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Vibrational Re-Positioning®. New!

Vibrational Re-Positioning®

Vibrational Re-Positioning® Let’s celebrate this new trademark within RES!

Vibrational Re-Positioning® — guess what? The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has just approved my latest trademark. How can it help YOU?

Actually, it’s a powerful group of energy healing skills.  “Vibrational Re-Positioning” adds to other distinctive skill sets in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Most important, in personal sessions, I can use these well-tested skills to help YOU.

Because the trademark is new. I’ve been using these skills for quite a long time.

Vibrational Re-Positioning. Be One of the First to Know

It’s true. Reading today’s article, you will become one of the first on the planet to learn about an exciting new way to facilitate emotional and spiritual growth.

Although the skill set of Vibrational Re-Positioning® is new, I anticipate that over time this technique for energy healing will become as important as cutting cords of attachment.

Which happens to be the best-known skill set for RES Energy HEALING in RES. (At this time, anyway.)

Once again, I think I am having the good fortune to open up a new healing conversation, similar to downloads I have received previously about Empath Empowerment®, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, Face Reading Secrets®.

None of them had an online birth announcement. I’m so glad that now we’ve got this blog, and all of you in the curious, smart, and kind community that I call “Blog-Buddies.”

Vibrational Re-Positioning — Discovered How?

July has to count as one of the best months of my life so far. I received massive downloads of new information in conjunction with a new book I have been working on. (Shhhhh, not another word on that latest nonfiction book until I publish it in 2014.)

Plus another project has been completed, something that can also help you Blog-Buddies a lot. This project has been testing great and is nearly ready for publication, something that is not in book form. (Shhhhh on that one too, although not for long.)

Vibrational Re-Positioning® is a new healing technique developed especially to help with energetic problems that have happened after The Shift into The Age of Awakening, that upgrade in collective consciousness that began in December 21, 2012.

Have you noticed? Since then it became easier than ever for people to shift, too.

Vibrational Positioning Happens Easily Now.

So Why Not Purposeful Vibrational Re-Positioning?

Human beings have always had the ability to shift in awareness from objective reality to subjective reality at the human level. Or vice versa. We have also had the ability to shift in awareness from human vibrational frequencies to astral vibrational frequencies.

However, this is happening way more often now.

Consequently lack of skill for positioning consciousness, in the Age of Awakening, creates certain new problems.

One session at a time, I have been helping clients to solve these problems.

Within the area of Vibrational Re-Positioning®, I have actually co-created a variety of skill sets. In session I use them, as always, on a case-by-case basis.

Depending on what I find during an initial assessment of my client’s aura, the RES Energy HEALING session proceeds with the appropriate skill sets to help fulfill my client’s intention!

More About Today’s Age of Awakening

With the need for Vibrational Re-Positioning®, the client has a way of getting stuck in human-type situations. An example is, “Lack of confidence in an important relationship.”

However, the problem with the client isn’t the client’s concious-level conclusions. Instead it is a different variety of STUFF, much like the kinds of STUFF that I call “a cord of attachment” or “psychic coercion.”

With problems related to Vibrational Re-Positioning®, a person has a subconscious habit — like buggy code in computer software.

An amazingly simple kind of healing to receive, Vibrational Re-Positioning is based on a more sophisticated sort of energetic literacy. Thank goodness, I have put in more than 10,000 hours. Every once in a while I get a skill upgrade. Doesn’t that happen to you too, Blog-Buddies, if you work regularly in the field of your professional expertise?

Vibrational Re-Positioning. How Can It Help You?

The skill set of Vibrational Re-Positioning® moves out STUFF. Then I’ll add a PUT-IN component of RES. For context…

An RES session begins with your choice for emotional, behavioral, or spiritual growth.

Then I use RES techniques of energetic literacy, healing, and empowerment.

To put this another way, these energy healing sessions permanently move out STUFF and then add PUT-IN.

  • STUFF means stored astral and energetic debris at the level of your aura that corresponds to your subconscious mind. STUFF can always, always, always be healed.
  • PUT-IN means new energies that express your soul better, at this time in your personal development. That happens at the astral level of your aura, corresponding to your subconscious mind.
  • PUT-IN also can mean new choices and behaviors at the human level.

What else in Rosetree Energy Spirituality involves PUT-IN?

Vibrational Re-Positioning® — Appropriate When?

One thing hasn’t changed with this new skill set within RES.

Every technique is used at the healer’s discretion. Including the shiny new skill sets of Vibrational Re-Positioning.

Being my client is simple, whether you choose a session of RES Energy HEALING or Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® or a face reading or aura reading research.

What follows in your personal session is based on your intention, your chosen way to grow on your personal path. Then the RES expert uses energetic literacy skills to select a healing centerpiece and proceeds accordingly.

Enjoy this new resource that can help you so much, Vibrational Re-Positioning®!

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  1. 1

    So, Blog-Buddies, this is turning out to be a ripe peach of a day.

    Many comments came in from yesterday’s post, and the shocker hidden in there deserves a bit of Wowser acknowledgement here, IMHO.

