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What's Happening this Week at the Blog. November 20-27, 2013

What’s our biggest news this week with Rosetree Energy Spirituality?

Thanks to you Blog-Buddies, we have some fascinating outstanding comments and guest posts you might not know about unless you subscribe to new comments. (See that option listed as you scroll down the rightmost column here.)

What are the very lively, happening themes here concerning Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Empath Empowerment, Aura Reading, Aura Healing, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis, Enlightenment, and all those other categories you can find on the left column here, each with clickable links?

Here are some of the blog’s current highlights.

Another week, another contest. Really?

Yowza, I wasn’t planning on another contest until the new year. But sometimes personal growth just happens when you don’t expect it. And likewise a great contest concept happens. How could I not seize the day?

You can learn about Rachel’s inspiring, cheeky comment that started it all, plus how to enter, at Why do Technique Time? Enter our new contest .

Our ongoing outrageous project: Which self-improvement techniques really do what?

The conversation continues at Hypnosis OR Meditation. Know the difference. Intermittently I’m moving back to address comments as blog-time permits. And thus far, I have responded only through Comment #6. You might have a lot to say or ask related to the conversation thus far.

Meanwhile, as is so common with this Deeper Perception community, the juice is so often in the COMMENTS section.

Comments #81-86, for instance, involve exploring healing of STUFF. Does meditation heal? Does hypnosis heal? The differences, overall, that I delineate might shock you. (Also help you.)

Brilliant advice, and not just for mental health emergencies

Passionate comments have been flowing at the thread started by Which is harder, suicide or qualifying to receive psychiatric medication? A guest post by Kira.

Each comment there has been a gem, to me. One in particular deserves a big shout-out.

Check out KATIE’s Comment #3. Note, in particular, the part in bold.

That is such great advice if anything about your lifestyle might move into full-out drama… caregiving because you are in “The Sandwich Generation,” for instance.

Care about money?

Comment 199 at our Naming Contest includes this link to a short video about distribution of wealth in the U.S. now. Shocking and — to my mind — must viewing for any responsible adult in America.

What will it take to change this dynamic? If people like you and me view it, think about it, share it with our friends… eventually we might create enough of a popular reaction to actually get something done.

What is it with my other website, the one for empaths?

Maybe you have seen Sometimes I link to it for variety. Or if you google on “empath” it comes up much better than this blog or the official website for me and Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Back around 2005-2006, I had way more time available than I do right now. So I started the Empowered Empath website and wrote a bunch of articles.

Then I stopped having time for it.

The empath’s website is still live, but no further articles are planned.

It was upsetting to me that I couldn’t figure out how to get back in there to take away the part, right on the home page, saying “This website is under construction and I will get back to you soon.” Ouchers!

Finally I had an aha! Found out how to get in there. Got rid of the comment and attempted to put people on notice to come here. Moved out waaaaaaay more spam than I would ever wish to find associated with anything from Rose Rosetree ever again.

Bottom line: You  are always free to browse at that website for empaths, and you will find many articles of interest to empaths. But don’t expect anything new. For that, come here!

The free face reading service continues

For my fellow physiognomy fans, when you see a photo online with an unusual facial characteristic, go ahead and supply a one-click link.

Write also, in your comment, which facial characteristic you are interested in.

The blog post for that is A New Educational, Free Face Reading Service .

In response to your comment, I will

  • Say yes or no to the naming of face data itself, e.g. “Good example of Zesty Smile Style.” Or, perhaps, “Not an example of the Zesty Smile Style.”
  • Say if it is a VERY good example.
  • If possible, I will give you a referral to specific pages that provide interpretation. This could come from one of my books now in print about face reading, “The NEW Power of Face Reading” or “Read People Deeper” or both (if that face data is described in both). Makes it really easy for you to look up the significance!
  • If there isn’t an interpretation of the face reading data where I can refer you, I will (probably) interpret the data for you, right at this post.
  • I say “probably” because I do reserve the right to not go into detail about a characteristic that seems uninteresting to me as a physiognomist.

Your guest post awaits publication here

Finally know that I am very interested in guest posts from you about any of the specialties at this blog, whether being an empath or experiences with cutting cords of attachment, etc.

At this blog, unlike Facebook, your comments here are called “Comments.” While a “Post” is a main article, which can receive its own comments.

Personally, I do not think in tweets or one-sentence broadcasts. If you ever friend me on Facebook, you will find that I often go against custom and write multi-paragraph “Facebook posts.” As blog monitor here, I encourage you to write comments at any length.

To submit a guest post, just write a long comment. If I think the topic is of general interest, I will elevate it to a guest post. Also email you my congratulations. 🙂

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