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Debonair Bear does not get to have 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. That’s a human privilege.

Yesterday Blog-Buddy RACHEL asked a fascinating, important question:

“I’m afraid I don’t really see the point of technique time.

“I don’t do any!

“Should I??”

. How can you officially enter our new contest, “Why do 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops?” Or, for short, “Why do Technique Time?”

Purposeful choices and energy hygiene can protect you. That’s the point of Technique Time.

In general, limiting your daily Technique Time helps to protect you from spiritual addiction. Besides protecting yourself, you will also move faster on your personal path to Enlightenment.

In this context, I found the following comment from JNANA absolutely delightful. This was in the Hypnosis OR Meditation thread, Comments 80 and 86:

“Never did I imagine the mundane would trump meditation in moving me forward!

“Some sense of humour this Universe has.”

It won’t count as Technique Time to enter, of course

The 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops are for techniques of deeper perception, activities undergone for personal development or spiritual growth that shift your consciousness.

Before entering, it would be smart to learn more about the concept I have brought forward around technique time, quite central now to Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Please read the following articles, so you know more about the concept of 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops:

Empaths, it’s also important to know about unskilled empath merge. Because that counts as part of your 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.

Unskilled empath merges throughout your day can add up crazy fast to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than 20 daily minutes. Which is why becoming a skilled empath is so important for protecting yourself and avoiding spiritual addiction.

Contest rules for “Why do Technique Time?”

Write, at whatever length you like, about topics like these:

  1. HOW you currently use your 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops — including whether you need to use the full 20 minutes. (Maybe, these days, you prefer to just make it 5 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. Explain that as part of your entry.)
  2. WHY you do this kind of Technique Time
  3. WHAT you have gained by doing 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops
  4. Anything else about how 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops fits into your belief system, your spiritual path or religion, your career, your history, your values.
  5. How your way of using 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops is related to your current, personal, human sense of identity.
  6. Contest deadline is New Year’s Eve, December 30, 2013.

Be prepared that I may comment on your entry, apart from naming a Contest Winner. If JOE writes, “I consult my guides all day long….” I will comment that “all day long” is more than 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. I will not comment on what you choose to do but on how much of it there is, if relevant.

Some of the contest entries may be elevated into Guest Posts, depending on their relevance to this community and the length of the comment. That will be on my discretion, deciding what would make a generally useful guest post.

But some of you might want to keep your comments short. You could even win the contest that way. 🙂

Who will win this Technique Time Contest

Two winners will be chosen.

  • One for a comment that I find especially useful or emotionally touching, or both
  • One for the MOST comments, distinct and separate comments. Of course, you can break any entry up into multiple comments in sequence. Alternatively you might have many ideas on this topic over the next period of time, close to six weeks starting today.

Personally, I could write entire books about my love for Technique Time. Hey, I did write one book on it, actually. The paperback edition is Let Today Be a Holiday, while the ebook is called 365 Ways to a Stronger You. For me, life would be unthinkable without 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.

What intrigues me, with this latest contest, is how YOU think about it.

The Prizes

Each winner receives an aura reading, skilled empath merge, or face reading of the public figure of your choice. Or of yourself, if you feel like going public. The winner will supply a one-click link to a photo, suitable for that kind of reading.

Then I will use some of my personal 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops, doing the reading part of that article. (Followed by a while, probably hours, of writing the article itself to support the couple of minutes for the reading, as necessary.)

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  1. 1

    That RACHEL. How could I NOT start a new contest in response to her comment?

    In case any of you Blog-Buddies are wondering…

    YES, I still am aiming to do the aura reading that JEAN J. requested after winning the unannounced contest for writing blog Comment #16,000.

    YES, I am still deliberating over who will win our recently completed contest about the 10% in relative spiritual balance.

    YES, I will come out with the weekly update to let you’all know about some of the biggest new happening themes at this blog. (Even though usually I avoid doing two blog posts in one day.)

