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Aura Reading a Great Man You Never Heard of, Jim Bradford

Strong on the outside, how strong on the inside?

Strong on the outside, how strong on the inside?

Heroes live among us. Mostly we can’t tell.

  • Not unless we pay attention to what they do, in human reality. (Sometimes newspapers can broaden our reach.)
  • Or unless you use some of your Twenty Minutes of Daily Technique Time, Tops… to read that person’s aura or do Skilled Empath Merge or face reading.

Today I received a superb invitation to learn about a great man. It didn’t come by owl. No, the invite showed up in my morning newspaper, Metro Section of The Washington Post. The headline read, “Jim Bradford, 84. From Library of Congress to Olympic Weightlifting.”

One more obit? About someone not famous?

As noted in the Washington Post obituary today by Bart Barnes, Jim Bradford, who died yesterday at 84 years of age, spent much of his life in quiet obscurity at the Library of Congress as an Assistant Bookbinder and a Researcher. Yet Barnes was also a two-time Olympian silver medalist… once in 1952 and then again in 1960.

Heard of him? Then you would be in a very small club. But since when did fame reveal anything important about a person’s who-you-be. Fame tells you about a person’s karma and, perhaps, patterns in collective consciousness about what is considered interesting at any given historical time.

Prepare to enjoy an aura reading of Jim Bradford, Olympic Medalist, Twice

You can click onto the original photo used for todays aura reading.

Here is a long-term available version of the Jim Bradford aura photo. (Of course, to any skilled aura reader… every photo is an aura photo.)

Background on energetic literacy can give you perspective.

Learning about chakra databanks, a.k.a.,  the nadis, can be helpful too.

As for learning to read auras, even from regular photographs as well as in person, of course I can help you. My top choice for quick-and-easy learning to read auras is Read People Deeper. Another helpful book with the distinctive techniques of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R)? It’s called Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

Now let’s get ready to grunt and sweat and flex those muscles. 😉

Actually, aura reading is effortless, once you have got skills!

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra: Making Contact with Physical Reality

Fills the room plus two inches.

Demonstrating major strength in such a cute way, posed in the photograph! Jim Bradford’s chakra databank shows an equivalent power, while relating to physical objects.

Blog-Buddies, you’ve just got to see the photo for today’s aura reading, if you have time to click on it and you want a giggle. Definitely, that Jim Bradford loves being physical.

Being in his body, flexing his exceptional strength, wow! It is such a delight.

Being this strong and healthy makes any random physical object feel like his toy.

Blog-Buddies, imagine becoming so strong that the physical world feels like your toy. This experience brings a powerful form of self-confidence for Jim Bradford at this time in his life.

Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra: Flow of Energy

50 feet. Just as extraordinary as this size for this chakra databank, note: This size is within the range of normal for Jim Bradford at this time in his life.

Physically, the weightlifter is exceptionally strong and healthy. Psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, he has adjusted beautifully to his exceptional physical prowess. Not that Mr. Bradford is necessarily so well adjusted to other aspects of life, but he has learned to handle the nearly super-human strength pretty darned well.

With this chakra databank, as with so many others of his related to being physically embodied, Jim Bradford has superb coordination between thought and action. His body does what he wishes it to do.

Energy, vitality, and strength are abundant for Jim. This brings him immense joy, a very human kind of happiness rather than:

  • A mystical sort of bliss
  • Pride in possessing an exceptional musical talent
  • Or other ways that a person can feel so very good here at Earth School.

Really, Blog-Buddies, it is worth learning to read auras  in detail just to be able to explore the many, varied, fascinating ways that a person can feel immense joy.

Did it ever occur to you that YOUR deepest joys in this life are unique? Unique to you. And even unique to this particular lifetime.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra: Self-Confidence

Because the Olympic champion has such confidence in his physical prowess, I thought it might be interesting to research a couple of chakra databanks about other forms of confidence.

This one concerns ideas of oneself, thinking “Hey, I’m a good person, ” etc.

5 inches. Oopsie.

As a person, a social animal hanging out with other people, one-on-one or in crowds, Jim Bradford feels more like bashful Clark Kent than Superman.

At the time of this photo, it is a consolation to Jim Bradford that people may not notice much about him, except for the athletic talent. When folks focus on that claim-to-fame aspect, he feels such relief. Otherwise, it does not necessarily feel great to be the Assistant Bookbinder for the Smithsonian, simply a man.

