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Dangerous Random Energies

Dangerous Random Energies

Dangerous Random Energies — might you actively be seeking them out?

Dangerous Random Energies. Please share today’s article with anyone you know who has been told it’s, supposedly, good to “open up to energies.”

Even homeopathy requires it now, I’m told. If you are studying the ancient healing art these days, you are encouraged — strongly encouraged — to “Open up to the energy.”

Now I’m no Materia Medica fundamentalist. But honestly? Homeopathy these days includes a lot of information gathering, analysis, familiarity with software, way complex skills.

How else is the venerable art of homeopathy, a jewel in the crown of energy medicine, apparently changing with the times? According to my source, it isn’t enough to research the patient’s symptoms and find the appropriate remedy. On good authority, I have it that today’s homeopathy practitioners are encouraged, strongly encouraged, to open up to the patient’s energy.

Supposedly this will lead to a better choice of homeopathic remedy.

Oboy, is there ever a problem with that.

A similar problem in massage therapy, Reiki, etc.

Teaching other energy medicine techniques, many an instructor has demanded something similar. Not encouraged, demanded.

And again, I have heard this directly from people involved in these fields.Supposedly you will do a much better job with Reiki, or give a better massage, if you “Just open up to the energy” while healing.

  • Follow the energy.
  • Feel it.
  • Go with The Force.

Hey, that worked for Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in “Star Wars,” didn’t it? Of course I loved that movie. Did you also see it and love it? In which case, I guess that for you, too, what really thrilled your soul were all those allusions to “The Force.”

I can’t speak to your inner Jedi warrior, but today’s post aims to give you the loudest, best possible, wake-up call if you happen to be human, living on this planet.

Yoo-hoo to your inner healer, regardless of whether you have studied any healing art with recommendations to open up to the energy. Disregard my advice if, like Obi-Wan you are fictional. Otherwise…

Please share today’s article with anyone you know who may have been told that you will do such a better job if you open up to the energy while doing psychotherapy, painting a stranger’s house, doing auto repair, giving shampoos at the beauty shoppe… or any other times.

Yes, I know this warning comes from the blog about “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” But this is no irony. Keep on reading. Please.

What’s wrong with opening up, in random fashion, to “The Energy”

Aura reading is real. Of course every person has an energy field, full of information. Downloading that information consciously is called “Aura reading.”

Sometimes folks assume this means “Seeing the colours” or doing a psychic reading. Not so. Aura reading can be explored as a form of energetic literacy. Which is exactly what is done in the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R).

Because of our emphasis with this system, you may know about the three stages for developing Energetic Literacy. Basic facts of life for anyone living after The Shift! Certainly it’s vital to understand the following practical considerations.

“Open up to the energy” is a common, vague technique for learning about a person’s energy field without having much in the way of skills or knowledge. Frankly, this is like telling a teenager, hormones a-raging, “Open up to sex.”

In this case, at least pregnancy won’t happen. 😉

What will happen, however, is Stage One Energetic Literacy. This stage in a person’s development of energetic literacy is sweet. How wonderful — even mystical — it feels to shift in conscious awareness from human reality to the very real experiences and perceptions and knowledge that await you at astral vibrational frequencies.

A level that corresponds to your subconscious mind; to a very wide range of vibrational frequencies, actually. Astral vibrations are far more diverse than the human range of frequencies. Astral is not human, only smarter. Astral is the realm of psychic development. And also what I call “The Romance of the Astral.”

Moving in random fashion into the energy? That doesn’t do justice to a person’s talent for aura reading. And everyone does have significant talent for this, a full gift set, the personal basis for Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

But talent is not the same thing as having skills. Nor is self-authority — believing in your personal perceptions. Self-authority is a sacred value to this energy healer. But self-authority works best when supported by skill. Blithely trusting yourself is no substitute for skill.

Isn’t that search for skills why a responsible person studies in the first place? Not just “Cred off the Internet” but paying for quality instruction in homeopathy or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Reiki!

Unfortunately, when folks learn any of these skill sets is the skill set for energetic literacy usually included?

Sadly, no. What about that energetic literacy part — foundational to any system of energy medicine, energy psychology, or energy spirituality? Usually skills are NOT being taught systematically, beyond “Open up to the energy” or perhaps techniques that lead to Stage One Energetic Literacy.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, Blog-Buddies. I really hope I am wrong about this. Because what sense does it make to learn a powerful skill set to help improve a person’s energy field…

and then turn all vague and whatevery about the skill set for aura reading?

