all about Fear of Getting Fat.

Ooh, Fear of Fat

As a regular reader of The Washington Post, and being kind of interested in people (What, you guessed?), I often read the advice column of Carolyn Hax. Recently she responded to a letter that began:

“I am the father of a 13-year-old daughter who is not very active. She would rather sit on the couch and watch TV than do anything else, whereas most of her friends play sports or do other exercise-related activities.” The father went on to explain how concerned he was about her weight problem, enumerating his unsuccessful attempts to help her lose weight, requesting advice.\

Carolyn nailed it. Her response began, “You have a daughter who, at 13, has no interest in her world besides what comes off a screen, and you’re worried about 20 pounds? If she were thin, TV as life purpose would fly?”

Isn’t it fascinating how often weight becomes the focus of noticing people? Also watching (other people’s) weight has become synonymous caring about people, gauging their personal success, evaluating personal worth.

How crazy is that? A recurring theme at this blog is The Anorexic Ideal, which supposedly means perfection. (Type that into our search box and you will find many pages with links to different blog post.)


Face Reading George Zimmerman — Technical Chunks

The photo I used comes courtesy of Anderson Cooper and, especially, Blog-Buddy SYLVIA, in her Comment 28. SYLVIA knows a lot about face reading.

Maybe not so for the staff at Anderson Cooper’s show, where the pair of photos was labeled, “George Zimmerman’s 120 Pound Transformation.” What no inner transformation possible? No physical transformations apart from clichés about gaining weight?

Well, hello! This professional  face reader loves to debunk common stereotypes and do some real face reading. And this pair of comparison photos reveals so much more than weight gain. What got bigger on Zimmerman’s face and what shrank?

Face Reading George Zimmerman isn’t about politics. Rather, it’s about face data.

Speaking of bigger, do you notice that one of these photos shows a larger version of Zimmerman’s face than the other mug shot?

Yes, the graphics team at Anderson Cooper’s TV show evidently thought it would be interesting to show the more recent face in a larger size. Maybe to make him seem more threatening?

All I can say as a face reader is that I recommend you make two copies of the picture here. I did it on the same Word document, one below the other. With the second photo, pull on the corners to make that face on the right the same size as the face on the left. Then compare the face on top left with the face on bottom right.

That is only fair. What you see will be more accurate. Who learns by comparing an apple with an inflated orange?

Face Reading George Zimmerman. For Extra Fun.

  • To explore along with me, you might want to use the link here to open up today’s face reading photo that is about so much more than weight gain.
  • Or use the very dependable, but smaller, Photobucket version of this face reading photo.
  • FAQs on face reading could be helpful, if you are just beginning to learn about the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy, reading faces for character.
  • To systematically learn about face reading, you’re in luck! My latest book on face reading was just published this year, and it is available in e-book editions as well as the paperback. If you’re really interested in people, don’t just read advice columnists like talented Carolyn Hax. You can read people deeper. Check out “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”
  • Face Reading George Zimmerman is just ONE of the ways to use you skills as a face reader.

Bottom line: Face reading is not face judging. Face reading (at least my system of physiognomy, Face Reading Secrets(R)) informs you about talents and potential challenges.

For more depth about “Good” or “Bad,” I stand on the ground of a particular principle. We are human. Use deeper perception to learn more about that person’s version of human. Use skills, like those of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, to improve human… if the human you really want to be is fully good, hugely self-actualized, and happy.

Face Reading Secrets®. Not to comment on the murder that he just got away with. Ahem. But did this experience change him? Maybe he didn’t get away with as much as you think.

Admittedly, George Zimmerman has aroused strong feelings in many of us. To follow this face reading, I recommend that you put all that aside and take a few moments — for your own sake — to open up your heart of compassion. Afterwards, you will find all the time you need to resume the familiar feelings about him, seek political justice, defend Zimmerman to like-minded friends, etc., as you wish.

Responding to current events is part of being a responsible citizen.

Opening up your heart of compassion? Now that’s optional. Personally, I wouldn’t want to live any other way.

Face Reading George Zimmerman Change #1: Puffy, Protruding Earlobes

How to See George Zimmerman’s Face Reading Data. What Changed?

When earlobes become puffy, you can see it from a front angle. Check out Zimmerman’s earlobes, just the earlobes. It is as if they spring into 3-D.

