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Face Reading Jeff Bezos. Unusual!

What's so unusual about Jeff Bezos' face?

Face Reading Jeff Bezos, what’s really unusual?

Face Reading Jeff Bezos — just how strange do you think it will be? Multiply that a few times and start reading. The Power of Face Reading [now updated as The New Power of Face Readingmight help you understand him better.

In this photo, Jeff Bezos is laughing. Really, why wouldn’t he? The man could scarcely be richer, more famous, more independent, more talented, more innovative.



Extra Face Reading Photos for Jeff Bezos

The visuals at my blog have started changing about a week ago, Blog-Buddies. One of you contacted me with an article that opened my eyes to protecting the rights of photographers. I used to believe that if I gave a photo credit, I was doing enough to support the intellectual and creative property of photographers.


To practice your face reading along with me, here are resources:

  • A perfectly composed for face reading purposes mug shot of Jeff Bezos in 2013, courtesy of the modestly titled (And here is a link to the article on Jeff Bezos.)
  • A smaller, saved version of the face reading photo of Jeff Bezos, showing him large and wildly distinctive

Face Reading Jeff Bezos: Something Extra

And a bit later in today’s article, I have just got to comment as a face reader on the smile of Jeff Bezos, which also is one of the most extreme and distinctive items of face data you are likely to see. Ever.

  • Face reading link to a photo of Jeff Bezos on the cover of Forbes Magazine
  • A saved version of the Forbes Magazine face reading photo of Bezos

For background on The New Power of Face Reading, or the system used here (Face Reading Secrets®) you might want to use one of the links in this very sentence!

Face Reading Jeff Bezos: Asymmetry in Every Single Feature on His Face

How to see this bit of physiognomy

Take an index card. Hold it up to cover the left side of Jeff Bezos’ face, then the right side.

Every single feature on this man’s face has differences between left and right. Often multiple asymmetries within one feature. Just comparing his right ear to the left one, from a front view that obscures most of the data to this facial feature, what can you see about Bezos’ right ear?

  • It is significantly larger than his left ear.
  • The ear top is dramatically out-angled.
  • The ear bottom is completely in-angled.
  • The ear border is very strongly protruding.

Blog-Buddies, I could devote this entire face reading to a catalogue of dozens of asymmetries on this man’s face. But that would leave no room for interpreting.

Or I could devote this entire face reading to research on asymmetries within one facial feature, like these ear asymmetries.

I’m going to go for the gusto instead. I’ll read a variety of interesting and revealing characteristics and leave one sample asymmetry for the last item of face reading data. Hey, it’s a plan!

The talent

Every item of facial asymmetry means that the face owner has differences between what he is like at work/in public in contrast to during his personal life.

(Most adults develop some asymmetries, which is one reason why no professional physiognomist can ethically do face reading on someone under the age of 18. At least, that is a wise rule in the 5,000-year-old tradition of siang mien, a rule I have definitely included in my system of Face Reading Secrets.)

So Jeff Bezos has different personal styles, in almost every imaginable way, when he is working.

This can help him do wild innovations, live at the edge, in career… yet stay more comfortable as a person, otherwise. Could be very stabilizing, protecting the man’s psychological survival!

The potential challenge

Having very disparate personal styles, in just about every compartment of life, maybe bringing some inner challenge? You think?

Could this make things very difficult for the man’s psychological survival?

Face Reading Jeff Bezos: Startup Hairs on the Right Eyebrow

How to see this bit of physiognomy

Cross over, of course, to tell left from right. As if shaking hands, reaching from your right side to the right eyebrow on Jeff Bezos.

The start of an eyebrow is near the nose. If you look carefully at Bezos’s right eyebrow, you can see hairs that grow straight up. They have been groomed a bit to move toward the side, but just compare those hairs at the start to the sideways-type hairs on his left eyebrow. That is what most people have on both eyebrows.

