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Either Hypnosis OR Meditation. Know the Difference.


Either an apple OR an orange. Either meditation OR Hypnosis.

Either an apple OR an orange. Either meditation OR Hypnosis.

Many a human tragedy has resulted from confusions around the two very different approaches called either meditation OR hypnosis.

Warning you of this possible gap in your education so far, I don’t mean to alarm you. Reading this article might even cheer you up. You might better understand past experiences when, guess what? You thought you were learning meditation but were given hypnosis. Or vice versa.

Could it be? Confusing either hypnosis or meditation may have wasted your time or money or worse.

Either Hypnosis OR Meditation Can Be Wonderful

For instance, either meditation or hypnosis or both… can move you forward rapidly on your personal path to Enlightenment. Yet, technically, they move your awareness in completely opposite directions.

How can I write such a thing? Because of my background for writing this article.

Energetic Literacy Reveals When It’s Either Hypnosis OR Meditation

Yes, energetic literacy reveals a lot. What else matters?

My background includes professional-level skills at teaching meditation and also teaching hypnotism.

Note: I began writing this article within 24 hours of graduating from a National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) “Train the Trainers” Course, when I became a Certified Instructor for an organization that now has over 14,000 members (all professional hypnotists). I went back and edited the article on July 26, 2016.

My Professional Background in Hypnotism

Involved in hypnosis since 1985, eventually I became certified in hypnosis and past-life regression therapy.

  • Then I went on to develop a distinctive method of regression hypnosis called Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.
  • My self-hypnosis CD is available, “Your Happiness Project.” This delivers a post-hypnotic suggestion that helps me every single day, and it can help you, too.
  • Now I am authorized to teach hypnosis by the NGH, the gold standard within this profession. So I am developing my first offering of this training. This will be the prerequisite for a separate training in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. (Once all those details are sorted out, you can expect a pretty exuberant blog post right here, Blog-Buddies!)

Plus, of course, I help clients with personal sessions of past-life regression hypnosis. This skill set within Energy Spirituality is a unique form of past-life regression.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone through the hoops to trademark it. BTW, unlike other types of Energy Spirituality Sessions, it needs to be done in person. This month alone, clients have traveled to this part of metro Washington D.C. from Paris, Singapore, plus the so-exotic lands of Virginia and Maryland.

My Professional Background in Meditation

This part of my background began in 1969. Lucky me, I took the first course in Transcendental Meditation (TM) ever offered at my college.

Rigorous training with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi included Teacher Training and many advanced courses. These helped me become more effective when teaching meditation. Altogether I spent over a year physically in the presence of Maharishi. What a life: meditating in my hotel room, sitting in lecture halls as he spoke, waiting outside his room for a personal audience.

The day I became a TM initiator (meditation teacher), it was still early years for teaching meditation in the America. I sat opposite Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at a card table. No sitting in full lotus, no deerskin, just Maharishi on a regular chair opposite me.

Maharishi told me the mantras used for Transcendental Meditation. Plus he explained how to assign them. Then he wrote down the list on a small sheet of paper. He used a blue felt-tipped pen. A bit more personal than becoming one of his meditation instructors in the years that followed!

Did I Ever Learn about Meditation, Yowza!

Until I resigned in 1986, my life centered on teaching meditation.

Although I taught one meditation technique exclusively, you think I learned anything about other forms of meditation? Not only did I give public lectures on meditation, answering questions galore. I learned so much about the meditation backgrounds of my students.

New York, Vermont, California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Illinois — I taught meditation in all these places. Just about every day of my life, I did something to teach meditation. Sometimes I ran TM centers. (My first big media interview was for National Public Radio, describing Maharishi’s plan to teach meditation in prisons. But I don’t count that in my running total of media interviews in Energy Spirituality. Hey, that is over 1,000 interviews anyway.)

For me, teaching Transcendental Meditation didn’t only involve the set steps of meditation and follow-up (checking). Oh no! This meditation enthusiast also loved designing advanced lectures and pilot programs. Also I syndicated a newspaper column called “Meditation Information.”

Steeped in Meditation

You’re getting the picture, Blog-Buddies. I was steeped in meditation like a pot of really strong Darjeeling tea.

