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Billy Graham Aura Reading

Billy Graham Aura Reading

Billy Graham Aura Reading. Let’s explore the hidden energies of the America’s most renowned evangelist and advisor to presidents.

Billy Graham Aura Reading. At Age 95, what’s going on with Rev. Graham’s aura-level connection to the Divine? And what else can we learn about America’s most famous evangelist?

Does he still have a super-strong spiritual connection. Also, I wonder, did Rev. Billy Graham have It once? He sure had something!

Lately this blog has included sober discussion about how religious fundamentalism can lead to Spiritual Shutdown. So I’m way curious. How about you?

Billy Graham Aura Reading, Preparing

Head’s up, you seekers of spiritual truth.

Lately we’ve had seriously counter-culture examination of religous prayer and how it often is really hypnosis.

How what made this clarification possible? Skills of energetic literacy.

Not just how somebody moved — or didn’t move — us emotionally.

Reading auras from photos reveals what really happens to a person energetically. What are the consequences of the particular method chosen for personal development?

Back at Rev. Graham

Inspiration galore! Let’s join the throng who have also been celebrating Billy Graham’s final sermon and 95th birthday. Along with the rich and famous, Graham’s daughter attended. Anne Graham Lotz made it clear that she joined the group in order to support her father.

However, Anne Lotz is the author of Wounded by God’s People, which she discussed with reporter Sally Quinn, who wrote the Washington Post article I read about Graham’s birthday bash.

“The majority of people who used to be in church are not going because they have been hurt by the people in church,” Lotz has written. Somehow I have a hunch she is speaking from personal experience.

Well, maybe it isn’t that much fun for Graham being in his body now, either.

The Washington Post described him as entering the party, pushed on his wheelchair, “his famous long, white mane crowning his erect head, an oxygen tank attached to his chair and wearing a hearing aid and at time dark glasses to shield his lights from the bright lights.”

Gotta love Earth School, right? The place is humbling.

“I’ve Wept as I’ve Seen How Far People Have Wandered from God”

Nonetheless, we evolve here. Mixed blessings abound, and it’s up to us to choose which blessings and hurts really matter. Well done, Anne Lotz, for standing up with your Dad.

Well done, Rev. Graham, to have walked your talk, advising presidents (among other people, and by the millions)!

If he wanted to make his last big sermon about “I’ve Wept’ as ‘I’ve Seen How Far People Have Wandered From God’” Hey, Graham has earned the right to speak any way he chooses.

Although, personally, I would do a bit of editing. Calling his sermon title:

“How Far People Have Wandered from Billy Graham’s Version of God.”

And I’d add, “Maybe that’s a good thing.”

Still each of us humans is doing the best we can. Surely that is what counts for each individual’s spiritual life and all-around path of personal development. Billy Graham’s personal development? It has included dealing with mega-amounts of fame.

Dealing with All that Fame

Sometimes we can even keep dignity at age 95. Evidently Rev. Graham has done that, plus kept all his marbles. Evidently, too, he can speak and love people back and feel the outpouring of gratitude and admiration from an astonishing ministry. Plus he still has that hair!

In this follow-up post, I’ll read Billy Graham’s aura, from back in the day. His glory days.

Just to give you an idea of his superstar status among Evangelicals, check out this Billy Graham photo from 1966.

Then, let’s do some aura reading!

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Root Chakra for Connecting to Physical Reality

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

Playful, sensuous, fun-loving. Capable of minor mischief, a big experimenter, physically bold and adventurous.

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

4 inches. Rigid in texture. Life on earth is a kind of test, a rigid, unforgiving system of justice where there is sin and ugliness and perdition. Or there are little glimmers of salvation.

Rectitude and focus dominate Billy Graham’s belief system. Even touching something physical like his shoelaces, or eating a piece of pie, no longer means connecting to physical reality for this 100% committed preacher. He is ever vigilant, lest he be tricked by physical reality into allowing evil to ruin him. The discipline could well inspire others.

