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Rose Rosetree's Technique Time, Tracked

20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time, strictly measured

20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time, strictly measured

Yesterday I described how I have informally tracked my 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. In Part Two of this series, here come some general comments about how to do an informal kind of tracking. To be followed by the stats!

An easy way to manage Daily Technique Time

To keep that daily time to just 20 Minutes, working out the daily schedule in advance helps a lot. For several days in a row, do the same routine.

  • Maybe 20 minutes in the morning every work day in a row, contrasting with 20 minutes after supper on weekends.
  • Or every single day for a week, the same routine, e.g., 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night.
  • Such as 5 minutes in the morning and 15 in the evening.
  • Just add it up to 20, tops! That’s the only trick to it.

If your professional work time must include Technique Time, figure out how little of that time you can do and still manage to do an excellent job.

It helps enormously to be very clear about what Technique Time is.

It is time when you position consciousness away from human frequencies and into astral, subconscious, energetic experiences.

With that clarity, it can become quite easy to stay reasonably human-based. Even Rose Rosetree has learned how to avoid slip-sliding into shifts of awareness, encouraging drift-away once there is a choice.

If there is away time, right afterwards I have a choice to come back to here-and now reality. Well, I’m glad to. Human frequencies are clean.

Also helpful for my 20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time

One benefit of Enlightenment is an absence of inner glitch about positioning consciousness. Attention is a frictionless flow. Also, it is totally simple to distinguish objective reality from subjective reality. This makes it easier, too, being effortlessly present in the now.

How else have I been tracking my Technique Time, without consulting a timepiece?

I hunched that my calculations were correct because my aura hasn’t shown spiritual addiction. As an aura reader, of course I do use Technique Time to research my own energy field occasionally. As you might guess, Blog-Buddies, living in Human-Based Spirituality? That’s quite a major priority, personally.

I have learned from past experience that I can’t get away with doing too much Technique Time. It’s like having a proclivity to get drunk on less alcohol than other people would need to get sloshed.

Nudged into minute-by-minute rigor

When TEHYA asked about my Technique Time, I realized it would be wise to do a more rigorous version of keeping track. Ugh! I decided to track it down to the minute. So today’s post might be a real snoozer if you are not into scientific-type counting and measuring.

You know, if you are a person like me. 😉

On the other hand, today’s post provides a (very) rare glimpse into what Rose Rosetree does during a typical work day.

Here’s how I calculated a day’s Technique Time

The experiment was done on Monday, November 25, 2013 and the following day. I used calculations on Day One to get practice for how-the-heck-to-time-this, objective-reality Technique Time. That included not timing activities that did NOT count as Technique Time, such as my habitually taking a sip of water before doing each bit of aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge.

Lubricates the gears! Drinking water still counts as human!

When doing sessions with clients, the amount of Technique Time depended on the skill set used. Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis requires zero technique time. Aura Reading Research, like Soul Thrill Research, requires the most Technique Time. By recording the log on Tuesday, this was a pretty typical mix… except that I got to do Vibrational Re-Positioning as a healing centerpiece.

Because this technique is still new and requires meticulous detailed research, that was by far the longest I spent with any sort of Technique Time.

On the Monday, I did get to time some Soul Thrill Aura Reading research. For that calculation, I listened to the recording and did the timing based on pauses, less time to drink water, breathe, etc. How long was the Technique Time for that? About 188 seconds. Which would be 3 minutes, 8 seconds.

All along, I used various ways to measure time, down to the second: A second timer during sessions. A digital recorder that showed the seconds ticking by. A watch with a second hand. Plus my favorite, trusty supplies, pen and paper.

Timing, Strictly Done

So here’s what I counted for my Technique Time on Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Morning routine apart from Technique Time, 20 minutes — Things like yoga-type stretches done as exercises, waking up Power of Command as taught in Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. All these activities were done in the waking state of consciousness, no shifting into inner experience. For the rest…

Morning routine Technique Time: 6 minutes (Uh-oh! Not 5 minutes as I expected but 6!)

Session 1: Healing centerpiece, Blessing of Light. Technique Time: 32 seconds.

Session 2: Healing centerpiece, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment. Technique Time: 1 minute. (This was an especially interesting one because this cord had a prong.)

Session 3: Healing centerpiece, Blessing of Light. Technique Time: 49 seconds.

Session 4: Healing centerpiece, Vibrational Re-Positioning(TM). Technique Time: 5 minutes.

