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Homeopath Energy Exploration. A Guest Post by SANDRA

Homeopath Energy Exploration

Homeopath Energy Exploration — what does Age of Awakening energy exploration have to do with traditional homeopathy?

Homeopath Energy Exploration — what does Age of Awakening energy exploration have to do with traditional homeopathy? A guest post brings insight.

Following such a shocking post yesterday! The very idea that Opening up to the energy could be counter-productive — unhelpful for an energy healer or friend or lover or any other human being.

Enlightenment does not require this. Kindness does not require this. No decent set of healing skills in this world requires that a practitioner spend prolonged periods of time doing aura reading.

Three big-time healers I know personally from the Enlightenment Life List do or did read auras on an ongoing basis. While other big-time healers whom I know, Enlightened people on that List, have not yet studied energetic literacy. (Why do I know? Because they have asked me to read auras for them!)

What about the 10 from this blog community who have moved into Enlightenment in this past year? They (we) do not open up to energy in a random fashion. No, no! We know about energy hygiene. 🙂

Energy hygiene: Either you are using a technique or you are not.

And if you have skills of energetic literacy, you know better than to do “Energy Reading,” usually a form of Stage One Energetic Literacy. A sweet beginning for beginners! A degree of skill at aura reading that leaves the aura reader lacking protection, picking up STUFF, and possibly doing unskilled empath merges as part of the Cosmic Whoopsie.


Does it make any difference to you if you do an energy reading, a beginner’s aura reading, an unskilled empath merge, or an accurate bit of aura reading? I sure hope so.

Stage Three Energetic Literacy helped Blog-Buddy SANDRA answer some questions she developed about homeopathy, unskilled empath merges and one homeopathic practitioner’s highly unusual way to develop a way to handle being a molecular empath.

Blog-Buddies, I think you will be3 fascinated by today’s wonderful guest post from SANDRA. Her words, my headings and occasional links.

How one homeopathic practitioner began

exhibiting her clients’ symptoms

Hi all,

A little background: I’m the person who clued Rose into this new(?) way of taking a homeopathic case. I was describing my experiences as unskilled empath and homeopath.

Those of you who are empaths may be able to imagine what it would be like to sit with a physically and/or emotionally ill person for several hours. All homeopaths try to understand their clients at the deepest level. For me it was just natural to do unskilled empath merges, and ironically, it didn’t necessarily help me find a good remedy. It just made me miserable.

My teachers at homeopathy school were always encouraging us to understand the client in a way that was natural for us. I got the feeling that it was a badge of honor to start exhibiting the client’s symptoms.

While the teachers inadvertantly encouraged me to do unskilled empath merges, they never taught me self-care.

I got that help from Rose!

After Rose put up this incredibly helpful post, I started to think about one of my teachers. I was pretty convinced that she was an empath based on some of the things she said and did. If so, how did she cope with all of this?

Aura reading with Stage Three Energetic Literacy. On demand. With protection

So, of course, I read her aura!

And to my surprise, she is not only an empath, but a skilled, molecular empath.

Come to think of it, I’m not so surprised after all. She always understood me pretty deeply without my saying much of anything.

Another interesting sidenote: She taught me about the “Internal Materia Medica” much as Rose teaches aura readers to learn a technique to access perceptions from aura reading techniques, consulting your “Inner Dictionary.” That seems like a molecular-empath type thing.

Becoming a skilled empath through auric modeling with an extreme non-empath

So how did this homeopath become a skilled empath?

Yes, I had a bit of a clue. My wonderful teacher is a dedicated student of a homeopathic master in India, named Rajan Sankaran. (You can see his photo here.)

This man is an incredible intelligence who revolutionized homeopathic practice with his Sensation Method. I also had taken a course from Sankaran via a Skype-like application for a year and a half, and was blown away by his genius. I also thought he was a little autistic.

So I read his aura.

His intelligence is like a large computer, where he collects massive amounts of data that he sorts and collates and categorizes.

His emotional intelligence is not that he is actually experiencing the emotions, but instead he understands human emotions in incredible detail from his masterful observations. By God, this man’s an alien!

Then, putting it all together, I thought about the times I watched my teacher take a case. She became like him! No unskilled empath merges with clients for her!

Thanks, Rose. Your body of work is a tremendous help to health practitioners of all kinds.

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  1. 1
    Aura Reader by Night says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks so much for sharing this illuminating post. My oh my, it explains a lot, doesn’t it?

  2. 2
    David says:

    Completely fascinating how people adapt. Thanks for sharing.

    And funny how some of this can be so obvious once it’s pointed out to us. Those Doh! moments 😉

  3. 3
    David says:

    Thanks for linking back to the earlier Molecular Empath article. From my comment there, I seem to be learning. Slowly. (laughs)

    I’m working on an article reviewing Aura Reading from your ‘Aura Reading’ and ‘Read People Deeper’ books. The above link added more Empath types and a requested distinction of psychic vs empath. Have duly added them.

    I have a question for you, Rose. You’ve mentioned that Empath gifts are inate and present even in the womb.

    I’ve noticed that as I had experiences of one gift, others showed up. (like animal and plant empathy) This is much more the case since Enlightenment.

    Do you think Enlightenment can add more Empathy skills (if you have one) or does it just make existing but Stuff-covered ones clear and available?

    The Yoga Sutras mention a number of gifts that can come on-line as Enlightenment develops. Thoughts?

    And I see ‘Empath Empowerment’ and ‘Become the Most’ should be the next books on my list to get. While it’s clear I have empathic ability, it’s not clear which ones to me. I’ve mostly repressed them. Can anyone say unskilled? (laughs)

  4. 4
    Jill Erin says:

    A wonderful, insightful post, Sandra. Thank you very much.

