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How Will YOU Use Aura Reading Today?

Rose Rosetree reading Kim’s aura

There are so many ways to use aura reading as part of your 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time.

Soon I will be doing some aura reading with my first client for today, calling from Asia. Later others will join me from Canada, America, and Australia.

Altogether those five session hours will take about two minutes, each, of aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge. So that will leave me with 10 personal minutes of Technique Time for today.

Which ways I will use that precious free-style Technique Time? Just might be using energetic literacy, aura reading.

How Have You Used Aura Reading Lately?

A day in the life. Your big, expanding life!

If you have used aura reading recently, Blog-Buddies, how about adding a comment below? Tell us what you used it for.

  • Should you be an experienced aura reader, you already have favorite ways, favorite techniques, everyday special occasions.
  • If you have a copy of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, you know about the 119 techniques listed up-front in the “Table of Techniques.” Anything from self-knowledge to sexual detective work on prospective dates to consumer smarts to evaluating choices for better health to reading auras of babies. Choose any technique at random and have fun!
  • Read People Deeper offers you 50 practical categories for snooping. Ahem, researching. Researching whichever aspects of life matter to you. Whenever you seek the dependable inside information provided by aura reading.
  • If you use a skill set of aura healing, for yourself or others, that might be where you find aura reading indispensable. (I do. Whether for cutting cords of attachment or for ghost removal or for healing psychic coercion or other skill sets of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.)
  • Of course, you don’t have to use techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality to find aura reading indispensable. It’s just literacy, folks, energetic literacy. As I teach it, the skill set for aura reading is taught completely separate from other skill sets. Which skill sets do you have where just a few minutes of aura reading can help you to do it better?
  • Just as mathematics is the language of all forms of science, aura reading is the basis for all forms of energy healing, energy reading, and altogether becoming a smart New Age consumer. Indispensable for living after The Shift!
  • The guidance you gain as an aura reader might be come from any stage of development at energetic literacy. If you’re just starting out with Stage One, that still counts and you can proudly list your uses for it below. If you’re used to Stage Two or Stage Three Energetic Literacy, do tell. What did you use your precious Technique Time for today?

Aura Reading Can Be Part of Normal, Everyday Life. Just Like Regular Gutenberg Literacy

If you take a selfie of yourself reading auras, it doesn’t have to look like this…

Aura photo of Rose Rosetree doing Skilled Empath Merge with a crystal

You could be anywhere, doing anything. Only you pause to purposely switch on your skills for energetic literacy. (And, if you’re wise, you will also keep track of the time so you can included it as part of your day’s 20 minutes of Technique Time.)

Wouldn’t it be fun if you shared a glimpse of how you have used aura reading lately? Just as a part of your life. Everyday energetic literacy skills  in your big, expanding, evolving life!

Blog-Buddies, your turns! Let today’s survey begins now.

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  1. 1

    Okay, I’ll go first. Hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains last weekend, coming home off the slalom driving on Skyline Drive, there was an enticing little roadside stand selling apples.

    Two varieties: Golden delicious and red delicious. All un-waxed, and looking promising.

    I could have just sniffed the fragrances and hunted for bruises, but why start there when you’re shopping for fresh fruit or veggies?

    I picked up many an apple, reading its aura one at a time, choosing the best. Wanted to gauge the freshness, the prana oomphies.

    Next in the aura reading research came my favorite part — smelling and tasting each apple aurically, well in advance. Glad I’ve got gifts for aura reading like gustatory giftedness and synesthesia!

    Most of the golden delicious had varied bunches of flavor, including a rare experience for me, a cinnamon overtone.

    By the time I paid for the bagful, I was in bliss from my five minutes of Technique Time

    But really the better part came later, when I would physically bite into each wad of crunchy juiciness.

    In human terms, the apples tasted very similar to what I learned from aura reading; they physically smelled just the same — only translated into human from the celestial.

    Fruit and flowers are so much more fun when you appreciate their extreme purity, auras so very congruent with the physical manifestation!

    BTW, at the fruit stand, the cashier told me at checkout, “These were just picked yesterday.”