    Blame that wonderful RACHEL. Or thank her. I do the latter. Her question was brilliant.

  2. 2
    Rachel says:

    Glad you liked it! 🙂

  3. 3

    Rachel, I’ve gone through brief periods of time where I just was. not. interested. The way you worded your original comment reminded me exactly of the way I felt during those times.

    For me these times were precursor to hugely increased spiritual self-authority. (I think the way you stated your comment already shows all that spiritual self-authority coming on board.)

    If your soul is just bored to tears by a spiritual teaching or practice, I think it’s smart to listen. Why bother? Isn’t your soul the whole point anyway? What are you looking for, apart from your happy soul?? To follow a teacher that has practices wholly unsuitable for you? Ech.

    Before, almost any ‘spiritual’ teachings out there were interesting to me. Now, not so much. Really, much of it disgusts me. Or is just so, so boring that I’d rather notice the paint on the walls. Somehow, I still manage to grow spiritually!! 😉

    After those ‘off’ times I had much more clarity, ease, focus, and laser-like direction in my spiritual life (aka spiritual self-authority). It’s easier for me to pick out what I want to learn, which things are valuable to me, etc., and discard the rest.

    One sentence from a book can change your life while the rest is utter rubbish or just completely irrelevant, and there’s no need to worry or contort yourself in anyway to try to make it useful to you when it’s just not. Who cares?

    Having good skills from a very trusted teacher means you can have your OWN spiritual life without an intermediary who may or may not know what the h-e-l-l they’re talking about. And you get to do your own growing.

  4. 4

    Thanks to all of our first entrants in this contest.

    And a big, big shout out to ISABELLA (Whose name, once upon a less fulfilling time, used to be JORDAN). Congratulations!!!!!!

  5. 5
    Teresa says:

    I was a bit confused about what technique time was too, and I’m still learning.

    Technique time for me was yoga, meditation, and listening to tapes and reading books on enlightenment. I understand how it feels to be in spiritual addiction due to too much technique time. It took me away from reality, making my human life very difficult.

    You ask does it make a difference-yes it does! I become absent from my human life for periods of time and missed things, some important and some not. But the point of being in earth school is to be here, not to be (mentally) flying around in some astral field not paying attention.

    How can we progress with our spiritual evolution if we aren’t attending earth school? You ask does it feel good-yes and no. I use technique time to escape, much like an addict uses drugs for the same reason.

    So, escaping from something I don’t want to face temporarily feels good. Eventually I must come back to earth and clean up the mess I made while gone.

    Limiting myself to 20 minutes prevents problems that occurs while in addiction and allows me to take care of the business I’m supposed to be taking care of here.

  6. 6
    Teresa says:

    OK, I missed covering part of the contest rules in my comment (#4). So to elaborate, now I only use about 5 minutes a day of technique time.

    I didn’t mention in my previous post I’m an unskilled empath (working on skills, Rose). So when I talk about spiritual addiction, my technique time including unskilled merges was about 18 hours daily!!!

    I literally thought I was crazy, or at least bipolar most days. I’d be perfectly happy & content then see a stranger walking down the street and ZAP I had an unexplainable and unpredictable mood change.

    I am perfectly happy right now with my 5 minutes in which I interact with a divine being, cutting astral ties and other self protection activities.

    Maybe some day, as a skilled empath I will use my technique time more but for now I will stick with what works. I am truly a happier and more content person these days.

  7. 7
    Amy says:

    Congratulations Isabella! What a lovely name!

  8. 8
    Jean says:

    Yes congratulations Isabella. Beautiful.

  9. 9
    Isabella Cates says:

    Thank you Amy!!! And Rose!

    I know it’s going to make a huge difference for me. And I feel honored, somehow, to be in a place in my life when virtual reincarnation is appropriate.