    David, I have found that, post enlightenment, the lens is cleared on my empathic abilities and skills. I learned to be a skilled empath before enlightenment and that certainly cleared the lens a LOT. But, enlightenment has helped me use the empathic gifts more fearlessly and with more clarity and awareness.

    It would be interesting to hear from others about any changes in empathic gifts they have noticed pre to post enlightenment. I hadn’t given it much thought until reading your experience.

  5. 5

    Thanks, Blog-Buddies, for all your great comments today.

    Yes, I definitely have a bit of face reading to do over here:

    Plus catching up with at least one nomination at the Enlightenment Life List.

    Plus reading those nominated empaths at our recent contest.

    Of course, I am absolutely fascinated to DAVID’s recent article about THE NADIS here:

    And a couple of blog post, first-drafted, are blinking away vigorously, tempting me to drop everything else and bring them into life.

    But I am way, way too sleepy to do any of that now.

  6. 6

    It has been such a lovely day here. Mentoring a talented student at aura reading was a highlight for today.

    Then we had big family celebration. Matt, my son, is packing for grad school.

    He leaves tomorrow for University of California at Berkeley. It’s a 5-6 year Ph.D. program in their School of Engineering. This is different from packing him up for undergrad at the University of Virginia, some 2-3 hours away, where we just rented a truck and would bring clothes for one season.

    This trip is on the opposite coast of America. Apparently he is going to fly in one of those airplane contraptions.

    Mitch, Matt, and I celebrated by spending a lot of time together, including a glorious walk at Burke Lake and a festive dinner that has me positively loopy from all the fabulous desserts.

    We talked in the way of people who understand each other deeply and light each other up. At the restaurant, we ate (just a bit) off each other’s plates. Such happiness!

    To all you Blog-Buddies who are engaged in the process of readiness for a new school year, may this upcoming semester bring happiness to all, students and parents (and for some of you, grandparents!) alike.

  7. 7
    David says:

    Rose – congrats on having a son begin such a chapter. You must be very proud. (I was raised in a family that placed very high regard on academic achievement)

    There is 0 rush on my articles. I’d be much more interested in considered feedback than a skim. And real life is so much more important. Being a Householder and all. 😉

    I’m just home from a wonderful meal on the deck with old friends. And last night, I got to enjoy a concert with the remarkable Denise Hagan. Can’t say if she’s a “molecular level” communicator like you mention of Alanis M, but her singing is definitely a force of transformation. She deeply moves most audiences. And the lyrics…

    “Sweet million years I’ve roamed this Earth in search of who I AM And still it never once occurred to Me that its right here where I stand…

    In this Amazing space, Amazing Space that lyes right here in Me
    The treasure deep within my chest that I at last can feel”
    (think Amazing Grace tune)

    Isn’t life amazing!!

  8. 8
    David says:

    Thanks, Jill Erin. Yes, it would be great to get others feedback too. I do know that Enlightenment (and the approach) can bring new gifts, but it’s fascinating to consider the strong ones have been innate all along. I know a few teachers speak of Enlightenment as when we can finally live as normal humans.

    It’s gradually been dawning on me that this messy unpleasantness that I’ve mostly ignored for so long may actually be a set of gifts, if I just gained some skills. If they’re as easy as aura reading, woo hoo!

    Oh – just realized there’s one on the list that I’ve been using all my life because it hasn’t given me grief. And one I couldn’t train others in. Hilarious.

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Rose and Mitch, on this milestone. And I’m sure Matt is in for a fun and exciting time in Berkley!

  10. 10
    Kylie says:

    Also, interesting post Sandra. Dr. Sankaran does look like an alien! I love your description of his intelligence.

    David and Jill, I love the idea that becoming enlightened helps you to use your empath gifts more fearlessly, and uncovers gifts that have been clouded/underused.

  11. 11
    Julie says:

    Wow, good luck to Matt in this next stage of his life. I’m sure he’ll do you proud, Rose, as he has already!

  12. 12
    David says:

    Hi Kylie
    Happily, it’s more than an idea. Clearing stuff opens up your gifts and more advanced stages, as Rose describes elsewhere, add what some might consider mythic abilities. But they’re normal for that development.

    But this doesn’t mean that with Enlightenment, the switch turns on suddenly. Usually, it’s a process. As the Stuff is cleared, the gifts come online and then circumstance brings them to our attention. It’s like a new kind of growing up.

    If we deal with our Stuff now, some of it happens sooner. If we don’t, not so much and we get a muddier awakening period and the time between awakening and Enlightenment can take longer.

    I once made a list for fun of things that generally come online as the stages develop. This does not include the unique gifts that some have. If you’re familiar, some of it is based off of the Yoga Sutras. Some is still pretty rare. But not as many as you might think.

  13. 13
    Teresa says:

    Thanks everyone for the interesting column and posts. Until recently I did not know I was an empath. Imagine the torture not knowing where the emotions came from or why they were occurring. I was constantly in and out like the accordion. At times I thought I had a psychiatric disorder!! I am learning so much from each and everyone of you. And Rose, thanks for your website, books and blog.

  14. 14

    TERESA, you are so welcome.

    Please spread the word, because most empaths do not have helpful understandings about what it means to be an empath, nor that one can use a tested system to become skilled as an empath.

    Studying with an autistic teacher is not the only way to develop skills as an empath. 😉

  15. 15
    Kylie says:

    Beautiful list David, thanks.

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