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Aura Reading Senator Elizabeth Warren. How Has She Changed in the Year Since Her Election?

Aura reading Senator Elizabeth Warren

Aura reading Senator Elizabeth Warren

JEAN J. proposed Senator Warren for an aura reading. That’s JEAN’s preferred way of enjoying her choice of any public figure and any form of energetic literacy as Lucky Commenter #16,000 here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” I’ll use the photo she provided for this aura reading, too.

  • As long as the link lasts, you can see the passionate speaker here, in her special brand of Elizabeth Warren glory.
  • What, a regular photo containing her aura? Sure, for anyone with Stage Three Energetic Literacy — every photo is an aura photo.
  • The photo submitted by Jean J. is lively and current. Admittedly, the camera angle and cropping make it tricky to read if you are not a way-experienced aura reader. So feel free, Blog-Buddies to do your own aura readings and Skilled Empath Merges of Elizabeth Warren based on the photo above, the photograph at the top of this article. This photo was taken about a year ago, days before her election as senator.
  • I’m going to read both photographs, actually. How much has Elizabeth Warren changed in one short year, when that year has included stepping into her first public office?

For background on aura reading from regular photos

Sure, you can read background on my system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R). Or even learn to read auras for yourself, from regular photographs.

  • Learn more about energetic literacy here.
  • Every chakra databank contains a particular topic, a distinctive gift of your soul, a temporary size and quality.
  • If your background with reading energy comes through energy medicine or study of the Vedas, you may be more familiar with a Sanskrit term for chakra databanks, the nadis.

Why bother to read the nadis or chakra databanks? The skill set couldn’t be more practical. Your most comprehensive introduction to the practicality of reading chakra databanks might come from a how-to that debunks Law of Attraction, then offers you a set of practical techniques for success that work much more effectively, Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Connecting to Physical Reality

A politician, then a politician — and an unapologetic progressive. Makes me wonder, is Elizabeth Warren’s head in the clouds?

Elizabeth Warren while running for office, November 3, 2012

40 feet. Very aware of conflict. Not comfortable in the gritty sort of environment of political wrangling but principled. Here Warren is pushing herself to learn how to appeal to the masses and force herself to relate to voters in ways that are practical, practical, practical.

Elizabeth’s intellect is uncommonly refined, Stradivarius-like, and habitually dominating her way of connecting to the world around her. Now the political candidate is adapting, highly motivated and also very aware of the treacherous realities of politics.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, November 12, 2013

Fills the room plus 15 feet. An unexpected sort of charisma has developed for Senator Warren when she works in her political role in public.

She has found a voice, and presence. This is characterized in public by calm and clarity.

Elizabeth Warren has learned to find a different sort of balance compared to before (while teaching at Harvard), yet some components have transferred over. Warren enters an internal place of silence and truth, as if entering into a temple sacred to Athena, the Greek goddess who specialized in wisdom, discernment, and a warrior’s protectiveness

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Saving Money

Given her financial expertise and current role on the Senate Banking Committee, I thought it would be interesting to research three money-related chakra databanks. These are about her, of course. Yet knowing about Senator Warren personally at a subconscious level can make it more interesting to follow what she does politically.

Elizabeth Warren while running for office, November 3, 2012

49 miles. Very aware of poverty, not merely as a statistic but as a form of human tragedy.

The college professor carries intellectual knowledge about the importance of saving money but she also carries frozen blocks from this life and other incarnations related to poverty and political oppression. In this life, in this particular databank, Warren has passionate commitment for helping people to accumulate wealth.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, November 12, 2013

49 miles. Fiercely protective of her people, an almost maternal kind of strength. Not an outward aggression, Elizabeth Warren has a drive and inner certainty about providing for everyday people.

Following the news, myself, I am aware that 1% of Americans now control 20% of the nation’s wealth, while the bottom 40% divide up only 7% of the nation’s wealth. Maybe this amazing fact has something to do with what I just read in this chakra databank of Senator Warren’s.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Spending Money

Willingness to spend money is an entirely different matter from earning money. What will show here?

Elizabeth Warren while running for office, November 3, 2012

18 feet. Both cautious and conservative and rigorous about making financial commitments.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, November 12, 2013

29 miles. Huge transformation has occurred in this chakra databank. Senator Warren is now strongly identified with being a mover and a shaker on a great scale. She helps wield power over big financial interests and major policies. She understands — and feels quietly thrilled — to be able to impact the spending of money for millions of people.

This responsibility is serious for her, deepening her already serious and protective commitment to help people through her political work.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Financial Integrity

Is financial integrity in a class of its own? Of course. Chakra databanks exist for many forms of integrity — revealing subconscious patterns that help explain what makes someone tick.