    I feel like I’ve been running, running, running, and hardly even noticed when I finally crossed the ‘Jordan Hines’ finish line. But I did and now I can stop that awful friggin’ race!! (hahah)

    It’s like Jordan was constantly running uphill on gravel in the dark and cold, and Isabella is just already in shape, bouncing around, breathing deep and enjoying the sunshiny view. And expecting good things. And not apologizing for existing constantly.

    I’m about one-third of the way through the transition process. I’m currently waiting for the name change to be published in the paper on Dec. 2, at which point I can get the certified documents to get a new social security card, license, etc. And I’ve probably told about one-third of the people I need to tell (waiting for it to be legal for the rest).

    But I’ve already felt big changes. It’s a pretty fascinating process.

  10. 10
    Isabella Cates says:

    Thank you Jean!

  11. 11
    Elaine says:

    Congratulations Isabella, formerly Jordan!

  12. 12
    Suz says:

    Watching with interest from the sidelines, hoping to learn. 🙂

    Teresa, thanks for your comment 6.

    And Isabella, that is a beautiful new name.

  13. 13
    Kira says:

    I suppose I need to start tracking my technique time.

    Officially, I participate in a guided meditation (so hypnosis, right?) with a group the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. In that group, I also learned shamanic journeying, so every once in a while, I journey at home–if I feel I need to. This year so far, I’ve probably journeyed 4 times at most, usually 15 minutes per journey. I’m not sure exactly how long the meditations last; it probably varies a bit anyway, depending on what the facilitator has come up with any given week. But we often discuss various psychic and astral phenomena before and after the meditations, so it comes out to about 2 hours twice a month.

    Unofficially, depending on how skilled an empath (or not) I am, I may be doing unskilled empath merges. But based on the way I feel versus the way I used to feel, I’m not doing very many, if any. I also find myself having conversations with guides from time to time, usually while falling asleep or waking up, and those are usually pretty spontaneous.

    Why I do it is actually a pretty involved story, so I’ll try to keep it short. The background can be found in my guest post and some of my comments there. (For people who haven’t read it, I used to be suicidal.) One of my friends invited me to a group she had discovered, which turned out to be this guided meditation group, and I found myself very interested–and then my empathy began helping itself to ALL the vibes, bad and good, and I was frequently a wreck after our explorations (which is, to me, the most relevant term for these particular guided meditations in this group). Various people tried various kinds of healing on me, some of which made me feel better and some of which didn’t seem to do anything (but I don’t have Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, so I don’t know how well any of them actually worked). Then we learned shamanic journeying from one of the members, who had studied with shamans in South America, and once I got the hang of it, my shamanic guides performed a healing that removed my depression. (They cut open my head with a chainsaw and dug black sludge out of my brain, then put the top of my skull back on.) That worked–I will vouch for it even without Stage 3 Energetic Literacy because I know very well what depression feels like, and I don’t feel it any more.

    It’s only very recently that I became aware of the need to limit technique time to 20 minutes per day. I worried a bit for a while that I wasn’t journeying often enough, but I asked my guides about it and they said I was fine and I should use my own judgment about how often is often enough. So that’s what I’ve been doing. (My guides are actually quite good at convincing me to trust my own instincts and not lean on them too much; they will answer cryptically or not at all if I ask them things I should be able to figure out for myself. I’ve apparently got a really good team.)

    I was raised Christian and went to an Episcopal school, but I considered myself agnostic for a large portion of my life. It never occurred to me until I started learning it directly that there were still practicing shamans in the world. I had studied various American Indian tribes in 3rd grade and Inuits in 5th grade, and I really felt drawn to their harmony with nature. I took a few comparative religion classes in college to learn something about Buddhism and Hinduism, which also appealed to me, and I have Wiccan friends–but no one established religion really resonated for me. During one of my journeys, one of my guides, who had been appearing in animal form, revealed herself as a goddess–and not one I would have expected. I had read a bit about Celtic mythology, but never actually studied it in any detail. So when she turned out to be Brigid, I had to do a bit of reading. But the fact that I didn’t know much before meeting her also helped me believe in her once I did the reading.

