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Training in Past-Life Regression with Rose Rosetree in 2014

Living on earth many times? How does that work, exactly, to BENEFIT you?

Living on earth many times? How does that work, exactly, to BENEFIT you?

Why learn how to help clients as a Practitioner of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM)? This form of past-life regression emphasizes depth transformation.

Here is a practical definition of this form of regression therapy:

With Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis, most clients aim to solve problems by moving out frozen blocks of stuck energy from the past, then fill up with a stronger soul expression.

Sometimes clients come for insight and inspiration, but usually their goal is depth transformation.

What kind of insight and inspiration? My system of past-life regression includes a type of session for Life Contract Review, a variation on “Life Between Lives”-type past-life regressions… with significant differences.

To help you succeed

If you seek out other courses in Regression Therapy or Past-Life Regression, you may find that they do not require NGH-Certified Hypnotism Training. There may not be standards for hypnosis skills whatsoever, apart from what is taught in the context of hypnotic regression.

Yet this program is different. In order to receive training in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis, you must have graduated from my Professional NGH Hypnotism Certification.

The one exception is if you have already established certification with the NGH as a Hypnotism Instructor.

Why bother to study hypnotism with me? Initially it might appear more convenient to study locally and gain basic skills as a hypnotist, then travel to Virginia for the past-life regression skills.

My reason for this requirement is simple. This form of past-life regression requires superb skills at inducing and deepening the client’s experience at hypnosis. Nothing less will do.

In your essential NGH-Certified Hypnosis Instruction with me, I will be committed to helping you develop into a superb hypnotist. If you have the desire and put in the time for all assignments during the hypnotism training I offer, trust that this will happen. You will graduate with first-rate skills. You will know the material and have practiced in ways that help you develop confidence with those skills.

Again, why bother? Why aim for superb skills? The answer will be simple if you have already experienced both hypnosis and regression therapy as a client.

If you have been a client for both types of session — and not necessarily having experienced Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis with me but received any session billed as “Past-Life Regression” or “Regression Therapy” — guess what? You know that a powerful session requires something important: A great deal of information must come from the client.

In some ways, past-life regression requires more skill than is required to induce an adequate level of hypnotic trance, select a script, and instill post-hypnotic suggestions. Regression hypnosis can be done in a way that wakes up the soul. Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis aims to do this, for instance.

Many members of this online community who have moved onto Rose’s Enlightenment Life List have included this kind of session with Rose at least once. Even one session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis can be a big step in a client’s path of personal development.

“Prepare yourself with skills and then be amazed, witnessing what this system can do.” That’s my advice.

Also, “Guiding clients through regression hypnosis is a privilege. This method is uniquely valuable for helping clients to solve problems and grow quickly.”

Interested in learning this skill set? Here’s what you need to know.

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM), Foundations

Standards are high to enter into this powerful work. Rewards are great for helping clients solve problems. And, yes, you can learn this skill set in order to be of great service to others.

Saturday, June 28 – Monday, Jun 30. Full-day classes run from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Supplementary assignments will make the most of this special time for learning, so do not make extra plans for the workshop time.

Tuition: $400 To enroll, contact Workshop Coordinator Mitch. Fastest response: Email him at Phone inquiries are available as well, but note that we do not return telephone calls outside the U.S.

You Will Learn by Doing

Techniques are demonstrated by the instructor and practiced by you, the students, with plenty of time for sharing experiences, answering questions, and making this skill set your own.

Learn practices of clean hypnotism, including how to adhere to the highest ethical standards, distinguishing between meditation and hypnosis.

Appreciate when and why common problems require removing frozen blocks of stuck energy.

Systematic instruction will give you a strong foundation in this uniquely effective system of regression hypnotism.

Models of Practice * Comparing hypnotism with regression hypnosis. Impact of practice models on hypnotic outcomes. The need filled by Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM).

How to Help Your Clients Succeed * Why belief in past lives is not required for gaining results. What is required, and how can you help give that to each client?

Stress Reduction * The hidden role of frozen blocks. Surveying types of energetic debris that impact subconscious functioning.

Positioning of Consciousness * Contrasting approaches to regression hypnosis. Impacts and implications of problem-solving through positioning consciousness.  Advantages of making an “Energy Sandwich” during hypnotic regression.

