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Hello, We Passed 15,000 Comments

Blog-Buddies, thank you for making this such a lively, intelligent, kind community. Thank you for joining me as we explore the leading edge of personal development, healing, energetic literacy. Over 15,000 comments? Wow!

Book News in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

“Cut Cords of Attachment” is now an e-Book

Brown paper packages tied up with strings — could that be on your list of favorite things?

Not on mine. But then how often do you or I receive them these days? I’ll tell you about one such low-tech delight later in this post dedicated to THREE latest chunks of …

Changing My Name after Name Alignment Research, a Guest Post by KYLIE

Name Alignment for Kylie

Name Alignment for KYLIE

Name Alignment Research has been in the news lately. Okay, not the news outside of this blog but still some news for us, anyway. 🙂

Soul Thrill Research around names is one of my favorite types of Aura Reading Research. Every once in a while, some of you Blog-Buddies share your experiences with it. That got started recently, when Julie  shared at Name Alignment Research, a powerful new way to express your soul.

Three Worlds, Chakra Databanks, Nadis

One view of one world.

One view of one world.

On this fine August day, allow me to introduce you to a metaphysical perspective on The Three Worlds.

What, you already knew about the three main vibrational frequencies built into life? Even though two of them are hidden?

Ethan Hawke Face Reading + Aura Reading

Ethan Hawke's "Mark of Devotion" inspired today's combination of face reading plus aura reading

Ethan Hawke Face Reading includes his “Mark of Devotion”

Ethan Hawke Face Reading. What a great chance to behold a “Mark of Devotion.” Plus other fascinating face data. Even a bit of aura reading, in this post.

At our most popular face reading article, Comment 88, Blog-Buddy Zelda riveted my attention with a recent photo of Ethan Hawke, showing one of the most intense examples of the Mark of Devotion I have seen since beginning the study of physiognomy in 1975. Huge vertical line extending towards his forehead!

Farewell, Anorexic Ideal

Farewell Anorexic Ideal

Farewell Anorexic Ideal — have you ever thought about the aura-level consequences of self-starvation to achieve “glamour”?

Farewell, Anorexic Ideal — as two different Blog-Buddies comment on extreme thinness as a job requirement for beauty. Or much of any value, really.

INFP Starflower began this guest post on our perennial topic of The Anorexic Ideal. Every so often, this topic springs up like a bold Earth-Flower. The topic springs up due to aura reading, and not necessarily on purpose.

Chakra Databanks, Nadis, and Collective Consciousness


In Joy’s Way, Dr. Brugh Joy recounts a famous moment in the history of New Age. As he recounts in “Joy’s Way: A Map for the Transformational Journey,” the physician had begun exploring the energy fields of his patients. Later, browsing in the Bodhi Tree bookstore in Los Angeles, he chanced upon an illustration in a book on Tantra Yoga.

“My God,” he exclaimed aloud, “I have discovered the chakras.”

Why was it a such big deal that the New Age leader had re-discovered the chakras? Here was 10,000-year-old knowledge, from a venerable tradition of Sanskrit speakers. A tradition dominated by Enlightened sages, renunciates who devoted their lives to meticulous study of vibrational frequencies.

Homeopath Energy Exploration. A Guest Post by SANDRA

Homeopath Energy Exploration

Homeopath Energy Exploration — what does Age of Awakening energy exploration have to do with traditional homeopathy?

Homeopath Energy Exploration — what does Age of Awakening energy exploration have to do with traditional homeopathy? A guest post brings insight.

Following such a shocking post yesterday! The very idea that Opening up to the energy could be counter-productive — unhelpful for an energy healer or friend or lover or any other human being.

Dangerous Random Energies

Dangerous Random Energies

Dangerous Random Energies — might you actively be seeking them out?

Dangerous Random Energies. Please share today’s article with anyone you know who has been told it’s, supposedly, good to “open up to energies.”

Even homeopathy requires it now, I’m told. If you are studying the ancient healing art these days, you are encouraged — strongly encouraged — to “Open up to the energy.”

Aura Reading Edward Snowden. Guest Post by Jill Erin

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is famous these days. Whether you like him or not.

Edward Snowden. Do you like him or loathe him? Chances are, one or the other. New to aura reading, JILL ERIN satisfies her curiosity.

Blog-Buddy JILL ERIN has located a rare, recent photo of Edward Snowden and used it as the basis for an aura reading.