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Holding fast to Obamacare and to Enlightenment. Aura reading the American President

Aura reading Obama at a time of Tug-of-War

Once you have crossed the threshold into Enlightenment, what then? Recently we have discussed some rare but sad exceptions to expectations. Does achieving Enlightenment guarantee permanent sweetness and light?

Unfortunately, not. In this ever-changing world, nothing is certain.

Today I would like to revisit the aura of a rather well known politician on my Enlightenment Life List. Is he finding grace under pressure?

In terms of human, objective reality, President Obama has done admirably well. He has held steady in public throughout the extraordinary challenges of his presidency, an astoundingly strong president at a Time of Crazy. Including yesterday, the first official day of opening Health Exchanges for the Affordable Care Act.

Yesterday’s political scene was even more bizarre than usual. Republicans had shut down the government again. Shut down the federal government for the third time in less than 20 years. How often has America’s government officially shut down?

According to The Washington Post, technically this has happened a total of 17 times. But a serious, prolonged shutdown? That’s only happened once before. The last time a Democrat was U.S. president, actually.

Makes me wonder if the Grand Old Party might need to change their name to “The Party of Sore Losers.” Two Democratic presidents in a row, being harassed this way? How nuts is that?

Meanwhile, the political steadiness of Barack Obama astounds and impresses people like me.

Yet I wondered how he has been doing in his auric modeling, since auras show us reliably what is happening beneath the surface of life. Energetic Literacy provides glimpses of astral and Divine functioning that always underlie the human illusions of Earth School. Before exploring, just to get this off my chest, about that illusory surface…

Could political contrast in America now be any more extreme?

More extreme short of civil war, that is. That four-year-old law, America’s Affordable Care Act, went live on the same day that Tea Party Republicans achieved their dream of government shutdown.

America’s first health exchanges open; websites crash from unexpectedly high demand, while House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, draws dire conclusions and warns his fans of the “potentially irreversible damage the law threatens in the long term.” Really?

Wow, forcing insurance companies to maintain medical coverage even when someone has a pre-existing condition, how scary is that? No wonder Issa is quaking. 😉

Personally I am proud that America finally joins most of the world’s other developed nations in finally, finally opening up universal health coverage. Coming our closest yet, with the opening of health exchanges, we are fulfilling a dream of American presidents of both parties since 1912.

What else must I get off my chest before I settle down to do today’s aura reading? Thank God, this is how we act out in the U.S.A. No second civil war, just some weird and crazy political stunts!

Frankly, Blog-Buddies, you might have something to do with the peacetime status and the holding together of this nation, compared to how bad things could be  right now.

Keep on holding your light.

You contribute to collective consciousness. Bringing your integrity and joy, your curiosity and kindness, you help to keep this country working…

so much better than would happen otherwise.

Join me in celebrating today as we keep holding steady, bringing joy into this world.

What is the best way I can think of to celebrate political steadiness? Let’s put on a show!

Nope, tap dancing is not my department. So let’s have an aura reading today of President Barack Obama.

I will celebrate sanity by researching many chakra databanks that I have not used previously for aura reading research on the blog. These chakra databanks are not listed in Read People Deeper, the how-to with so many other chakra databanks listed.

Aura reading of an Enlightened man

How does Obama hold it together? Is he maintaining the glorious consciousness I have researched before placing him on my Enlightenment Life List? Has his Enlightenment stayed glorious?

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Presence in the Room

Fills the room plus two inches. Divine connection is strong and is actively present as a larger share of identity than when Obama moved into Enlightenment years ago.

A steadiness of power and serenity underlie the speech and actions of this man, as he fulfills his public role.

Am I implying that Obama always has this degree of steadiness and power? No. Reading auras from one photo at one given time, this reveals chakra databanks of one person at one moment of earth time. I am not reading Obama in private, when learning that his federal government has been shut down. This is a public moment.

Still, not too shabby.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Survival with Integration of Personality at the Human Level

This “Integration of Personality at the Human Level” is one of the chakra databanks being read at this blog for the first time yet. It matters because being human is so darned complicated. We can have components of self in various modes of functionality, dysfunction, and denial. How does the totality of a person come together when survival is at stake?

How is President Obama doing at this time of great challenge and triumph, inextricably linked. It is a very important, very human chakra databank?

Fills the room plus 2 inches. Power is the strongest note sounding here. This is a controlled and steady version of power, a holding together. Some qualities of indignation and anger held in check, these are combined with resolve.

At the time of this photo, President Obama’s chakra databank for survival reveals power modulated with flow. Not a hunker-down-and-fight rigidity. More a process of moving forward, aware of danger and high stakes, and extra intense. Yet steady.

Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra for Handling Disrespect or Conflict from Others

How can you handle disrespect, conflict,  or attack? On the level of your immune system, you’ve got the ability to make antibodies.

Behaviorally there are strategies and skills.

Energetically, you or I or this particular politician have a dedicated chakra databank, located beneath the navel. So how is President Obama dealing, energetically?

Fills the room plus two inches. Great stability, even comfort, as if being taken care of through Divine connection.

Many a Republican, many a Democrat, maybe an apolitical person,  talks about being a person of faith.

I challenge you to find a finer example that this president and this chakra databank, at the time of this photograph.

