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Articles Celebrating Humanity's Age of Awakening

Articles Celebrating Humanity's Age of Awakening

Articles Celebrating Humanity’s Age of Awakening will, in a few years, lead to publication of the book pictured here.

Articles Celebrating Humanity’s Age of Awakening. Let’s start proclaiming the significance of The Shift into this Aquarian Age. What it REALLY means.

Human life is not primarily about human frequencies.

That’s an illusion.

So what is human life about mainly, if not the vibrations of earth? Astral and Divine energies are anchored into human frequencies in ways that invite us to evolve spiritually.

Leading up to December 2012, changes accelerated related to ease and flow between these three vibrational worlds.

Articles Celebrating Humanity’s Age of Awakening

Helpful background for today’s article? You might want to take a couple of minutes to read a dedicated blog article,  Three worlds, the Gayatri mantra, chakra databanks, and your nadis

Or you can just keep reading, depending on your own spiritual self-authority, that cosmic prize for personal development on your spiritual path to Enlightenment.

Three Worlds Built into Earth Life, both Before and After The Shift into The Age of Awakening

To help you understand about The Three Worlds, consider the piano analogy in Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

Think of a concert grand piano, which has 88 keys.

  • Human frequencies, corresponding to your conscious mind, are like the lowest octave on that piano — 7 white keys and 5 black keys.
  • Divine frequencies, corresponding to your Higher Self, are like the single highest key on that piano — 1 white key.
  • Astral frequencies (a.k.a. psychic frequencies), corresponding to your subconscious mind, are like the remaining keys — 75 keys.

And how does your awareness move from one key to another on this grand piano? Do you need to practice the C Major Scale?

No, all you need is to basic human consciousness…

Be in the waking state of consciousness (rather than sleep or dreaming),…

And have relatively normal neuro-physiological functioning (e.g., Not have autism or a severe cognitive disorder).

Of course your consciousness flows, Blog-Buddies. Always has. Always will. In the words of the great hypnotist and regression therapist Coletta Long, Ph.D., “You will always be in some kind of body somewhere.”

Except now, for those currently at Earth School, something vital is different.

Articles Celebrating Humanity’s Age of Awakening. What Changed?

All frequencies have become easier to access from the waking state. Of course, part of the illusion at Earth School is a significant lack of road signs. Some of signage about spiritual truth is there, but much of that is wrong. As if you were aiming to drive on road labeled  Main Street in Passaic, NJ  yet, unbeknownst to you, the car had been deposited you onto The New Jersey Turnpike?

Or perhaps you though you were driving on “Weiner Schnitzel Road.” but actually you had detoured onto one of the famed German Autobahns (with no speed limit).

Energetic Literacy — aura reading with skill — which happens to be your birthright — is what helps you to read the energetic street signs, Blog-Buddies. Please know that Stage Three Energetic Literacy develops as a skill set.

Talent is not the issue. If you can read this screen, you have enough talent.

Just today I spoke with the sweetest client, GLADYS, who lamented, “I try to read energy but I can’t do it.” As if this skill set would simply be handed to her by God, and otherwise she must not be worthy.

So untrue. Cringe-worthy, actually, to one (just one) of Earth School’s teachers of energetic literacy.

Articles Celebrating Humanity’s Age of Awakening: What Hasn’t Changed?

Skill is not the same thing as talent. Or self-authority. So if you want to read the energetic street signs, get yourself energetic literacy. I implore you.

Happy though I am to share insights with you, you will have way more fun (with the insights, with loads of other things) when you have developed skill at aura reading.

Nobody just develops Stage Three Energetic Literacy by virtue of living now,  after The Shift.

Okay, Back at What HAS Changed After The Shift

While in the waking state of consciousness, we don’t necessarily have awareness at the human level, that conscious mind level. Often we confuse being aware (not-asleep, as in Snore Time) with having awareness positioned at human frequencies.

Well, this ain’t necessarily so.

Especially after The Shift, all too easily, we can slip-slid in awareness into the astral. That’s bigger, remember?

Awareness moves so effortlessly now, into astral vibrational frequencies.

Therefore,  we can quickly slip-slide away from human reality  into our own subconscious experiences. And then?

Articles Celebrating Humanity’s Age of Awakening Will Explore, In Posts to Come

  • We might dwell on our STUFF (Triggering it, not healing it.)
  • If empaths, we might start doing prolonged unskilled empath merges.
  • And, of course, we can move extra rapidly into spiritual addiction, living from an astral perspective more than a human one.

Labels about consciousness? They are just as bad as ever, after The Shift. Discernment — skills — can help you to overcome earth’s illusions.

Are you positioning consciousness in the human frequencies? That is your main job, during waking hours. At least if you want to move forward rapidly on your path to Enlightenment.

Many a spiritual teacher, after The Shift, confuses “Awakening” with Enlightenment. All that “Awakening” means is that the person has learned to go deeper than before into the astral.

Which is common, after The Shift. No wonder that today, what happens when I do a Google search on “Awakening“? Ooh,  15 million hits.

Articles Celebrating Humanity’s Age of Awakening: Don’t Settle for Awakening

Many a spiritual teacher tells students to live in the astral as often as possible, all day long. Hey, I wrote a whole book (extensively researched) debunking that one!