Stage One Energetic Literacy is sweet. It is also required for moving forward all the way through to Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Nonetheless, staying stuck at Stage One, with a wing and a prayer and a trusting that all will be well if you just open up to the energy? Information about someone’s aura is incomplete at best. Accuracy will be chancy.

What isn’t chancy?

If you are an empath, oy veh! Have you got problems. You’ve got problems about opening up to any random person’s energy.

As you may know, 1 in 20 people are born as an empath. That means having at least one significant, trainable gift for directly experiencing other people.

(Incidentally, if you have heard that empath means the same thing as  “Emotional empath” or “Psychic empath,” you have been sadly misinformed. In my opinion. Vague labeling like this leads to having the vast majority of empaths not recognizing they are empaths.)

If you are an empath, automatically you have problems until you become a skilled empath. Whenever you are with other people — and particularly if you purposely “Open up to that person’s energy” — you will be doing one super-quick, unskilled empath merge after another.

Unfortunately this results in importing STUFF from that other person’s aura directly into yours. Not doing this consciously. And not knowing this has happened consciously, just consciously suffering the consequences.

Exhaustion from all the unskilled empath merges? Sure, that is definitely one of many un-enjoyable consequences after any empath just opens up to another person’s energy.

Can an empath learn to do a skilled empath merge instead? Sure. That involves doing a dedicated technique. Skilled empaths know better than to just slip-slide into another person’s energy.

Motivation for opening up to another person’s energy can be so sweet. However, that doesn’t keep doing this from being… forgive my direct language here… really stupid.

Please note, I’m not calling any particular person stupid. I’m saying that, for any empath, opening up to another person’s energy is really stupid.

Also unnecessary. Any empath can do better. Any empath can learn skills to become a skilled empath. Witness the system of Empath Empowerment(R) and two different how-to books I have dedicated to teaching that complete skill set. If you find another teacher and system you like better, please, master that system instead.

My point is that any unskilled empath can become skilled. Knowing at least one dedicated technique for skilled empath merge, that empath can take one minute and download huge amounts of powerful, practical information. Technique over, back to consciousness positioned at human frequencies.

This will be way more detailed and accurate than the results of any unskilled empath merge. Plus the healer is protected energetically.

Not protecting yourself energetically may be the single biggest cause of burnout for those of us in a healing profession. Amateurs can suffer just as much, of course, from lack of energetic protection.

And if you are not an empath

Opening up to the energy, you still will have problems. Galore!

Quite apart from using just a fraction of your glorious potential for aura reading, a skill you can definitely learn. Because only 1 in 20 people was born as an empath, but 20 out of 20 people have been born with a complete gift set for reading auras in depth and detail.

The big personal problem from opening up to the energy? It concerns vibrational positioning.

How are you using your consciousness? Labeling for that, here on earth, is terrible. (Except that the place is set up as The Learning Planet, so our lousy labels are actually bad on purpose.)

Especially since The Shift, people everywhere have been finding it very easy to move in consciousness to a subconscious/astral positioning of awareness. Deceptively, experience from this vibrational level seems to be about human and the waking state of consciousness.

Yet that isn’t where the person’s consciousness has gone. Which brings consequences, regardless of the lack of labeling. As they say in jurisprudence, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

Moving consciousness into the astral or the Divine can work great for Technique Time.

What happens when anyone today takes more than 20 minutes per day for Technique Time? That person is seriously at risk for spiritual addiction.

Anyone who randomly opens up to the energy is seriously at risk for spiritual addiction. You can read elsewhere at this blog about problems with spiritual addiction, and how to overcome it.

If you’re looking for additional help, personally directed to help you learn about whether you might have a spiritual addiction, your next step might be to read “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy,” available as an e-book as well as a paperback. Even better is investing in a session of aura healing and transformation; over the phone would work fine.

But for some of you readers, it’s enough to understand this simple fact of life about vibrational positioning:

Opening up to energy positions your consciousness at the astral, rather than human.

If you do this for more than 20 minutes per day, you are throwing off your balance vibrationally, which can spiral out of control and cause you loads of problems.

A practical alternative to opening up to the energy

When you work with a client, what if aura-level information is really is going to help you to do your other skill set better? (A skill set like choosing the best possible homeopathic remedy for a client.) (And very likely, this type of information will help you a lot if you can obtain it safely.)


