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Learn NGH-Certified Hypnotism with Rose Rosetree in 2014

Rose Rosetree, graduating as an NGH-Certified Hypnotism Instructor

Rose Rosetree, holding the instructor’s equivalent of the certificate you will receive as a graduate of her NGH-Certified Hypnotism Course

Just in time for planning how to make your dreams come true in 2014, here is the first-ever detailed description of Hypnotism Training I will be offering in  2014, the NGH-Certified program for professional hypnotists.

For your convenience, the standard 100-hour course has a flexible format for the first few days.

My version of this training it is a prerequisite for another new offering in 2014, training you in the form of past-life regression known as “Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM).”

The hypnotism training described here will allow you to graduate from an internationally-recognized system for using the power of the subconscious mind to fulfill personal goals and dreams.

NGH hypnotism is the gold standard in the profession. As an NGH-certified instructor, I will provide systematic training, devoted to help you to fulfill your goals personally and professionally.

What if one of your goals is to enter the emerging specialty of past-life regression? Professional-level skill as a hypnotist is required in preparation for the style of regression therapy that I teach, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

Specializing in the field of past-life regression therapy, I have worked with clients since 1986. Learn more about the system of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM) at this article-packed website.

My clients have come for hypnosis and past-life regression from as far away as Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, India, Japan, and all regions of the United States. Life-changing results are common.

For the National Guild of Hypnotists, I have presented at the national convention. In addition, I’ve published articles in one of the NGH professional journals, Hypno-Gram(R).

Professional Hypnotism Training

Straightforward, systematic, and practical. Master self-hypnosis well enough to teach it to individual clients and coach them to succeed. Learn all the basics for using hypnotism to help people solve a wide range of problems.

You will also learn how to meet demand for the three most popular specialties within the hypnotism field. This practical emphasis helps you to market yourself as an expert and generate income, even as a new graduate.

Instruction format meets NGH requirements yet is unusually flexible to fit your schedule, presented as a two-part training, as described below.

NGH Hypnotism Certification — Foundations — Part One

Friday, March 14 – Sunday March 16, 2014.

This first weekend can be taken in person in Sterling, Virginia. Alternatively, you can listen to the audio recordings from the convenience of home.

Either way, you will practice with course materials and prepare yourself to move forward with the second, interactive phase of your training.

For those who attend in person, full-day classes run from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Supplementary assignments will make the most of this special time for learning, so do not make extra plans for the duration of the workshop time.

Out-of-towners? Special rates at nearby hotels may be available. The workshop location in Sterling, Virginia is convenient to the metro Washington D.C. area and close to Dulles, the largest airport in the Baltimore-Washington region. Workshop Coordinator Mitch can answer many questions about logistics, as well as assisting you with workshop registration.

NGH Hypnotism Certification — Completion — Part Two

Saturday, April 5 – Sunday, April 13. Full-day classes run from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Supplementary assignments will make the most of this special time for learning, so do not make extra plans for the workshop time. (This portion of your training must be taken in person in Sterling, Virginia.)

Practice, practice, practice — as you learn all the basics to facilitate hypnosis effectively.

Follow through with this step-by-step method and you will graduate with the gold standard of credentials in the field of hypnotism.

Tuition for Both Parts of the NGH-Certified Hypnotism Course in 2014


  • Register with a friend and receive a $50 discount for each of you.
  • Graduates of any NGH Hypnotism Course can receive a 50% discount.
  • Graduates of professional training in hypnosis or hypnotherapy that included at least 50 hours of instruction can receive a 25% discount

How can you rapidly earn back your tuition investment? Here are some ideas:

  • Generate that income in 20 hours of work, or less, with individual clients. On graduation, you will be a Consulting Hypnotist!
  • Teaching local classes for smoking cessation, stress management, or weight reduction
  • Add your new skills as a hypnotist to the services you already offer existing clients, broadening your client base.
  • This professional training may be tax deductible as professional development. Check with your accountant.

