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Announcing Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)


Announcing Rosetree Energy Spirituality. A.k.a. RES

Starting today, officially, I will begin using the name Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Here’s a definition:

A session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality begins with a client’s choice for emotional or spiritual growth. Then the healer uses techniques of Energetic Literacy, healing, and empowerment.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality helps normal people to solve normal, ordinary problems. Then move forward rapidly on that very individual path of personal development.

Depending on the individual, that might mean a person’s path to Householder Enlightenment.

Face Reading Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, ready for his face reading

Face Reading Johnny Depp? Fun!

Face Reading Johnny Depp — are you as curious as I am? The power of face reading will bring us insight. But which insight? Let’s find out.

Through face reading I can complements the aura reading of him done so recently. Search for photos of him and, gee, do you notice anything interesting about it in terms of physiognomy?

Personal Growth Reading Faces

Personal Growth Reading Faces

Personal Growth Reading Faces. Rose Rosetree sharing the power of face reading with Rod Chu, a friend from high school.

Yesterday a friend came back into my life like a bold from the blue. More specifically, a knock to my front door.

Rod Chu, a dear friend from high school (the United Nations International School), was in town. Just for fun, he dropped by. Timing was perfect, as right then I had two hours to visit with him before going back into sessions.

Empath Empowerment with Rose Rosetree at IGEEM

Empath Empowerment keeps growing stronger

For the second annual international gathering of Eden Energy Medicine, I have the honor of joining 89 other presenters for the five-day conference.

That means, of course, that I also have the honor of inviting you to attend that IGEEM Conference.  🙂

Aura Reading Johnny Depp. Summer Fun.

Johnny Depp, ready for his aura reading

Aura Reading Johnny Depp? Surprising.

Aura Reading Johnny Depp. Beware!

Because the actor is almost impossibly gorgeous.

Also because not everyone loves Johnny Depp. Including viewers of his latest movie, the new Lone Ranger flick that has been derided as “Johnny Depp’s Tonto: Not as Racist as You Might Think. But Still Kind of Racist.”

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords. Here Rose demonstrates preparing a cord of attachment for cutting.

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords. And this teacher of how to cut cords of attachment is here, glad to answer your questions and also to share a teaching tale.

Blog-Buddies, today’s post follows the handful of questions in our last post. 

Cord-Cutting Incompetence. Geesh!


Cord-Cutting Incompetence. Geesh!

“I’ve cut that cord of attachment so many times. Why would it be different with you?”

Folks, if you don’t get results from somebody’s session… Don’t blame the skill set of cutting cords of attachment. Blame the practitioner who falsely advertised having skill.

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed. Aura reading brings perspective on sacred married love.

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed. Aura reading research has convinced me. Every legal marriage, entered into by mutual consent, is blessed by God.

The President’s change of position about same-sex marriage parallels much of the growth in collective consciousness over marriage equality. A support of marriage equality that can be perfectly compatible with Christianity. Obama called to congratulate the first couple in San Francisco to get married after the Supreme Court struck down the “Defense of Marriage Act” last Wednesday.