    One of the things she’s a Goddess of is inspiration. My name is borrowed from a movie character–Olivia Newton-John’s character from Xanadu–who is a Muse. (I borrowed it long before meeting Brigid.) Kira’s real name is Terpsichore, but as Kira, she falls in love with a human and obtains permission to stay on Earth with him. Not that I thought of it this way at the time I borrowed the name, but that is similar to a soul coming to Earth to experience human life. I borrowed it because I want to inspire people. So my Technique Time enabled me to meet and allows me to work with Someone who can help me be the person I always wanted to grow up to be.

  14. 14
    Kira says:

    I should probably have added, especially since it was covered in another guest post here, that my Technique Time apparently also led to a spiritual awakening.

  15. 15
    Isabella Cates says:

    Thank you, Elaine and Suz!

  16. 16
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Isabella! That’s so exciting. What a beautiful name, and I love your description of it–already arrived, sunshiny and bouncing around. How perfect!

  17. 17
    Amanda says:

    Isabella, what a lovely name. Congratulations and I do hope you let us know the results of your name change at some point!


  18. 18
    Isabella says:

    Thank you Kylie!! Thank you Amanda!!

    Kylie, when you changed your name and I saw a huge difference in the way you communicated at the blog- that really inspired me. Since that last discussion here about Name Alignment Research, I couldn’t stand my name. I would hesitate and cringe to tell people it. It didn’t even make sense that it was mine anymore.

    But I LOVE my new name. And of course I’ll let y’all know about the results in months to come. 😉

  19. 19
    Kylie says:

    Glad to hear my name change was inspirin, Isabella. I’m looking forward to your future guest post!

  20. 20
    Amanda says:

    On Technique Time, at the moment I don’t do much. The drive for now is towards being human. It’s me time.

    I want to have fun and get moving!

    So, tai chi and Qi Gong (I may qualify as a teacher soon), some occasional aura reading, but that’s it.

    I’d say I got a good long way spiritually, but for now, enough already! I’m unrepentant about it too – I’ve worked hard and this feels like a wonderful holiday. 🙂


  21. 21

    Ironically, AMANDA, this integration phase could consolidate evolution more than not being on such a holiday.

  22. 22
    Amy says:

    Isabella you’ve inspired me to look into changing my own name now! It’s increasingly feeling “blah” and there’s little resonance when I hear it said. I’m excited to find a new one now.

  23. 23
    Isabella says:

    Amy, that’s awesome! I’m so glad! That’s how I started feeling about my name in the last 4-5 months. I would often have a little moment of hesitation when introducing myself, my old name was just feeling so wrong and worn out.

    Now when I hear someone say my new name an amazing feeling just overtakes me. If they say it a few times I feel like I’ve turned into a cloud of beautiful giggling butterflies. Giggling butterflies fluttering through air made of God presence.

    It’s become fun to tell people and I have felt immediately different in my relationships. People have had the most incredible reactions, better than anticipated. Some people really love it and seem to light up from within when I tell them. It’s something magical in life.

    If you decide to go for it, I will use that new name with relish!!!

  24. 24

    Our Technique Time Contest still is live, Blog-Buddies. Until the last day of this year, you have an invitation to list what you have been doing.

    Yes, this is educational for our entire online community. Keep checking here for ideas, just as a favorite newspaper column or blog might give you some bright ideas that you will transfer into your day’s personal problem solving.

  25. 25

    For you, entering (and maybe even winning) this contest, it can help you to be put on the spot.

    Technique Time is a relatively new concept within Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Just this year, I think off the top of my head.

    Could be, by paying attention enough to enter this contest with a comment that describes your personal daily routine, you will improve how you do it.

    You might even dare to time what you do and provide a bit of a report in your contest entry. As I did in the blog post here:

    I’m becoming a better steward of those precious 20 minutes.