Elizabeth Warren while running for office, November 3, 2012

90 miles, with an assist from Divine Mother. (It’s up to Warren whether she thinks of this inner connection as Mother Mary or Kwan Yin or any other form of Ascended Master or Goddess; or whether she consciously thinks of this presence at all.)

What shows at this subconscious level is a kind of sacred mission about protecting the multitudes.

This sense of mission compels Elizabeth Warren to maintain scrupulous integrity related to all financial dealings.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, November 12, 2013

90 feet of raw power. This is a “You don’t mess with me” power. This power is like the jagged edges of a saw.

Reading this chakra databank, the amount of masculine energy and raw power is absolutely stunning.

No, I don’t think the woman needs an exorcism. (And I write today’s article as someone whose skill sets in Rosetree Energy Spirituality do include a track record with helping clients, as needed, with this sort of aura de-cluttering.)

This intense strength comes from her, nobody else. This is strikes me as a powerful force within Warren that I don’t think was really actualized until she had the political power that she now has accumulated.

Certainly this is not an overt pushiness. More a deep knowing, from Elizabeth Warren’s long history as a soul, from incarnations that have been sometimes male, sometimes female.

Plato said that learning is remembering. Sometimes it happens during a lifetime that we awaken skills and knowledge developed in previous incarnations. It is as though we have been prepared for this time.

That sort of awakening and alignment has really transformed this chakra databank for the rapidly evolving Elizabeth Warren.

She now has the ability to strike terror into her political foes. How they react to the aura-level power will be interesting to behold during the rest of Elizabeth Warren’s political career. Especially reactions of male politicians who have very set ideas of a woman’s subservient role. This power is not womanly, not retiring, not the least bit subservient, and not particularly feminine… although overall the Massachusetts senator is comfortable in a very feminine skin, role, sexuality, personality.

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Verbal Integrity

This chakra databank is about speaking and communicating without guile or exaggeration or outright lying. Or not.

Elizabeth Warren while running for office, November 3, 2012

18 feet. A certain brittleness and self-consciousness bring tension to Warren’s communications. Clearly she is not a natural campaigner. It costs her, engaging in political battles. Although her integrity is strong, STUFF in the way could cause people to become suspicious or strongly negative.

What kind of STUFF? Nervousness about being disliked and attacked. Trying hard, through her intellect, to not seem to intellectual. A push-pull towards pleasing people, something that does not come naturally to Elizabeth; the ambivalence weakens her at this time in her political career.

Warren doesn’t really want to climb out of the ivory tower. She feels so much more comfortable having academic discussions, rather than attempting the populist kind of discourse required for political battle in an election.

It will be interesting to compare what changes after she has won election and spent months settling into this new role in life. Running for office is not like teaching law at Harvard, nor is it like holding an office.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, November 12, 2013

Fills the room plus 5 miles. A clarion voice of integrity, simplicity, directness. Utterly aligned with truth as she sees it.

Again, this could bring up a strong defensive reaction in Warren’s political foes. Her communication can cause these political opponents to momentarily agree with her. Then what do the do afterwards?

“What the heck am I supposed to do with that?” is probably a common, terrified, subconscious reaction to the truth value in Warren’s political speech.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Power Integrity

This chakra databank is about doing what you have promised to do, follow through.

Elizabeth Warren while running for office, November 3, 2012

80 feet. Idealism is mixed with a desire to control what is done, down to the smallest details.

Confidence is lacking a bit at the time of this photo, three days before the election. Will she be able to deliver? Elizabeth Warren is aware that ideas and ideals can be tricky to bring into reality, and she is neither overwhelmed nor frightened at the prospect of having political responsibilities to fulfill, but privately she is a bit unsure.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, November 12, 2013

40 feet. Implacable in her insistence on following through, with justice.

However, this chakra databank is not rigid. There is a willingness to listen, to compromise, just not to compromise beyond the point where integrity would be compromised.

Also, it’s fascinating how this integrity is not pushy. Reminds me how TV star Alec Baldwin has been described as someone who doesn’t come to the camera but instead makes the camera (and audience) come to him. Tina Fey put it this way, “He lets the camera come to him, and he speaks so quietly that I cannot hear him when I am standing next to him.”

There is something fascinating about Elizabeth Warren’s power integrity. It draws in, rather than pushing.

Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra for Spiritual Integrity

Separation between church and state is so essential for American democracy. So why bother to read this chakra databank? It’s so fascinating to learn about spiritual motivation, whether a person feels in any way obligated to live ethically or not. Religion is no guarantee either way, nor is lack of religious affiliation. The chakra databank simply shows what it shows.

