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Royal You

Royal You

Royal You. Step up to any working mirror and take a look at somebody just as important as Prince Whatshisname.

Royal You. Just as important as the new royal baby. Because you, too, are a unique thought in the mind of God. Nobody else like you anywhere, royal or not. Celebrate!

What if, just for today, you were to consider yourself as important as any royal British baby?

In every way that counts, you can consider yourself the most important person in the room, in the world.

Every way that counts. Really you don’t require the trappings of royal status before you can recognize your personal magnificence.

Maybe you have seen the droll town crier, royal version, announcing the birth of Prince George.

Maybe you have seen the gasp of excitement on faces, learning the news of the birth of Prince Whatever His Name Will Be. (And, yes, BTW, once baby photos become available, I will read the aura of that VIP personage here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.)

I don’t expect you to gasp and beam with extreme delight… like that of Tony Appleton, the town crier who gave the official birth announcement… next time that you see yourself in a mirror. But maybe you might allow yourself to feel some of that wow factor.

How about one good look, with wonder and appreciation?

Royal You. THAT Soul!

An imperishable, unique soul

Many religious say that each human has a soul that is unique, imperishable. I agree. C.S. Lewis famously said, “You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You HAVE a body.”

Being? Having? Whatever.

Your soul could be considered one perfect thought, or blessing, in the mind of God.

And, of course, this is God’s kind thought, not some Tweet. Far as I know, God thinks in sentences that are mega-genius, complex, nuanced, amazing, creative. Not a cliché among any of those perfect thoughts.

Despite being eternal and unique — and despite the evolving nature of your soul, this is it. This lifetime, this one lifetime, is the only chance for this particular embodiment of your unique soul.

That face! That form! That football playing skill — or whatever else you have been developing into, this lifetime.

Oh, how special and royal and magnificent you are. Sure you can celebrate that today. Sure, you are a unique thought in the mind of God. Three ideas follow, just in case you could use some extra encouragement for recognizing that.

Royal You. That Face.

Your amazing face. Both readable and meaningful physical face of yours

It’s delightful.

Nobody has a face just like yours, physically. Not even if you are an identical twin. By the time you’re 18, that face can be read in terms of physiognomy. With each passing decade, your face evolves to show the consequences of your choices in life, here at magnificent Earth School.

Perhaps you’ll do a bit of face reading today and revel in the perfection of your face. It need not be stamped on the coin of the realm to be mega-meaningful. Every characteristic of your physical face has meaning, except for coloring. In the system of Face Reading Secrets, anyway.

Incidentally, forget that “Warts and all” aspect of your face. Warts, pimples, even wrinkles are not nearly as important as every physical feature, its shapes and angles and proportions.

If it were a royal portrait, your painting made today would not emphasize, or perhaps even allow, some little skin blemishes to dominate the likeness.

You know what? That royal portrait artist would be right.

Whoever demanded that truth or honesty meant ferreting out the tiniest Earth School imperfections, then blowing them out of proportion? IMHO, the Tower of London was made for naysayers like that. 😉

Royal You. Those Gifts.

Gifts of your soul are unique in all the world

Gifts of your soul by the hundreds! They shine out from your aura.

If you have developed Energetic Literacy by now, you might want to read some of your chakra databanks during today’s 20 minutes of Technique Time. You might want to research gifts of your soul in chakra databanks of your choice.

Which chakra databanks? How about those you’ll find here at the blog in many an aura reading post. Just click on the left-column category “Celebrities and Politicians.”

Too busy for aura reading today, given your royally important, packed schedule?

No worries. It’s enough to know how distinctive you are, spontaneously, in all that you do.

Think your royal-like fingerprints are unique? You are so very right. And that’s just the start.

Royal You. The Perfect Palace.

Because what’s your address? Earth School.

Living here at Earth School, you are a winner

Yesterday I did a couple of sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis. Once again helping a client to powerfully heal STUFF. In this skill set of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, what moved out were huge, old frozen blocks of stuck energy. Then there was PUT-IN appropriately to wake up the soul.

So powerfully, and sweetly, I was reminded how horrible life can be here at Earth School.

Even a royal child — like Lady Diana’s son, Prince William — has suffered his human share of horrors, grief, pain, and loss.

What about you, Blog-Buddies? Despite your suffering, you have kept questing for what is true and noble. Maybe you have even been striving for Enlightenment. Definitely you have been pursuing a path of personal development.

Could a golden crown really help you do that any better? Opening up your Crown Chakra, and all the rest of your sacred and mysterious potential, for this soul, in this lifetime. Spiritual development is an inside job. It can only start from within you.

Within you, where you are really, really royal in every way that counts. External validation that others consider you really, really special?

Right now — in this moment — I dare you. Make a guard at Buckingham Palace crack up with laughter, then double over, laughing hysterically.

Wait, here’s something better. Take 10 seconds right now to celebrate that unique soul who is YOU!

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  1. 1
    Tricia says:

    This is beautifu, big-picture reminder of what we’re really about – thank you, Rose! So easy to get distracted by the “horrors, grief, pain and loss” ….or just the run of the mill frustrations.

  2. 2
    Dana says:

    I second Tricia that this was a beautiful reminder! I especially liked the idea of me being the most important person in the room, even if I am in the room with the royal baby. A perfect image during royal baby mania time!

  3. 3
    David says:

    Yep -we all have a golden-white crown. And there’s a white light in the middle of the head. When it “switches on” it’s what I’d call a drop of the divine mother. In Sanskrit it’s called Makara and marks when Shakti has risen for good, a stable awakening. For some it comes on with a bang, for others more quietly. The soul is indeed remarkable.

    While I’m not always impressed with this form, I’m still surprised by what I see in my eyes when I notice them in the mirror. Windows of the soul, they say.

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