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The Story of One of YOUR Miracles in 2013

Miracles, fresh as finding an unexpected daisy

Continuing the theme of miracles, I’m wondering. Blog-Buddies, might you be willing to share one of the miracles that you discovered in this first year after The Shift?

  • Some miracles are flashy in external, objective reality.
  • Other miracles are quietly personal, noticeable in just the subtlest of ways. Yet so powerful nonetheless.
  • Other miracles are the combo.

Can you even begin to count all the miracles that happened for you in 2013? Less mathematically, more inspiringly to those of us who are not especially numbers people… how about a story, the story of one of your miracles in 2013?

I would never ask you to do something I’m not willing to do myself.

Just to prime the pump, here is the story of a miracle related to me and Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

When time stopped for a split-split-split second

A big new technique was discovered while I was in session this year. At least, I think that is how I discovered Vibrational Re-Positioning, while in a session of aura healing.

This technique is in the process of being trademarked now, so it can be called the big fancy “Vibrational Re-Positioning(TM).” And, sure I could hunt in my records for the date of officially filing for the registered service mark.

Yet I really can’t tell you precisely when and how I received the download for this best skill set yet. When first describing shiny new Vibrational Re-Positioning back in August, I did tell you’all that I had begun using it back in July. That’s about all I can tell you for sure, related to objective reality.

Being in session with a client is always a here-and-now experience of co-creation, a time of service, collaborating to help my client with the stated intention. Most of the 55 minutes does not count as official Technique Time, either. Just the act of being in session, by now, creates a sacred space where quiet little or big surprises occur. Surprises that could be called “Miracles.”

Looking back, it is a miracle how different puzzle pieces fit together in order for Vibrational Re-Positioning to work.

By telling you about those different pieces, maybe it will inspire you to keep doing whatever you do, day by day. Those humble, human skills — those ways we choose to spend our time — can culture within us the basis for something bigger, something that arrives with a new perfection. A something that seems like a miracle.

Miracle Puzzle Piece #1: Reading Chakra Databanks

Chakra databanks are those tubes or rays or crystals of energy that can be read with Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Only this summer did I learn, thanks to Blog-Buddy David, that the ancient term for chakra databanks is the nadis.

(In itself, that’s kind of a miracle, discovering that this kind of aura reading has been done for 10,000 years. Although not in the context of emotional and spiritual transformation, the purpose of energy spirituality.)

Many of you Blog-Buddies have learned to research chakra databanks, whether researching them in person or through a photo. You could learn to read hundreds of chakra databanks as an aura reader. Or you could use a technique for Skilled Empath Merge to research chakra databanks.

Reading the size and quality of chakra databanks, their astral component that corresponds to the subconscious level, provided both the skill and vocabulary for being able to do Vibrational Re-Positioning.

Miracle Puzzle Piece #2: Reading Energetic Holograms

What is an energetic hologram? Whenever you are in the room with another person, or speaking by phone or Skype video with another person, you are present in energetic real time.

Your amazing memory stores the auras of everyone involved, both you and the other person. Three cheers for that same storehouse of impressions or chit that matters so much for past-life regression.

I don’t remember exactly when I began reading energetic holograms, either. Except it was surely in the service of a client. I wanted to help Joe or Gladys and spontaneously downloaded this method of pulling out one energetic hologram at a time, then reading chakra databanks as appropriate.

After this summer, I began to call this technique “Stage Four Energetic Literacy.”

Reading Energetic Holograms, you can research whichever chakra databanks you desire, choosing from hundreds of chakra databanks. Name the chakra databank and research away, very much like researching chakra databanks from a real-live person.

Miracle Puzzle Piece #3: Glitches in behavior can be read from energetic holograms

What happens subconsciously when someone can’t stop eating? Or reaches for that cigarette? Or otherwise gets stuck like that ancient technology some of us remember, vinyl records. From which comes the term “Endless little repeats, like a broken record.”

Of course, today, we think of it more like a bug in computer software.