  • Do a dedicated technique for aura reading with Stage Three Energetic Literacy
  • Or use a dedicated technique for Skilled Empath Merge
  • Or use a basic yes-or-no, mechanical-style, technique for Stage One Energetic Literacy that does not have to include opening up to energy, such as muscle testing or dowsing.

Go in. Grab your information. Then get out.

Get back to the human frequencies. Your life will work so much better.

Feeling the energy is not a more advanced way to live

One more point, worth considering for all of you who are enjoying the thrill of opening up to energy.

Doing this is NOT the same as Enlightenment.

Though starting to notice energy could count as a big-deal experience of awakening. A major step forward, but a step, not reaching a major goal related to daily experience of consciousness. Yet one more reason to never, ever, assume that “Awakened” means “Enlightened.”

Many articles at this blog, including guest posts and comments from our wise Blog-Buddies, are scattered throughout “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” If you want to learn more about this systematically, I would recommend “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy,” the first book of mine to identify and clearly describe spiritual addiction. Based on extensive research with Stage Three Energetic Literacy, this self-help title builds on this theme up to Chapter 9, “Spiritual Addiction Versus Enlightenment.”

Living now, spiritual addiction has hit epidemic proportions. Along with related chemical dependencies on marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. All of which are related, in my opinion, to problems with vibrational positioning of consciousness.

Yet living now is a time of such potential for rapid spiritual evolution, service to humanity, personal discoveries. Energy can be part of that. Just be smart about that part of your life. You deserve the wonderful consequences that will flow from that.

Do a dedicated technique. Then stop. Not whooshing in and out all day like a human accordion. 😉

If you learn Stage Three Energetic Literacy, you will very quickly receive quality information. Information that is accurate, detailed, nuanced, dependable. You know, what any brave and sincere healer in this world deserves.

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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    Rose, what a truly wonderful article.

    I’m especially interested by one point you make.

    “Especially since The Shift, people everywhere have been finding it very easy to move in consciousness to a subconscious/astral positioning of awareness. Deceptively, experience from this vibrational level seems to be about human and the waking state of consciousness.”

    I know that this is true. If you could expand on it I would be so grateful.

    It feels important.

    For me the shift has resulted in coming back into being human. (Yay!) However, I am aware of a much clearer sense of people speaking to one another astrally rather than out loud.

    So conversations and statements made between energy fields and subconsciouses, rather than out loud or in real time.

    From my own perspective, these are helping people relax and release. That’s just an observation of mine, though.

    I am quite sure that your observation is an important one.


  2. 2

    Perceptive AMANDA, an article about that? Oh, you’ll have a chance to read way more than one article from me on this very happening topic.

    Keep on observing and participating, yes. Anchored in human reality!

  3. 3
    Suz says:

    “…whooshing in and out all day like a human accordion.”

    That is awesome! Thank you for discussing this subject. I’m learning … and getting better at not whooshing in and out.

    About EFT, I can see why there might be some concern. I’ve used it for several years and helped others learn it. To my understanding, the techniques have been studied and refined so that one can hardly mess up. A person is recalibrating themselves with no outside influence.

    As long as someone is doing it on themselves, I don’t see how there could be an energy merge problem. Even doing surrogate tapping on behalf of another, you’re tapping in to your own energy, not theirs. (I could be wrong …)

    I hadn’t considered it until now, but actually tapping on another person might create some transfer, so it would be wise to protect one’s self.

    Gee, I am constantly awash in a swirling ocean of energy. Whooooo. Thanks for the life jackets. 🙂

  4. 4
    Amanda says:

    I’m reminded of something a lovely lady I know once said –

    “in the 60s we were all encouraged to open up and let it all in. But nobody thought about how to open up and let it all out again.”


    I look forward to your future posts on this topic, Rose.



  5. 5
    David says:

    Another great article, Rose. Will add a link to my post on energy modalities.

    The Empath section is great. I found out I was an empath (duh) about 8 years ago. But the teacher assumed everyone was an empath in the same way she was. I wasn’t so I was left wondering what to do with the info. And I fully agree with getting skilled Rose, but it took me all this time to find a teaching that covered my version. (laughs) I quite imagine there are many looking for better.

    My unskilled merge experiences were largely quite unpleasant so its something I also unskilled tried to avoid for decades. What you call Stuff, I called Yuck. (laughs)

    And yeah, it can be a revelation for people to become aware of where and when they’re open or closed. But that’s pretty basic. And mostly driven by habit anyway.

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