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Psychological Projection as a Process-Oriented Cord Item


Ready for some deep yet practical tech-talk, Blog-Buddies? Let’s investigate a fairly common hidden part of the healing available from cutting cords of attachment. Common if you work professionally in the field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, anyway. 😉

Yet I doubt if 1 in 1,000 people who cut cords of attachment today have ever heard of the topic for today’s article. (I just googled “How Popular is Cutting Cords of Attachment” and got exactly 10 1/2 million hits!)

I haven’t mentioned this hidden healing bonanza in either of my books on cord-cutting — how to’s that are still the only books in English about how to cut cords of attachment.

Hey, there was plenty of other information that had to be explained first, before we could turn to a topic this advanced, with huge implications for everyday life and really exciting potential for emotional and spiritual healing.

If you’re ready, hold on to the top of your head, Blog-Buddies. Keep wiggling your eyes all over the screen and thinking as you read. Here goes.

Did you know about process-oriented cord items?

A cord of attachment is a distinctive, subconscious, astral-level, energy structure between one person and a cordee.

Cords of attachment are not shared. Rather, GLADYS’s cord of attachment to JOE is her problem. While he might have his own cord of attachment to GLADYS, which would be his problem.

Cord cutting is a form of energy healing with the power to transform a person psychologically, socially, emotionally, in terms of identity, and aurically.

  • If you are reading this article, you may have had a session of aura healing where the healing centerpiece involved a method of removing one cord of attachment — both STUFF removal and PUT IN, to help you grow faster on your personal path.
  • Or you might have learned a quality method of cord cutting that you use to help yourself.

Cutting cords of attachment is not a “clearing” or other form of energy healing that needs to be done again and again. Once does it, at least when the healer has skills.

This powerful kind of subconscious-level healing can be integrated in ways that qualify as miraculous. Certainly cutting cords can bring permanent healing of significant quality.

And one of the very coolest discoveries among professionals in this emerging field involves pattern and process.

Cords of attachment always contain a distinctive sequence of “Cord dialogue.” This information has great value for healing as part of the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).

  • Most cord dialogue involves content: Energy flows, thoughts, and feelings.
  • The sequence of cord items often represents a significant pattern.
  • And then sometimes my client hits the healing jackpot.  I encounter a process-oriented cord item, one item within a dialogue box that generates its own pattern.

In Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality, I provide short case histories. Every example contains important content, due to the many cord items. Many sequences of cord dialogue describe there also contain a significant pattern. That sure is important. It has huge implications for logical consequences, specific improvements that a client can reasonably expect after cutting a particular cord of attachment. But I could only pack so much information between those covers or (onto that ebook reader).

Today’s blog post is my first example of a process-oriented cord item ever made public, outside an advanced workshop or my Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Why do process-oriented cord items matter?

Every single cord of attachment you have will recycle at least once daily, the full sequence of cord items repeating at a subconscious level. Energies and chemicals and psychological patterns repeating in that way imprint how you think and feel.

Of course, there is no such thing as a “Good cord of attachment.” (The very idea reveals that a person still has a whole lot to learn about this field. For starters, a cord of attachment is an entirely different subtle energy structure from a spiritual tie or an astral tie. Uttering that string of words scares me more than hearing somebody holler “Voldemort.” 😉 )

Ever hear of Molecules of Emotion? Each cord of attachment presents quite a distasteful stew of molecules, an inner diet of misery that generates familiar distress just because it repeats so regularly.

Major cords of attachment repeat much more frequently than once daily. Consequences are worse than if they repeated in your conscious mind.

Surface repetition is annoying. While your subconscious imprints carry instructions instantaneously to your autonomic nervous system, your moods, your thinking, your expectations, and your patterns of behavior.

