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What Is Channeling?

Channeling, often so energetically confusing

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Hardly. But you may wind up abandoning plenty of illusions. Consider that you have had fair warning.

Then pack up your self-authority and join me in today’s exploration of what channeling really is.

Why write about the controversial topic of channeling?

In response to many questions that have come up lately, I will pull together responses to many blog comments with questions about channeling to create today’s article.

This is about channeling, as I understand it with my skill sets for energetic literacy, Rosetree Energy Spirituality, and as an Enlightenment Coach. To give credit where credit is due, I give big thanks to Teaching of the Inner Christ for forming my understanding about channeling. My history with TIC is summarized in Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

Apart from the process of gaining permission to adapt TIC healings (also recounted in that how-to book), I have had no contact with TIC ministers and teachings since 1986. Back then, I loved it and it was life changing. However, I do not know if I would still love the organization these days and recommend it. Maybe yes, maybe no. I really have no idea.

Thus, I aim to walk that important ethical line between acknowledging and recommending.

In that context, Blog-Buddies, consider yourself reminded that folks on my Enlightenment Life List are not endorsed by me, either, regarding their services, teachings, etc.

And here’s a related thought. Enlightenment teachers interviewed in Buddha at the Gas Pump are also not recommended by me. I will note flat out that many, many of my fellow interviewees at Rick Archer’s video project/website are not Enlightened according to the criteria I use. That includes a recent interviewee whose name I saw there lately, Deepak Chopra. You Blog-Buddies are always welcome to propose ANYONE from Rick’s website for my Enlightenment Life List, if you would like my perspective that way, for what it is worth to you.

That said, here we go, discussing the controversial and important topic of channeling.

What is channeling, technically?

To me, “channeling” means trance channeling. Unlike those who define trance channeling in terms of a very heavy trance, I believe it can be a very light trance. Especially after The Shift, where it is very easy to make a slight adjustment from the waking state of consciousness and move into an astral experience.

It is a collaboration between the channeler or, sometimes, a medium… and an astral entity. Ideas and emotions and experiences do not originate from the channeler, nor from the internal process of receiving inspiration from one’s Divine and Celestial Team. (More on this later.)

This entity could have high vibrations or lower vibrations. Nonetheless, it is an astral being. So this could be a ghost, a stuck spirit, an ancestor, an elemental, a deva, or an Extra-Terrestrial Entity (E.T. entity for short).

E.T. entities are higher vibrational beings than astral entities in the form of ghosts. At which point, matters become complicated.

Incidentally, anything astral or human IS going to be complicated, while anything Divine brings clarity with an inherent simplicity. Not simplistic but simple and easy.

Which astral beings can be associated with channeling?

Some astral beings available for channeling have had a human embodiment, and after “Death” the being has stayed around earth, hanging out for one reason or another:

  • A ghost, a stuck spirit, an ancestor.

Other astral beings have jobs at Earth School. They are part of what makes earth work, astrally, like how sausage is made at the sausage factory:

  • An elemental, the deva of your washing machine or car, a flower fairy.

Your own celestial guidance team is not involved in channeling. (Keep reading about that.) However, channeling can be done with one or more entities from another person’s guidance team:

  • That person’s guardian angel and spirit guides, plus other angels who are part of that  person’s Angel Team, such as an angel from each legitimate Reiki initiation/attunement

Also involved in channeling sometimes are tourists to earth, here for a while or available just for channeling, or enthusiastic about involving themselves in your life if there is a spiritual addiction.

  • Astral beings who live off planet, in a celestial realm, who are encountered by people who move into altered states:
  • Astral beings related to realms accessed through different types of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, etc.
  • Astral beings interested in pornography addictions or kinky sexual practices  (No, homosexuality is not kinky in this way, regardless of what certain people may feel due to their homophobic prejudices. I’m referring to sadistic sex, rape, etc.)
  • Astral beings deeply imprinted with the thrill of murder, cruelty, etc.

Also sometimes involved in channeling? Astral beings who visit earth and get stuck, due to the fabulously intense, educational illusions here like fear and pain:

Do folks necessarily know who is being channeled?

Of course not.

People can have excellent skills in other modalities but never have learned the basics of discernment about spirits.

If so, so they are not protected from entering into channeling affiliations. Not protected the least bit. The story of the woman, and her admiring friends, in the Spiritual Protection book was overheard when I was in a restaurant with a group of mind-body-spirit healers. Smart people. Skilled people. Simply lacking discernment about “Spirit.”