    Prana-licious aura reading — such a delight!

  2. 2
    Merrit says:

    Yummy Rose, I’m going to try that!!

    I decided to do an aura reading on a friend I’ve had since we were 4.
    Her name is Gladiola (lol).
    Her husband is from another country and they have gone back there after losing everything, home, car, credit.
    She is on Facebook and we write thru email.
    She is extremely religious always posting religious platitudes and putting up beautiful pictures of herself at dinner, traveling, etc.
    Whenever a friend says “Oh that is so beautiful” She says “I know everyone hates me, I am so lucky”
    When I admired one of her pics she said “Oh don’t hate me, your day will come”.
    So…. since I do love her and want to understand whats really going on and not “unfriend” her, lol. I decided to do an empath merge.
    What I found were some beautiful gifts of her soul and also places of intense jealousy and disappointment. It helped me to understand her more fully and now know what’s really going on.

  3. 3
    Merrit says:

    By the way I’m reading “Let today be a Holiday” by Rose. I love it It’s Wonderful and has an easy non intimidating page on aura reading that is really helpful for new aura readers like me.

  4. 4
    Tehya says:

    I did some research on myself for a potential career path, then I read a picture of Cindy Crawford for fun, and just now I did a little aura-reading on a red rose in the kitchen! 🙂

  5. 5
    Suz says:

    Just a rank beginner in intentionally reading auras here — choosing fruit is fun. The other day at the store while looking at huge red pears, before ever touching any, a couple of them had a bright, clear “look,” as if to say, “Me! Pick me. I’m just right.” Awesome pears they were.

    Fruit’s got to be easier than people. 😉

    I’ll get better, and more articulate at explaining how I see, I hope. lol

  6. 6
    Sandra says:

    Hi Rose,

    I was looking for a credible hypnosis teacher, and used aura reading to find one who is just right for me!

  7. 7

    MERRITT, TEHYA, SUZ, and SANDRA, this thread is starting to be fun. Thanks for your sharing.

    Speaking of learning hypnosis, within a year I will be teaching how to do Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM).

    That is the plan, anyway. Of course I will announce at the blog when I offer the first of these courses.

  8. 8
    Melanie says:

    A friend of mine who really knows her stuff (as in the cliche, not STUFF) highly recommended a certain supplement for a health problem I’ve been dealing with. I am always careful with anything I consume, so I did some human type research. Then I did Soul Thrill research. The results were so amazing, I bought the supplement.

    Another thing I like to do when looking through a cookbook or at a restaurant is to read the aura of the food in the photographs. (Sometimes it has been sitting around for a while before they take the photograph. ;-P )

  9. 9
    David says:

    I do a lot of little things through the day. It’s pretty automatic and I hadn’t really noticed how prevalent it is. Checking the produce I’m buying, welcoming the food on my plate, saying hi to some flowers or a tree, checking in with how something feels (like the yuck energy on a web site I ran into today), and some other more woo woo things.

    For a long time I’ve called this “intuition” but after reading some of Rose’s books, I realize some is indeed intuition but a lot of it is actually aura reading. But not necessarily visually.

    I’m looking forward to a couple of other books of her’s on my list. They should help clarify this further. Getting more precise changes the level of literacy too.

  10. 10

    DAVID, thank you for all your comments today but most particularly for this one.

    And not just because of the appreciative reading list comment in your final paragraph.

    Because you, ever the teacher, have made it easy for me to make a really, really important set of points about what I call Technique Time.

    For context, let’s be clear that the following is not meant to insult you in the least. Clearly you have managed to move into Enlightenment without following the recommendations that I am suggesting for this blog community now.

    However, you are an exception to a pretty well-researched rule. And implementing what follows in the next couple of comments might actually enhance your quality of life as a householder. So here goes… with a pause for my last session of the day.

  11. 11

    The concept of Technique Time, 20 minutes tops, is one of the very simplest ways for anyone to move forward faster into Enlightenment.

    Many blog posts are planned for here soon, related to this topic.

    For today, let’s just get practical.

