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Rose Rosetree, giving thanks, both seasonal and personal

What’s our biggest news this week with Rosetree Energy Spirituality?

Thanks to you Blog-Buddies, we have some outstanding comments and guest posts you might not know about unless you subscribe to new comments. (See that option listed as you scroll down the rightmost column here.)

What are the very lively, happening themes here concerning Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Empath Empowerment, Aura Reading, Aura Healing, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis, Enlightenment, and all those other categories you can find on the left column here, each with clickable links?

Here are some of the blog’s current highlights.


Not that you need them to celebrate Thanksgiving or any holiday. But recently I have begun to explore “The problem with pot, from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.” This two-part series can help to keep your knowledge current. Marijuana isn’t going away any time soon. Check out the pot-smoker DUI news from Seattle!

What can you tell your kids, or other people you care about, with an assist from Energetic Literacy?

At Part Two of this article, I invite you’all to send photo links that show public figures who have had abuse problems with one drug more than others.

Not a whole cocktail but one performer or politician or athlete who has specialized in cocaine or heroin or even an addiction to painkillers.

Complicating the search for photos that I can use for Skilled Empath Merge or aura reading, it will not help to have pictures from after rehab. “Long ago addiction” is much easier to find illustrated online. If you happen to find related links, that would be helpful for the ongoing series I would like to offer as a public service, exploring in depth what particular substances do aurically.

Aura Reading of Elizabeth Warren

Now there’s someone who does not belong on a poster to illustrate substance abuse. She is even on my Enlightenment Life List as of when, years ago?

Here’s the wacky part. Usually a characteristic of Enlightenment is relative proportionality of chakra databanks.

This isn’t the most important criterion I use for evaluating Enlightenment. It is, actually, the least important. Still, usually, that sort of chakra databank balance  is in evidence.

Yet you won’t find that balance in either of the comparison photos for Warren, one from right before her election and the other from after she became a Massachusetts Senator. Take a look at this aura reading  of Elizabeth Warren and comment there if you have any ideas about WHY the chakra databank sizes appear as they do.

Activity on the Enlightenment Life List

Our latest candidate has been named for the Enlightenment Life List. A good reminder to add your heroes, those you think might be Enlightened.

You can also gleefully (and secretly) choose to nominate someone who claims to be Enlightened or Awake and you’re not so sure. Why not go for a second opinion?

Technique Time, one of the easiest ways to move forward fast on your path to Enlightenment

For a seemingly simple concept, there is a lot to understand before you can successfully limit yourself to 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. A new contest can help you to clarify your thinking about this vital topic.

Plus, checking out the comments at that post can educate you about the many variations possible.

Limiting your Technique Time to 20 minutes per day can increase your freedom and use of self-authority, as well as help you to move forward in balance.

Coming up this next week? I will be sharing the results of a down-to-the-second accounting I did of my own personal Technique Time.

Speaking of contests, the big name has been chosen

Why haven’t I announced the winner yet for our “Naming Contest for Pursuing Enlightenment, the happy middle ground“? Partly, I wanted to think a whole lot, as this is a really important choice of language for Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Partly there’s the reason I summarized in Comment #202.

Meditation OR Hypnosis, the theme continues to fascinate (if not entrance you)

One bit of comment-conversation at a time, this thread keeps clarifying practical ways to distinguish hypnosis from meditation.

Both can be good. Not so good is being promised one and receiving the other. Or expecting one to deliver the benefits of the other.

The latest sequence of comments at the post to help you tell meditation apart from hypnosis?

That would be the sequence of Comments #109-115. All on the topic of protecting yourself.

What is a practical strategy to keep yourself from getting pulled into a group hypnosis experience when you do not want to be. Which is trickier than it might seem.

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