    DAVID, our resident Vedic scholar, wrote:

    The interesting realization for me was that the chakra databanks were like the nadis, only rather than being internally referencing were externally directed. Our antenna, as it where. They have the same structure but point out rather than to other nadis and sub-chakras.

    “Good sources on the nadis are hard to come by. Nadi means tube. Most that I’ve picked up has been from experience and brief references here and there, like Muktananda saying there are 10,000 nadis in the body. (others mention different numbers)”

    David continued a bit later:

    “Add in more recent teachers with their own thing and weird interpretations of some of the old texts and you have a conflicted mess.

    “Here again is where good energetic literacy is key. The energy system is multi-layered and can be seen a number of different ways.”

  2. 2

    So, just trying to get this straight, after years of my writing about chakra databanks (first official print book, the German title “Partnerlooks,” published in 2005)…

    that this discovery could be considered a discovery — or even minor-league cognition — for our time?

    That chakra databanks bring the Vedic concept of “Nadis” into a modern context…

    where the emphasis is not seeing or counting energy structures but, rather, relates the open-ended type of nadis to human faculties like “Sexual Self-Esteem” and “Making Money”? ? ?

    Granted, as you noted, DAVID, I am not the first recent teacher to “do own thing” and add “weird interpretations”

    But let’s note, this discovery was not based on any of the old texts. This was a working healer’s co-created download.

    If I put that correctly, that qualifies as a Wow in my world.

  3. 3

    Something that definitely rates as a peachy part of today?

    “Your Happiness Project” is my first hypnosis publication. Today I began publication via CreateSpace.

    If all goes according to plan, a listing will appear soon at So you’all will be able to order a CD in jewel case-type hypnosis publication.

    Today I also applied officially for copyright for this new publication and in future will be making it available for sale simply as a download, maybe at the iTunes store or elsewhere.

  4. 4

    Blog-Buddies, I’ve got a big learning curve on this. If any of you can provide info on downloading and iTunesing etc., please email me at

    Still, the publication has been set in motion. On this very day.

    And I’ve got to tell you, reports from my testers have me very excited that, in less than an hour, a person can install some interior software that helps a person to bring in extra happiness. Extra happiness on demand. Hooray!

  5. 5
    Dave says:

    Very awesome developments. I definitely want to try the new healing modality at some point.

  6. 6
    AJ says:

    Can this new technique be used to heal addictions, like alcohol, tobacco, sexual, etc?

  7. 7
    AJ says:

    Thanks Rose! I have somebody in mind. I’ll share this with her and recommend she book a session. 🙂

  8. 8

    Great question, AJ. This technique could help as part of the solution. However, I do not propose any single technique in Rosetree Energy Spirituality as THE one, quick session-solution to solve a huge problem.

    That is why clients just bring an intention. It is not like going to a restaurant and ordering off the menu, deciding which technique to try.

    In general, I can help with problems like those you have mentioned so long as my client is stable and getting appropriate professional help for a diagnosed addiction.

    I am not a professional addictions counselor, mental health worker, etc. However, I have helped clients successfully move past the problems you mentioned, video game habit, cocaine dependency, marijuana dependency.

    Also with smoking cigarettes, which is not really in the same league of “Addiction,” is it?

    What would a client do to get started? Begin with a session of RES Energy HEALING, a simple 55-minute session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality — usually over the phone, but also possible via Skype video or coming here in person.

    For that first session, any of these three ways to connect would be equally effective (from my perspective). I know that many clients want to come in person and it adds to their experience from their perspective. That is why I make in-person sessions available, here in Sterling, Virginia. (The suburbs of Washington, D.C.)

    Towards the end of that first session, I will make recommendations for follow up.

  9. 9

    AJ, referrals are so appreciated.

    Funnily enough, after writing that last comment I facilitated one of those everyday sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality for someone who has had just this type of problem.

    JOE is doing GREAT!!!!!

  10. 10

    You missed it, DAVID, because it was a block quote in italics. I am going to stop putting them in italics as they can make eyes glaze over. 🙂

    “Technical point that will make sense to some of you Blog-Buddies: Energy Workarounds could be considered Stage Four Energetic Literacy.”

    BTW, I had a typo that I will correct now, thanks to you.

    Also, the summary you gave of Energy Workarounds misses most of the essence, which just goes to show I have more explaining to do, including learning how to talk more precisely about this.

    Awaiting another day….

  11. 11
  12. 12
    David says:

    Congrats, Rose! With your skills, it makes sense that Put-ins and behavioral workarounds would evolve into something deeper. But yeah, these are always a nice surprise.

    But- if this is Stage 5 – seeing interconnected patterns in various databanks and recognizing a common way to shift them?

    What is Stage 4? How did I miss that? 😉

  13. 13
    David says:

    Guess you’ll have to update your Rosetree Energy Spirituality post. 😉

  14. 14
    David says:

    Ah, Rose – I wasn’t including you in the weird or the mess. 😉 Some teachers have an experience or 2 and make a story up about it, going well past what they actually experienced. They typically tack on bits they read somewhere else. They muddy up what they discovered.