    Many folks at this blog, many who are my clients, have found that it can transform your life — and move a person out of Spiritual Addiction to boot.

    What does it mean to do 20 minutes of Technique Time?

    For best results, it is not scattered at random throughout the day, reading energies or auras as you go. Brave Explorers, you might estimate quite inaccurately and do hours of Technique Time during each day.

    This is not a superior way to live as a human being on earth.

  12. 12

    Seems to me, the folks I have helped to overcome spiritual addiction have chosen pretty routine ways of scheduling that Technique Time, such as:

    * 5 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bed
    * 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before dinner
    * One juicy 20-minute block.

    Clocks and calculators can be your friend in figuring out a Technique Time Routine that works for you. Objective reality, your friend!

  13. 13

    The exception to a Technique Time Routine like 10 and 10, morning and evening? That would be for someone whose work involves aura reading in some fashion. I am an example, and so are acupuncturists, Reiki healers, Eden Energy Medicine practitioners, professional intuitives, and others.

    We can do 1-2 minutes (by the clock) of aura reading per session and follow up with our other skill sets.

    In that case, we build the rest of the day’s Technique Time around our professional work.

    Usually I do 5 or 6 sessions in a day. So there go 10-12 minutes of Technique Time. To round out my day, I use 3 in the morning and the rest before bed. My typical 20 minutes total of Technique Tiue.

    On the previously mentioned day when I researched the apples, it was a day off. So I had 10 minutes of Technique Time that I used right at the farm stand.

    Can you appreciate the clarity to such a routine, Blog-Buddies? This is different from spending 5 minutes here, 4 there, 2 more because energies might seem interesting.

    If any of you find this puzzling, I encourage you to book a session of aura healing with me and I can help you to sort it out. No shame in that.

    This is a very, very foreign concept in New Age, psychic development, or other belief systems and teachings that make it seem as though people evolve more rapidly by spending ever more time reading energy.

  14. 14

    One last thought, especially dedicated to DAVID from our Enlightenment Life List and an avid follower of Enlightenment for decades.

    And to any of you other Blog-Buddies who have cared a great deal about Enlightenment (whatever you have been calling it).

    We have had a thread at this blog about Enlightened gurus who have gone bad, such as “Enlightenment Scandals, a Guest Post by Mike” at

    Over this summer, sadly, I learned about two different people from my Enlightenment Life List whom I have respected enormously. They clearly have been corrupted. (All the more reason why I say clearly at my Enlightenment Life List that I do not personally endorse the services and teachings of any people just because they are on this list.)

    Given these two tragedies (and collateral damaged caused by them), I have had personal reasons to wonder, what can cause someone with Enlightenment to go awry on human levels?

    This is a deeply distressing topic, which I do NOT plan to make my life work. However, it occurs to me that getting out of balance in human life cannot help to keep a person sweet and pure, humble and humanly kind.

    Reading energy all day long, or for much of the day, could expose someone Enlightened to confused or imbalanced ways of relating to human vibrational frequencies.

    Certainly it is just common sense that we will evolve better, and live better, when we have the humility to be human… and to gently emphasize human life in our choices for most of our waking hours.

  15. 15

    MELANIE, a shout-out to you for that practical use of aura reading as a smart consumer, described here in your Comment 8.

  16. 16
    David says:

    (laughs) Well, Rose, no insult taken. And I think I align closer to your recommendation than might be apparent. Not so much an exception.

    At one time in my life, my formal techniques consumed about 5 hrs a day. It soon became apparent this was not sustainable even if it was a lot of fun. I cut way back. After I got married, we cut back even more. With kids? Lucky to get enough sleep. (laughs)

    And to be clear, these little things are prevalent but mostly quite brief. Like a few seconds. Here and there. If I add it all up, the total time is more than 20 min but not that much more.

    It’s also worth noting that this stuff doesn’t mean disengaging or going somewhere but is closely integrated with the experience of the physical. It’s just slight shifting of attention, enjoying what is around me. It’s not floating in a cloud or anything, although I’ve been there too.