Examples of process-oriented cord items include:

  • Empath circuits switch ON. Limiting skills for an empath. Or to put it constructively, removing cords of attachment with this process-oriented cord item will help a person to make much rapid progress with Empath Empowerment(R).
  • The cordee is drunk. Or the client is drunk. Setting in motion dysfunctional vibrational positioning. Or to put it constructively, removing cords of attachment with this process-oriented cord item will help a person to stay clean and sober.
  • The cordee is stoned on pot. Or the client is under the influence of marijuana. Setting in motion dysfunctional vibrational positioning. Or to put it constructively, removing cords of attachment with this process-oriented cord item will help a person to “Just say no” to drugs.
  • The client slips out of the body and hovers in consciousness for an involuntary splitting off from physical reality. Or to put it constructively, removing cords of attachment with this process-oriented cord item will help a person to stay present with consciousness localized in the physical body.

Getting the picture? It’s a big deal for healing skill set to include the ability to identify process-oriented cord items. Pull out the implications and they stack up like this:

  1. Certain individual cord items do not only have content.
  2. Sometimes a particular cord item sequence can generate a pattern.
  3. Or a single cord item can contain a pattern.
  4. Or a set of cord dialogue could actually contain both, which is quite rare.
  5. Both  kinds of STUFF can always, always, always be healed.
  6. Some STUFF is just yuckier than other kinds. In my opinion, process-oriented cord items are the worst sort of STUFF in a cord of attachment.

My client JOE had a textbook-clear example of subconscious pattern and process in a recent session. Graciously he gave permission for me to share the information in this blog post.

It’s a superb example because there is a pattern related to projection and, in addition, there is a process-oriented cord item about projection. Wow, right?

Thanks to JOE, you can upgrade your sophistication about cords of attachment. Besides that, you can gain some psychological insight about projection. Today’s case study will give food for thought to anyone who has wondered about the underlying subconscious process involved in projection.

What is projection?

According to Kendra Cherry, “Projection is a defense mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people.”

In traditional language, projection is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Only projection isn’t as abstract as that saying might make it appear.

In real life? Projection is more like the pothead calling the kettle-holding roommate “Out of touch with reality.”

Okay, Blog-Buddies. You have the context set. If you have questions, just ask them in the COMMENTS box below. Now for this rare treat….

A case history with a cord of attachment that includes a process-oriented cord item

Plus here is a great chance to think about projection itself. Has it been happening in your relationships? Could you recognize it if it hit you over the head like a large kettle?

Recognizing psychological project can help you to sort out what other people frequently do.

This is what I found in the cord of attachment between JOE and his mother. See if you can find:

  1. A pattern, or sequence, related to psychological projection.
  2. A process-oriented cord item perpetuating psychological projection.

Just comment below with your ideas and questions, Blog-Buddies. About projection! About patterns in cord dialogue! About process-related cord items!

  1. JOE: Feeling sad and alone.
  2. MOM: Looking (just looking) at him.
  3. JOE: She is pitying me.
  4. JOE: Projection mechanism activates.
  5. JOE: So angry at her.
  6. JOE: How dare she criticize me for being moody when she is the one who makes me feel bad?
  7. JOE: I wish you would change.
  8. JOE: I can’t make you change.
  9. JOE: Feeling sorry for himself, hopeless and trapped.


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  1. 1
    Melanie says:

    One cord item from the cordee, no empath merge. All the anger, pity, etc. coming from Joe. I imagine healing this pattern of projection may be a major turning point in Joe’s life. Learning to recognize that in other relationships and other situations can really help a person like Joe stay present in objective reality. This has huge potential for Joe! I imagine this same pattern may exist in other cords of attachment, but even this one healing session probably changes his life for the better.

    Thank you, Rose, and thank you, Joe, for sharing.

  2. 2
    Dave says:

    Ha what a funny cord dialogue. Bad actually but still funny.

    Cord item dialogue boxes are like crazy mystery packages. You never know exactly what you’re going to get.

    Sometimes they’re just awful. Sometimes nearly mundane.

    I think I’ve been the recipient of a lot of projection in my life just because I vibrate pretty highly and tend to stir thing up in people. Not as a molecular empath, just as the way I’m wired. So I’ve been called an asshole, a jerk, heartless, narcissistic. Where in most of the cases the person doing the calling would fit the bill better, or was dealing with some subconscious patterns they’d repressed.