This is no yearning for faith, or singing about God in the role of mighty fortress. This is a comfortable sense of security, quite common among the Enlightened. But seldom tested by such dramatic circumstances.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Continuity of Thought in Difficult Situations

Plenty of Solar Plexus Chakra databanks involve thinking. This kind is needed by us all. No wonder every adult human has this particular chakra databank.

Fills the room plus 2 inches.

For Barack Obama, continuity of thought is like following a silk ribbon. The easy focus is a kind of glide, even a pleasure, and a familiar source of comfort for the precedent setter at the Harvard Law Review.

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra for Handling Conflict

We adults are wired to handle conflict emotionally, not just intellectually. How is Obama handling the very personal attacks on himself and the greatest achievement yet of his political life?

Fills the room plus two inches. However, this chakra databank does not have full-force energy. There is just a minimal emotional connection to his life, as if Obama is not in denial but neither is he paying much attention to emotional life at this time.

The over-riding quality is a subtle form of compassion.

People act from their level of consciousness. Barack Obama may not think in terms like these, but he has found his own way to accept reality of his political circumstances and find the kind of forgiveness that allows for human limitations in people who act and think so differently from him.

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Communication During Conflict

Fills the room plus 2 inches. Steady communication combines conviction, power, and forbearance.

Barack Obama is not letting passion intensify his communication.

Just today I spoke with someone who wished that Obama would speak more forcefully now. I disagree. Paying attention to America’s fragile political balance, I believe that President Obama is striking exactly the right tone, given the fragmented, rageful and, frankly, irrational speech  in the House GOP right now.

Let’s resist any temptation to condemn “Those politicians” or blame what is happening entirely on gerrymandering.

Politicians express the collective consciousness in the group which they represent. That is the ugly elephant in the room of today’s GOP.

Regardless of what we political bystanders think, Obama has made his choice. Behaviorally it shows. In this chakra databank, the energetic choice at this chakra databank is not only clear but congruent with his other chakra databanks. Astounding and inspiring, to me.

Aura Reading Databank at the High Heart Chakra for Soul Thrill

In this most quintessentially human of all chakra databanks, how is President Obama responding to his circumstances? How satisfied is this man, adopting this pragmatic role of speaking truth without fury? Because strong words without rage have, so far, emanated from his lips. While the chakra databanks read so far show a man whose aura is steady, rather than furious. So the message has been aurically congruent.

Imagine all the passion you could bring to the occasion of yesterday’s speech if you had been the one standing in the presidential shoes?

On the opening day for, than more than 1 million people visited the site  before 7 a.m. Sufficient reason, apparently, for some opponents of established American law (a.k.a., “The Affordable Care Act”), to deride the brand new health exchanges as a failure.

What was Obama’s response?

“Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it. I don’t remember anybody suggesting Apple should stop selling iPhones or iPads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn’t. That’s not how we do things in America. We don’t actively root for failure.”

Clearly, I am rooting for Obamacare, and for Obama himself. But I don’t know what I will find in this Soul Thrill Chakra databank. I’m pretty sure, if it were me, the findings would include the presence of God (in Enlightenment, a person is pretty much stuck with that 😉 ) but personal disgust and loathing might also be pretty strong factors.

Okay, on to do technique, Rose. Complete today’s article with this last bit of the aura reading! President Barack Obama’s High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill…

Fills the room plus 2 inches.

Glowing, shining with very concentrated presence of God. There is a quality of ease while being supported. It’s like gliding up an escalator, a steep one, with a steady, smooth glide.

Evidently, Barack Obama’s human identity has been designed and cultured to fit his current job magnificently.

The nightmare, the hideous challenge, a no-win time in American history — striving to hold the nation together now could seem like a worst-case time to be president.

But not to this politician. Clearly Barack Obama was born for this.


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  1. 1
    Sylvia says:

    Wow. Thanks so much for this reading, Rose.

  2. 2
    Jean says:

    Oh Rose many thanks for this post 🙂

    And thank you Barack Obama.

  3. 3
    Kira says:

    Very cool!

  4. 4
    Dana says:

    Wow, Rose, I feel so grateful to Barack Obama after reading this. I certainly wasn’t born to do that job, but I am thrilled he was and is doing so well!

  5. 5
    Brenda says:

    Awesome! Thank you for this aura reading Rose.

    I’m grateful that finally I’ll be able to afford health insurance. I am so rooting for the Affordable Care Act and President Obama!

  6. 6
    Merrit says:

    I know it has been said before but Wow! What a fascinating reading. It helped me to not be so angry and frustrated with the fact that a small group of tea party members could hold the country hostage.
    Also pride in knowing that we are contributing to the collective consciousness in a positive way, led by an enlightened president.
    I am so grateful to have President Obama at the helm and so comforted to know who he is at the level of his aura.
    Thanks Rose!!

  7. 7
    Julie says:

    Great reading, very inspiring. I admire President Obama and the qualities of power that shine through in this reading – the steady power and resolve in the face of opposition.

    These are tough databanks being read here, but pitch-perfect to the situation. I suspect there are not many people who would test out so well, under such pressure.

    To have conflict databanks that “Fill the room plus 2 inches”, as well as compassion for those who speak and think differently from him…is really amazing.

    I find so much to admire, and reflect upon, from this.

  8. 8
    Rene. says:

    I will share this with my mother, who is an Obamaphile!

  9. 9
    Amy says:

    This is awesome. I too think he is striking the right note and demonstrating how to do your job in government with dignity and composure. It sets a good example!

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