    I never framed long techniques as an addiction but it certainly became clear it wasn’t balanced.

  17. 17
    David says:

    I agree that this is a new idea in new age circles. I’ve seen people get so out of balance with technique-time they do a cold turkey and go from too much to none. Not the easy way.

    A lot of people out there in lala land. But back to Jordan’s comment over on the fame post – how much of this is being used to avoid life, to distract ourselves from how we feel? To avoid facing our “shadow” and cleaning up the Stuff?

    In what way is avoidance going to be evolutionary and bring us enlightenment?

  18. 18
    David says:

    Rose re: comment 14. A big subject.
    The main thing – we’re all human.

    All of us have various levels of development in various fields of life. We can be ace on the track or in helping people heal but messed up in relationships.

    Even enlightenment means only an inner perfection. It takes time for that to flower in all levels of life. Meanwhile, there can be some areas that are unresolved or old bad habits.

    One way to understand this is that Earth school is the land of karma. Enlightenment burns the seeds of karma but the sprouted ones are still coming to fruition. Karma tends to come with a blind spot, so even the very clear can walk right into things.

    With good literacy, the energy dynamics can be seen and resolved energetically. Then they don’t have to be acted out in the world. But there can still be some momentum and shadier spots.

    (keep in mind that karma does not mean bad. It just means action or energy. So this also relates to good surprises.)

    At a certain point, that karma will all be resolved but for most, that hasn’t happened yet.

    One example that comes to mind. A young man I know who was very enlightened. But he had some past baggage he had not yet resolved and it came up again. Not having good skills for it, he did a very stupid thing. His evolution is now on hold while he cleans up the mess, mainly the effect his actions had on others.

    We can be clear of Stuff (astral debris) but still have some resistance on deeper levels. Certainly not like the astral, but still… It takes a lot of light to heal our long history.

    Another thing I see is that some teachers become isolated and fall out of touch. Not being connected can lead to imbalance. We’re not in this solo.

    Another teacher who claims enlightenment and publishes a magazine accordingly (you declared “Not anywhere near ready”, Rose), recently issued a public apology for his long-term behavior and announced a sabbatical. The wording deflected blame, illustrating he had work to do, but there is an example of some progress. And many more are waking than are faltering.

    There are also historical examples of people who take on community karmas but that’s not typical. I’ve seen students use it as an excuse though.

    As I said – big subject. But we’re all human. Even the greatest saints.

  19. 19
    Amanda says:

    Hi Rose 🙂

    On Comment 14, ‘what can cause someone with enlightenment to go awry on human levels?’

    This is so interesting. For me, people going awry on human levels are learning. At least with enlightenment, there’s more chance of the learning being done with compassion and wisdom – perhaps in an enlightened way.

    Which sounds pretty good to me.

    I realise more and more that there just isn’t an ideal perfection in life – instead there are shifts and changes, and we alter opinions and go through experiences and previously invisible difficulties.

    Not even that: each relational experience is unique and individual, even if it falls within a general category of human behaviour. I like what David says about sprouting seeds: the karma must be shared by others involved.

    Summing up, it’s a funny old world 😀


  20. 20
    Amanda says:


    I’m interested by your bit in Comment 18, ‘the wording deflected blame’.

    Is blame necessary?

    Yes I can see it’s an impelling force for change, but if the change is made then the need for the blame can surely fall away.

    I’m not a big fan of blame or shame – but I used to be. It’s easy to get stuck in if it’s not just allowed to push for what it wants and then fall away.


  21. 21

    Regarding your Comment 19, AMANDA, when speech and actions hurt only yourself, sure, that counts as learning.

    However there can be actions so unjust as to be damaging to others and even illegal in human terms.

    Or the Enlightened person can become involved in a truly creepy Energetic Ponzi Scheme.

    Personally I have been involved in cleaning up collateral damage from both of types of consequence, which resulted from “Learning experiences” of people who are, technically, still Enlightened. (And who may not even believe they have anything human left to learn.)

    From the perspective of a bliss-filled spiritual experience, nothing matters at all about human pain. It is all educational. In your comment, AMANDA, I find a sweet undertone of bliss that seems absolutely delightful.