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    Wow! So anytime Joe was feeling sad and alone and someone looked at him he would activate this sequence of anger, sorrow and hopelessness. Glad that is out of Joe.

    And, I’m so glad that you have written about this topic. I can attest, having had many sessions with you in which cords were cut, that it really is a healing bonanza when a cord that involves a process is cut.

    The example that comes to mind is the cord I (you!) cut to a housemate of mine. I did not enjoy hanging out with him, and I felt guilty about it. My feeling guilty activated a process in which I started to pull in tons of his sadness.

    Objectively, nothing terrible ever happened with this housemate. But the month before this cord was cut, I felt unbelievably horrible. Having that cord cut felt like getting out of jail. Like my spirit had been covered in oily grime and all of a sudden I felt fresh, clear, and clean again. Not to mention a whole lot more cheerful.

    I learned from that session that it doesn’t matter what happened between you and another person in objective reality–if you feel bad when you interact with that person than there is a cord that needs cutting.

    All healing sessions move you forward but some sessions definitely carry an extra punch.

  4. 4
    Joe says:

    Comment: I am the mysterious Joe. Thank you for posting this entry, Rose, and thanks for the comments thus far. I have a few questions for the commenters.

    Melanie, in Comment 1, what did you mean when you said “one item from the cordee, no empath merge”?

    Dave, in Comment 2, why did you find the cord dialogue funny?

    Kylie, in Comment 3, you say that anytime I was feeling sad and alone and someone looked at me, I would activate the sequence of anger, sorrow, and hopelessness. Do you mean this would happen when anyone looked at me? Or only when the cordee looked at me (my mother)? I thought it was the latter, but maybe I’m missing something.

    I would welcome more comments from all of you and others, including Rose. This was my first experience having a cord of attachment cut and I am still learning.

  5. 5

    JOE, excellent questions, all.

    I am glad to have the chance to publicly thank you again for allowing us to share this part of your story. Thank you so much.

  6. 6

    JOE, I would like to go ahead and answer just the third of your questions.

    One perpetual balancing act I have at this blog is to teach in a way that respects everyone’s self-authority along with my skills and experience in the field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    KYLIE is a very experienced client, and eloquent as shows in her latest comment in this thread (as usual). However, she is not a teacher of this healing modality, so I feel it is appropriate to step in. Besides, you did invite me in that last paragraph. 🙂

  7. 7

    What is the exciting, healing-type point of removing a process-oriented item in a cord of attachment? Or a pattern in a cord of attachment?

    Or, in this case, JOE, both!!!

    The pattern or process is triggered in ALL your relationships.

    Removing any cord of attachment has consequences for all your current relationships and helps with relationships in your future as they develop.

    In this case, you are freed from the pattern of projection taking you over and distorting your reactions to objective reality.

    Not necessarily completely freed from the problem, but taking a very significant step forward in overcoming it.

    And sometimes one session like this is enough to move out the subconscious habit of automatically interpreting life in a particular way, waking up more normal functioning and a better life.

  8. 8

    Does this make sense to you, JOE?

    Part of the power to cutting a cord of attachment is the logical consequences for YOU, for the rest of your life. In your relationships with EVERYONE.

    Sometimes the healer in this type of session would not find any logical consequences at all related to your connection to the cordee. Because sometimes the cordee is no longer in the client’s life or could even be dead.

    No wonder I have done many hundreds, perhaps even thousands of sessions where the cordee was deceased or an ex or a boss from years ago, etc.

    By doing a quality job of removing a cord of attachment to one individual, you open up healing of all relationships in particular ways.

    Improving your life from now on? Yes it is potentially a big deal.

  9. 9
    Joe says:

    Thanks, Rose. Your responses are helpful. To confirm my understanding, you are saying that the pattern of projection was part of my cord with my mother, but it played out in all my relationships. Therefore, removing the cord with my mother frees me from this pattern in all my relationships. Have I got that right?