It is really outrageous, when you think about it, that folks who do channeling can be so blithely gullible about the specialness of channeling. Any channeling at all? Oooh, supposedly so wonderful.

People who would be oh-so-picky about:

  • Their neighbors
  • The food they eat
  • Their work environment
  • Music they listen to, TV they watch
  • Even their shampoo

How ridiculous is that? Hey, I call it “The Romance of the Astral” for good reason. We can be enchanted, bedazzled, thrilled by the paranormal, because astral life can impress humans like Las Vegas multiplied by thousands of woo-woo increments.

How about the process of channeling?

An astral being may collaborate with the channeler, while the human partner remains conscious. Or the channeler may be entirely taken over, like Esther Hicks channeling Abraham or Lee Carroll channeling Kryon.

The process of channeling may include wonderful information and energies, but not necessarily. Information may come from beings whose level of consciousness is actually lower than that of the channeler.

Furthermore, astral entities may supply vanity feedings, or other tainted information, to hook the channeler or client into ever-deeper involvement.

Language that tips you off to channeling? Someone “came through.”

Came through whom? How? And who really was coming through?

Plenty of astral beings give themselves fancy names like “Jesus.” At your nearest mental hospital, you may also find many inmates who call themselves “Jesus.” Why believe that any of them really are Ascended Master Jesus or have been specially authorized to transmit messages from Him. You can co-create directly with Jesus. You don’t have to go through chancy intermediaries.

Long before reporting on Spiritual Addiction here at this blog, or helping to extricate clients from this sort of involvement, I helped clients with:

  • Loads of stuck spirits attached to their auras
  • Loads of E.T. entities stuck to their auras
  • Clients in need of an exorcism
  • Folks in recovery having an extra-hard time because of the influence of astral beings attached to their auras

Outsourcing your life to angels? Why?

New Agers are not the only ones who channel. Ever hear of Pentecost? Speaking in tongues?

It is entirely possible that, thousands of years ago, humans were not as evolved as folks today and Divine Beings really did need to take people over just to get a message through their relatively thick heads.

I have no way of knowing definitively whether this is true. But my knowledge, perception and experience make it pretty clear that for those of us living today, it may not be worthwhile to engage in channeling.

  • If you do wish to do channeling, you are likely to develop a spiritual addiction.
  • You are at risk for caring more about the (addictive) Romance of the Astral than regular human experiences, perceptions, and relationships.
  • You may be are slowing down your personal progress towards Enlightenment, although living as a channeler is certainly an expression of your sacred choice and may help you to evolve long-term in EXACTLY how you planned to evolve in this lifetime.
  • Not that these are a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but you may find it nearly impossible to stop smoking or gaining weight. (Other factors may be involved, of course, in these two problems. Yet a high proportion of channelers and mediums do have one or both of these problems, from my informal survey.)
  • With all respect, the more involved you are in channeling, the more likely that you are under-using your self-authority and all the gifts that God gave you personally for this lifetime.

Your Divine and Celestial Team

Of course it is lovely to receive guidance from God. Any time you pray, for several minutes or even longer, that version of the Divine will become part of your Divine and Celestial Team.

You also have a guardian angel and at least two spirit guides, part of your starter set for the incarnation.

Your Divine and Celestial Team grows depending on your choices and responsibilities.

It is authorized, whether directly by God or through Divine administration.

Your Divine and Celestial Team does not include some random pothead from your neighborhood, now deceased.

Random spirits do not get to show up in your authorized Divine and Celestial Team.

Other astral beings do not get random access. For that you would need channeling, mediumship, other experimenting with lovely energies from “Spirit.”

And how does your Divine and Celestial Team help you?

When important, your Divine and Celestial Team will feed ideas or emotions into your subconscious mind, and you will choose from this depending on your values.

In an extreme situation, life or death, your Divine and Celestial Team will coach you rather more actively; but this is very rare.

A lot of creative work is done this way.

It’s inaccurate, IMO, to call this “Channeling.”

Einstein and Mozart were not channelers. They were inspired. They had earned a degree of auric purity (however messed up they may have been in their human lives) to access high-vibrational inspiration as part of their thought process, ideas fed through their subconscious minds.

When someone finds herself painting art, that might be the result of inspiration through her own Divine and Celestial Team. Or that person may have entered into a strong astral influence. One human-type clue is the nature of the paintings.

