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Bad Things Happen FROM Good People? Concluded

Bad Things Happen

Bad Things Happen? Oh no. She looked so nice.

Bad Things Happen. Let’s complete our three-part survey of heartbreak and disillusionment. Fear not! How can you protect yourself?

Today’s third post in this series considers two final ways that people considered “good” or “spiritual” or “awakened” etc. could leave a person feeling pretty darned uncomfortable.

During or after that visit, you might feel worse than before. How can that be? How can you protect yourself or heal yourself?

As usual, my perspective here comes from using Deeper Perception in general and, more specifically, derives from my experience with the skill sets of RES (Rosetree Energy Spirituality).

Bad Things Happen. Start Here.

Bad Things Happen: Frozen Blocks of Energy

Frozen blocks are a unique type of STUFF in the system of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. By definition, frozen blocks come from overload reactions to human experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant or (commonly) mixtures.

What makes this type of STUFF unique, compared to psychic coercion or astral ties or cords of attachment or other astral-level problems limiting human life? Only frozen blocks continue to impact us from other lifetimes.

Just today, I facilitated a session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis and bam! Out came a frozen block from Joe’s life as a caveman.

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis is the skill set that I use to facilitate permanent healing of the whopper, large-economy-sized, frozen blocks from past lifetimes (which is why this skill set is sometimes known as “Past-life regression.” Also frozen blocks are often removed from traumas in this lifetime.

Less known in today’s romancing of medical marijuana, etc., let’s not neglect to mention frozen blocks added from:

  • Every experience in this lifetime of getting stoned on marijuana.
  • Or cocaine.
  • Or heroin.

Bad Things Happen. More about Frozen Blocks

Good experiences without chemical assists can also bring on frozen blocks, indirectly:

  • Horrid things that happen with love affairs.
  • Ways that folks we adore can drive us absolutely nuts. (Or seem to drive us nuts.)
  • And definitely overload experiences we can have in the presence of someone who is a major Good Person. Such as an authority figure who symbolizes GOODNESS.
  • Or people in the entourage of The Good One who maybe are not so delectable in their social behavior or auric modeling, giving rise to incidents that get literally stuck in a person’s craw. Or stomach. Or elsewhere… at a subconscious level.

Bad Things Happen: Darshan’s Downside

Blog-Buddies, I wish I could cheerfully report that darshan only means a kind of spontaneous grace. As in, “Being in the presence of someone Enlightened or just-darned-good, your frozen blocks melt away. So if you feel a little roughness, that is just your old frozen blocks waving Bye-bye.”

As if!

What can darshan do, actually?

Call me a “Darshan Skeptic” if it brings you comfort. (Or a laugh.)

Darshan means being in the presence of somebody with magnificent auric modeling. That could be anyone who has been nominated to our Enlightenment Life List, for instance. At least, inspiring for the person who nominated that candidate for being evaluated… as meeting Rose Rosetree’s personal criteria for Enlightenment.

Beautiful auric modeling does ennoble us. It teaches us some new ways to be. Darshan happens more often in everyday life than we might suppose.

Just as we have more everyday contact with good, sweet people than we might suppose.

Bad Things Happen. Even With Folks in Enlightenment.

However, I remain very skeptical that hanging out with someone Enlightened, or even a group of Enlightened people, really moves that receiver of darshan into Enlightenment. Do miracles happen sometimes? I sure hope so.

However, my personal experience leads me to consider this statistically chancy. Both the year of face time I spent with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi plus plenty of people I know who have had plenty, way plenty, hours and years of comparable face time.

How many loving, “sold-out,” followers have sat at the feet of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi or Swami Satchitananda, Yogi Bhajan, Muktananda, Yogananda, Krishnamurti, and other mega-Enlightened beings. For years! For decades! Yet darshan didn’t necessarily move those dedicated devotees into Enlightenment.

How far advanced were they? Who can tell? Of course, every precious bit of evolution here at Earth School is marvelous. But who is to say that everyday householder life doesn’t help a person progress even faster than sitting spellbound at the feet of a religious or spiritual authority figure?

Bad Things Happen. Not Removed Through a Contact High with Enlightenment.

Based on my experience, I can tell you this. People who have large frozen blocks of energy do not generally lose those frozen blocks by virtue of propinquity to somebody “Enlightened” or “Awakened” or just very good.

Various skill sets do move out large frozen blocks of energy, such as a variety of techniques in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, most notably the Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.And surely there are practitioners of energy medicine, energy psychology, and other systems of energy spirituality — some may succeed permanently, others may succeed short-term. Moving out STUFF is a wonder, however it happens. More power to everyone who participates!

Bad Things Happen. The Opposite of Darshan

Now you’re talking. Can a person’s frozen blocks become triggered/activated/stimulated/more uncomfortable after hanging out with a good person or Enlightened or “Awakened” person?