Elizabeth Warren while running for office, November 3, 2012

90 miles. A gentle, sustaining connection to the Divine helps to comfort and protect Elizabeth Warren as she learns how to become a politician. With this degree of spiritual support, integrity is pristine. In fact, integrity even becomes a motivator for pushing through obstacles.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, November 12, 2013

40 feet. Clear spiritual connection, taken for granted.

Spiritual integrity is not a choice, not at Elizabeth Warren’s level of evolution.

Elizabeth Warren  is on my Enlightenment Life List. This reading is a lovely glimpse of a person’s human growth, given a high state of consciousness that connects her to the Divine.

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  1. 1
    Bridget says:

    I’m a big fan of Sen. Warren. I love and appreciate the work she put towards reducing student loan interest rates and I signed her petition. I wish the senate had more senators (male, female, or transgender!) cut from her cloth.

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    I’m thrilled to read this reading, Rose, thanks. Elizabeth Warren is my hero. I’m so proud to have her as a senator, and really excited that she might run for president. There are no surprises in this aura reading, I was glad to find. Her integrity is so clear to see, and her warrior-like powerfulness so inspiring. I love this part of your reading:

    Warren enters an internal place of silence and truth, as if entering into a temple sacred to Athena, the Greek goddess who specialized in wisdom, discernment, and a warrior’s protectiveness

    Wow! So true.

  3. 3
    Dana says:

    Thank you for this reading! What a great aura reading choice! It’s so nice to see a politician with such integrity and who is genuinely putting the people first. Funny how one can forget that’s actually supposed to be their job…

    I’m also impressed with how she campaigned despite it not being comfortable for her with the “political wrangling.” I know I struggle with that.

  4. 4

    You are so welcome, DANA, KYLIE, and BRIDGET.

    It was a delight to do this aura reading, and it makes me happy to read comments that tell me that you Blog-Buddies read it and found it helpful.

  5. 5
    Amy says:

    Wow, she is really inspiring. I’ve only heard OF her and haven’t really heard her speak so I’m going to spend some time seeing her auric modelling in action. Watch any speeches she’s made etc. etc. thanks Rose and Jean!

  6. 6
    Madeline says:

    I am like Amy not so familiar with her specifics only general knowledge. It is so comforting to have more evolved political figures at this time in our history.
    This is the first time I read some of the data banks along with you. At first it made me nervous as in “oh no what if I am completely off base” but what I learned was that what I got was perfect and at my level of competency, not as nuanced or specific but still valuable. It really encouraged me to continue to grow as an aura reader.

  7. 7

    Glad you are using your aura reading skills, MADELINE.

    Here’s a way to improve the exercise for yourself next time.

    Please do not read along with me, one chakra databank at a time. This suggests some sort of comparing yourself, or even testing yourself. Not kind to you, nor recommended in the least.

    Please, if you are interested in reading chakra databanks, make use of the opportunity I build into every article of this type.

    Have you ever noticed?…

  8. 8

    Every time, MADELINE, I give you links to the photos. I supply links reminding you about how to use one technique or another to read auras (for experienced folks like you, MADELINE).

    Plus there is background information for the newbies who would like to understand some of the why’s behind the what’s.

    Then each chakra databank that I read is clearly labeled.

    This is my invitation to you to open up a photo, decide which technique to use, then just look at the names of those chakra databanks and read them for yourself.

    Write down what you find, because it is important.

    Then, when you are done, would be a much better time to read what someone else does in her aura reading.

    Try that strategy next time, MADELINE. It will help you build confidence faster. And thanks for giving me the opportunity to introduce all you Blog-Buddies to this strategy.

  9. 9
    Kira says:

    Very interesting. I love to read all your aura readings/empath merges/face readings.

  10. 10
    Madeline says:

    Thanks Rose, sorry I guess I wasn’t clear, I did exactly what you suggest. I didn’t read along with you. I didn’t even read the same data banks. See I am following instructions!

  11. 11

    MADELINE, this is sooooooooooo great of you.

    #1. You were doing things perfectly all along, according to what I would consider most productive.

    #2. You were, as usual, so patient with me. I do this thing of moving into teacher mode. You are clearly used to this, or just plain beaten down 😉

    Because you didn’t get mad! Thank you, Sweetie.

  12. 12
    Madeline says:

    LOL, Maybe a little of Both plus a dose of Growth and responsibility for not being clear. Your comments made my day!! Have a great Thanksgiving Rose, love you.

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