  • Do the paintings show energies and astral allure? Beautiful paintings like that could be strongly influenced by entities.
  • Do the paintings look more like Norman Rockwell or Henri Matisse? That is more likely to be co-created with God.
  • Only aura reading would give a more specific answer. So to any of you prolific artists who really are interested in my opinion, schedule a session with me for aura reading and perhaps some aura healing.

What does it mean to co-create with God?

You use a technique.

You know what you’re doing, probably because you have studied with somebody who had good techniques and knew what they were doing. (Like me, studying with TIC back in the day, and now with people who read books of mine with techniques for co-creating with your choice of Divine Being.)

In Comments 12 and 10 at Falling into spiritual addiction, again. A guest post by Madeline, KATHRYN asked how I write my books. I co-create them. For humans. For humans engaged in human life. For humans who wish  to move forward on a path to Enlightenment.

This human who co-creates? Rose Rosetree is a spiritual teacher and emotional and spiritual healer. I aim to co-create with integrity. I do the human best I can, collaborating with Divine help but not in a wildly altered state.

The rest of my answer to KATHRYN’s question? I choose a Divine Being, usually one per book. Then I Get Big with that particular Divine Being. I am not taken over because Divine Beings do not do that. Based on research I have done, I do not believe that it is good for a human being’s health to do channeling. Co-creating with the Divine is different. It works just fine.

Not only has every one of my published books been created in this way. I wrote a book expressly about co-creating with God. In case you’re interested, the paperback is called Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God, while the ebook edition is called 365 Ways to a Stronger You.


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  1. 1
    Elaine says:

    I love how you’ve defined this Rose. Co-creating with God or ascended master of your choice.

  2. 2
    catrien ross says:

    From Japan, you are positively right, and your blog directly addressed a question I posed to myself about the misuse of the word channelling. Co-creating with my divine and celestial team, yes. And divinely inspired because of it. Thank you, Rose – Catrien.

  3. 3
    Madeline says:

    Rose, thank you for this fascinating post!
    Years ago I had a session with a channeler and also sat in a room with one at one the the Spiritual Fares here.
    I am sure this left me vulnerable to astral entities.
    Do you recommend cutting those cords of attachment yourself or having a more experienced healer like you or one of your graduates or students do it??
    Also I have read books by channelers I assume those are cords of attachment that would be beneficial to be rid of.

  4. 4
    Suz says:

    This is awesome and inspired. Too bad they don’t teach this in churches. If anyone ever knew why the Scriptures forbid channeling, they don’t seem to know now. Everybody at church is supposed to be able to make the distinctions laid out in this blog entry, but nobody wants to talk about it or admit that they don’t know.

    This issue is kind of like the Old Testament “law” against eating pork. It’s not a matter of morality or guilt or being authoritarian and hitting people over the head with it. (Or, the complaint I see most often: “Nobody’s going to stuff this bull**** down my throat.“) It’s a matter of human safety and survival. If people could get past the indignation of “being told what they can’t do,” and understand why, they might see this.

    And that’s what I think Rose is trying to say here. It’s this: “anything Divine brings clarity with an inherent simplicity.” Yes! It is so simple it is almost ridiculous. Why mess with anything else?

    Thank you, Rose.

  5. 5
    David.. says:

    Great article, Rose. Loved the comment about Jesus. I’ve said much the same myself. But many traditional churches place the priest as the intermediary. And people get the idea they’re not worthy to connect directly but may be up for an angel or something. They don’t get that the divine is right here, not someplace else.

    Sorry your naming names (sort of) has alienated an old friend. But there is value in talking frankly. Especially about something like this. I’ve done the same myself. It’s not McCarthyism to use self-authority. And to assume all teachers are of equal value is being unrealistic.

    Frankly, in my experience, someone with good spiritual progress and integrity is way ahead of anyone offering second-hand astral info.

  6. 6
    Linda Stone says:

    In the early 80’s I attended a large group session of a fairly popular channeler.

    Someone asked if this particular enity wrote “The Course in Miracles.”

    There were many small groups at the time following the dogma of that writing.

    The channeled being said “No, But I know the spirit who did.”

    I thought that was a little like saying “I am not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”

    It seemed so ridiculous to me at the time, I never went to another channeler.

    Later, I studied with a teacher who referred to channelers as “Cosmic telephone booths.”