    From a human perspective, though, I don’t think that taking responsibility necessarily falls away because of Enlightenment. So long as one lives as a human, especially a householder, taking personal responsibility is totally congruent with Enlightenment.

  22. 22

    To me, AMANDA, your question in Comment 20, “Is blame necessary?” enters into tricky territory.

    Unintentionally this could become a version of becoming “Holier than thou.” Personally I do not wish to lose my humanity, whatever my state of consciousness.

  23. 23
    David says:

    Hi Amanda
    What I meant (comment 18) by “The wording deflected blame, illustrating he had work to do” was that although he expressed recognition of an issue, the wording skirted responsibility. And closes with self-congratulations. But still it was a good sign that he recognized it.

    If it’s of interest:

  24. 24
    David says:

    I concur Rose. Leading someone astray is not exactly good karma for anyone. And yes, the young fellow I mention has the consequences to others to deal with.

    Money is a tricky place for a lot of people. When there isn’t that sense of sufficiency, we can trigger base emotions and irrational behaviour. Of course, it’s all based in fear.

    I concur on responsibility. Enlightenment brings with it a sense that we’re all in this together. It’s not just about raising oneself but raising the world. And we still have to take care of business. 😉

  25. 25

    Well put twice, DAVID. Thanks for both of these latest comments.

  26. 26
    Jean says:

    Want to give a ‘gratitude shout out’ to all who are commenting here…..

    Rose – especially in your comments 14, 21 and 22.
    Thank you for sharing all you have here.

    My, how we are all just learning and moving forward
    – each in our own unique fashion.


    David – comment 18 and all your comments.

    As time goes by I am appreciating –
    and learning from your perspective (and knowledge base!) all the more.

  27. 27
    Jordan says:

    If someone does something really awful, yeah, I think you can blame them.

    Isn’t karma coming back around the impartial universe’s way of acknowledging personal responsibility, aka blame or credit?

    It’s one thing to feel constantly victimized and blame others for all of your problems or feelings. But it’s quite another to take responsibility for other people’s actions just because they happened to happen near you.

  28. 28
    David says:

    Hi Jordan
    If you think of karma as meaning action or energy, it doesn’t really have blame or credit. It’s more the field of energy seeing balance – aka for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    The Dharma link over on Rose’s Fame post goes into this more closely. Basically that dharma is that which sustains. In order for us to grow and evolve (in Earth school), the circumstances for us to evolve in have to be sustained. Karma is part of the mechanism of continuously seeking balance.

    It is we who are experiencing the consequences that label it “good” or “bad” and take it personally. But it’s not personal in the slightest. It’s just a law of nature.

    The idea is thus to act in “dharmic” ways, ways that support our growth and the growth of others. Then we don’t experience so much friction. (laughs)

    So we take responsibility for doing our best and favouring what is good. And when trouble shows up, we don’t add to the fire but rather help it resolve.

    The principles really are quite simple. But so often people get caught in making it about me and fighting and reacting…

  29. 29

    DAVID and JORDAN, Awesome JEAN, these latest comments are just golden.

  30. 30
    Jordan says:

    David, I totally get what you are saying and agree. I don’t think that blame and credit are a part of karma, but more a dualistic, lower octave, twisted up and Earthy reflection of karma.

    Blame and credit are not the highest, best, Divine way to look at things. But I think they can be useful in human life sometimes, especially for people who aren’t Enlightened and need more help sorting through reality- seeing what is objective and what is subjective, what are my feelings and what is reality, etc.

  31. 31
    Amanda says:

    Hi Rose and Jordan and David 🙂

    I’m not denying the necessity to take personal responsibility.

    I just know from personal experience that issues can be resolved and balanced from a place of clarity and love, and not blame.

    We’re all healers here and so we know that’s how we heal. Rose, that’s how you do it!

    Blame can attach on when we’re not in that space, but to me it’s blame that’s holier than thou.

    Which one of us hasn’t made mistakes, one way or another? And do we accept healing from the person who is blaming or condemning us or from the person who can calmly help us to see and release and correct?