Most definitely.

The sheer amount and quality of energy can set a kind of releasing in motion. Very small frozen blocks may spontaneously release for good. 

But, far as I know, large frozen blocks require a dedicated skill set plus full attention from a healer.

What happens when a large frozen block becomes triggered? The person starts to consciously re-experience some of the emotions and energies in the frozen block. A situation that could be compared to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Triggered does not mean healed. Ask any sufferer from PTSD.

Personally, I think that frozen block triggering courtesy of darshan is the likely cause of reactions noted by Blog-Buddies “SOMEBODY ELSE” and AMANDA in our previous post. Because I happen to personally know both these people and they are very evolved, with very strong energy fields. They have incarnated this way… merrily giving the planet the benefit of their glorious auric modeling… ever since Day One of this incarnation.

If darshan is something you believe in strongly, what are you to make of the idea that large frozen blocks can be triggered, rather than healed, through contact with a good person? What if this has happened to you personally?

One positive spin is to consider that you have received an invitation to heal courtesy of that good person. Speeded-up karma, if you will.

If it were humanly possible, in this Age of Aquarius, for there to be group transmissions of awakening, I would be overjoyed to witness this. To read auras related to this. To celebrate this.

I remain highly skeptical. I doubt that people become Enlightened this way. But good people can definitely inspire each other to keep  on growing, to use the skill sets that help us, to refer others to resources that have helped us, to say out with the old and in with the new when it comes to healing, etc.

If it takes some human discomfort to motivate us, maybe that is a smallish price to pay (all things considered).

Bad Things Happen. Cords of attachment to “good people”

Can you have a cord of attachment to somebody good? Of course.

The moment you first become interested in another person, a cord of attachment is installed between you and (for instance) Gladys. Simultaneously installed is your spiritual tie to Gladys. These are separate structures.

You don’t have to meet that good person, Gladys, directly. As long as she lives on earth, if you become interested in a personal way, guaranteed, you get a cord of attachment to her, just as you will develop a spiritual tie.

Elsewhere at this blog you can read plenty about cord-cutting. Check out our 10 most popular posts here, for instance. Or “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.”

Usually we have cords of attachment only to human-type people. One big exception however is cords of attachment to Divine Beings.

I have not found there to be cords of attachment to astral-level beings, like your guardian angel or mine. But cords of attachment to God, to Jesus, to other Divine Beings?

Definitely. Not only have I facilitated cutting these with the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R). The results witnessed by my client, and shared with me later, have been magnificent.

If that isn’t an example of something ugly coming from human contact with goodness, what would count? Of course, often what’s stuck in the cord items is related to human representatives of God, religious teachers, the gossiping ladies in the pew at church, etc.

What matters is STUFF removal, plus PUT-IN.

Some of you Blog-Buddies have had a Divine cordee in a session of aura healing with me. Would any of you care to comment below? Add to our group educational experience!

Bad Things Happen. But Fear Not.

Definitely don’t stop your pursuit of goodness.

You have self-authority, Blog-Buddies. That is your shining light on your path of personal development.

  • Energetic literacy can help you as a consumer, becoming what I like to call a smarter “New Age Consumer.”
  • Trial and error can teach, as well.
  • Your own emerging discernment and skill sets can help you grow faster than ever.

Whatever you do, please don’t be discouraged, Blog-Buddies. Just consider…

Values like “Good” and “Bad” are part of the polarities here at Earth School. Objective reality is, that’s all. We’re responsible for what we say and do. But as your spiritual journey unfolds, you may not find it too shocking to find that you relate differently to “Good” and “Bad.”

Don’t be too amazed if experiences you once called “Good” or “Required” no longer seem so excellent at all.

Don’t laugh too loudly if “Bad” experiences like “Triggered Large Frozen Blocks” turn out to be marvelous blessings.

In retrospect, blessings can reach us in an adorable disguise, with God’s designer label written throughout — in very fine print.

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  1. 1
    David says:

    Hi Rose
    This is post is chock full of interesting material. I can fully appreciate your skepticism about darshan. However, I’ve seen it myself dozens of times and have been quite astonished. But I fully agree – it was not happening back in the day even with teachers of powerful presence. I can recall Maharishi turning his attention on me and energetically, it was like standing in a high wind. Lots of bliss but not waking.

    But it is happening with a few teachers now. And they seem to have some of your skill as well as I’ve watched them slip people past their last barrier. A conversation of Self with Itself is the dominant mode though – Self darshan, enlivening it.

  2. 2
    David says:

    I’ve also seen people have large blocks cut loose with no support, essentially taking them off-line for a time. Skilled assistance is definitely advantageous. I know of a place that specializes in kundalini issues but until now, not this.

    I’ve known of people who have received shaktipat energy blasts from teachers. Kind of dynamiting indiscriminately from what I can see.