Since then, I did move on to other beverages. 😉 I mean different work. Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) developed, with many skill sets. You may know about all the specialties: Empath coaching, aura reading, face reading, Energy Spirituality HEALING, even becoming a bit of an Enlightenment Coach.

However I still do a bit of work related to meditation, especially:

  • I can custom design a meditation technique for you. (I have even had the honor of doing this for one of the members of my Enlightenment Life List.) A cool session of Personal Mentoring.
  • In sessions of Soul Thrill® Aura Research I’ll often evaluate particular techniques and instructors. What will that form of meditation do for you now? How about other techniques of either meditation or hypnosis or whatever?
  • A different kind of Aura Reading Research can address what’s going on with a particular meditation teacher (or hypnotist, healer, etc.) This involves reading auras from photographs, regular photos.
  • Pulling out an energetic hologram from one or more encounters with any meditation teacher, meditator, hypnotist, etc. This is one of the more advanced forms of Energetic Literacy. Request this kind of session to see the impact of either meditation or hypnosis techniques you have tried.
  • One way or another, you see, I can help you to make better choices about meditation or hypnosis. Curious about what a past form of meditation did to your aura back then? How about whether it is still helpful in the present? You get the idea!
  • Helping you to fully exit from a cult that involved either hypnosis or meditation. Yes, I have helped clients who spent years in either type of cult. Sadly either meditation or hypnosis can contribute to cult mind control.

So That’s Why I Have the Standing to Tell You, “Either Hypnosis or Meditation”

Smart Consumers, must you spend all that time, do the same kinds of work, acquire similar training… in order to distinguish “Is it either hypnosis OR meditation?”

Phew, no way!

How to Tell It’s Either Hypnosis OR Meditation

Vibrationally and practically, what do all meditation techniques have in common?

  1. With meditation, you begin in the waking state of consciousness.
  2. Then you position your consciousness in a chosen direction, one of The Three Worlds (Depending on which technique of meditation you are using, you will go to a particular world of consciousness, whether human or astral or Divine.)
  3. Long-term practice of meditation prepares you to easily, clearly, do what? Access that same vibrational frequency whenever you wish.

Consumer alert: Note that “Long-term” means decades or lifetimes. Beware any promise of instant Enlightenment, or any other experience of consciousness.

Hopefully your meditation teacher has honestly described the destination of that meditation practice. Are you given a safe technique that strengthens your ability to travel in the desired direction?

Where in The Three Worlds of Consciousness Can Meditation take you?

Meditation is wonderful. Yet it is not just one kind of wonderful. Depends on the technique being used. Your awareness could go to:

  • Divine experience. For instance, “Let us pray” in any house of worship where the leader personally is equipped to guide the congregation to the Divine realm related to that religion. It could be either Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Unitarian-Universalist, or Wiccan, etc.
  • Astral experience. For instance, an effectively taught technique for Shamanic journeying or practices derived from Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Human experience. Smart Consumer, you might be flabbergasted to learn how often meditation positions awareness at the physical body, the human mind, the human intellect, human emotions. Yet this still might technically count as meditation.
  • A famous example is Dr. Herbert Benson’s technique for “Relaxation Response.” That brings awareness… to the surface of human life. Technically it IS meditation, yet Benson’s sad fragment of meditation… bears as much resemblance to an authentic version as… naming your laundromat in Bangalore after Krishna… will give you the experience of meeting the blue-skinned, flute-playing Divine Being.

Meditation Consumers, Beware

Any meditation technique could be called “Spiritual.”

Sadly, techniques advertised as “Spiritual meditation” do not deliver a spiritual result. The meditator travels in consciousness to either an astral or human destination.

Worse, any meditation technique could be unsafe or ineffective. Good reason to research carefully before receiving an initiation of any sort, right?

What about making up your own kind of meditation technique? No insult intended, but that’s just foolish. Would you also like to make up your own brain surgery techniques? Most mortals can’t even do a good job of cutting our own hair! (See the blog post on Self-Authority Vs. Skills, The Tricky Part.

Please do check out a meditation instructor’s credentials, background, training. Common sense, right?

