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How Much Does Rosetree Energy Spirituality Cost, Compared to Weed?

Expensive? Not.

Expensive? Not. Let’s talk money and spiritual growth, Blog-Buddies.

Expensive? Not. Let’s talk money, weighing the costs of pot-marijuana-grass-weed versus the fees for sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Recently we have had some exchanges here about cost and value. The context was learning Empath Empowerment(R). Indirectly money came up then, at For Empath Empowerment, Quiz Yourself.

Comments 150-155 concluded with ELAINE’s advice to invest in a $15 book for empaths (even cheaper as an e-book). She wrote, “If you go through the simple exercises, one each day for 30 days, you will never want to look back at the unskilled empath you were!”

Expensive? Not.

Sometimes not wanting to spend money on something is a simple way of gauging interest, or lack of interest, in doing something. Very important to heed that self-authority!

But then, today, we started a related exchange in the context of marijuanagrassweedpotcannabis. Over at Legalize Pot, an Aura Reading Perspective.

Here is what BETH, a former pothead wrote, over at Comment 117:

Expensive? Not. Or a Lot: The Price of Weed

“I have to say that what kept me using all those years was its function of numbing my emotional pain (and physical, migraines and digestive problems for years).

“A girlfriend recently asked me what I thought I would have been like if I hadn’t been a user. My reply, without hesitation was ‘suicidal.’ LOTS of pain.

“And if it wasn’t weed, it would of been something else. Now I feel like it was just part of my Life Contract to gain the strength to face addiction head on in this life.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Rose’s work has been nothing but miraculous with turning all of that around 🙂 ”

Expensive? Not. Recovery from Pot Addiction

It was so sweet of BETH to share her perspective. I got really bold and submitted the following Comment #118:

BETH, thank you so much. And let’s note that you have had a very small number of sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality to turn all that around.

The how-to books have helped you to do maintenance and keep on growing fast… while on a budget.

If I might put you on the spot here, about the financial aspect, would you feel comfortable sharing about that? (Note, I’m asking in public rather than email, because this whole conversation is an improv.)

Many lurkers at this blog might think that sessions with me are a new kind of psychotherapy where you would be locked into years worth of weekly sessions. So not true!

Expensive? Not. Or Maybe a Lot.

How expensive has it been for you, turning all of that around? How much money have you spent, even, compared to all those bags of marijuana?

In less than an hour, BETH generously responded. Apart from the following heading, every  word in the rest of today’s post comes from her.

Expensive? Not for this Ex-Pothead.

Just how much did it cost, having Rosetree Energy Spirituality help me with recovery? (Beth’s perspective.)

That is hilarious (to compare it to bags of weed!)!

I think after the first 3 sessions I was off to a fresh start with a taste of sanity. Yeah, no, this is not like having to sign up for 2 years of weekly sessions!!!

So $150/each = $450, which for me was 4 1/2 months of drugs. (I literally had $50/a check in my budget plan for weed!). So between using my drug budget money and cutting back on a haircut I could do a session a month.

Expensive? Not When It Came to RES

I think I did about 6 sessions back then, and yes, you are right I learned to do the techniques on my own from your books. Which I LOVE doing! I was angry at first that I wasn’t able to afford to keep up with the phone sessions, but it’s turned out to be a true blessing in many, many ways – like self-confidence and developing meaningful skills that really worked (vs the $1,000s I know I spent on everything from psychics to holistic healers).

That being said, I did recently prioritize my budget so that I could do a phone call with you last week because it was for such a very, very important reason. One that I wanted your full professional services and insights for. Very much worth it, plus we revealed other directions that are pertinent for me to grow into now.

I only point that out because, as I stated on my call, “I’m not calling out of drama, life is great, it’s more about housecleaning.” And, as a comparison, back in the day, my life was constant drama, dread and anguish.

Expensive? Not Missing the Pain-Drug Cycle.

Part of it (this pain-drug cycle) was that I was afraid of who I was – and your work did the remove/put-in to reflect who I was in the present, not the past. I could be myself, be a clearer me – I never even had a glimmer of that experience before. And life is good being me, and honestly, I never looked back (to drug use).

I’m not trying to sound like a goodie-goodie, life is still complex and hard work, but I don’t turn to numbing experiences to process it anymore.

Rose works with you on real life human skills to navigate relationships (or your session intention) in a firm and supportive way, never letting you feel like a victim, or shaming you in the least.