    I also know that sitting with a sage for a long time doesn’t ground the experience, just like excess time in meditation. You need some good activity to ground that. Same with big experiences. Making the colour fast, by the old analogy.

  3. 3
    David says:

    btw – I know people talk about the Age of Aquarius being here but technically, it’s still over 100 years away. We are now in the “cusp” period – end of the old but the new isn’t quite here.

    By Yogananda’s masters calculations, we are now fully into the Dwapara Yuga now (not Kali). This is known as the Energy age. 😉

  4. 4
    David says:

    Interesting we can have cords with Divine beings. But I guess if cords are the mechanism of attachment to others, anyone we get attached to will give us a cord.

    Question I’ve not run into – when you cut the cord of attachment do you cut the spiritual tie too? Or is that considered non-binding? Thanks.

  5. 5
    David says:

    I’ve processed some pretty large “nuts” in my time but I can certainly see the advantages of support with that. In some cases, i got some support from my team. I’ve not felt “on my own” for a long time.

    OK – I better stop talking now. 😉

  6. 6

    DAVID, thanks for all these comments. And thanks for chunking them into separate comments as well. Makes each one far more readable.

    Leave it to a man with a blog of his own to fully appreciate that. (Blog-Buddies, see In2Deep right on the Blogroll here in the right column, or just click on DAVID’s link at his name in any comment.)

    Regarding the one question in this slew of information, cutting a cord of attachment NEVER cuts a spiritual tie. These are separate structures, right?

    Best of the Blog, the post listed second, has loads of info on cord butting that you might enjoy.

  7. 7
    Somebody Else says:

    Darshan (specifically, hanging out with you, Rose, and other enlightened friends) may not make me enlightened myself, but it sure is fun! I didn’t realise that I could have any darshan effect on anyone else, though. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you, Rose.

  8. 8

    Aw, SOMEBODY ELSE, you’re welcome.

    DAVID, regarding your Comment 1. Here is an offer to you and to any Blog-Buddies who have been physically in the room where a teacher helped someone to “slip past their last barrier” and into Enlightenment.

    You will have captured the story, at the level of your chakra databanks. Email me if you are willing to have me research the changes to that person in your group.

    I would like to interview for the blog, pull out the relevant Energetic Holograms stored in your subconscious mind, and then publish the interview here at the blog.

    I would like to do at least two such interviews, so speak on up (if you are game to be interviewed, under your real name or a Fabulous Fake name like “Frodo.”)

    Email to

  9. 9

    DAVID, over at “Chakra Databanks, A New Perspective,” your comment included:

    “From your work, I’ve realized there are 2 kinds of tubes, called Nadis in Sanskrit. There is the relatively closed internal network that branches off from the major and minor chakras.

    “These are sensitive to the environment but are primarily internally referencing and underlie the later nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Kundalini systems primarily focus on the major channels of this network.”

    By now, this blog is so huge, and the SEARCH function so limited, that I couldn’t find it. Even though I’m the blog host and I spent a good five minutes. Sob!

    At least if I ask my question HERE the exchange will not be buried among the 1,304 posts so far. 🙂

  10. 10

    So, the question: It is great to hear that the ancient Sanskrit researchers knew about chakra databanks.

    As our resident scholar, these days, DAVID, could you please provide some sources or links to good authorities about the nadis?

  11. 11

    Regarding your Comment 3, I am smitten with that language, calling this time after The Shift “The Age of Energy.”

    Can you provide any reputable sources, books, links that might add heft to this reference?

  12. 12
    "Queenie" says:

    Here’s the blog post you were looking for:

    I googled: “rose rosetree” “chakra databanks a new perspective”

    Whenever I want to find an old blog post of yours, I just google “rose rosetree” “a phrase or name I remember”.

    Google’s algorithm is about a bajillion times more sophisticated than whatever they use for those little website search boxes, which never work very well (unless they’re powered by Google!).

    Hope that’s helpful!

    Oh, and. Hopefully this isn’t really obvious to you and everyone else – but, rather than F3, actually the more universal way to search a page instances of a word/phrase is Ctrl + F. F3 doesn’t work on either of my computers, for instance.


  13. 13
    David says:

    Rose – re: comment 6. Thanks. I figured that but its good to confirm.

  14. 14
    David says:

    Rose re: Comment 8 – I’ll followup with our email conversation on this. I’m very interested in the databanks that change with different stages of awakening. Especially if there is any consistency. I’ve been researching the subject on the broader level of the chakras but the traditions are inconsistent about this, as are peoples experience.

  15. 15
    David says:

    Hi Queenie
    yes – thats the post I commented on.

    Right – I used Google shorthand to find it originally. and the search terms.
    I added -tag as the search results were bringing up pages listing all items with the tag rather than a page discussing it.