Interpretation with the system of Face Reading Secrets

Thinking on his feet, reacting in the here and now to use his power — this has become intensified inwardly for George Zimmerman.

You might find it interesting, Blog-Buddies, that protruding earlobes are relatively rare. Except for military generals and political dictators.

Face Reading George Zimmerman Change #2: The Widest Part of His Face

How to See George Zimmerman’s Face Reading Data. What Changed?

So typical, when attention goes only to social stereotypes like “Fat” or “Race” or “Age.” People just don’t see the face data right before their eyes.

Beneath Zimmerman’s cheekbones has become the widest part of his face.

  • Whereas before on the right side of his face? (Please see like a face reader, telling left from right. Flip across with a photo, as if shaking hands.) George’s face was widest at the cheekbone. (Barely.)
  • Whereas before on the left side of his face? George’s face proportions were even.

Interpretation with the system of Face Reading Secrets

Mr. Zimmerman’s power style has changed radically. He now has a VERY extreme version of the Pacifist Power Style. The corresponding personal style? He stores up anger, tries extra hard to help everyone get along and make nice. But once a situation riles him up beyond the breaking point, his rage can become explosive.

Interested in learning more about this power style? You  might enjoy my face reading interview for (John McCain!) Or read about all the cheek characteristics in “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

Face Reading George Zimmerman Change #3: Down-Angled Lips

How to See George Zimmerman’s Face Reading Data. What Changed?

When a face is in repose, like the two mug shots here, you can check out the angle on each side of the mouth. Imagine a dot in the center of his lips. Imagine a dot at the corner at the side of George’s mouth corner, including where he has “Line but no lip.” (This amount has increased; see our next face reading change for details.)

If you connect the corner dot with the center dot, that line has an angle. In George Zimmerman’s before picture, his Mouth Angle was even on the right side of his face, slightly up on the left side of his face.

Now both Mouth Angles, left and right, angled downwards, a lot.

Interpretation with the system of Face Reading Secrets

George Zimmerman has become very aware of negative reactions to him, what people say and do.

Hey, monitoring our recent blog posts about him, I have even received a communication that would have to qualify as hate mail. Via email. Not needed to share its contents with the blog. I’m just saying, here I have been doing a conversation with civility, best as I can manage, my own personal blog. And even I have had that degree of rage directed at me?

Imagine for a moment. This man has been at the receiving end of plenty of hatred, rage, etc. As well as support.

This has changed him, changed his expectation that basically people would talk about him in a favorable manner. Changed Zimmerman so much that his mouth may never change back.

Of course it might, change in other ways, too. Depends on the man’s inner growth, or the lack thereof.

Face Reading George Zimmerman Change #4: More Line But No Lip

How to See George Zimmerman’s Face Reading Data. What Changed?

When a lip is so compressed that it almost looks more like a wrinkle than like a line, how can you tell it is part of the man’s mouth. When he speaks, that “line” will open and close. That’s the face reading characteristic I call “Line But No Lip.”

George Zimmerman had some earlier, but he has a great deal more of this now.

Interpretation with the system of Face Reading Secrets

“I’m not allowed to speak up.”

In the case of George Zimmerman, it figures that he has not spoken so freely of late.

For me, this face reading data can be a Major Compassion Awakener, as discussed for the first time (I suspect) in any physiognomy book, in “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

But my compassion would wake up more if the circumstances around Zimmerman’s life were a bit different. For instance, say that George Z. had a wife who kept telling him, “Shut up, Himbo.” After 10 years, he might have developed all this Line But No Lip.

Face Reading George Zimmerman Change #5: Philtrum Definition

How to See George Zimmerman’s Face Reading Data. What Changed? Check out the twin ridges between Zimmerman’s nose and mouth. In the earlier photo, there is VERY big Philtrum Definition. It looks like two miniature tunnels, with a little valley in between.

Even though a sparse mustache covers it, that Philtrum Definition is only accentuated by the little hairs. To me, it’s as though those parts of his mustache get to go on a little ride, like on a mustache-sized roller coaster.

But that’s just me, being whimsical.

Back at serving as your Seriously Professional Face Reader, on a scale from 1-10, George Zimmerman’s Philtrum Definition used to be 10. Now it is down to 6.

Notice the size of those ridges, the depth of the valley between them.

Interpretation with the system of Face Reading Secrets

Sex appeal used to be top-notch. (Quite literally, in physiognomy parlance.) Now it is moderate.