Well, that’s just what is involved in Vibrational Re-Positioning. My client has a recurring problem. The client names a typical example, a recent incident.

Then I pull out that energetic hologram.

Miracle Puzzle Piece #4: Researching subconscious sequences of misfiring

A definite part of miracle for me was realizing that I could research chakra databanks in a while new way.

Usually you choose which chakra databanks you wish to research, and in what order.

However, it’s also possible to slow down time and research the pattern of which chakra databank lights up when.

Because, I discovered or cognized or downloaded or whatever however-fancy term would be appropriate:

One chakra databank lights up, or activates, at a time.

Chakra databanks activate in a super-quick sequence.

How is that different from simply researching chakra databanks in whichever order you like? Maybe the distinction could be compared to anatomy versus physiology. What is in the body versus how it performs for one living person, in one particular moment.

Miracle Puzzle Piece #5: Slowing Down to Report on the Sequence

In Vibrational Re-Positioning, you slow down a moment of time into a split-split-split second. Then you research which chakra databank lights up when.

  • What is the order?
  • What is the name of each lit-up chakra databank?
  • What is the size? What’s the quality?

Having facilitated Vibrational Re-Positioning over the past four months, I have found it necessary to report on a sequence of 4-7 chakra databanks.

It is the most surprising thing, how clearly clients can relate to this information. Because, of course, doing this research and making notes is immediately followed by telling my client.

Sometimes clients gasp. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they want to talk and tell me how this has just been on their minds, consciously.

Maybe the feeling will wear off after I have used Vibrational Re-Positioning for many thousands of sessions. Maybe not. Even this part feels miraculous to me. Although the best part is yet to come.

Miracle Puzzle Piece #6: Standard techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

You know these techniques if you have read my how-to books for aura reading or the now mostly out-of-print Empowered by Empathy (A book I am busy, exuberantly re-writing, and will publish in TWO separate how-to volumes in 2014.)

“Get Big” and “Set an Intention” and “Questioning.” Techniques like these are so useful if you are doing Vibrational Re-Positioning Part Two.

Which is the wacky-and-wonderful part.

Having reported to my client on what’s broke, it’s time to fix it. And the fix is a simple recipe, or downloaded sequence of things to say or think, ways to move.

Which doesn’t just work as it does because of these techniques, or the desire to co-create with the Divine in order to help my client.

No, there is one last puzzle piece to the miracle of receiving Vibrational Re-Positioning.

Miracle Puzzle Piece #7: Thank you, Jaimini

Back in the day, when I did the TM-Sidhi Program, yogic flying was the highlight. But we faithful TMers had to make good use of the time we spent lying down on our thick foam mattresses at the end of “Doing Program.”

Back then, we TMers would listen to recordings of Rig Veda and Sama Veda. Or we would read from our translated editions of these Hindu scriptures.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi also had us read commentaries by a fellow named Jaimini. As I recall, it was The Purva Mimamsa Sutras.

Maharishi described Jaimini’s work in this way:

“The Purva Mimamsa of Jaimini locates all possible excitations or Karma [action] within the field of silence, and cultures the awareness to operate within itself in order to enliven all possibilities in its own unmanifest nature.”

So there I would be, “Resting on the foam” after yogic flying, having “all possibilities” structured in my consciousness.

Miracle Puzzle Piece #8: What, “This, not that” as a recipe?

For a then devoutly-obediently meditator, Jaimini sounded like so much mumbo-jumbo. There were items like these (a big paraphrase):

When you place ghee on the altar for the yagya, be sure to put it in a large vessel.

Not a small vessel.

On the other hand, a small vessel, by dint of its size, could be considered an ideal container for the holding of ghee.

On the other hand, a mid-sized vessel could confer an orange colour to the ghee, particularly after placing it five inches to the left on the altar, at the end of the third round of chanting in the penultimate ceremony.

You get the idea, Blog-Buddies. Trying to understand any of this would have been crazy-making. I didn’t even try.