FWIW I want to mention to others that Rose has had a very normal and “real” life – not a life in the clouds like most healers profess and project – she’s had crap jobs, is a mom, and has dealt with horrible relatives and lovers, just like the rest of us.

And I think that’s why her insights are invaluable, because she’s lived it – Rosetree Energy Spirituality is very direct about fixing real-life practical stuff. Not only that, it actually works!

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  1. 1

    Incidentally, just to be clear where I’m coming from, personally I am in favor of legalizing marijuana.

    Alcohol also creates many problems, but prohibition didn’t work and neither does criminalizing cannabis.

    However, I have perspective on what recreational substances like this do to a person’s aura. From my perspective as a healer in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, my findings are very clear:

    Marijuana (a.k.a. pot, weed, grass) is far more toxic to a person’s aura.

    If you ever have a choice between:

    * Get really, really drunk. To the point where it is revolting and you throw up and the next day have a massive hangover

    * Versus have a few sweet tokes of a reefer, just to give you a comfortable buzz

    Please, get stinking drunk. Sure, you’ll lose some brain cells, etc. But you will not deposit STUFF in your aura, in the form of medium-sized and large frozen blocks.

    This astral and subconscious STUFF can always, always, always be healed. But why put yourself in that position?

  2. 2
    Jordan says:

    Drugs.. pot.. are they often used as a substitute for sense of self? Ahh. That makes so much sense.

  3. 3
    bmeade says:

    Hey Rose, I was listening to an old Joe Rogan podcast today. Joe is an avid marijuana supporter and user. Anyway, he and a friend of his were discussing that they’ve noticed that the marijuana plant seems to have a different “energy” than most plants. They described the plant’s energy as superior to that of other plants. They even discussed the possibility that marijuana plants have intelligence which might explain marijuana’s superior energy field.

    Now I’m aware that plants have energy and auras and maybe even a type of consciousness, but is it possible for a plant to have more consciousness than most plants or even intelligence?

  4. 4
    bmeade says:

    Have you noticed anything exceptionally unique energetically about the marijuana plant in its natural state? Or are these podcast hosts just waxing about their romance with their favorite drug of choice?

  5. 5
    Kilaya says:

    Anyone who has any personal experience with addiction and has also used marijuana for any length of time knows that marijuana is not addictive, unless you want to over-generalize the term “addiction”, in which case ice cream, exercise, television and masturbation are all highly addictive, far more than marijuana. And the list of “enlightened” masters… Hey i like Tony Bennett and James Taylor too, but they’re no closer to enlightenment than Courtney Love or Ice Cube. Puh-leeeze…

  6. 6

    Besides “puh-leeeze”, what is your assessment of Bennett and Taylor’s consciousness based on, Kilaya?

  7. 7
    Jordan says:

    Hey Kilaya, you’re of course entitled to your opinion, but it’s not true that everyone with marijuana and other addiction experience has come to the same conclusion as you.

    Marijuana addiction is definitely of a different order than heroin or cocaine addiction. Also different from ice cream and masturbation, imo.

    I have seen someone running all over a foreign city looking in alleys for a dealer, hectic, desperate, and freaking out because he hadn’t smoked pot for maybe 20 hours… That counts as an addictive behavior in my book.

    Plus whether it classifies as an addiction is beside the more important point, which is the harm pot does, addictive or not.

  8. 8
    Primmie says:

    Kilaya wrote: “Anyone who has any personal experience with addiction and has also used marijuana for any length of time knows that marijuana is not addictive”

    Hello Kilaya, I am such a person and I have to disagree with you. If you’re interested in learning and not just being scornful, this is an excellent and thought provoking blog. Welcome.

  9. 9

    BMEADE, sorry it has taken me a while to respond to your Comment 3 and 4.

    It certainly a ripe field for research, using Stage Three Energetic Literacy to research all the world’s vegetables, flowers, and plants… including ones that potheads consider “Special.”

    Right now, I’ll just leave that little bit of research to others. 😉

    Seriously, I care more passionately to research human beings, every one of whom is special to me. And some of whom ask me to help them in sessions, so I get to do this and research their before-and-after, etc.

    With human street smarts, I bring skepticism to the idea of chemical panaceas. They have a long, long human history… hence that ancient Greek word used for them.

    Here is one quick example:

  10. 10

    Today a couple of fabulous comments came in courtesy of Blog-Buddy BETH.

    This was elevated into a guest post, which you can find here:

    Definitely the place to continue this thread.

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