    I appreciate the way you have distilled this topic, Rose. It brought me much clarity on the subject.

  7. 7


    Discernment about channeling is important to do intellectually.

    Self-authority speaks to each of us in many ways. Unfortunately, if we only base our choices on how something feels emotionally or energetically, we can get into trouble.

    If you sample channeling, it could feel “Divine” to you. Certainly it will not feel “Human.” Any astral frequencies are higher than human frequencies. For that reason, we can consider anything from “The Other Side” to be mystical, wonderful, shaped by God.

    Technically, that isn’t true.

  8. 8

    You could compare discernment about channeling to having standards about falling in love.

    What happens if you cannot intellectually distinguish channeling from conscious co-creation with the Divine, versus feeling like yourself while using input from your Divine and Celestial Team?

    Any of this might feel special and wonderful. You might even be taken over with trance channeling and consider that you are just being taken over by God, when you really are not.

    Remember this sniff test: In modern times, God does not take people over.

    “I don’t know where it comes from” means that you are collaborating with an entity.

    When co-creating with your God-authorized Divine and Celestial Team, you are in the conscious waking state. You feel like yourself.

    To consciously co-create with God, you name the form of Divine Being who helps you and you remain clearly yourself, operating with your personal and customary sense of identity, through the entire creative process.

  9. 9
    Linda Stone says:

    Ha Ha….

    My teacher’s point was that the humans vacated their own God-given bodies to allow an astral being to use that body, voice. and nervous system in the way that a human might use a telephone.

    Especially with trance channeling.

    My old teacher maintained that God directs, encourages, and inspires. However, God never takes a person over, having one spew a voice like Charleton Heston.

    My teacher lauded free agency on earth. Rose, that’s the same concept that you call “Self-authority.” The Divine does not manipulate or take over humans.

  10. 10

    Similarly, what if you were not raised to have standards about dating? What if no parent or other authority figure told you the common-sense things that you can read in any decent advice column in a newspaper?

    Regularly you can read advice to the lovelorn where a woman, GLADYS for instance, has had a long-term affair with a married man. He promises to marry GLADYS any day. He never does. Eventually the poor woman wakes up and smells the coffee.

    Wouldn’’t GLADYS have been spared some misery if, as part of her upbringing, she learned some standards about eligible love partners? “Don’’t date married men,” for instance.

    By the time GLADYS tries to sort out the wreckage of her love life, it is complicated by the fact that she “Has feelings” for the guy who has been using her.

    Emotions are an important part of self-authority, but we risk many harsh lessons in life by not also having discernment about reality. And standards.

  11. 11

    LINDA STONE, much as I enjoyed both your comments this morning, I can’’t resist asking:

    Channelers as “Cosmic telephone booths”? What does that mean?

    I have known many channelers, mediums, and psychics who did (non-trance) channeling with astral guides. However, I never met one who was shaped like those cute little red phone booths they have in England.

    Please explain this idea a bit more.

  12. 12

    Regarding your second question, MADELINE:

    “Also I have read books by channelers I assume those are cords of attachment that would be beneficial to be rid of.”

    You think? 😉

    If you were passionately interested in those books, anyway. And if the people who wrote those books were still alive at the time when you read them.

  13. 13

    MADELINE, answering the first question in your Comment 4, “Do you recommend cutting those cords of attachment yourself or having a more experienced healer like you or one of your graduates or students do it??”

    I would not facilitate cutting a cord of attachment related to an Energetic Ponzi Scheme on your own. It is more a job for professionals in the field.

  14. 14
    Madeline says:

    lol, I have a lot of work to do!!

  15. 15
    Katie says:

    Thank you once again Rose for sharing the wisdom of your experience, knowledge and perception so generously. This has been so extremely helpful as I continue to develop an understanding of the basics of discernment about spirits. It seems that avoiding spiritual healers who invoke astral beings including devas, spirit guides, and angels would be prudent, regardless of the healer’s auric purity.

    As I continue to sort out my experiences relative to your post, it occurs to me that channeled work varies in integrity, yet I am hesitant to dismiss all of it as I feel if I had done so I would have missed out on deeply transformative experiences. For example when I became interested in spirituality several years ago, A Course in Miracles was a positive influence, although channeled by someone else who may have been a “chancy intermediary” for all I know. Since it resonated with me, and I felt benefit from the lessons, I engaged with the material despite not having co-created it myself directly with Jesus. I have also received great benefit from a healer who channeled archangels. So I wonder about the wisdom of engaging with healers who channel archangel(s) for healing. Since archangels are Divine beings this would seem safe to me, provided that the aura of the healer reflects integrity.