Maharishi said it was structuring something important in my consciousness.

And now, more than a decade after officially exiting Transcendental Meditation as a cult, turns out weirdly that Maharishi was right.

It feels to me that Bro Jaimini modeled something about how to use little bits of human objective reality of symbols of causation, moving them around in a prescribed manner, to fulfill a set purpose.

Miracle Puzzle Piece #9: Yesterday’s waste of time could be today’s big gift

There is the miracle in short. Thanks to Jaimini, those recipes work. Clients report such huge results from Vibrational Re-Positioning. While I am, once again, in a space of miracles.

a.k.a. “Doing my job.”

And the miracle puzzle piece that may apply to you, Blog-Buddies. Some of the miracles you discover — small ones, large ones, saffron-coloured ones — began from ways you just tried to obey someone you respected, or fulfill your social obligations, or just be a good person.

What you did wasn’t especially exciting. It carried no Romance of the Astral. It was just doing good.

And in the end, that good turned out to be good for you.

So, Blog-Buddies, that is my miracle story. Took longer to explain it than I thought at first. But you know, at this educational blog I am nothing if not thorough. 🙂

My miracle story was long, but yours might be short. Let’s hear it!

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  1. 1
    David.. says:

    Cool summary of this aspect – and it explained something more of Stage 4 literacy.

    I have noticed how life organizes various kinds of experiences that may or may not make any sense at the time but later turn out to be a key aspect or a key positioning so that a larger picture comes through later.

    As you say, life brings many gifts or miracles. I notice this a lot in my writing, especially if I’m trying to cover variations outside my experience. I mentioned the variations in how energy flows unfold in the awakening process over on your Hypnosis article, for example. That’s taken a lot of of mulling and awaiting the tidbits I’d need to gel it. A comment in an interview, an insight, the page a book falls open to in a bookstore…

    You can’t plan such miracles. But you may need to keep post-it notes handy to capture them as they go by. Some are glimpses that leave little memory impression.

  2. 2
    David.. says:

    Purva Mimamsa is also known as Karma Mimamsa. The 5th of the 6 darshanas or Upangas and the oldest. Also known as the 6 systems of Indian Philosophy. Others include Yoga and Vedanta.

    Unlike Yoga, for example, Purva is a large text on karma and dharma and is much less commonly known. Maharishi described it as the text on God Consciousness aka refined perception which certainly relates to what you describe. And yes, an outer performance symbolic of causation.

    Purva is before and Mimamsa is reflection. Vedanta, the 6th is also called Uttara Mimamsa, after reflection.

    btw – I wasn’t around during the period those were read.

  3. 3

    DAVID, those were interesting days. Prudence Bruns (Mia Farrow’s sister, and referred to in the Beatles song “Dear Prudence”) was the first one to teach me yoga asanas.

    When she and her husband, Al, had a baby, they were the first people I knew in my generation to have a child.

    I wrote a poem for little Logan. By now he would be about 40. Now that’s just plain weird!

  4. 4
    David.. says:

    Interesting you mention Prudence. She has her PhD now, a Sanskrit scholar. She’s begun talking about her TM days again just recently, and the impact of Yoga on the west. Gave a TED style talk at a conference last spring.

  5. 5
    Kira says:

    I’ve already contributed mine, in the form of a poem, as a guest post. I’m not sure if or how to link to it. The short version: it was an awakening experience. (As checked by Rose, because I didn’t know what it was myself. I just knew it was miraculous.)

    I also have pictures of brilliant double rainbows, although the camera can’t seem to capture the colors the way my eyes saw them. At least one was from this year. (I’m referring to Rose’s listing of spectacular double rainbows in the miracles post.)

  6. 6
    Madeline says:

    That is so neat Rose, that you knew Prudence.
    I experienced a miraculous Thanksgiving, no family fighting, dinner was awesome, and I only gained a pound, lol.

  7. 7

    Congratulations on that set of human-type miracle, MADELINE.

    No family fighting, for instance.

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