    I’ve learnt this from my kids, who are very clear about it and have told me over and over again “It doesn’t help at all if I’ve done something wrong and you tell me I’m a bad person for it.’

    I know that’s true for myself, and by extension for everyone.

    David, I agree with your last paragraph, ‘people get caught in making it about me and fighting and reacting.’ To me, that’s blame in a nutshell!

    When I get into blame, anger or self-righteousness (which I do) it’s just an unnecessary stress on my system and it keeps me from accepting what is in a clear calm way and hinders constructive change.


  32. 32
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    Comment #14 about people on your Enlightenment Life List is both sad and humbling. It really does serve as a cautionary tale about the times in which we are living, especially after the Shift. It behooves all of us to remember that we are all living in human form, to position our consciousness here, and to do our level best in human terms, living with integrity and humility.


    It’s also a cautionary tale to me that people on the Enlightenment Life List who don’t do this – or no longer do this, for whatever reason – can cause tremendous collateral damage.

    Reading about this also made me realize that is more vital than ever to understand the distinctions between the human, the astral, and the divine levels of life.

    And to position one’s consciousness at the human level of life. This is particularly true for empaths.

  33. 33
    Anita says:


    In Comment #21: “From a human perspective, though, I don’t think that taking responsibility necessarily falls away because of Enlightenment. So long as one lives as a human, especially a householder, taking personal responsibility is totally congruent with Enlightenment.”

    I really agree with this.

    I’m no Rose Rosetree, but in my humble opinion… Not only totally congruent with Enlightenment – if anything, human responsibility becomes even MORE important as a householder.

  34. 34
    David B says:

    Hi Anita
    Thanks for all the great comments. I agree – as we make good spiritual progress, our attention becomes more powerful. Even more so after enlightenment. This inherently creates greater responsibility for how we use that gift.

    Now certainly, as the Stuff is cleared, we’re much more likely to behave appropriately, automatically. But there can still be old habits, karma and such that will encourage less suitable attention that should be cleaned up. Made more congruent, to use Rose’s term.

    Otherwise we can drift off into a dead end somewhere for a time. Or worse, draw others to follow.

  35. 35
    Jean says:

    Thank you Anita for your comments 32 and 33.

    IMHO spot on – and way helpful to this blog buddy.

  36. 36

    JEAN, I agree. A magnificent sequence of blog comments recently from you, ANITA.

  37. 37
    Anita says:


    I am moved by your feedback in Comment #35. Thank you so much for writing. I know that sometimes people read and silently agree, but as a fellow blog buddy and commenter, it is so hard to know when I’m on the other side of the computer screen.

    I am learning and growing, just like everyone else here.

    It means a great deal to me to be part of this community.

  38. 38
    Anita says:


    Thank you, too. I love all of your articles, but I am especially loving the recent articles on changes after the Shift, as well as articles (and comments!) about Householder Enlightenment.

    It is such new terrain, so cutting edge. We are all adapting to changes that seem to be happening so quickly and aren’t always comfortable – at least in human terms – even if ultimately they will prove to be for our highest good in spiritual terms and bring benefit to the planet as a whole.

    Being able to read about these changes and how to roll with the flow, as well as help ourselves in daily practical terms, is really helpful.

  39. 39

    You’re welcome, ANITA. It IS good to get feedback from what a wise Blog-Buddy recently called “The other side of the computer screen.”

  40. 40
    Anita says:

    David B,

    Thank you for your comment. In Comment #34, what struck me is exactly what you said, “Otherwise we can drift off into a dead end somewhere for a time. Or worse, draw others to follow.”

    The second sentence particularly made me pause.

    Auric modeling can be very powerful. What gets broadcast by who we are (the “who you be,” as Rose affectionately refers to it) can have tremendous influence on others.

    In my humble opinion, this is particularly true for those on the Enlightenment List List (as broadcasters) and of empaths (as broadcasters and as recipients of auric modeling).

  41. 41
    Jean says:

    Oh Anita you are most welcome 🙂

    Once again I concur with all you are saying in your comment #38 -especially….