    I understand that ideally I am co-creating with my Divine and Celestial Team, and if I choose to engage in the process of channeling I am taking a risk. In doing so, do you consider that the best technique for discernment relies on reading the aura of the healer/channel?

  16. 16

    KATIE, thank you for your recent comments at the blog. It is a delight to welcome you here.

    This is a fascinating question that deserves a complete answer.

    Let me give it some thought, find a chunk of time, and respond.

    Meanwhile, keep those comments and questions coming.

  17. 17
    Ashley says:

    Please excuse me if I am completely mistaken on this, but hasn’t one of the members of Rose’s Enlightenment Life List stated on this blog that the Course in Miracles helped her a lot pre-enlightenment?

    Well, I went ahead and did a search:

    Yes, it was Jill Erin. There’s no mention of channeling though.

    Aww, I’m glad I found that post again. Jill’s story is so inspiring.

  18. 18

    ASHLEY, great to read a comment from you here now that we have met in person…. 🙂

    You are completely not mistaken.

    Actually I always think of JILL ERIN when I hear about the Course in Miracles.

    Look, some people have loved it, JILL ERIN included. Others have not found it meaningful.

    The Course in Miracles is a book, or set of books. It is a teaching with techniques you can experiment with. It is a set of concepts.

    Many good things in your life might be the result of someone’s channeling. If it helps you, fine.

  19. 19

    Please understand, I have not meant to attack channelers.

    I simply invite all you Blog-Buddies to consider for yourselves if you wish to refrain from doing it… yourselves.

  20. 20

    KATIE, regarding Comment 16, would I “consider that the best technique for discernment relies on reading the aura of the healer/channel?”


  21. 21
    Sylvia says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thanks for the shopping analogy in comment #22. That definitely helped me better understand when cords of attachments form.

  22. 22
    Ashley says:

    Oh, Rose, I certainly know that you weren’t attacking anyone. Just because we just met in person, doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned a lot about your ways of saying or doing things in the years I’ve read this blog and been your client.

    My comment was more for Katie. I think I might mess this up, but it seemed she was concerned about dismissing all channeled work because some of it, like a Course in Miracles, is channeled work that has helped her a lot. So I pointed out that I heard it helped Jill Erin a lot too.

    I don’t know anything about the course personally and don’t think I will be looking into it any time soon.

    I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made with Rose’s work and would rather develop her techniques for energetic literacy before I go out shopping in the bizarre world of new age.

  23. 23
    Ashley says:

    Yes, those differences make sense to me Rose. I also liked the clothes/shoes reference because I’d rather be shopping for clothes and shoes instead of more strange woowoo new age complicatedness. I’m not a typical New Age consumer. It was a strange day when I decided to buy your books and an even stranger day when I decided to book my first session with you three years ago. I’m glad I did though.

  24. 24
    Claudia says:

    third paragraph from end:

    This human who co-creates? Rose Rosetree is a spiritual teacher and emotional and spiritual healer. I am to co-create with integrity. I do the human best I can, collaborating with Divine help but not in a wildly altered state.

    ** I aim to co-create

  25. 25
    Claudia says:

    Hi Rose,
    This post is very helpful. I have a question about connecting and working to co-create with one’s personal guides and celestial team. I have understood and use your getting big technique for connecting with and co-creating with Divine beings, but I may have missed where you explain how to to do that with personal guides and celestial team and how to discern who they are. Would you please point me in the right direction or let me know how I can learn this skill?

    Many thanks,

  26. 26

    CLAUDIA, let’s turn your great question into a dialog. Because it is a very important question to ask in this new Age of Aquarius.

    To begin, you are living your human life. You are moving forward and setting goals. You are invested in that human life, both for work and relationships and making personal progress.

    Is that true?

    And if it is true, why are you now interested in working with personal guides and spirits?

  27. 27

    Hey, I’m going to move this question of yours over to become a new post in itself. I think the question is that important.

    Back soon with the url.

  28. 28

    Okay, here’s the new place for our group discussion about channeling, angels, guides, seeking guidance. Thanks to you, CLAUDIA:

    Tips for Working with Spirit Guides and Angels

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