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How I Deal with Spiritual Shutdown, a Guest Post by CURIOUS AS EVER



Aha!s about Spiritual Shutdown

Aha!s about Spiritual Shutdown

Recently, Blog-Buddies, we have been discussing the plight of millions who are currently pursuing a fascinating experiment at Earth School that I call “Spiritual Shutdown.” Some are preppers, some await The Rapture, while others are simply trying to get through their day.

When you read chakra databanks of folks with this pattern of spiritual shutdown, what do you find? Chakra databanks about survival and noticing objective reality are over-functioning. Meanwhile, chakra databanks about spiritual connection, emotional intimacy, curiosity about inner life? Oops. They slam closed into shutdown.

Ironically, living in spiritual shutdown can help a person to be ultra-effective in life. Emphasis is placed on effectiveness in objective reality, which can produce way more results than New Age Law of Attraction Practices or Evangelical beliefs about Seed Money .

And, yes, I have researched this topic extensively, along with spiritual addiction. It is amazing how much more successful people can be when avoiding Law of Attraction practices and other New Age beliefs that bring on spiritual addiction.

Meanwhile people who avoid spiritual experiences and emotional growth can push themselves into a pattern of spiritual shutdown and wind up taking on gray slime.

Today’s Washington Post contains a great article about spiritual shutdown… indirectly at  least.

Tyler Farr demonstrates spiritual shutdown, and makes big bucks, with “Redneck Crazy.”

Interested in learning more about collective consciousness of extreme spiritual shutdown, as put to music”? Read the details about the song “Redneck Crazy” in this article by Emily Yahr in the Washington Post. This link will also show you a photo of Tyler Farr, so very suitable for aura reading.

Tyler Farr isn’t just making big bucks. He is appealing to a large group of people with a powerful collective consciousness, a collective consciousness about joyfully and unabashedly experimenting with life in spiritual shutdown.

The #1 country music hit sings up a storm related to reacting to a cheating girlfriend. Lyrics include:

“I’m gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows, throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows.”

Note, this is different from what the lyrics might have been in a song penned by a musician with spiritual addiction. That hypothetical song might have contained lyrics more like:

“I’m gonna look at the shadows in your bedroom and try to understand how you could be feeling right now, and why you would be such a cruel girlfriend to me.

“Then I will consult my guides to find out how to stay positive through it all.”

At a recent post on spiritual shutdown, I wrote:

“If my research is correct, and so many people today are living in spiritual shutdown, what do you think is the most effective way of communicating with them?”

CURIOUS AS EVER has provided a fabulous answer, now elevated to a guest post. I have added only links and formatting and minor edits. The wisdom is PURE CURIOUS.

6 Ways to Deal with People in Spiritual Shutdown

I can’t speak to the validity of Rose’s research about numbers of people in  spiritual shutdown. (I suspect she is quite right.) But I myself have dealt with some otherwise very fine people who, alas, have accumulated quite a lot of junk and grey slime in their auras.

I am learning how to deal… and though I probably have much more to learn, I have gotten to a point where I can look back and say, “Aha! I am now dealing with this person much more effectively!” So here goes:

#1. Communicate within Appropriate Limits

Understand that verbal communication has its limits. A person with a big aura clog up there is not likely to appreciate a different point of view (such as, say, mine), so all the blather and arguing in the world isn’t going to get them there.

And in fact, arguing may energize them to only dig in further and accumulate more junk and slime. So stick to topics of conversation that steer wide and clear of anything that might energize the junk and draw in more slime.

Translation: I don’t get into it with Fox News-watching elderly people about the merits of Obama / medicare / immigration / the injustices of the world / latest celebrity outrage.

Instead, I discuss pets, charming or quirky relatives, old movies, the garden, and anything they might find amusing (fishing, sewing, a novel, whatever interests them).

I also save amusing YouTube videos of cats and puppies and misc. “Neat stuff” to show them.

Maybe I sound like I am being condescending but what I’m saying is, try to find a point of joy, a way to smile together.

#2. Seek a Heart Opening

There is always that opening into a person’s heart, even if it is very small.

If that person lives in spiritual shutdown, you might have to be very patient and very shrewd to find it.

But it is there.

It also helps to remember that if a person’s heart is shut, that has happened out of self-protection.

#3. Keep Open to Possibility. Good Possibility.

A human being is incredibly complex and can always surprise you. Keep your mind open to possibilities. As Rose says, STUFF can always be healed.

#4. Keep Your Wits about You

This may sound like a contraction to #3, but don’t stand on the tracks.

I mean, people tend to be pretty predicable, so if you see a roar coming out of the tunnel, don’t lie down on the tracks and then complain when you get run over.

Here is where I find Rosetree Energy Spirituality teachings so vitally helpful. Reading people better is like being able to better hear and see that train… in other words, I can better evaluate how realistic my expectations of other people may be and adjust my actions accordingly.

#5. Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

Make sure that — understanding you can influence other people but not necessarily change them — you have your own intentions for the relationship and the circumstance very clear.

In other words, is the goal to say, spend a nice afternoon with your elderly relative? Solve a problem with your neighbor or boss or employee?

Whatever that goal is, make sure your own intentions are clear and your own behavior congruent with that.

Don’t get caught up into the other person’s accumulated junk and gray slime dynamic just to feed your own ego.

Translation: Act appropriately in human and social ways!

#6. Appropriate Laughter Can Help

#6. Find the humor.

It’s there.


And everybody loves to laugh. Well, everybody I’ve ever met. Laughter can induce miracles.

P.S. Though I think Fox Cable News is one of the world’s great purveyors of grey slime, there’s a similar dynamic at work on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Some of the most spiritually shut down people ever, anywhere, are hard-core leftists.

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  1. 1
    Amy says:

    Wow this is great advice Curious as Ever, thanks so much!

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    Brilliant! I love this post. Thanks, Curious as Ever.

  3. 3
    David B says:

    Wow – good practical tools for dealing with anyone who’s caught in their projections. Curious obviously has great people skills.

  4. 4
    Isabel says:

    Wow! I love this!

  5. 5
    Dave says:

    Great! I’ve been doing these same techniques to but didn’t necessarily realize it.

    Unfortunately a lot of my interactions with people with spiritual addiction come down to “uh oh, if I want to get anything done, looks like ill have to be the bigger person, the adult, them the child” coupled with “I know the boundaries of what’s acceptable and what’s not, and if they cross the line, I will tell them so.”

  6. 6
    Linda Stone says:

    Ms. Curious,

    This is such a wonderful primer for moving through the shoals of the spiritually shut down.

    I especially appreciate “Don’t stand on the tracks.”

    Thank you for so clearly and lovingly demonstrating how to find some kind of common ground without compromising your own values.

  7. 7
    Merrit says:

    Curious, I loved this, so insightful, practical, loving and hopeful.
    With 45% of the population in spiritual shutdown it can be a challenge.
    Not “lying down on the tracks” is the best advice.
    I’ve never thought about setting a goal/intention for a meeting with someone, great advice!

  8. 8
    Jean says:

    Thanks Curious as Ever – great tools for the toolkit.

  9. 9
    Curious As Ever says:

    Thanks, Rose, and thanks all for your generous comments.

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