    One more thing. I am not fully understanding the distinction between a process-oriented item in a cord and a pattern in a cord. Can you clarify?

  10. 10
    Dave says:

    Joe. I find it funny because it’s absurd to me.

    There seems to be no objective reason that you would jump to those conclusions based on the cord dialogue. Your mother, in this instant apparently, didn’t actually do anything in objective reality to you. But then the cord items went off into a variety of conclusions that didn’t seem warranted. Maybe there was some reason based on your relationship to jump to those conclusions.

    But that’s funny to me. “Why would you look at me!” “How dare you criticize me!” But she was really doing anything according to the cord, according to what I read.

    Not to diminish your suffering. I’m sure the cord was still not great to live with. But as I said, after having cut over a total of 50 cords for myself and a few friends, the cord dialogues never cease to surprise.

  11. 11

    DAVE, that is such an honest answer. If a particular kind of problem has not bothered you personally, it can seem comical, in a way.

    It might add a useful bit of perspective to blog readers and lurkers to note the following things about you in objective reality, DAVE:

    *You are one of the younger blog readers. Although many others are in your age group here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

    *Although very talented at energy spirituality, you have not yet been in my Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality.

    In that program, DAVE, you wouldn’t exactly lose your sense of humor. But learning extra bits can add the benefit of more experience, even for someone like you who is already wise far beyond your years.

    I did put through your comment about the funny, although this could have been considered questionable in terms of the civility policy I attempt to keep up at this blog. Because I know you personally, DAVE, I am aware that you would never intentionally insult anyone here. You shared an honest response initially, plus you just made a really important point that “cord dialogues never cease to surprise.”

    I do hope that neither your feelings nor JOE’s have been hurt in this educational interlude. You’all know, I aim to make this a TEACHING blog.

  12. 12
    David B says:

    I’ve seen the same in myself. What I would describe as stories or programs running in the “background” and dominating my perception of the world. Then one day, they’re seen consciously and it can be startling how goofy and absurd they are.

    Of course, this is more about Stuff than cords, but the principle is the same.

  13. 13
    David B says:

    Agreed – thanks for sharing Joe. I’m just learning on this myself. I’ve removed cords before, but not in a skilled way.

  14. 14
    Amy says:

    This is fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing this Joe.
    I have studied projection as part of my studies and I have also noticied when I have been projecting. Generally this is when I look back rather than in the moment however!

    How interesting that it could be part of a process related cord item. I can certainly think of some people I know that would really benefit from cutting such a cord. Please do report back on the consequences you see after the session!

  15. 15
    Dave says:

    Thanks Rose.

    By sharing that I thought it was funny does nothing to diminish the power it had in Joe’s aura. And I wouldn’t say I haven’t experienced something similar. Life as an u skilled empath was one confusing, socially awkward, misunderstanding after the other. Many times I’ve ascribed malice or rudeness to people when it wasn’t strictly objectively warranted. As anyone who’s gone through Rose’s empath books or workshops knows, the difference between objective and subjective reality is hard to discern for most empaths. My own experience attests to this A LOT.

    My further point about cord dialogues is I often find them funny. Mine and those of others. But how can you find something that causes suffering funny? one might ask. Well I have an absurdist sense of humor. Or sometimes gallows humor. Really, often, the whole mess of humanity, on a micro and macro level, is funny. Life is an absurd, repititive, silly, messy, endeavor, often. And it can be useful to look back on a time in your life, a time when you struggled with some issue that seemed so major and difficult at the time, and if necessary feel some measured self pity, and then chuckle. I don’t think this is a rare or ground breaking perspective either.

    Indeed the majority of humor is based around things that are otherwise hurtful. 10 minutes at a comedy club can show you that. But that’s the power of humor. To turn something potentially sad or awful into something lighthearted. Duality. The light beyond the dark. And in general, I try not to take life TOO seriously. It’s definitely a balance though. Knowing life’s a game while still participating to the best of your ability.

    That said, there’s a time and a place. Nothing I said was intended to hurt. I’m honestly surprised if it was interpreted that way. But tone is hard to convey online. It seemed to me a particularly absurd cord of attachment. And believe me I’ve silly, simplistic, even stupid, to me, cords.