    A teacher that is driven by direct experience is a whole different thing. They’re speaking from experience, not stories.

    You may have to spend a little time getting to know the language of that teacher, as I’ve been doing here. But that’s more than worth it. 😉

  15. 15
    David says:

    The Italics were fine, Rose. I was just confused by the typo. Very cool a new stage of literacy is unfolding to be shared.

    Apologies I oversimplified Energetic Workarounds. Just trying to feed it back to see if I got the jist. Evidently not. 😉

  16. 16
    David says:

    re: comment 1 & 2
    yesterday, I had a download and saw the structure underlying the chakra databanks – not the colours or content yet. But it put them in some context of what I already knew and a bunch of things gelled.

    Thanks for pointing the way to that, Rose. I look forward to more information than a Christmas ornament.

    While I’m certainly no expert in nadis, I’ve never heard a reference to the chakra databanks elsewhere. So yes, I suspect you have made a modern discovery of these very specific structures. There is also some intriguing correspondences with natures alphabet and the long described chakra petals and their related skills.

    I’m working on an article to summarize it.

  17. 17
    Elaine says:

    Rose, this is very exciting. Looking forward to downloading my copy.

  18. 18
    Jean says:

    More happiness is a great thing all around 🙂
    Many congratulations Rose. Wow.

  19. 19
    Lara says:

    This is really interesting Rose! So.. it is finding patterns in the databanks related to a type of behaviour or life pattern you want to change and changing the energetic routing with suitable action in physical life… if I understood that right? (did I?)

    And reading the patterns is a deeper reading (stage 4) than the stuff in cords of attachment?

    Its sooooo exciting to me when you announce you are putting out new stuff!! Will you do an announcement blog post when the books and Cd is actually available?

    So Rose, have you upgraded a slice of Vedic knowledge?

    Is it annoying to English majors when sentences start with And, or So..?

  20. 20
    Linda Stone says:

    As my very flamboyant hairdresser would say, “Wowser, Miss Thing, you got it going on.”

    The veil is very thin it seems, and you the student/teacher were ready.

    I for one am so excited and looking forward to working/learning and experiencing the new technique…. and am thrilled for the the CD. Thank-you Rose for consistently being such an excellent role model…. Linda

  21. 21

    Aw, thanks so much, LINDA and LARA and JEAN and ELAINE and DAVID.

    Also thanks to the buddy who just made me aware of this resource:

    Just in case you find a post here or even a teacher you would ever like to recommend….

  22. 22

    Big thanks to all you clients who have been giving me feedback on the results of your experiences with Vibrational Re-Positioning.

    That includes the client who recommended that I find a better name than “Energy Workaround.”

    Yes, I aim to stick with this new name and look forward to being of service to you’all with this latest technique within Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

  23. 23
    Jordan says:

    I think I was one of the testers for “Your Happiness Project.” It’s so simple and I love it.

    I just used the easy little technique to trigger happiness a second ago, and the results are powerful as ever.

    People are always saying, “I just want to be happy.” Pretty mind-blowingly awesome that something this simple makes noticeably more happiness so easy. 🙂

    Great job, Rose. *Sigh of happiness*

  24. 24

    You sure were, JORDAN. I developed this technique for a meeting of my apprentices.

    It flowed as a download of love and caring for you.

    One of those “Easiest things ever in my life.”

    Then I proceeded to test this and refine it repeatedly.

    Now I’m waiting for CreateSpace to move forward with the publication of the POD CD. Plus listings online, etc.

    Yes, quite precisely it began with you and certain other apprentices.

    I’m very curious about the kind of life this latest publication is going to have. And, of course, I will let all you Blog-Buddies know when it becomes available.

  25. 25

    Just to be clear, in addition to providing this service for clients, I do aim to teach Vibrational Re-Positioning as a form of post-graduate training for those who complete my Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    Also, I am writing about Vibrational Re-Positioning for a book in progress, scheduled for publication in 2013.

  26. 26
    Curious to Know More says:

    Rose, I am so very much looking forward to reading your new book!

  27. 27

    Oh, you and me both, CURIOUS. I feel like I’m about 12 months pregnant.

    With quadruplets.

    Most of last year I was finishing up one pair of books… which will be nameless for now.

    Then I started to turn “Empowered by Empathy” into an ebook edition. Realizing it needed to be totally redone, because the field has advanced so much, I first-drafted a series of two how-to books. Have been working on them really a lot. This week I finally completed the first draft of Book 2, so on goes the process of edits, etc.

  28. 28

    I’m aiming for publication soon, simultaneously releasing both the empath how-to’s to supplement “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

    Then I can turn attention to the pair of books that I thought this time last year would be THE publications for 2014. Aiming for this fall with them.

    Yes, I have never had four books at once first-drafted, all of which I wish to get born already!!!!

    Some of my healer colleagues have told me, since The Shift (12/21/12) they too have become way, way busier than ever before, with huge downloads of knowledge.

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