    Helping you to do that, as well, is the best way to win this latest contest.

  26. 26
    Suz says:

    Finally, I feel able to say a little bit about this. One night a week, I do a whole bunch of technique time in qi gong class (one hour) and Taoist meditation (one hour of … hypnosis, ha). That eats up a lot of time.

    But during that time, I am experimenting with some of Rose’s very elementary techniques: getting big, I Like, coming home, and holding a space. The more I do this, the easier it gets, and the more powerful and liberating I realize it is.

    I must admit, though, it is incredible to do some applied qi gong on a classmate and merge with their spirituality. The rest of the time, though, I am now able to keep out of my classmates. Nice!

    Almost every day, I eat lunch with a group of senior citizens. And I do tiny split-second things to practice on them. With a touch, I know how physically well or unwell they are. I can hold a space for whoever feels lousy, like one gent with advanced cancer. Some days when he feels particularly bad, I can visually see an aura (which I cannot yet interpret).

    Anyway, I am becoming more and more impressed with these very simple but powerful techniques, and am eternally grateful for them!

  27. 27

    Yowza, SUZ. So glad you shared this last comment.

    Of course I am glad you enjoy these techniques.

    However, PLEASE, do not mix the techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality in with other systems and techniques.

    You have meant so well, and I truly appreciate your respectful attitude. But just consider the following comments.

  28. 28

    Problem 1 related to Comment 26: You are studying qi gong.

    Do qi gong.

    This shows you what qi gong does for you. Also what it does not do for you.

    It respects your teacher to follow that teacher’s instruction.

    What teacher would not be appalled, disrespected, hurt, etc. to learn you are secretly improving qi gong in this way.

  29. 29

    Problem 2 related to Comment 26: You are studying Taoist meditation that, you feel pretty certain by now, is really hypnosis.

    For any Blog-Buddies who have not followed that thread, read more on discernment about meditation and hypnosis here:

    You are continuing to participate even though this class is not what you thought it was. You are continuing why, exactly?

  30. 30

    Problem #3 in this series: While hypnosis is going on, you are experimenting with techniques of Empath Empowerment(R).

    So now, while you are being vibrationally impacted by the hypnosis, you are disrespecting this teacher’s approach and playing around with a third teacher’s offerings while in the presence of the teacher of Taoist meditation.

    Mixing modalities can be counterproductive, even dangerous. It gives you no predictable results.

    BTW, I do not like having the system of Empath Empowerment called “elementary techniques.” I can assure you that people who do them with respect and rigor find them to be extremely powerful techniques.

    On the bright side? It’s good news that, in the spirit of this blog, you do not have me or my work on such a pedestal that you fear insulting me on a public blog! My blog, actually.

  31. 31

    Problem 4: While conducting these experiments, you are also in a group.

    Each of these classes has a teacher and course participants with their own auric patterns, STUFF, and connections to whichever astral and Divine Beings those individuals work with.

    Being in that room, there is plenty of mixing and mingling aurically. Including your becoming susceptible to taking home from each class a bevy of astral beings.

  32. 32

    One final comment for now in this series: Just because you have notions of independence and freedom and self-authority does not change the following facts:

    You impact other people in the room energetically with your experiments.

    You are energetically impacted by what other course participants do.

    You have no idea what an in-person teacher does to supply protection in order to keep the students safe. A true spiritual teacher does this in the background, and has no obligation to explain to students that this is being done. Explaining further would only be taught during the training of teachers in that tradition, with the blessings and vibrational imprint of that lineage. Bottom line: A transmitter of sacred teaching brings a great deal that a casual student has no clue is part of the offering.

    Consequently, you have no idea what you are disrespecting and ignoring, whom you are offending, or precisely what kind of karma you are generating for yourself.

    My advice? If you want to play around with independence in a class, do not sit in a classroom secretly playing with a teaching that is spiritual or energetic or healing-related. Take a violin class; go ahead and play your kazoo instead of a fiddle. No harm done, except that this sort of rudeness would be obvious to your teacher.