    Also, I don’t live my life monitoring what I say every second to avoid offending people. That’s a teaching I think Rose would agree with. And I’ve been offending my family, teachers, and strangers my whole life just by being me, so at some point I think it’s best to just accept yourself, your opinions, and go about your life, without intentionally causing harm.

  16. 16
    Dave says:

    Actually now that I think of it, I’ve laughed out loud multiple times in sessions with Rose after she read out my cord items. So either I’ve got a great sense of humor or a twisted sense of what’s funny. I have my opinion on the matter.

  17. 17
    Melanie says:

    Thank you, Joe, for the opportunity to clarify my comment. Many times in cord dialogue, at least for my own cords of attachment, there is a process oriented item: “empath gifts switch on.” In this particular sequence, you did not have “empath gifts switch on.” I’m not assuming you’re an empath – it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. But without doing an empath merge or other technique, any ideas about how someone else is feeling when they’re just looking at you (the only cord item from your mother, meaning, in this incident, she didn’t tell you she pitied you or any of the rest) it seems obvious to me that you were projecting. I guess it was just my way of confirming the obvious.

    Congratulations on having that chunk of STUFF gone!

    And again, thank you for allowing Rose to share this with us.

  18. 18

    DAVE, you do have a great sense of humor.

    Also I wonder how many of us at this blog can identify with your statement in Comment 17:

    “And I’ve been offending my family, teachers, and strangers my whole life just by being me, so at some point I think it’s best to just accept yourself, your opinions, and go about your life, without intentionally causing harm.”

    I can, for one. 🙂

  19. 19
    Dave says:

    And you’ve been a huge help in increasing my self acceptance in that area! The march goes on though, with bumps in the road!

  20. 20
    Ashley says:

    Don’t cords generally only store the most recent traumatic incidents, until such a time something more traumatic gets lodged in? Maybe Joe had previous experiences with his mother that would lead him to think she was pitying him or being critical at the time. Well, that’s probably an obvious statement, but the projection mechanism didn’t activate until item 4. Did it activate because he projected she was pitying him, or were the items 4 and beyond the projecting? Keep in mind, I have no idea how a projection process cord item would look like.

  21. 21

    Great question, ASHLEY. Cords of attachment do NOT store traumas necessarily.

    I can’t wait to clarify.

    During the break before my evening workshop session I will go into more detail. Now on to prepare for the afternoon meeting.

    One thought as a brain teaser for any of you who read meanwhile. Can you think what does cause one incident, rather than another, to be stored as cord dialogue? Something other than the trauma value on the HORRIBLE LIFE INCIDENTS OF ICKINESS.

  22. 22

    Drumroll, ASHLEY and other Blog-Buddies.

    What causes an incident in life to become cord dialogue, recycling daily in your cord of attachment to, say, GLADYS?

    Depends on existing patterns of STUFF you alredy have in your subconscious mind and aura at the time of the incident.

    For instance, say that GLADYS has a lot of STUFF on the theme of having people be angry at her, yelling, rage attacks, etc.

    Could be, GLADYS talks to her friendly, saintly, neighborhood librarian, JOSEPHINE.

    JOSEPHINE has dealt woth one creepy library patron too many, on that particular afternoon. So JOSEPHINE glares angrily at GLADYS.

    Big accident. No harm meant. Really!

    Yet receiving that angry glare could be enought for that particular incident to replace what used to be in GLADYS’s cord of attachment to JOSEPHINE.

    ASHLEY, I do not know in lurid detail about all the traumas you have suffered in this lifetime. But I suspect that one angry look from a sweet librarian would not generally be considered the worst thing ever.

    To Blog-Buddy DAVE, such an incident might seem funny. 😉

    But to GLADYS, a close enough match to her existing patterns of STUFF to get stuck in her cord.

    Make sense, everyone?

  23. 23

    P.S. What kind of STUFF would count, related to the last comment?