You Will Learn by Doing

Techniques are demonstrated by the instructor and practiced by you, the students, with plenty of time for sharing experiences, answering questions, and making this skill set your own.

Hypnotism concepts are discussed to help you integrate them with the wisdom you, personally, bring to the field of hypnosis. Role playing with “Clients” will help you to own those concepts deeper.

1. What Is Hypnosis? * Gain practical concepts about hypnotizability and discerning different types of hypnotism. As with all that follows, you will learn on two levels, deepening your personal experience of hypnosis and preparing to educate your clients.

2. Effectively Assessing Each Subject * What do you need to know in order to best serve your clients? Prepare to facilitate hypnosis effectively with a wide range of clients, based on a professional’s appreciation for differences between conscious and subconscious functioning.

Shaping Your Hypnosis Consultation * How to control session time while simultaneously building rapport. Mistakes to avoid and resources to consider, from mechanical aids to ways of using electronic recordings.

Pre-Talk Finesse * Maximize this opportunity to help subjects to receive the best results possible. What clients don’t know can diminish results… unless you educate them prior to hypnosis. Benefit from the cumulative wisdom of professional hypnotists.

Assessment Strategies * Sophisticated techniques for behavioral assessment and goal setting. Which types of information are most important for you to discuss in order to benefit your client?

Ethics, Cautions, and Safety * As a professional working with the public, benefit from the accumulated experience of consulting hypnotists.

How To Hypnotize * Learn a variety of hypnotic inductions, plus which types to use when. Learn today’s best practices to help you succeed with a great diversity of clients, including those who do not speak the same sensory language as you do.

Depth States of Hypnosis * Understand all six depth stages of hypnosis, how to judge trance depth, and the appropriate use of convincers. Discover the results produced by a range of deepening techniques.

Creating Hypnosis Scripts * Benefit from scripts written by master hypnotists, including many handouts to supplement the collection in your manuals. Supplement this great resource by learning how to write your own scripts, using your insights and compassion to custom-design scripts for clients.

Methods of Emerging From Hypnosis * Techniques for emerging your client from hypnosis can greatly amplify your success. This special time might even become the most powerful part of your client’s hypnosis experience. Find out why, and how, to use this often-overlooked resource.

Your First Session with A New Client * What to do when. Selecting an appropriate method for induction. Closely observing your client’s response to deepening and post-hypnotic suggestions. Intelligent ways to use feedback. In theory, it is true that any person of average intelligence can be hypnotized. In practice? Your skill as a hypnotist is required for producing the most successful outcomes.

Follow-Up Sessions with a Returning Client * Technical differences can make each follow-up session effective in ways that build cumulative results. And client loyalty.

Let the History of Hypnosis Refine Your Understanding * What can you learn from our rich history in the profession? Gain extra respect for your new identity as a hypnotism professional. Learn surprising information about famous names not often associated with hypnosis like William James and Carl Jung. Be inspired by the stories of highly influential hypnotists you may never have heard of, like Milton Erikson. How has hypnotism been changing as a profession? You can be an important part of that profession, so inform yourself.

Building Your Hypnosis Practice * A wealth of materials, resources, and strategies are supplied in this training. So much help is available to help you begin immediately to develop a private practice. You will learn how to do group hypnosis as well as work with individuals. Marketing yourself as a hypnotist will be made manageable, with practical ways to build your confidence. Move toward ever-greater success.

You Will Receive

Your Hypnotism Training with Rose Rosetree will include a generous supply of course materials, everything you need, and no hidden costs.

  • NGH “World of Hypnosis” Manuals 1 and 2
  • Handouts galore, including a variety of hypnosis scripts compiled by Rose
  • CDs
  • A 12-month membership in The National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Your one-year subscriptions to two professional journals, The Journal of Hypnotism and Hypno-Gram(R).
  • On completing your studies, you will receive your 11 x 14-inch Graduation Certificate and your Membership Card in the National Guild of Hypnotists.

To register, email Online registration is available at the detail page at my mail website, the listing for this hypnotism training in Northern Virginia. 

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