  33. 33

    In your enthusiasm, SUZ, you are inadvertently showing profound disrespect to three different teachers.

    I cannot tell how much the qi gong and Taoist teachers have given in order to have the privilege of serving as spiritual teachers.

    Most likely, however, it is much like my story. I have given my life for the things I teach, worked harder than most people do, and (it could be said) in the process sacrificed a great deal in order to serve my people.

    Personally I can tell you this: In every single class I have given since 1970, I have been as present and available as I could be to my students. Any true spiritual teacher would do that.

    Do you have any concept that you are disrespecting teachers by playing fast and loose with something that is potentially sacred? Do you truly wish to set up that sort of karma for yourself?

    Has TV trained you to treat spiritual teachers like TV shows, where you can watch or not at will, while considering the whole show just a trivial form of entertainment?

  34. 34

    And yes, you are clearly doing more than 20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time.

  35. 35

    Okay, one more thing, SUZ: Those tiny split-second unskilled empath merges are exactly what I recommend that an empath NOT do.

    Not only does this open you up to taking on STUFF every single time you do play around like this.

    Not only are you doing the opposite of dedicated technique time.

    You are also ignoring the main idea of Empath Empowerment, which is to turn your empath gifts OFF unless you are doing a dedicated technique of Skilled Empath Merge.

    At this point, I can only laugh.

    And, of course, thank you for sharing the experiment you have been doing by way of Technique Time.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment. I hope other Blog-Buddies will think about this:

    If you have been doing experiments and mash-ups of this kind, it does not further your evolution.

    Studying empath skills, Deeper Perception, energy spirituality, energy medicine, energy psychology, meditation, or depth hypnosis — none of this is trivial. Unless you make it so.

  36. 36
    Suz says:

    I did respond to some of this privately, but would want to say some of your replies here, Rose, are very accurate and some are not. But what that tells me is that I am failing to communicate effectively. And that bothers me almost more than any of the rest of this.

    For the blog, I would want to say, I didn’t think I was blithely dancing around playing games and mixing disciplines — often I was feeling vulnerable and needed to take care of myself.

    For the Taoist meditation (which has turned out to be hypnosis) — there’s no opportunity to do anything other than be led to the empty space between the breaths. Why I went back a couple more times? I wanted a fresh look at it in the light of the discussion here. To make sure I was seeing things right. I think there are better uses for the time.

    Please, everyone, accept my apologies for any insults. None were intended; it just kills me to find out something I said was taken as an insult.

  37. 37

    SUZ, what a lovely response. No offense taken.

    Thank you for helping me to fulfill my educational mission at the blog.

    And, just so the rest of you Blog-Buddies know, I did email SUZ with an offer to change the name for her comment and my responses. It was brave of you to let your name stand there, under the circumstances. And the tone of your comment was notably kind.

    So yes, thank you.

  38. 38
    Suz says:

    Thank you too.

    It felt terrible! 😀

  39. 39

    Is this contest still open? An inquiry came just today, by email.

    Yes, Blog-Buddies, you have through New Year’s Eve. So check out the 6 Rules for Entering, at the main post.

    It really is fascinating to think about how you have been using your personal Technique Time. To me, this last contest of 2013 at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” might be our most important one of all.

    Just thinking about your use of precious Technique Time could start you moving in a more productive direction. Or help you to celebrate what a magnificent routine you have designed for yourself.

    Go for it!

  40. 40
    Rosanna Tufts says:

    How serendipitous that you announced this contest just as I was preparing a radio show on this very subject. My goal was to teach, right there on the air, a method of keeping your emotional stability in the midst of holiday chaos.