    Ctrl-F is an older Find shortcut which is also not consistently used. But F3 may not work that way on a Mac or changed PC. Every browser has a Search or Find function in its menus. If one doesn’t work, check the menus to see what it is. I like F3 as it’s one button.

    Thanks for the tips.

  16. 16
    David says:

    re: Comment 9
    I have 1126 posts now myself. (and more on a Science and Tech blog) I ended up creating a Key Posts page some time ago that I periodically update.

    It’s a bit like your upper left Categories, Rose. I list a half dozen or so links under a series of section titles to help readers (and myself!) find key articles that describe primary subjects, like States of Consciousness, Healing, etc. It’s very useful when writing articles so i can find subject links that explain terms in more detail.

    But yeah – yet another thing to set up and maintain. 😉

  17. 17
    David says:

    re: Comment 10. The interesting realization for me was that the chakra databanks were like the nadis, only rather than being internally referencing were externally directed. Our antenna, as it where. They have the same structure but point out rather than to other nadis and sub-chakras.

    Good sources on the nadis are hard to come by. Nadi means tube. Most that I’ve picked up has been from experience and brief references here and there, like Muktananda saying there are 10,000 nadis in the body. (others mention different numbers) There are multiple kundalini traditions out there and they don’t all agree on even the basics. Not to mention Chinese meridians and S. American traditions. Add in more recent teachers with their own thing and weird interpretations of some of the old texts and you have a conflicted mess.

    Here again is where good energetic literacy is key. The energy system is multi-layered and can be seen a number of different ways. Just consider the chakras being seen as flowers, vortexes, balls of light, and cones of energy, for example. Not to mention the flame, the space, the doorway, and the “person the size of the thumb” in the heart. Too often the subjective experience obscures the functions.

    One good resource I’ve found is a book called Kundalini Vidya. It’s written by a western woman who has both a PhD and is the current holder of that traditions lineage. They describe the main systems, illustrate the major (internal) nadis and talk about the awakening process from one energetic standpoint.
    It’s the first book to describe a few experiences I’d had properly and also explain why some people start witnessing full-time long before they awaken. Amazon has the book but its cheaper from their web site

    They don’t talk about the databanks though. It’s mostly on the general system and kundalini type problems that can come up, like a rising through a side channel. Thats their specialty.

  18. 18
    David says:

    Rose re: comment 11
    This one is much easier. Yukteswar describes the calculation error briefly in his book The Holy Science, which is still in print, from 1894.

    I was pleased to discover this as I’d discovered the error myself and had charted the cycles to various eras and historical statements. Basically, they were converting the yuga cycle into angel years by mistake.

    However, something that goes into much more detail on this is a book called The Yugas. They show how historical events align well with this cycle of Yugas. It also aligns with the astronomical precession of the equinoxes (ages), Plato’s Great Year, Greek ages, and so forth.

    The energy age started fully about 100 years ago. Thus we have the discovery of electricity, atomic energy, and the resurgence and renewal of energy healing modalities, as illustrated here. 😉

    It should be noted however that theres another pull at play, predicted by Krishna and others. A golden age arising within the energy age. Thus all the awakening we see taking place.

  19. 19
    David says:

    If any of this is unclear, let me know.

  20. 20

    DAVID, that seems pretty clear, considering vast types of data.

    You have inspired a comment that I will put at today’s post, the celebratory one on August 5, 2013.

    Wow, thanks for all this.

  21. 21
    Ryan says:

    If you have a walk-in soul, then can you have a cord of attachment to the departed soul?

  22. 22

    RYAN, of all people. How lovely to hear from you.

    Hope all is going well for the mega-talented empath!

    I’m trying to remember experiences I have had of this nature and cannot extrapolate one way or the other.

    All I can recommend is that if YOU come as my client, I will help you.

    Walk-ins are rare. More common is virtual reincarnation, as you may know.

    One cord of attachment per person with virtual reincarnation, no exceptions that I have encountered.

  23. 23
    David says:

    re: Yugas in comment 18
    Just a note on this for general understanding. The usual Yuga calculation used my most Indians is with the devic error. Thus most Yuga references you’ll run into are discussion a much longer time frame.

    The corrected version aligns with history much better. And astronomy.

  24. 24
    Suz says:

    Just wanting to thank David for the link to kundalinicare. Sure wish I’d had that information a long time ago. Up until recently most of the readily available info was about when a kundalini rising “goes bad,” and that wasn’t what I needed. Now, if the terminology will make sense … Anyway, thanks.

  25. 25
    David says:

    Hi Suz
    You’re welcome. I found out about the book from a friend who’d had a “deflected rising” – their specialty is indeed problem risings, hence the site name. But the book is a broader overview of the kundalini structure and process and different styles of rising.

    Some of the other kundalini traditions describe the process differently but this one, in their own language, matched my own experience and models I’ve seen from Vedic and Zen sources.

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