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Why study hypnotism? 10 reasons to say Yes! to professional training

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Hypnotism is a skill set to activate the power of your subconscious mind. Hypnotism can help you use your full potential in life.

That’s the overall benefit for anyone who practices self-hypnosis or is moved into depth trance as a client. But what is hypnotism to a graduate, someone who has taken professional training? Someone who studies how to hypnotize clients with me, for instance.

Your taking this training, for instance. What will you get if you enroll in the NGH-Certified Hypnotism Training that I will offer for the first time in 2014? You have the opportunity to master this complex skill set.

Modestly, the National Guild of Hypnotists calls hypnotism a way to help ordinary people solve ordinary problems.

Problems? What, might you know anybody who would like to solve problems?

There’s a clue about why you might choose to become a professional hypnotist, whether full-time or part-time or just for yourself. Let’s consider 10 big reasons why you might say “Yes!” to taking a course in NGH-certified hypnotism.

1. Hypnotism can be a tremendous gift to yourself.

By graduation, you will know the field of hypnotism inside out. While you can learn self-hypnosis from many sources, this professional training will teach you several methods. As a Consulting Hypnotist (CH), you will know many easy ways to use hypnotism for your own benefit, when to use it, how to use it.

2. Problem solving.

Trying to find the answers to life’s persistent problems? You could hire Guy Noir, from Garrison Keillor’s radio show. Or, in reality, you could use hypnotism.

Often hypnotism can be a way to solve problems for yourself. Hypnotism can help you relax, stop smoking, lose weight, and so much more.

Learning the full skill set gives you the chance to help yourself in many ways, far beyond taking a brief training in self-hypnosis.

3. Hypnotism can help others. In ways that help your career.

If you work with people, adding hypnotism to your other skill sets is a great way to expand your effectiveness. Obviously this could be useful for psychotherapists, life coaches, social workers, energy healers, acupuncturists, doctors. But professional-level hypnotism skills could also be used ethically and powerfully if you have one of these other specialties:

  • Personal trainer
  • Nutritionist or dietician
  • Teacher
  • Minister or rabbi
  • Business executive
  • Dentist or dental hygienist
  • Midwife
  • Yoga instructor
  • Wellness specialist
  • Writer, artist, musician, actor

4. Hypnotism can even become a new career.

Part-time or, even, full time, you can build a business as a professional hypnotist. It is one of the most flexible jobs you can have.

No special equipment is necessary, nor must you spend years at getting a professional credential. I’m not saying that the professional consulting hypnotist title, CH,  can take the place of a Ph.D. or credentials as a health professional.

Just that there are many paths to helping people. Well, hypnotism happens to be a legal credential that can bring you  paying employment as a consultant, helping individual clients, leading groups.

Depending on your health  insurance coverage, in some cases, hypnotism is even covered. Check with your provider!

Just as training in hypnosis and Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis could be tax deductible as professional development. Check with your accountant!

If you have wondered how you could turn pro at helping people, with legal credentials plus  a large skill set of techniques to choose from, consider this rapidly growing field.

5. As a career, hypnotism is super-flexible.

What if you live far away from potential clients. Or you don’t like to drive. What if your lifestyle has you working as a caregiver.

Let other people turn to selling on ebay or struggle to stand out in a multi-level marketing business.

If you care about helping people, you can build your own business in hypnotism. You will be your own boss.

One of the strengths of NGH training in hypnotism is common-sense advice on how to build a business, opening up many possibilities that can use your distinctive strengths and be shaped by your personal passions.

6. Can you hypnotism skills save you money? Definitely.

As a professional hypnotist you can give yourself the equivalent of way more than the equivalent number of sessions with a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Record your own inductions, scripts, programs.

If you’re a smoker, it won’t take you long to calculate how much money that little habit burns up. Developing professional skills as a hypnotist, you can join the ranks of those who have successfully used hypnotism to stop smoking.

You’re the expert on your lifestyle. Consider how many ways your learning hypnotism could help you save money; also spare you aggravation, grief, etc.

7. Understanding hypnotism is important for anyone living today.

Recently we opened up an amazing conversation at this blog, helping you tell the difference between meditation and hypnosis.

Why amazing? So few of us have actually known what hypnotism is. Yet hypnotic inductions and post-hypnotic suggestions are used in many ways, most of them NOT clearly labeled.

I definitely invite you to develop consumer smarts for free by reading our blog discussion about differences between hypnosis and meditation. But that conversation is just the beginning of helping yourself to benefit from a depth education about hypnotherapy and hypnotism.

If you would like to protect yourself as a consumer, it’s smart to take hypnotism training. Don’t just take any hypnosis or hypnotherapy training, however. I strongly encourage you to take NGH-certified hypnotism training. Standards, ethics, and rigor make this training the gold standard in the field.

8. Give hypnosis as an amazing gift.

At Christmas time, many of us are busy baking and wrapping, creating homemade gifts of all sorts.

At birthdays and anniversaries, many of us wonder what to give the one who seemingly has everything.

Well, here’s a present for that golfer in your life, or the friend who keeps telling you how she wishes she had more confidence for dating, or that brother who is worried about passing tests at school.

When “ordinary” people in your life have ordinary problems, and when those people are special to you, what a great gift to spend an hour on hypnotism. Give an in-person session or just send that person on your giving list a custom-made recording for self-hypnosis.

9. Remote work with hypnotism can be super-effective.

Many of you have studied remote healing, one way or another. Sometimes it works well, but sometimes results can be iffy. Self-hypnosis is different. If you can record an mp3 file or make a CD, you can send someone a self-hypnosis CD. I have published one, “Your Happiness Project.” You can publish self-hypnosis products yourself, give someone far away an amazing gift.

Use your creativity. Once you have a sturdy skill set at teaching or inducing self-hypnosis, it is one of the most creative ways imaginable to facilitate personal growth. You can help yourself and others solve ordinary problems, using your unique insights, your wisdom and talents.

10. Your success is just about guaranteed.

Here is one more reason that NGH-certified hypnotism training is the gold standard in the field of hypnotism today. Your training will be systematic, rigorous, and very straightforward.

Yes, it’s true that you must pass a test prior to graduation. But that is an open-book test with no surprises.

By the time you take your official test, you will have been so well prepared. You will know what a professional hypnotist needs to know, including testing folks in advance of facilitating hypnotism, doing effective inductions, deepening, how to use “convincers,” ethical use of post-hypnotic suggestion.

By the end of this training, you will have skills that work. If you attend all the class meetings, do the homework, do your reasonable best to understand the material, you will definitely succeed.


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