    The technique has a basis in Vedic astrology, because the Moon shows how easily you can maintain Peace of Mind. If you were born near a Full Moon, maintaining peace in your heart will come more naturally to you: like a pot of water on the stove, you are better able to “take the heat” of Life, literally! But if you were born during a waning or Dark Moon, or if you have the Moon in Scorpio where it is debilitated, reducing the turbulence in your heart will be more of a challenge — the more likely you are to have your emotions hijacked by whatever’s going on around you — and the more you need this technique, to develop conscious awareness of stabilizing your Heart at any time.

    The technique is based upon Mantras. Why? They are sacred sounds that directly access higher realms, and it is much easier to focus when you are saying a mantra, than it is to try to empty your mind of all thought. Thoughts are always drifting in and out, and at least one of those thoughts is bound to give you a sense of urgency, which takes you away from stillness. Either that, or you will simply fall asleep, and the dream state takes over. A Mantra is a hedge against both of these — one reason why Mantras are considered the “cure for all karmas.”

    Choose one that is relatively short, so you can complete 108 repetitions of it within a few minutes. Why 108? It’s the number of Creation itself. You can fit 108 Suns between us and the Sun, and 108 Moons between us and the Moon. Only when these planets began cycling at the 108 ratio, did “intelligent” life appear on this Earth, about 100,000 years ago (“intelligence” here defined as the capacity for abstract thought and the ability to reconstruct the past and project the future consequences of present actions). So by using 108 repetitions, you are aligning yourself with a sacred pattern.

    You may choose a Mantra from Sanskrit (“Om namah Shivaya” and “Om mani Padme hum” work well) Latin (the “Hail Mary”) or Hebrew (“Ateh Malkuth ve-Geburah ve-Gedulah le-Olam” — which means “Thou art the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, forever”). It’s easy to find sound samples on the internet, so you can learn the correct pronunciation. “Plain English” does not work well for this, as it keeps you too much in the logical mind; you need a magickal language that opens up the intuitive mind. If you have been given a private power Mantra by a Guru, definitely use it.

    As you repeat the Mantra, use a string with 108 beads on it, so you can keep track of when you’ve reached 108, so you don’t have to stress about what number you’re up to, or whether you’ve lost count! You may use 1 Mantra, or 4 or 5 different ones depending upon your purpose, as long as they don’t go beyond 20 minutes or less than 5 minutes.

    A useful tool to go along with this, is a plain bowl filled with water, with a candle lit next to it. Think of the water as being like a pool or pond, where you can only see the bottom of the pool if the water is still. You are aiming for the same stillness in your heart. If your mind is choppy and turbulent, tormented by worry, like waves and ripples on the surface of the water, you can’t SEE your way clear.

    If you don’t have access to a bowl full of water, then close your eyes — but not just “any” eyes closed. Turn your gaze inward and upward, as if you are looking at the top of your head, from the INSIDE of your head. This enhances the serene effect. You’ll feel a little bit of “pull” on the muscles controlling your eyeballs, but you’ll notice that slight exercise turns on a “light” inside your head.

    Another good strategy is to do your few minutes of Mantras while standing barefoot on the Earth itself. In doing so, you erase the illusion of separation between you and God. Surely a God that made such a big beautiful amazing world as this, must be bigger than any problems you have.

    To REALLY ramp-up the effectiveness of this technique, do it during the hour on either side of 13:30 Local Sidereal Time. LIttle known secret, unless you’ve experimented with Applied Remote Viewing, which has been proven to be 450% more effective during the magick hour of 13:00 to 14:00 LST. This is when the constellation Virgo — a particularly quiet, peaceful sector of the sky — is directly overhead, and we are shielded from the volatility of the Galactic Plane by the Earth itself. Local Sidereal Time retreats backwards by 4 minutes every day, but you can find a smartphone app that enables you to calculate when it is, wherever you are.