The talent

In his career, able to anticipate difficulties. Especially vital for an innovator, right?

The potential challenge

Finding it difficult to care about those inconvenient difficulties? Jeff Bezos might notice so many problems, potential and real, that his circuits for denial have grown really strong. (Just the sort of thing it will be interesting to explore in the follow-up aura reading of Bezos.)

It’s hardly a secret that Amazon has put many bricks-and-mortar bookstores out of business. Recent media reporting, following Obama’s speech praising Amazon, has described many horrendous difficulties for Amazon’s warehouse employees.

Face Reading Jeff Bezos: Innovation Patches in Both Eyebrows

How to see this bit of physiognomy

An Innovation Patch shows as a clump of especially dense, intense hair within an eyebrow.

On Jeff Bezos’s right eyebrow, he has an Innovation Patch in the middle of the eyebrow, leaving out portions at the start and the end.

While his left eyebrow displays a smaller Innovation Patch for the first half of his eyebrow.

The talent

In career, Jeff Bezos specializes in types of innovation related to implementation. (Students of Hinduism might say he has come in on the Ray of Vishnu.)

So his work emphasizes finding new types of delivery system, taking someone else’s creative project and making it highly effective.

Personally, Bezos also has strong — even irrepressible — insights about doing projects entirely differently, right from the beginning. If he becomes personally involved (Which would contrast to what people call “Just business”), Jeff Bezos might be inspired to innovate… right from the beginning, as well. Although his real business contribution would emphasize innovation dealing with the delivery system, the implementation.

The potential challenge

Lack of patience with people who do not innovate, or who resist innovation?

Face Reading Jeff Bezos: Angled Chin Bottom (Right Side Only)

How to see this bit of physiognomy

Look at the face in repose, as smiling distorts chin bottom shape. Our main photo for today’s face reading is fine for that. Cover up half his face by placing blank paper along half of his nose, lengthwise.

Check out the shape along the bottom edge. Bezos has the straight variety. On the left side of his face.

On the right side? It’s half of a triangle, apex turned upside-down.

The talent

Choices depend on the need to stay in control at all times… in his business.

Interestingly, Bezos is praised for his long patience with a new business model. Doesn’t that mean letting go of control?

Not to me. It means having great patience for his business model because he has created it and he controls it.

The potential challenge

Woe to others who tell him what to do, if that would mean ceding control?

Face Reading Jeff Bezos: Wariness Index with Left Eye, 10

How to see this bit of physiognomy

Cross over so you are looking at Jeff Bezos’s left eye, which is on the right side of your computer screen.

Look only at the eye characteristic which is the shape of  the lower half of his eye, extending from one tear duct and going down and then going back up to the other tear duct. Half his eye, as if he were wearing lovely magenta eyeliner and gobs of mascara on the teeny set of lower eyelashes.

Which he is not, fortunately.

That is a very, very curvy contour. On my Wariness Index, which goes from 1-10, this eye scores a solid 10.

The talent

In his personal life, I would expect Jeff Bezos to be exceptionally open to strangers, to give people in his personal, social life way more open-hearted, authentic consideration than one might expect of someone so rich and influential.

Of course, he may well be gated, protected, and secluded within an inch of his life. If anyone can get through the inspection one might expect with his social status, only then would this talent have a chance to be displayed.

The potential challenge

Vulnerable to hurt feelings?

Well, it will be fun to do that follow-up aura reading, won’t it?

Face Reading Jeff Bezos: Wariness Index with Right Eye, 2

How to see this bit of physiognomy

Look in just the same manner as you did for the previous item of physiognomy. Only this time look at the shape of Bezos’s right eye. On that same Wariness Index, the one that still ranges from 1-10, I would give this eye a 2.

The talent

Loyalty is a strong value at work.

This loyalty would be extended toward individuals personally known to Mr. Bezos, employees or peers who have been thoroughly vetted.

