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Silence Weapon. Protect Yourself

Silence Weapon

Silence Weapon. How to protect yourself when silence is used as a weapon.

Silence Weapon — how to protect yourself when silence is used as a weapon. That’s the purpose of today’s post.

Silence being used as a weapon? Sure that happens. It happened to my client JOE.

Customized Content, RES Books. Starting Now.

Customized Content, RES Books

Customized Content, RES Books — Important for the Frankfurt Book Fair. And Highly Unusual.

Customized Content, RES Books . For this indie publisher who has sold many authorized rights to my books internationally, here’s a breakthrough.
What I am about to share with you today just thrills my soul, Blog-Buddies. Will it interest you? Maybe it might.
  • If you are a fan of one or more of my books and you would like to see the pioneering work that I do move out more strongly into the world.
  • Or you like to watch sacred co-creation in a very human form.

Moving out Ghosts and Psychic Coercion. The Latest.

Protecting yourself from ghosts, psychic coercion, and more

Protecting yourself from ghosts, psychic coercion, and more

With The Shift into this new Age of Energy, one of the delights is a greater facility with noticing energy.

But you know Earth School. Lovely sliver linings come complete with clouds. This world is structured in polarities, opposites, contrasts.

What is the great disadvantage of noticing energies better than ever? Of noticing energies more, in yourself and others? Not all those energies are nice.

Articles Celebrating Humanity's Age of Awakening

Articles Celebrating Humanity's Age of Awakening

Articles Celebrating Humanity’s Age of Awakening will, in a few years, lead to publication of the book pictured here.

Articles Celebrating Humanity’s Age of Awakening. Let’s start proclaiming the significance of The Shift into this Aquarian Age. What it REALLY means.

Human life is not primarily about human frequencies.

That’s an illusion.

Empath Merge with Plant Empath Hanna Kroeger

Meet the great herbalist Hannah Kroeger

Meet the great herbalist Hanna Kroeger

Widely acknowledged as one of the greatest herbalists of modern times, which empath gifts did Hanna Kroeger have?

In her winning entry at our Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win, SUZ described her relationship with Hannah Kroeger:

“She was a well-known and controversial herbal healer who had a shop in Boulder Colorado where I lived for several years. People came from all over to eat in her little cafe and to see her for healing in a little alcove by the big staircase going up to the cafe. She got in trouble several times for “practicing medicine without a license.” But her ways worked when all else failed.

“While waiting in line to go upstairs, you could look right into her healing alcove and see everything she did. Many were the times I saw her standing with her eyes closed and her hands on a customer, determining what was needed, or moving healing energy.

“I was a bit frightened of her because I always felt like she could see everything about me when she looked my way. It felt like quite a probe. I should have gone and met her!”

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), Our Code of Ethics

Rose Rosetree talks ethics

Every profession worth the name has ethics built in. Here is the set of ethics I teach my apprentices, along with the many skill sets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Self-Authority vs. Skills, the Tricky Part

Skills matter

Skills fit together. Skills are buildable. And they produce reliable results.

A friend of mine belongs to a Mechanics Club. The guys get together, hang out, and fix their old cars. Through thick and thin, through broken gaskets and maxed-out mufflers, this club has persisted for decades.

The guys have stayed friends. Their classic cars still run, too.

These guys have skills.

Why Doesn’t a Cord of Attachment Come Back?

Rose Rosetree cutting cords attachment

Here’s Rose demonstrates putting on an energy bandage after cutting a cord of attachment.

Say that Gladys cuts the cord of attachment to her mother, Josephine. One month later, Josephine does something really hurtful. Gladys doesn’t just feel bad in the moment. She fears that she has been energetically damaged in some way.

Gladys’ self-authority is absolutely correct. She feels an energy something, and she is right about that. After The Shift into The Age of Awakening, Gladys is more likely to notice an energy problem.

Embodied Enlightenment — a Guest Post by JULIE

Embodied Enlightenment

Embodied Enlightenment. Read how JULIE describes that in today’s guest post.

Embodied Enlightenment. Read how JULIE describes that in today’s guest post.

Embodied Enlightenment?

Who Cares About Mere Physical Bodies?

When our collective conversation turns to respect for the body. One reason is that this is an antidote to the oh-so-prevalent Anorexic Ideal. Another? Taking good care of the physical body helps with a balanced lifestyle, in contrast to spiritual addiction.

Really, whatever your path of personal development, it helps to take reasonably good care of the physical body. You know what they say about observing a man you might want to marry? Watch how he treats his mother. Eventually that may have great impact on how he treats you, should you become his wife.

Likewise get some valuable cues about a prospective wife by noticing how she relates to her father.

Tribute to Ron Scolastico, Ph.D., a World-Class Channeler and Writer

Ron Scoastico, Ph.D., with his wife Susan Scolastico

My long-time friend Ron Scolastico is not doing so well, health-wise. Ron is a clinical psychologist turned channeler of The Guides.

The way I have understood it, Ron sets up a kind of conference call between your angel committee and his, the client’s spirit guides and Ron’s. The Guides proceed to answer questions insightfully, addressing any topic that might be relevant to a client.

Ron has been a highly successful author for Hay House, with books including The Earth Adventure: Your Soul’s Journey Through Physical Reality. After Louise Hay’s publishing company moved on to the really flashy channelers like Esther Hicks, Ron’s work has been self-published. Ron Scolstico has painted at a professional level, as well.