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Here, Oct. 30 – Nov. 5, 2013

What’s our biggest news this week with Rosetree Energy Spirituality?

Welcome to a new occasional series, Blog-Buddies.

So much goes on in the world of Deeper Perception Made Practical. Today it occurred to me to give an occasional view of where to read first. Sure, you could read for hours at random. You can always type your favorite topic into the search box above, always a fine way to go. But did you know?

With our most recent post, I have begun to use the blog in a new and creative fashion. In that previous post, we have several sprightly conversations going.

New lightbulb idea! I am not moving the separate threads to separate posts because it can be easier for you readers to follow one general conversation.

Therefore, instead, I will post additional articles that keep referring back to the main post, consolidating that theme on one major page. Easy peasy for you. You’ll see how this works with tomorrow’s new post.

Meanwhile, we have some fascinating outstanding comments and threads you might not know about unless you subscribe to new comments. (See that option listed as you scroll down the rightmost column here.)

Not every lurker here knows that comments are at least as interesting as the main posts. Well, I propose to save you’all a bit of time.

As an experiment, I plan to apprise you once a week or so.

What are the very lively, happening themes here concerning Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Empath Empowerment, Aura Reading, Aura Healing, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis, Enlightenment, and all those other categories you can find on the left column here, each with clickable links?

Here are some of the blog’s current highlights.

Hypnosis OR Meditation

Open up Hypnosis OR Meditation. Know the difference. to comment on the following themes:

What does it do to YOU to practice prayer position, head down?

Starting with JORDAN’s Comment 1, scoot on over to Comments 10-12. You are invited to an experiment involving consciousness and prayer.

Other Blog-Buddies have tried this quick experiment and described their responses. How about you? A post is coming soon to comment on your experiences.

Can you tell the difference between a technique for meditation or prayer versus hypnosis?

Another invitation to you aims to further clarify hypnosis versus prayer.

At that same post “Hypnosis OR Meditation,” you are invited in the main post to describe any technique or type of experience, whether hypnosis or meditation.

If you comment at that post with your description, I will comment about it, using the framework provided that post, based on your detailed description. Please do not name the technique, just describe it.

Another member of our community has moved into Enlightenment

For those of you who are actively moving forward on your personal path to Enlightenment, learn about “Mr. Anonymous” at the Enlightenment Life List.

See Comments 1275-1281.

And if you are interested in following the movement into Enlightenment of various Blog-Buddies, check out another popular post here, Surprise, Enlightenment!

We’ve still got a contest going, with some fascinating ideas from you’all

That would be Naming Contest for Pursuing Enlightenment, the happy middle ground — where we already have an astounding, lively conversation with 142 comments over the past 10 days.

The prize is a free reading  of the person of your choice, the focus of an upcoming blog post.

If you win, you may propose any public figure you like, or yourself, for any one type of reading in a p0st here at this blog. Aura reading, Skilled empath merge, face reading — choose one type.

Contest deadline is midnight EST on November 15, 2013.

Not only is this a creative opportunity, Blog-Buddies. The sequence of comments here is deeply educational, so do avail yourself of the chance to join a discussion at the leading edge of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. (And some would say, also, the leading edge of energy healing, period.)

Incidentally, a comment just came in, #1282, at the Enlightenment Life List. LARA (who is on that list) wrote: “… here in England I wonder if you could find 45% in spiritual addiction. I reckon the stats here are very different.”

I’m very curious what you Brits think about that. The recommended place to respond would be the Naming Contest post, please.

Don’t forget Russell Brand

See Sweet Comment 16 from Kylie at Aura Reading Russell Brand, including her highly entertaining link.

And a reminder to all of you that, if you’re interested in seeing my aura readings or skilled empath merges or face readings of any celebrity — and this blog is loaded with them — what’s the easiest way to locate?

Google with a combo of words like: “Celebrity XYZ, Rose Rosetree.”

The free face reading service continues

For my fellow physiognomy fans, when you see a photo online with an unusual facial characteristic, go ahead and supply a one-click link.

Write also, in your comment, which facial characteristic you are interested in.

The blog post for that is A New Educational, Free Face Reading Service .

In response to your comment, I will

  • Say yes or no to the naming of face data itself, e.g. “Good example of Zesty Smile Style.” Or, perhaps, “Not an example of the Zesty Smile Style.”
  • Say if it is a VERY good example.
  • If possible, I will give you a referral to specific pages that provide interpretation. This could come from one of my books now in print about face reading, “The NEW Power of Face Reading” or “Read People Deeper” or both (if that face data is described in both). Makes it really easy for you to look up the significance!
  • If there isn’t an interpretation of the face reading data where I can refer you, I will (probably) interpret the data for you, right at this post.
  • I say “probably” because I do reserve the right to not go into detail about a characteristic that seems uninteresting to me as a physiognomist.

Your guest post awaits publication here

Finally know that I am very interested in guest posts from you about any of the specialties at this blog, whether being an empath or experiences with cutting cords of attachment, etc.

At this blog, unlike Facebook, your comments here are called “Comments.” While a “Post” is a main article, which can receive its own comments.

Personally, I do not think in tweets or one-sentence broadcasts. If you ever friend me on Facebook, you will find that I often go against custom and write multi-paragraph “Facebook posts.” As blog monitor here, I encourage you to write comments at any length.

To submit a guest post, just write a long comment. If I think the topic is of general interest, I will elevate it to a guest post. Also email you my congratulations. 🙂

Some of my recent favorite guest posts are:


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