The potential challenge

In work contexts, might Jeff Bezos be very, very, very hard to get to know? Even for someone of his career eminence, might he be less accessible than one might expect?

Might people work for him for years and consider themselves trusted business associates, yet Mr. Bezos has only gone through the motions and not become personally acquainted at all?

That wouldn’t surprise me.

But then with a face with such deep talent, such quirkiness, such intense individuality, what would surprise me?

His aura, perhaps.

Well, as you Blog-Buddies know, I’ll be reading that.

About today’s article, there was so much face to read, I never got to that smile. Perhaps I will do that AFTER the newsletter article. Any of you curious about that?

As you comment about today’s article, please share what you know about Jeff Bezos as a person. Plus all you face readers, do step up and interpret more of his physical face reading data. Fascinating man, that Bezos!

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  1. 1
    AJ says:

    Rose, did you profile Jeff in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy? I’m trying to remember if you did auric modeling on him.

  2. 2
    David says:

    Hi Rose
    re: blog photos, here’s an article from a friends marketing blog on the subject. For myself, I found basic sources too limiting and decided to use Flickr and do an advanced search for certain Creative Commons licensing. Then it simply needed a link back to the Photographers Flickr page. I talk about this in a comment on the article, along with tools to make image prep easier (sizing, for example).

  3. 3

    AJ, nice catch. And thanks again for the photo you sent, now at the top of the post created on August 10, 2013.

    In “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy,” I did extensive research with Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

    Among those I profiled were the 50 Richest People in the World, as listed by Forbes Magazine in that year before publication.

    Also profiled were the 50 Richest People in America, and where there were duplicates I merrily went down the list, to include as many different people as possible.

    You think maybe Jeff Bezos would have been included?

  4. 4

    BTW, you can access a huge online supplement to the “10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium” at this link:

    That includes “People Profiled in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” — referring here not to the 100 super-rich people profiled in research but to the smaller number of folks in business and public life who WERE researched with Magnetize Money Profiles reported in detail, with names attached.

    Jeff Bezos is not one of these.

  5. 5
    Zelda says:

    What a fascinating reading! I was recalling things you wrote about Bill Gates in Magnetize Money, about his brilliance and how he basically operates on a different plane. But it sounds like Bezos is even on an entirely different plane. Would that be correct?

    I also wanted to mention that Bezos is married and you might get a kick out of the fact that his wife is a writer. They have 4 kids.

  6. 6
    Jordan says:

    Loved this face reading, and the aura reading in the newsletter was especially fascinating. Finding an “alien” aura is an especially weird delight!!

    They’re not quite as famous as Tina Fey, Russell Brand, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos (people I remember you describing as not-quite-human in past aura readings, Rose), but I can add a married couple to that list: Mark Duplass and Jenny Aselton.

    Mark Duplass is director of movies I really enjoy (Jeff Who Lives At Home, Cyrus, etc.) and an actor. He’s also an actor and appears with his wife, Jenny Aselton, on the comedy TV series “The League.”

    I read Mark’s aura first, and though he’s a lovely guy, I thought, ‘Oh, his poor wife!’

    That is, until I read her aura. Turns out they’re pretty compatible! 😉

  7. 7
    Brittany says:

    Both readings are so interesting, Rose! Thank you. And Jordan, after seeing Safety Not Guaranteed, I read more about Mark Duplass. He is so cool (and alien), and I was happy to see his wife appeared as cool and alien as he 🙂

  8. 8
    Laura says:

    This is so snarky and mean-spirited. All the negative words. You could simply have neutrally noted assymetry without the full-on douchey bullying. You are clearly not a nice person.

  9. 9

    LAURA, I took a look at the article and agree with you about one paragraph which I removed. And one sentence which I rewrote.

    Altogether the tone in that article did have an edge. If any of you are curious why, have a look at this article about what it has been like for me (and other indie publishers) doing business with Jeff Bezos’s company,

    What It Is Like, Doing Business as a Publisher with

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