    “Being able to read about these changes and how to roll with the flow, as
    well as help ourselves in daily practical terms, is really helpful.”

    Yes way helpful. In objective reality – the here-and-now.

    And of course many many thanks to Rose.

    Yes no one is alone – we are all helping each other move forward as individuals – yet somehow together…

  42. 42
    David B says:

    Hi Anita
    Thanks and fully agreed. I’ve seen living examples. One in particular had a strong charisma and flashy experiences. Even today, long after a big fall, he divides people and has a big story to justify his behavior. He continues to draw people in. Meanwhile, one of his old followers wrote a book documenting the lives he messed up.

    Energetic literacy can be so important.

  43. 43
    Lara says:

    Reading your comment 14 Rose, “…what can cause someone with Enlightenment to go awry on human levels?”

    I go awry all the time, in small ways, every day not living up to my best standards like everyone I guess. Everyday life is full of taking responsibility as it was before enlightenment, but I often think I could have done better here or there etc. Simultaneously there is also the perspective of perfection unfolding and no such thing as doing better. There are many levels of truth for each thing and every level looks a bit or completely different. Maybe this is where the big going awry from ‘human’ levels starts.

    I really wonder if its possible to lose enlightenment. I really cant imagine someone enlightened wilfully causing harm in a big way like the two you have described. Did their actions have auric repercussions? I mean would we still be reading pristine enlightened auras or would something show up.? I guess I am asking if you could read the corruption in their auras or only in the effects on others.

  44. 44
    Anita says:

    Hi David B,

    I love all your comments. I, too, have seen living examples.

    I have been affected by the collateral damage of two people on the Enlightenment Life List who somehow became corrupted.

    Touche – energetic literacy is so important.

  45. 45

    LARA, in your Comment 43 you have beautifully articulated how crossing over the threshold into Enlightenment can help a person to grow ever faster.

    We have less inner glitch, less resistance to moving forward in life, connected more fully than before to Divine experience and yet, simultaneously, still the funny human animal here at Earth School.

  46. 46

    Regarding the last paragraph of your fine comment, LARA, it is possible for the human aspect of life to be corrupted, even though the person still has Enlightenment.

    I doubt that anyone Enlightened would willfully cause harm to others. But life now is complicated.

    Enlightened Person #1 whom I referred to has been in a position of great power within his job in the private sector. He worked way too hard, was dealing with fierce politics within an organization with many corrupt and powerful players. Far as I can tell, he caved to the pressure.

    As for Enlightened Person #1 whom I referred to, I could tell the problem in his aura right away. I saw a current photo and was appalled. He had obviously (to my perception) been taken over by Extra-Terrestrial astral entities. His individuality had been taken over entirely.

    I facilitated cutting my cord of attachment to him and found an Energetic Ponzi Scheme. Since then I have facilitated cutting cords of attachment to two clients who also were closely involved with “JOE.”

    Glad to have the skills for dismantling Energetic Ponzi Schemes when they come up with cutting a cord of attachment, because this was another icky one.

    After The Shift, many energetic interactions are common. But not to worry, whether you are Enlightened yet or not. Human qualities of balance and paying attention to life around one, ethics and personal accountability, are very stabilizing.

    Life on earth can offer us wonderful reality checks. It is also helpful, I suspect, to keep the kind of humility in contrast to playing a social role of a perfect-seeming or unassailable or a superior version of human.

    Life on earth is humbling for us all, but there is no good reason to fear. That 20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time Tops is one of the greatest protections a person can have, simple though that sounds.

    If either of the men I referred to had contented themselves with that, their consciousness would be quite different now, I suspect.

  47. 47
    Lara says:

    A million wise words as always Rose. I agree so much with what you wrote.

    And really struck again by how incredible your skills are.

    I am still thinking about this (I’m slow) but thank you for your great answer.

  48. 48
    Isabella says:

    Looked for the most recent post mentioning synesthesia to post this article about synesthesia. 😉,34983/

  49. 49

    It is cute, ISABELLA.

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