    * Cords of attachment
    * Astral entities/stuck spirits
    * Negative thought forms/concepts/patterns
    * Psychic coercion
    * Outdated belief bodies
    * Frozen blocks from this lifetime and previous incarnations as well

    There is a short list — not that it is complete.

  24. 24

    Now, JOE, finally addressing the points you made in Comment 9.

    “To confirm my understanding, you are saying that the pattern of projection was part of my cord with my mother, but it played out in all my relationships.”

    This part of what you wrote is close to the truth.

    There WERE implications for how you responded to other people, as well as the cordee, because that specific set of cord items used to influence your subconscious mind, create chemicals to support the pattern and process.

    Not necessarily impacting all your relationships, but possibly having an effect on many of them. Definitely contributing to a tendence to project emotions onto other people.

  25. 25

    Responding to more of your excellent Comment 9, JOE:

    “Therefore, removing the cord with my mother frees me from this pattern in all my relationships. Have I got that right?”

    Not quite right. So glad you asked.

    To this experienced practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, it would be more reasonable to say, “You are less likely to have problems with psychological projection in your relationships.”

    Less STUFF in your subconscious mind, influencing you and limiting responses.

    Less STUFF of this kind, not no STUFF of this kind. For example, see Comment 23 abover.

    The important thing is to gain emotional and spiritual healing one big step at a time.

    We permanently move out STUFF, then PUT IN what fits us better. We ave more freedom, more flexiility, more progress on that personal path to Enlightenment.

    Not too shabby.

  26. 26

    Finally, JOE, in your Comment 9 you requested clarification “between a process-oriented item in a cord and a pattern in a cord.”

    To receive results, you have no need to make this technical distinction. But since you asked, hey, you are on the blog of a consciousness nerd. So here goes.

    A process oriented cord item switches on a style of functioning in the mind-body-spirit system. All of us have learned subconscious patterns that are quite complex.

    It’s like when you learned a particular way to feel unhappy and lonely as a kid. Or when someone gets an urge to smoke a cigarette.

    My name for that is an energetic sub-routine. It works like a bug in a computer program. It can be fixed/healed.

    Ways to dismantle that include cutting cords of attachment, moving out frozen blocks (including from other lifetimes) and the new technique, Vibrational Re-Positioning(TM).

  27. 27

    By contrast, JOE, a pattern in a cord of attachment is a subconscious sequence where, in similar circumstances to what happens in any part of that pattrn, you will wind up in the same emotional, spiritual, or energetic space.

    For instance, with the cord of attachment given as an example here, any feelings or experiences similar to Cord Items 1-8 would tend to bring on the feeling in Cord Item #9.

    Like an inevitable, familiar internal destination.

    It is hard to use free will, or interact in the here and now, with surges of subconscious movement in such a direction.

    This is one reason why moving out a cord of attachment like the one described here can lead to many beneficial logical consequences. Bottom line, you wind up feeling more like yourself.

  28. 28
    Joe says:

    Thanks, Dave, for clarifying “funny.” I agree with you about the absurd. I must confess I initially found the cord dialogue very confusing.

    Here’s why. I think my mother does, in fact, pity me. For example, I was with my mother yesterday. At one point she said to me, “You poor baby.” At another point, she said “Try not to be so sad.” This felt absurd to me, as I did not feel sad at either moment.

    Knowing this, I did not understand how projection could also be at work. If she really did think I was sad and alone, how could I also be projecting those feelings onto her?

    But for the first time yesterday, I wondered, could this be my mother’s STUFF? No doubt she has loads of STUFF of her own. Could she even be projecting her own sense of being sad and alone onto me? I have no idea if that’s the case, but wondering about it certainly heightens my sense of the absurdity. Kind of like the comic line, I’m not paranoid, it’s just that everyone is out to get me. How funny would it be if we were both projecting the same feelings of being sad and alone onto each other?

    In any event, I think I now have a better understanding of these cord items and how they operate in my life. I realize I can be projecting like crazy, and at the same time, the people I am projecting on could be having the same feelings that I am projecting, or perhaps even projecting themselves. How funny is that!