Historical footnote: Being a black man in America has never been easy, not compared to being a white man. Not nearly easy enough yet! At the time of his Olympic victories, in the 1950’s, it probably wasn’t too pleasant for Bradford living in the District of Columbia (or anywhere else below the Mason-Dixon Line). Remember the story of Marion Anderson’s famous concert in 1939? By 1950, times in America had changed. But how much?

Can you imagine how different it would have been if Jim Bradford had been Caucasian? As he told David Maraniss, author of Rome 1960, the great athlete had to take unpaid leave to compete in the Olympics. “Nah, they just ignored it” when he returned after wining his first Olympic medal.

Of course, each of us lives in a historic time, with a life contract that may or (usually) does not include big fame. We choose our bodies, our major talents, our Ph.D. for personal growth.

At the time of this photo, Jim Bradford’s Ph.D. for Personal Growth is not about physical self-confidence, which comes to him so easily. Human relationships are the hard part for him, confidence included.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra: Handling Conflict

Personally, I find it so helpful to read chakra databanks, not just entire chakras. Where is the nuance in just proclaiming one chakra officially “Open” or “Closed”?

This is an entirely different chakra databank to read in the world-class weightlifter.

44 feet. When a social interaction clearly involves conflict, Jim Bradford does become ready to handle the conflict. It’s the sorta-kinda-conflicts that flummox  him.

That’s one great thing about an official athletic competition, isn’t it?

When you’re in the Olympics, for instance, it’s different from visiting with Crazy  Grandpa Joe, who might be fun to be with that day or behave altogether differently.

Bradford feels physically strong, mentally strong. He does not flinch from conflict.

Courage is a familiar response to him, when official conflict must be handled. Hence the fine showing with the size (if not the quality) of this chakra databank.

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra: Emotional Self-Esteem

4 inches. So empty and sad, to my perception.

Jim Bradford feels good about himself under certain conditions, especially when other people provide him with external validation, such as praise.

Internally he does not know much, not at the time of this photograph anyway, not know much at all about how to find comfort, validation, or value from within himself.

Deep down, Bradford knows he is good, is loveable. That’s why this chakra databank sticks out four inches.

As a person Bradford is so much better than how he feels at this time; he just doesn’t know it yet.

Aura Reading Databank at the High Heart Chakra: Soul Thrill

19 miles. At the time of this photo, Jim Bradford is in his glory.

And why not? He is doing exactly what he has come to earth to do as a World Server.

In this moment, Jim feels totally satisfied, resplendent in his physical power. His physique demonstrates real results of great physical effort.

He makes it look so easy, picking up that other man in this publicity photograph. Bradford makes it look easy, being strong and seeming so very in control.

It shows plainly in this chakra databank. It satisfies Jim Bradford so deeply, having his life look so easy. Even if just for a brief interlude before going back to work, an unremarkable Assistant Bookbinder.

Yet in such moments as this he has photographic proof. He, Jim Bradford, Olympic champion, has had a place at the World’s Great Feast of Athletic Glory.

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  1. 1

    So beautifully put, DAVID B.

  2. 2
    David B says:

    One hopes the semi-fame he achieved did not dampen his joy of life and that he learned to find joy in more of it.

    I recall when I realized how very differently my neighbors viewed life, each in a very unique way. Some in anger and fear, others in quiet peace. It’s not necessarily obvious by superficial markers but there are some out there who have quietly become very successful at life.

  3. 3
    Dana says:

    This was a great reminder about how we specialize and get our “Phd’s in certain things, that we can’t focus on everything in one life:)And this made me think of how in our society we often assume that really successful athletes have that level of success in every area of life. Of course Jim Bradford unfortunately didn’t even get the level of recognition he deserved for his great Olympic success.

  4. 4
    Bridget says:

    As a librarian in a government setting the, “Nah, they just ignored it,” attitude is sadly pervasive – especially among the senior citizens. In my library, I’ve never seen the older staff reach out, congratulate, or even say happy birthday to anyone in the five months I’ve worked there. In fact, celebrating birthdays is frowned upon.

    This article has shown me that even 40 years ago the culture was similar. Different department, same government network in the same city. It confirms the experiences a couple of my friends, younger employees there, have shared there as well. It’s too bad.

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