And do make use of the Energy Spirituality resources I have summarized for you already in this article. Now… continuing with that theme of either hypnosis OR meditation…

Where in The Three Worlds of Consciousness Will Hypnosis Take You?

Hypnosis is an entirely different journey in consciousness from meditation. Although it also begins in the conscious waking state.

Hypnosis moves you into subconscious experience. Hypnosis is wonderful. Yet it is not just one kind of wonderful. Depends on the technique being used.

Two key points:

  1. The Subconscious/Astral World will be your destination. Even if the content is about the Divine. Content does not mean the same thing as process. Process is where you position your consciousness.
  2. You are moved. You do not actively move yourself (as happens with meditation). The hypotist, or self-hypnosis technique, moves you. This has important implications.

Either Meditation OR Hypnosis May Not Be as Advertised

Most hypnosis that you are exposed to is not called “Hypnosis.” It’s called “Meditation.” Oops!

Often meditation is promised yet hypnosis is the result. For example: When the meditation technique is done, does it involve listening to music, singing bowls, background music to relax you, chanting?

Then hello! It’s hypnosis. Read the person’s aura and the difference will be obvious.

Your practical takeaway here? Listening to music with eyes closed, doing a “Guided meditation” or following other instructions. (Today Google lists nearly 12 million hits under “Guided Meditation,” I doubt if a single one of them would really qualify as meditation as defined in this article.)

Guided in the meditation? You’re being hypnotized. That simple.

Comment below. You might start by sharing an Aha!

What was meaningful to you, popping into your head, as you read today’s article? Did it ever occur to you before that so many people could be so mixed up, either about meditation or hypnosis?

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  1. 201
    Disgusted with Hypnotists & Meditation Teachers says:

    Meanwhile some hypnotists are sometimes offering kinds of meditation. What a mess!

  2. 202
    Disgusted with Hypnotists & Meditation Teachers says:

    I’m writing anonymously here. Did you guess? Hahaha.

    The main reason I’m writing is about the lying. It’s obvious from your blog post warning people about meditation today that many of the gurus and teachers are lying.

  3. 203
    Disgusted with Hypnotists & Meditation Teachers says:

    About the sounding off, I’m complaining here about the lying of some hypnotists. Granted, I am a professional hypnotist and I’m not into lying. However, there was the most deplorable article written lately in the professional journal of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

  4. 204
    Disgusted with Hypnotists & Meditation Teachers says:

    Mr. Important Hypnotist is a very respected, beloved instructor for the NGH. Sadly, his most recent article makes a point about how we hypnotists should talk about past-life regression.

  5. 205
    Disgusted with Hypnotists & Meditation Teachers says:

    Because it’s so controversial, he says, hypnotists should copy his clever little lie, where he makes it seem as though he believes in past lives (if the listener believes) but he also doesn’t believe (if the listener thinks that past lives are a lot of hooey).

    I doubt this contrivance would fool even an intelligent five-year-old, but that’s beside the point. The point is embracing the calculated lying as a professional skill.

  6. 206
    Disgusted with Hypnotists & Meditation Teachers says:

    Obviously I’d rather complain to the NGH. That’s not possible, though, since they have a culture of “being positive”.

  7. 207
    Disgusted with Hypnotists & Meditation Teachers says:

    That’s why I figured I would sound out a warning here instead of getting into trouble with some of the other hypnotists.

    Right here and now, I warn all you readers of this blog to find out about a hypnotist’s honesty before going for sessions, that’s all. Many hypnotists are honest and do important work but obviously not all of them are into telling clients the truth. Thanks for the platform, Rose.

  8. 208

    Thank you for those cautionary words, DISGUSTED WITH…

    With Energy Spirituality, we’re sure not committed to “positivity.” Instead, our commitments include truth, learning, sharing, and civility. I think it’s important that we learn and grow together.

  9. 209

    BTW, in one of your comments you referred to an article I wrote on well-meaning meditation teachers whose work is now corrupted.

    I invite all you Blog-Buddies to read this post on meditation teachings in these early years of the Age of Awakening. Read it and pass it along to friends who might be interested.

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