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Why Doesn’t a Cord of Attachment Come Back?

Rose Rosetree cutting cords attachment

Here Rose demonstrates putting on an energy bandage after cutting a cord of attachment.

Say that Gladys cuts the cord of attachment to her mother, Josephine. One month later, Josephine does something really hurtful. Gladys doesn’t just feel bad in the moment. She fears that she has been energetically damaged in some way.

Gladys’ self-authority is absolutely correct. She feels an energy something, and she is right about that. After The Shift into The Age of Awakening, Gladys is more likely to notice an energy problem.

What if she doesn’t have enough skill at energy spirituality to know better? Then Gladys might fear she has developed a new cord of attachment to Mom.

Here’s what we holistic healing enthusiasts need to know for peace of mind…

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Writing this article was an opportunity to explore one of the ways that life on earth has changed after The Shift.

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The more you know about cord cutting, the better.

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  1. 1

    Blog-Buddies, some of you may recognize EVGENIA in this photo.

    She is the one who received a Skilled Empath Merge here, comparing some of her chakra databanks before and after she officially became a U.S. citizen.

    Here’s the article:

  2. 2
    David says:

    Sounds good and looking forward to reading your book on the subject too.

  3. 3

    Thanks, DAVID, for this and all your latest wonderful comments.

  4. 4
    David says:

    Thank You, Rose. I’ve found that cut cords didn’t come back if I cut them “properly”, although in my case it was by experiment as I didn’t have clue what I was doing.

    It’s thus of considerable interest to see what you have to say in the newsletter and also learn more of the technique. You mention aspects like “put-in” that I’m ignorant of. I’m sure there is more elegant ways of dealing with them.

    I’m reminded of one particularly large, old and persistent one that really wanted to reconnect. Like having a dance with a cobra. I’m sure much of that would have been unnecessary if I had better skills. Thanks for your work.

  5. 5

    DAVID, it is a particular delight to me to read comments like this latest one. Partly I relish your dry sense of humor.

    Partly I feel personally honored that you are willing to explore new things, given your immense erudition and experience about spiritual development.

    I must say, I also am thrilled at what you present here by way of willingness to learn. Most long-term Blog-Buddies know that you don’t just write about Enlightenment with your blog, in2deep.

    You are also on my Enlightenment Life List.

    To witness curiosity and humility is an education for all who are struggling to understand what Enlightenment really is for a householder.

    Thank you on all counts.

  6. 6
    David says:

    Enjoyed the newsletter. Seems I’m in the “fooling around” category but you can be reassured I’ve made no attempt to do this with anyone else. Only that I’ve run into them and learned a little what to do, but am certainly not yet skilled.

    I especially liked your observation:
    “The good news? Noticing energy more becomes part of self-authority: What you feel, you trust. So, when you feel more, you gain more inner-based knowledge that you can trust.

    The bad news? Increased awareness of energy intensifies the need for skills.”

    Great point. The book is next…

  7. 7
    David says:

    Thank you, Rose.
    Your blog is a support for your teaching and offers continual examples for your students. My blog is an exploration of what shows up and has not yet formed into a formalized teaching per se, although I have been able to support a number of people post-awakening.

    The other big difference is on the practical side. You’re not ‘in too deep’ but rather offer very practical ways to enhance life in many ways. My focus is more on the understanding.

    I’m quite pleased to have discovered you and look forward to more of your books – both the ones I have and the ones on my list. 😉

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