Does sex appeal mean the same thing as enjoying sex, amount of personal libido, etc.? Definitely not. One book where I have explored many ways to read people sexually is called “Read People Deeper.” You can click here to learn about the 50 categories that I can teach you to read in that book, both face reading, aura reading, and body language.

Back at George, yet one more aspect of his life not quite as enjoyable as it used to be.

I will stop reading his face, for time reasons. Yes, you can read those other face changes brought up by “Face Reader By Day, Aura Reader by Night” and other blog buddies at our most recent blog post with reactions to the George Zimmerman verdict.

But I will pause with this characteristic as one way to remind you, this part of him grew less fat, not more.

Yet more reminding that face changes are not about weight gain. Maybe face judging can be that simplistic. Not face reading, at least as practiced by me.


Faces change a lot, especially if someone is under public scrutiny.

Faces also change greatly when we grow fast emotionally or spiritually, as with sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Of if we AVOID growing and take up residence in deep denial, even spiritual shutdown.


However deeply you wish to explore face reading, you can do a service for collective consciousness. When you hear your friends say, “He got fat so of course his face change” you might say something like one of these possible responses:

  • What a shockingly ignorant stereotype.
  • Would you want someone to judge you that way, as if your face were a meaningless blob and all that really mattered about it were how much you weighed?
  • Gee, maybe it’s time you discovered the intelligent, rewarding, fascinating power of face reading.

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  1. 1
    Curious as Ever says:

    Thanks, Rose, I learn so much from your face reading and aura reading examples. You are right, it is a compassion awakener. That is not my comment on the trial or anything, just that it awakens compassion to be able to see and appreciate the complexity in any human being. I have reread your face reading book a few times already but it is so very helpful to see these real life examples.

  2. 2
    Sylvia says:

    Thank you for this face reading, Rose. This really helps my learning process.

    One interesting thing you mentioned was that puffy earlobes are relatively rare, except in the case of military generals and political dictators. Actually, I had always associated those earlobes with the image of the “Happy Buddha.” A Google images search brings up lots of versions, all with puffy, long earlobes.

  3. 3

    SYLVIA, you are so welcome.

    Let’s clarify, those earlobes traditionally on The Buddha are NOT what I mean by puffy earlobes.

    Here’s a link to a good example:

    If you take another look, you will see that these earlobes are LONG, really long.

    On this sculpture, the huge length of those earlobes wings out, like flying buttresses. Note the difference with what shows in our second photo (courtesy of you) of George Zimmerman.

  4. 4
    Elaine says:

    Rose, I also believe the angle of the eyebrows changed from straighter in the earlier picture to slightly curved in the latter. The ears themselves beside the puffy lobes, the ears look like a different shape with the right one sticking out more. Where his right eye earlier on is lower than his left eye, in the latter picture they’re almost equal. And the nostril flare looks narrower in the latter picture.

  5. 5
    Sylvia says:


    Every bit of clarification definitely helps! I see that in that picture of the Buddha sculpture, the earlobes are indeed quite long.

    I was thinking of the statues of the “Happy Buddha” or “Laughing Buddha,” which is a different representation. He is rather rotund and is sometimes shown with children sitting nearby.

    Here are two examples:

    Those earlobes are long, for sure, but aren’t they puffy as well? They are almost like 3-D teardrops.

  6. 6

    Puffy, SYLVIA? I would call this surreal. And well beyond the scope of face reading. Which really is confined to real-life humans, over the age of 18.

    Thanks for sending these links, though. 🙂

  7. 7

    ELAINE, great observations.

    This is the kind of detail that you can hunt out with “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” Search for one item of physical face data at a time and then find details right there.

    Every physical face change is meaningful, and you have supported the central premise of today’s article. Which is that, to a face reader, “fat” explains NOTHING.

  8. 8
    elderflower says:

    Is there a down side to having puffy low slung earlobes?

  9. 9

    Yes, of course, ELDERFLOWER. In my system of Face Reading Secrets there is a potential challenge in every item of face reading data.

    The potential challenge with puffy earlobes is caring overly much about being popular while thinking on one’s feet. As in the extreme case of political demagogues who have VERY puffy earlobes.

  10. 10
    Face Reader by Day, Aura Reader by Night says:

    I love that face reading!

    It was especially educational for me because I looked very closely at Zimmerman’s face before your post, so now I can learn from what I was seeing.


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