    So thanks again for your comments, Dave. Thinking about the absurdity has really helped clarify my understanding.

  29. 29

    JOE, sounds as though you are beginning to understand more about the illusions of life. It is so exciting that you were able to have this new thought, recognizing more of the truth about the relationship with your mother as it is right now.

    Just because your mother says something does not make it true. You may even be more aware that her telling you what you (supposedly) feel is inappropriate, as well.

    You have more understanding about projection — which anyone is capable of doing, not just yourself in the past but your mother in the present. Adding to that, greater the energetic clarity is now available to you subconsciously. All this will assist with discernment. Consequently, you may start to develop new social skills.

    For example, if your mother does something similar in the future, you might tell your mother, “Please do not talk to me like that again. Do not tell me what you think I am feeling. In this case it isn’t even true. I am not feeling sad. If I feel sad and need to be comforted, I will ask for your help, okay?”

    Incidentally, that practical request for what you would like to change in objective reality is the way to go for problem solving. I don’t recommend you start giving your mother instruction in the nature of projection or otherwise analyzing her behavior. Simply ask for what you would like and not like. Communicate clearly and provide consequences, in regular human terms.

    After even one session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, you are becoming far more capable of doing that.

  30. 30

    One fine tuning to understanding might be helpful, given your Comment 28, JOE.

    There is no need to think further about “these cord items and how they operate in my life” because they are gone.

    As a standard feature of a personal session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, the first time I facilitate cutting a cord of attachment for a client, I explain a whole lot about the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment, what to expect for results, what is not realistic to expect, etc.

    It can be helpful that I make a recording, since that is a lot of information to take in.

    If you were to listen to your recording, it is likely you would hear this kind of standard information and benefit from it. (I can’t comment in public about anything that happens in a personal session. This is just a generalization. 😉 )

  31. 31

    One idea I can share right now, and it applies to every time a cord of attachment is cut with skills.

    The cord of attachment is gone forever. You received a bandage. You received homework.

    That homework never, ever includes “Mull over your cord items. These are your wishes. Work through them.”

    Rather, those cord items are gone forever. You have certain logical consequences, or likely results from that particular cord of attachment being gone.

    That is where to focus for results. And those results come automatically in the here and now, not by analyzing your old problems in a relationship. Make sense?

  32. 32
    Joe says:

    Thanks, Melanie, for elaborating on your comment. It helped clarify for me that any empath merges between me and my mother are separate and apart from this pattern and process of projection.

    I am an unskilled empath in the process of learning to be skilled, and no doubt I have a long long history of doing unskilled empath merges with my mother, so I wondered how the cord could have projection as its centerpiece, given that projection is based on my feelings, not the feelings of the other person. But you helped me to see that projection can operate irrespective of any empath merges.

    It also really drives home to me how messy my consciousness has been, what with all this projecting and unskilled merging going on! Hoo boy. So glad I found Rose to help me clean up the mess!

  33. 33
    Joe says:

    Thanks, Rose. I really appreciate all of your clarifying comments. I will lay off the mulling – point well taken!

    I suspect I’m becoming a consciousness nerd myself, and a blog entry about my very own cord has been irresistible fodder for me. But enough. It’s gone!

  34. 34
    Amanda says:

    Joe, I loved your Comment 28.

    Often that is how we operate in the world! – one person in their own world and another in their own, and communication between the two becoming difficult as a result.

    Taking back your projections and cleaning up makes you more available to truly listen – and better at noticing when someone else is talking ‘at you’ with their own stuff, rather than ‘to you’ with genuine connection.

    To me it’s not only part of feeling better, but also a personal responsibility for each one of us.

    Congratulations on your session!


  35. 35
    Dave says:

    Thanks for the self-awareness and humility in your responses Joe. It’s clear you understand what I was trying to convey, and I appreciate that.

    [Blog-Buddies, a longish comment follows. It’s so juicy, I elevated it to a Guest Post, being published on October 16, 2013.]

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