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Why study hypnotism with me, Rose Rosetree? 7 reasons

Rose Rosetree, graduating as an NGH-Certified Hypnosis Instructor

Rose Rosetree, graduating as an NGH-Certified Hypnotism Instructor

You can find many hypnotism instructors who have been certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. All of us offer the same standardized course sequence, with proven effectiveness.

Tuition is quite standard. Course materials are copious, including manuals and DVDs, pointers for starting up a hypnotism practice full-time or part-time, background information galore.

If you aim to learn hypnotism, I encourage you to take an NGH-certified training. The professionalism will repay you many times over.

Why choose this particular hypnosism instructor? Here are seven reasons to study hypnotism with me.

1. Teaching ability and experience

Having skills at hypnotism does not necessarily translate into teaching ability. My small family has a high proportion of teachers. Guess what? I am a teacher.

Specifically, I have been involved in teaching personal development since 1970. I have won a couple of teaching awards from First Class Adult Education. None of the other sponsors for my teaching have given awards, but they include teaching adults in California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C., plus England and Japan.

You could also count my 1,008 media interviews and print articles as “Teaching.” If I could communicate well enough to be praised by toughies like reporters with The Washington Post, The Washington Times, and the Los Angeles Times, I can probably handle any questions you throw at me, too, in the course of your training.

In a field as personal as hypnotism, it can help you to study with someone who has a passion for teaching.

2. Success as a hypnotist

Hypnosis is both an art and a science. I’m glad about the art aspect, because science is not my specialty. 😉

The NGH training does speak to scientists as well as artists, and I teach this method in a way that is clean. So it won’t matter for your learning if you are more of a scientist than me.

Just for me, experience with hypnotism has involved facilitating mind-body-spirit transformation… and doing this as a creative art form.

Definitely, an art form. An improvisation executed with relentless determination to help every single client as much as possible. I have helped clients to stop smoking, lose weight, have less stress. These are the big three specialties in the hypnotism field today, and will be covered in this certification training for hypnotists.

Clients have come to experience hypnosis and past-life regression from as far away as Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, India, Japan, and all regions of the United States. Life-changing results are common, not rare, with these clients.

For the National Guild of Hypnotists, I have presented at their national convention. Also I have published a couple of articles in one of their major publications, Hypno-Gram(R).

The bottom line? It’s simple. Although I continue to learn in this field, by now I know quite a bit about hypnotism. I know how to do, not just teach. So I can teach you to do.

3. A passion for encouraging your special excellence

This is where the NGH-certified training that I offer begins to have definite Rose Rosetree flavor!

I care a lot about my individual students, respecting what makes each person special. When you study hypnosis with me, I will be attentive to your special excellence, your personal gifts. I will encourage that in you.

4. Ethical discernment in the field of hypnotism

Required of all hypnotists who belong to the National Guild of Hypnotists? We subscribe to a code of ethics.

Beyond those important, basic, professional ethics, I believe in clarifying some of the less-obvious ethical choices made by the hypnotist, hypnotherapist, consulting hypnotist, self-hypnosis facilitator — whatever you wind up calling yourself when working in the booming field of hypnotism.

Ethical choices such as? Some older hypnotism techniques include tricking the client… for his or her own good. Some hypnotism techniques strengthen self-authority, while others do not. During your hypnotism training, I point out that sort of distinction that matters enormously for you long-term.

You get to choose for yourself. It can help, having me coach you about those choices right from the outset. Trust me, they are not obvious.

5.  Clean, pristine technique in the field of hypnotism

It’s a funny thing about hypnotism. The skill set combines so beautifully with other specialties. Like motherhood with apple pie. Or combining motherhood with physical fitness. Or mix-and-matching motherhood and all the roles in one’s life that are NOT about being a mother.

How do I combine hypnotism with other modalities? Personally I combine hypnotism with past-life regression. However, that is offered as an entirely separately training. This separation matters to me. As a consumer, it may matter to you. Because many hypnotism instructors do not keep their other specialties separate. Not everyone believes in doing this, so this is something for you to consider.

From clients, I have heard many stories about NGH-certified hypnotism courses that included channeling or angel readings or psychic readings or other specialties. None of this is in the set of approved course materials for NGH-certified hypnotism instruction. Yet, if you believe this would add value to your training, seek out an instructor who includes it.

If you research training for hypnotist, what else might interest you as a consumer? I am not the only successful hypnotist who has developed a trademarked system or practice specialties. It is understandable that the hypnosis instructor might turn the entire certified instruction into a variation on practice that supports that specialty.

So I want you to know, right from the outset, that I do clean and pristine. Studying with me, you could be a lawyer who wishes to do forensic hypnotism, a far-out New Ager with loads of metaphysical interests, a conservative Christian who wishes to specializing in helping like-minded friends to stop smoking.

As a graduate of my training in hypnotism, you can develop any specialties you like within the vast range of superb applications for professional hypnotists. While studying with me, I aim to teach you hypnotism basics and advanced practices, allowing you to choose for yourself how you wish to make those skills your own.

Afterwards you will be able to combine the training you receive with your special passions, whether practicing as a generalist or develop specialties of your own. I believe that the perfect foundation for your special excellence as a hypnotist is to learn the highest current standard of practice. That’s what I will teach you, plain and simple. I promise to teach you what you came for, that and that only.

6. The hypnotism instructor’s discernment, informed by Deeper Perception

Okay, you probably have figured out by now that aura reading and skilled empath merge will NOT be officially on the program. (Hint: My previous Reason #5 to Study Hypnotism with Rose Rosetree.)

However, on my own time, using professional-level skills about reading people deeper, I have researched hypnotic practices in the field rigorously.  And I continue to do so.

Being able to tell what impacts the subconscious mind, what brings depth healing to an aura and what simply covers up problems instead — this could be a very useful background for your hypnotism instructor.

You will not hear much about this during my NGH-certified training, only what is appropriate for clean and pristine teaching of the approved methodology.

However, it might interest you that your teacher is informed by that sort of discernment about which techniques really do what. This adds clarity to how I present information, observe your practices, and answer your questions.

What if you are interested in learning this inside information? Do you wonder what various hypnotism techniques do to a person’s energy field?

Good news: If you do take advanced training with me, learning the skill set of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis, excellent! A few hours will be devoted to precisely that. Speaking of which…

7. This particular hypnotism training is a prerequisite for studying past-life regression with me.

As a hypnotist, I specialize in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM). This is a distinctive, powerful set of techniques for depth transformation. Professional hypnotism training is indispensable as a basis for doing techniques to move out frozen blocks and awaken a stronger soul expression. Likewise, you must be a master at depth hypnosis in order to facilitate the unique version of “Life Between Lives” regression included in this regression hypnosis skill set.

Just as there are many forms of past-life regression therapy, there are many different ways to learn hypnotism. Many of my clients and students have expressed a keen interest learning how to get such powerful results for clients, related to the distinctiveness of this system of past-life regression.

By all means, study hypnotism with me to become a professional hypnotist. Just that. It can serve you well. Beyond that, I am ready now to start teaching past-life regression. To help you get ready, it is vital that your training in hypnotism be clean and pristine and effective. With this NGH-certified training, it will be.



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