Billy Graham Aura Reading

Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Energy while Preaching

Blog-Buddies, you probably don’t have this chakra databank. I sure don’t.

As you may know, many of your hundreds of chakra databanks are “Optional.” Related to how you use free will, your lifestyle, your values, and how you spend your time. By the time of this photo, Billy Graham was no hobbyist. So he had chakra databanks like this one.

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

Power-based. Relating comfortably to his own power. Fascinated by the aspect of God as all powerful. Co-creating with God, through his personal energy, to bring Divine power to convert and maintain Christian loyalty.

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

50 feet. During any moments of feeling self-conscious or overwhelmed by all the human attention, Billy Graham concentrates on images and feelings of being part of Divine power. Evidently, he is also very motivated by fighting Satan, fearing diabolical power, involving himself in a life-or-death struggle over souls where he will heroically use every particle of his energy to thwart the Devil.

Aura Reading Billy Graham

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power in Personal Relationships

Even though this aura photo shows Billy Graham in his professional role, every chakra databank can be read when you have Stage Three Energetic Literacy. That includes chakra databanks about one’s personal life. And, yes, I do believe it is fair to read such chakra databanks in a public figure. This part of Billy Graham’s auric modeling.

Whether or not what I find is pretty, this is part of the subliminal package that Billy Graham’s followers identify with. Auric modeling works that way.

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

Kindly disposed towards others. A clear distinction is available to the preacher between when he is officially “Doing God’s work” versus when he is being a regular man, off duty. “Share and share alike” could be the motto of his gift for letting others get their way sometimes, going for what he wants other times, being neither pushy nor weak with the people he loves.

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

Fills the room plus five inches. Totally identified with his role as a superhuman interpreter of The Word. Nobody can mess with him. He is too important to God.

Behavioral translation by Rose: Billy Graham’s personal ego has grown to Jumbotron proportions, even before the invention of Jumbotrons.

Note: I continue this aura reading in a blog post published in 2018. Commemorating this influential man’s passing away, at age 99.

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  1. 1
    Amy says:

    Wow this is fascinating. I’ve never seen any of his work, though I’ve seen his name pop up now and again. I find it really interesting that his focus and experience of God was so much more than his relationship with Jesus. From my particular background I’ve only known people who focused solely on Jesus!

    I might now watch a clip and see what he was like in his heyday. I might also watch then”what did the fox say” video too!

  2. 2
    Suz says:

    Nicely done, and interesting! Parts of this reading help me see that I’m on the right track learning to read auras because I can see what you’re saying. This man’s spiritual language is familiar to me, so what you’re saying is clear as a bell. That’s very encouraging! This will be a good reference piece to come back and look at.

    For someone in his position to have kept such a balance all of his life is pretty rare these days. It’s because of that trillions-of-miles connection and alignment with Spiritual Source.

    Thanks very much!

  3. 3
    Julie says:

    A Jumbotron ego combined with great purity and ability to get out of the way. What an interesting combination!

  4. 4
    Julie says:

    An amazing description, here. I don’t know too many people who could put words to this.

    From the Throat Chakra databank for Communicating at Work:

    “Fills the room. Shakes like lightning, dazzles like thunder. The immense power reaches even people who are spiritually sleeping, frightened of noticing any non-human frequencies, in spiritual shutdown, unimaginative, stuck in misery, confused.

    This is an energy so full of power, being in the room, you could feel as though you are almost physically picked up, then slammed down in your seat, then put through the spin cycle in a cosmic washing machine, tossed around in the dryer, and then deposited in a closet, perfectly permanent-pressed.”

  5. 5

    Thanks, JULIE, for all your comments today.

    Funny thing is, putting words to things like this is the EASIEST thing in the world for me and also pretty much the most FUN.

    Then I can be so inept about so many other things, like using my iPod. Ha, gotta love Earth School!

  6. 6

    For a follow-up, see the aura reading done to commemorate the influential man’s passing, in February 2018. When he was 99.

    How easy do you think it was to be him?

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