Session 5: Healing centerpiece, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment. Technique Time: 53 seconds.

Personal Technique Time that evening: 1 minute

Rose Rosetree’s Total Technique Time for Tuesay: 14 minutes, 14 seconds.

Why is it so fast by now, doing aura reading during sessions?

Two things help to cut down on the time I need, compared to my apprentices and graduates.

First, I have put in more than 10,000 hours in this field. When I started doing sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality back in 1986 (long before I had coined either the terms “Energy Spirituality” or “Rosetree Energy Spirituality,”) I would use a whole lot more Technique Time. I was way slower.

But then I wouldn’t have more than one or two clients a WEEK.

Many thousands of sessions later, it doesn’t take me long, after doing the Preparation Process, to download the needed information in a quick little package. While communicating with my client, I put this into words, working from the regular state of consciousness.

This may be akin to what some interpreters do. Hey, I have observed my interpreters, having done over a year’s worth of sessions total in Japan, alone. Some interpreters get a quick little burst of meaning and then make notes or rely on memories to communicate.

Second, one shift since I crossed the threshold into Enlightenment is that it doesn’t take much time to do the Preparation Process for my techniques. Especially the part that involves positioning consciousness to co-create with the Divine Being chosen by my client to help with the session.

There it is, my little reckoning.

A happy, surprising conclusion

Turns out, I use quite a bit less, each day, than 20 Minutes of Technique Time.

Works for me, given my line of work. Which is why I believe it could work for you, too, given your own line of work, your favorite kinds of play, and the rest of your priorities with Human-Based Spirituality.


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  1. 1
    Kira says:

    I find this fascinating! I don’t know yet how prone I am to spiritual addiction; I was wondering if strict timing was necessary for those who aren’t.

  2. 2
    Tehya says:

    Ooh did I ever get an answer to my question. Thanks Rose! Also enjoyed the glimpse into your typical work day. 14:14, way less than I was imagining. I first wondered about this earlier in the year when I was learning aura reading and 12 steps to cut cords of attachment for the first time. Everything seemed to take me a really long time. Still takes time, but I see how it would get faster and become very natural with experience.

    I like the analogy about getting drunk on less alcohol than most people. I find I need to keep a watchful eye on daydreaming especially, which can escalate to epic proportions if I don’t catch it when it starts to get going.

  3. 3
    Teresa says:


    In your post (#2) you mentioned daydreaming. That comment gave me a huge “aha” moment.

    It made me realize the difficulty I have recognizing an unskilled empath merge. To me, and unskilled merge feels like a daydream. In fact, I couldn’t believe I was empath for a long time because I couldn’t differentiate that experience from a daydream.

    Like you, I struggle with daydreams. How are you able to catch it initially? I could certainly use some tips.

  4. 4

    TERESA, let me jump in here to help you to stop struggling with daydreams and unskilled empath merges in the guise of daydreams.

    Of course it is great if TEHYA and other Blog-Buddies share their Aha!s about this.

    Usually the movement away from daydreams can be quite simple. Why? You always have a moment of choice. Tricky part is, this does not come at the START of the daydream.

    No worries. Everybody has these away moments. What matters is what you do when you actually do have a choice. This would occur DURING the daydream.

  5. 5

    All of a sudden you realize, “What was that?” or “Hello, I was just brushing my teeth and now, huh?”

    Just a quiet thought.

    After you have that, hello, it is your moment of choice.

    * Then DO NOT stop to analyze what happened.
    * DO NOT struggle to fix what you were thinking or feeling before changing the subject.
    * DO NOT struggle at all.

    Simply reinsert yourself into regular, human reality. See, smell, touch, taste, move. Call someone up. Play with your computer.

    Just about anything you do will reposition your consciousness away from the daydream, while positioning your awareness in the waking state of consciousness.

    This recommendation works for the vast majority of people. If you have trouble with this, I recommend a phone session or Skype session, 55 minutes of aura healing. There could be a STUFF-related reason for the problem if it persists and, of course, that is one of the things healing sessions are for.

    You would bring an intention like “Live more in the present.”

  6. 6
    Teresa says:



    This is all so new for me, I’m struggling to take it all in and learn from other’s experiences.

    Just knowing not to struggle helps. And it seems easier since I’m not frequently merging with other beings.

    Funny thing is, living in my own human reality is a bit foreign to me. I’m having to learn to be who I am for the first time in my life (if that makes any sense).

  7. 7

    You are welcome, TERESA. And that does sure make sense.

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