Don’t worship that false version of God, Blog-Buddies. Don’t squander your human life on a model of awakening that does not, and cannot,  fulfill its grand promises.

Be a smart New Age consumer. Use your energetic literacy skills to research the spiritual teacher. And/or learn about a teacher in advance of saying, “Yes.”

What if you have been following a lovely-sounding path and you feel stuck? Maybe you got all you can from that path. Maybe it is time to check out the energetic labeling. Or research the impact of that particular path on your chakra databanks.

Does that teacher have skills? How are the teachings sourced? Or is that teaching more a matter of beautiful self-authority, not backed up by more than enthusiasm?

An occasional series of articles to come. I’m aiming to help you understand more about life after The Shift. Into what? The Age of Awakening. I would like to help you to take advantage of the great opportunities for all on earth, living now.

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  1. 1
    Rachel says:

    Hi Rose,
    Thanks for this post. I really appreciate your encouragement for us to position our consciousness at the human level. To just be normal! if I may paraphrase. It often seems so ironic to me, now, that there are so many people who perceive it to be more “spiritual” if they are zoned out or praying all day long. I have met quite a few folk like that.

    On a rather different note, I confess I am confused about the “Shift.” It’s not so much the spiritual Shift itself that confuses me, but I find it hard to square a spiritual shift with what I see happening in the world in terms of Politics/Economics. Just tonight a friend forwarded me some Youtube videos about things like the imminent collapse of the dollar, the real agenda behind certain prospective foreign invasions, the goings on at the Federal Reserve.

    I’m not saying that these alternative media sources are necessarily right, but I do feel that we are living in an area of huge social and political change – and that things are unlikely to be pretty in the next few years.

    I say that not to be alarmist, but just to be pragmatic and forewarned, not wanting to imagine that life is going to chug along the same way it always has.

    How can we square the turbulence that is brewing in the world with a spiritual shift?

  2. 2
    Linda says:

    I like how you explained the differentiation of “awakening” vs. Enlightenment.

    I have been encountering more and more individuals who have an encounter with the astral and then pursue astral “flash”more and more.

    Spiritual addiction seems to be the end product. And it happens quickly, with persons I felt were fairly grounded in reality.

    Makes me want to check in with myself….

    This article has helped me clarify what has felt like spirtual chaos all around me. I struggle to put into words…. Thank you for your wordsmith clarity.

  3. 3

    LINDA, you’re so welcome.

    Yes, discernment about awakening vs. Enlightenment is very important now. If the trend continues, this will become increasingly important in years to come.

    Whenever you Blog-Buddies can (gently) educate your friends or invite them to develop more discernment, you can help them so much.

  4. 4
    David says:

    Sounds like this will be a great series.

    I use “awakening” to refer to the shift commonly known as Self Realization or Cosmic Consciousness, as in awakening to our true Self within. But I agree, it is often used just to mean noticing there is something more here than just physical. (aka astral) And this is not yet Enlightenment, just a key first step. As Linda observes, discovering flash really doesn’t help much. Some even get caught up in using drugs to get more flash, polluting their energy.

    Even with actual Self Realization, people can get confused by other aspects of the experience. Several times during the retreat, I went over the 3 aspects with people who had recently awoken. The flash or experiences that may come with the shift, the purification (of Stuff) that may also, and the actual awakening itself. Without this, the actual shift can get confused with release or flash and misunderstood. I’ve got an article coming on this.

  5. 5
    Kira says:

    Okay, I just have to ask this: what if you’re not human? Does that change how you position your awareness?

  6. 6

    Well, KIRA, I just have to answer that question. You are talking about someone like Jeff Bezos or, possibly you, correct? Someone alive and human whose consciousness is so radically different from others incarnating on earth, we could call him “Not exactly human”?

    The answer to that one is simple.


  7. 7
    Kira says:

    Cool, thanks, Rose! Yes, your face reading of Jeff Bezos prompted me to think about it, but I was reminded again at a recent healing session that there are very odd things about myself as well.

  8. 8
    Sophie says:

    How is it that someone can have such an alienness to their aura if we have all been in different bodies in different dimensions? What is it that would mean their aura is expressing more alien than human? Have they had way more non-human experiences than the average earthbound soul incarnating as a human this time around? Or are they ‘fresher’ from their alien-world sojourn than the average human?

  9. 9

    SOPHIE, I’m sure you can find someone who can answer those questions. By way of answer to what you have asked, at least I can explain why I can’t answer those particular questions.

    Professionally I am a healer and teacher and writer. This keeps me so busy — and fascinated — that I do not have energy left over to speculate in these ways.

    So I read what I read about Bezos and did not go further into exploring what would be astral or psychic or shamanic nuances.

    Rosetree Energy Spirituality stands squarely in support of human life, connecting with the Divine in order to help people, healing astral STUFF and paying attention there only as needed to help people.

    When I’m not doing that work, I hang out in the human. Hanging out with friends, gardening, cooking, lifting weights…. You get the picture.

    So, SOPHIE, IMHO there is absolutely nothing wrong with your questions (or your delightful curiosity) but some other blogger would be the better person for answering on this topic.

  10. 10
    Dave says:

    It’s a funny and joyful image to imagine you lifting weights Rose.

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