    Reading this explanation probably took you longer than it takes to actually DO the technique! When you start doing it, you’ll probably feel a little silly at first: “Om namah Shivaya, Om namah Shivaya, Om namah Shivaya, wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off …. how is THIS going to change anything?!” Trust the process: you are using the Science of Sound. Keep it up, and after a couple of months of consistent practice, like the Karate Kid, you’ll start “getting” it. The still-point is coming to you easier. Anxiety strikes, and you can quiet your heart almost instantly, without resorting to chocolate!

    If you are Man of Action, you may wonder, “what is the point of this, when you’re not actually DOING anything?” If you think this isn’t powerful — it’s extremely powerful! Because when you can access that still-point at any time, when you have Peace in your Heart — you make better decisions! It becomes easy to see whether or not something is in your best interest! Like seeing the bottom of the pond, when the water is still and clear.

    Without it, the instant some stressor comes along, every spiritual principle you ever learned, everything you “think” you believe, will go straight out the window, and like a game of Chutes and Ladders, you’ll be back at Square One, fighting tooth and nail to defend yourself.

    Instead, what you are aiming for, is when you really need it the most, when something really screwy happens where it is critical that you keep your cool and not blow up — you’ve got these muscles well-honed. You can stop the panic in your heart very quickly, because you know what the still-point feels like. That’s when you’ll be glad you practiced this every day.

    It will also become easier to receive Divine Guidance. Not every problem can be solved with mere human logic. The world is loud: God speaks in whispers. That’s what it really means, when the Bible says “the peace of God passeth all understanding.”

  41. 41
    Rosanna Tufts says:

    It occurred to me after I wrote this, that as much as I focused on teaching others how to do the Mantra technique and what you all will gain from it, I forgot to mention the reason why I put such a heavy focus on it for myself.

    We teach that which we most need to learn! As my daughter came near to killing herself a couple of months ago, and I have had to remove her from the environment that was causing her suicidal tendencies, with a resulting custody fight in which I have to prove that her father’s behavior is detrimental to her . . . I have a huge, and good, reason to be anxious. It would be very easy for me to just run riot with worry. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how debilitating that is.

    Being able to make myself Peaceful . . . is not just about saving my own sanity. It is critical to making myself credible in the eyes of the people who can best help me and my daughter. This is one situation where rattling swords would actually work against me. The more serene I am, the more the Court will believe I am telling the truth.

  42. 42

    Wow, ROSANNA. Thank you for sharing.

    How I admire your handling these difficulties with a mixture of objective reality and a small, balanced bit of official 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.

  43. 43
    "Wanda" says:

    Technique Time is during your waking hours, right? Sometimes it can take me hours to fall asleep. I do all sorts of things to uplift myself during that time, however long it lasts.

    That doesn’t count as Technique Time, does it?

  44. 44

    Exactly right. While you are preparing for sleep, you may do a bit of Technique Time, whether prayers or whatever else inspires you.

    Once your head hits that pillow? Free time to do anything you like with consciousness.

    Insomnia ever a problem? Consider it your opportunity for all the energetic activities, prayers, self-hypnosis, meditation, etc. you like.

  45. 45

    Winners announced!

    TERESA won first prize for her describing how and why she uses 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. It was inspiring to read her thoughtful insights on what she has gained and the impact on her of making choices about Technique Time.

    SUZ won second prize for the largest number of distinct comments directly related to Technique Time.

  46. 46

    Alert consumers, take note:

    Technique Time is something that can responsibly be taught at this blog, unlike my systems to Cut Cords of Attachment(R), Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), and Face Reading Secrets(R) and Empath Empowerment(R). Or the skill set in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

    For these, the way to benefit is to buy the related book or ebook, or to have a related session or workshop with me. Related articles up your consumer smarts but cannot teach a relatively sophisticated skill.

    By contrast, Technique Time COULD be and WAS taught at this blog, culminating in this blog post.

    You are all welcome to revisit, as you find it helpful. And do recommend this thread to others you know who are struggling with spiritual addiction.

    Refer friends who wish to live that fast path to Enlightenment, human-based spirituality.

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