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Aura Readings Reveal Spiritual Shutdown in Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts

When spiritual shutdown is a job requirement for “Superstar”

Two gutsy, much-loved actresses share something rare in common. Both Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock have been acclaimed in their prime as  “America’s Sweetheart.”

What else do they have in common? Something much less rare. So common that about 45% of Americans live the very same way right now: An aura in spiritual shutdown.

Spiritual Shutdown

Spiritual Shutdown

Spiritual Shutdown. Like locking yourself up, inwardly, to become safe. Safe or trapped?

Spiritual Shutdown. It matters, even if people can’t see it with the naked eye. Let’s define Spiritual Shutdown here, relating it to social problems.

Here’s a hint why it matters. Based on my research as the founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)… I’d estimate that 45% of Americans (and many others elsewhere) have fallen into spiritual shutdown.

Sandra Bullock, Aura Reading a 3-D Movie Astronaut

What doesn’t a cartoon astronaut face? The “Vomit Comet.”

Sandra Bullock May Be Hollywood’s Gutsiest A-list Actress” proclaimed the New York Times. Just how much physical courage was required, making “Gravity”?

According to this fascinating profile, Sandra Bullock has been terrified of flying since she survived a plane crash in 2000. However, she agreed to make a movie that required “filming inside a jetliner that simulates weightlessness by climbing sharply and then plunging downward.” NASA astronauts called it “The Vomit Comet.”

Ghost Activity Stronger after The Shift

Deceased Granny on the porch shows in Google Maps

Here’s a colorful example of what could be considered increased ghost activity after The Shift into the Age of Awakening. Via technology. 😉

See that woman sitting on the porch steps? Granny, wearing red slacks and a white blouse, couldn’t be more at home.

Except that she’s dead.

Holding fast to Obamacare and to Enlightenment. Aura reading the American President

Aura reading Obama at a time of Tug-of-War

Once you have crossed the threshold into Enlightenment, what then? Recently we have discussed some rare but sad exceptions to expectations. Does achieving Enlightenment guarantee permanent sweetness and light?

Unfortunately, not. In this ever-changing world, nothing is certain.

Today I would like to revisit the aura of a rather well known politician on my Enlightenment Life List. Is he finding grace under pressure?