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How Name Alignment Research Helped me, a Guest Post by SOPHIE

Name Alignment

Name Alignment helps your name to line up with the rest of your soul’s expression.

Blog-Buddies, that SOPHIE just made my day. Right before stopping work tonight, I went over to the blog to check if there were new comments to allow. Guess what?

Here comes this sweet one, quite probably SOPHIE’s first one ever at this blog.

Of course I remember doing the Name Alignment Research for her as “GLADYS,” but never knew that her name had been legally changed. Now my ears are really perky, Ms. SOPHIE. 🙂

Householder Enlightenment, a Guest Post by ANITA

Householder Enlightenment

Householder Enlightenment — absolutely beautiful and humanly gorgeous

Householder Enlightenment is a new kind of goal. As so much about Enlightenment is tied to traditions of renunciation.

Each of us is following a personal path that is sacred and beautiful. Lately we have had blog conversations about Householder Enlightenment as one possible goal for personal evolution.

Much as traditional investigation of the nadis within chakras was a more mechanical matter 10,000 years ago, not juicy and replete with personal needs and components of actualizing potential — such as aura-reading chakra databanks that are part of energetic literacy, investigated at this very blog.

Recently Blog-Buddy ANITA had some perceptive comments to make on the topic of Householder Enlightenment. Three comments in a row. I have combined them into one sumptuous guest post, adding just minor edits, links, and headings.

Skilled Empath Merge with !Empath! George Guidall

George Guidall

George Guidall — not pictured here. He’s more than a mouth. Like the fellow who IS pictured here.

Happy holiday weekend, those who celebrate today as a holiday! I’m celebrating by doing the first of the contest-winning blog posts with a Skilled Empath Merge.