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Prayer with Head Bowed. Aura Reading for a Smart New Age Consumer


Prayer with head up or down. Does it matter?

What does it mean to bow your head in prayer? We have been having quite the discussion about that, in terms of consciousness and energy, discussing this topic in terms of our consumer-oriented article about what is meditation and what is hypnosis.

Starting with JORDAN’s Comment 1, you were (and still are) invited to an experiment involving consciousness and prayer with my Comments 10-12.

Wonderful responses have come in already from JULIE, JORDAN, MELANIE, AMANDA, LARA, MERRIT, JNANA, and DAVID.

The consensus was exemplified by JNANA’s Comment 33:

Here, Oct. 30 – Nov. 5, 2013

What’s our biggest news this week with Rosetree Energy Spirituality?

Welcome to a new occasional series, Blog-Buddies.

So much goes on in the world of Deeper Perception Made Practical. Today it occurred to me to give an occasional view of where to read first. Sure, you could read for hours at random. You can always type your favorite topic into the search box above, always a fine way to go. But did you know?

With our most recent post, I have begun to use the blog in a new and creative fashion. In that previous post, we have several sprightly conversations going.

New lightbulb idea! I am not moving the separate threads to separate posts because it can be easier for you readers to follow one general conversation.

Therefore, instead, I will post additional articles that keep referring back to the main post, consolidating that theme on one major page. Easy peasy for you. You’ll see how this works with tomorrow’s new post.

Meanwhile, we have some fascinating outstanding comments and threads you might not know about unless you subscribe to new comments. (See that option listed as you scroll down the rightmost column here.)

Not every lurker here knows that comments are at least as interesting as the main posts. Well, I propose to save you’all a bit of time.

As an experiment, I plan to apprise you once a week or so.

What are the very lively, happening themes here concerning Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Empath Empowerment, Aura Reading, Aura Healing, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis, Enlightenment, and all those other categories you can find on the left column here, each with clickable links?

Either Hypnosis OR Meditation. Know the Difference.


Either an apple OR an orange. Either meditation OR Hypnosis.

Either an apple OR an orange. Either meditation OR Hypnosis.

Many a human tragedy has resulted from confusions around the two very different approaches called either meditation  OR hypnosis.

Warning you of this possible gap in your education so far, I don’t mean to alarm you. Reading this article might even cheer you up. You might better understand past experiences when, guess what? You thought you were learning meditation but were given hypnosis. Or vice versa.

Could it be? Confusing either hypnosis or meditation may have wasted your time or money or worse.

A New NGH-Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree, NGH-Certified Hypnosis Trainer, ready to celebrate

Yes, Georgina Cannon’s “Train the Trainer” workshop was a success. After five days of insight and skill download, I have emerged with the credentials to teach hypnosis as certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Loads of hypnotists, hypnotherapists, and non-hypnosis professionals teach hypnosis, actually. The more precise part of this shiny new credential is that I will be teaching a method that is the gold standard within the hypnosis profession, certification with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

What Is "Human-Based Spirituality"?

AYEBD4 light bulb hovering over open hand

Read here how the RES community discovered Human-Based Spirituality

What Is “Human-Based Spirituality”?

The answer came through comments at the original post here. For context, the Age of Awakening had begun. And this Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) was struggling to name the fastest way of growing for people who live now.

Have you noticed? This is a time of great energy sensitivity.

This blog post, and the comments that follow, can serve as a historic record of sorts.

Originally this article began as a contest. I drew strength from this online community to help me find a name for today’s super-quick path of personal growth. Read here, especially the flow of comments, to learn how — together — we came up with the term, “Human-Based Spirituality.”

How Energetic Literacy Helps Me Accept Reality, a Guest Post by DAVE

When reality passes your sniff test....

When reality passes your sniff test….

Today’s guest post comes from a Blog-Buddy in his 20’s, sharing his thoughts as someone who actively uses Stage Three Energetic Literacy in everyday life. Three cheers for DAVE!

All I added were some links, formatting, and light editing. The voice belongs to this smart and courageous Texan.

A lot of my current outlook and perspective on life comes from being a student and client of Rose’s, off and on, for over the last three years or so, plus being an avid reader of this blog. I think I’ve read every post on here plus 90 percent of Rose’s books.

I’ve gone through the empowering yet disillusioning process of becoming a skilled empath, plus cut 50 or so cords of attachment, plus read hundreds of auras.

How I Deal with Spiritual Shutdown, a Guest Post by CURIOUS AS EVER



Aha!s about Spiritual Shutdown

Aha!s about Spiritual Shutdown

Recently, Blog-Buddies, we have been discussing the plight of millions who are currently pursuing a fascinating experiment at Earth School that I call “Spiritual Shutdown.” Some are preppers, some await The Rapture, while others are simply trying to get through their day.

When you read chakra databanks of folks with this pattern of spiritual shutdown, what do you find? Chakra databanks about survival and noticing objective reality are over-functioning. Meanwhile, chakra databanks about spiritual connection, emotional intimacy, curiosity about inner life? Oops. They slam closed into shutdown.

Aura Reading a Great Man You Never Heard of, Jim Bradford

Strong on the outside, how strong on the inside?

Strong on the outside, how strong on the inside?

Heroes live among us. Mostly we can’t tell.

  • Not unless we pay attention to what they do, in human reality. (Sometimes newspapers can broaden our reach.)
  • Or unless you use some of your Twenty Minutes of Daily Technique Time, Tops… to read that person’s aura or do Skilled Empath Merge or face reading.

Today I received a superb invitation to learn about a great man. It didn’t come by owl. No, the invite showed up in my morning newspaper, Metro Section of The Washington Post. The headline read, “Jim Bradford, 84. From Library of Congress to Olympic Weightlifting.”

Vibrational Re-Positioning + Process-Oriented Cord Items

About Rose Rosetree’s new technique for Vibrational Re-Positioning(R)

More inside information for you technies, my fellow consciousness nerds and enthusiasts who follow new developments within Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Vibrational Re-Positioning® Can Involve Process-Oriented Cord Items

Definitely. Though subtly.

Process-oriented cord items were the topic of or last article. Long as I’m sharing inside information, I thought you might like to know about the relationship between identifying process-oriented cord items and the  energy spirituality breakthrough technique of this summer. Heck, of this decade!

Vibrational Re-Positioning is the newest skill set in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. A very new technique for emotional and spiritual healing, Vibrational Re-Positioning was inspired, in part, by what I had noticed about the power of removing process-oriented cord items for clients.

Psychological Projection as a Process-Oriented Cord Item


Ready for some deep yet practical tech-talk, Blog-Buddies? Let’s investigate a fairly common hidden part of the healing available from cutting cords of attachment. Common if you work professionally in the field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, anyway. 😉

Yet I doubt if 1 in 1,000 people who cut cords of attachment today have ever heard of the topic for today’s article. (I just googled “How Popular is Cutting Cords of Attachment” and got exactly 10 1/2 million hits!)