Smoking Cessation * How problem-solving approaches to smoking differ. Why this form of regression hypnosis may work more effectively than hypnosis alone.

What Does and Doesn’t Remove Subconscious Frozen Blocks of Energy * Avoiding false memory * Productive release of frozen blocks during Regression Hypnosis.

Abreaction * The opportunity in the challenge. Different ways to handle abreaction. Comparing hypnotic age regression to Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

Inductions Expressly Designed to Help Clients Do Past-Life Regression * How to select the type of induction that will help your client participate most effectively. Monitoring the level of trance that is most effective for problem solving.

Deepening for Best Results * Which qualities of deepening are important for successful outcomes. How to collaborate most effectively with clients during hypnosis.

Pacing the Regression * Where to pay attention in order to give your client the smoothest experience possible. Techniques to teach your client. Techniques to use as the hypnosis facilitator.

Types of Put-In * During induction! During deepening! After moving out a large frozen block of stuck energy! Before re-entering into the waking state! Final discussions can make every minute of session time count towards something productive for your client.

Ethics and Standards of Practice * What energetic literacy (aura reading) shows about the importance of clean hypnosis. How altered states amplify ethical choices made by the practitioner. Learn how Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis aims to strengthen the client’s self-authority during every phase of interaction.

The High-Impact Language of Hypnosis * Learn how to talk and how to listen when facilitating past-life regression.  Cautions when your conversation with a client is highly interactive at a subconscious level. Do’s and don’ts of special importance during removal of frozen blocks and PUT-IN for soul awakening.

Your First Regression Session with A Client * What to do differently, during the pre-talk and goal setting, compared to regular hypnosis.

Follow-Up Sessions with a Returning Client * Amplify the cumulative benefits of further sessions. Inductions to help a client gain momentum. Discussion of case histories.

Extra Ways to Build Value into a Past-Life Regression Session * Tips and tricks to become your client’s favorite resource in mind-body-spirit.

How to Conduct a Session for Life Contract Review * What makes this approach different from a “Life Between Lives”-Style Regression, as pioneered by Michael Newton, Ph.D. Learn how to prepare your client for a productive experience that awakens the soul.

You Will Receive

Your training will include a generous supply of course materials, everything you need and no hidden costs.

  • Rose Rosetree’s Manual for Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM)
  • Handouts galore, illustrating differences between different approaches to past-life regression and “Life Between Lives” hypnotic regressions.
  • Recorded CDs demonstrating case histories.
  • On completing your studies, you will receive your 8 1/2 x 11-inch Graduation Certificate.

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis, Mentoring

Available to graduates of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM), Foundations. Accelerate your professional development in the field of past life regression hypnotism.

30 sessions, practice with clients. Reporting and then receiving direct mentoring with Rose.

Optional but recommended: One additional session recorded and submitted to Rose for mentoring assistance

You set the time and choose the location. Work with one client at a time, using the techniques and manual from Foundations, your comprehensive training in the techniques of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM).

Tuition in 2014: $300. To enroll, contact Workshop Coordinator Mitch. Fastest response: Email him at Phone inquiries are available as well, but note that we do not return telephone calls outside the U.S.

You will learn by doing, then reviewing

For this correspondence course, you will send your instructor reports from 30 client sessions.  After receiving each of your session reports, Rose will support you with answers to your questions plus comments and suggestions to help you develop as a practitioner.

At any point in this series of sessions, submit a recording to Rose for mentoring assistance.

Set your own deadlines for program completion; there is no time limit for progressing through this amazing material. Develop mastery at using a powerful method that can allow you to build a solid practice as an effective, ethical professional in this mind-body-spirit specialty.






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    By the time you can read this blog again, I hope you are cozy and comfortable, feeling so much better.

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    In a way this tiny techno-thread is relevant to the distinctive qualities of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

    Seems to me, it is all too easy for regression therapists and clients to get caught up in random-ish experiences from the past.

    By contrast, the methodology of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis is very targeted, aiming to identify and then permanently remove subconscious frozen blocks, STUFF directly related to an intention for the session.

    Further, the combination of STUFF removal and PUT-IN makes a big difference as well.

    It is all too easy to poke around into past-life regression as though a reading were a healing.

    Personally, I do not believe that a reading is a healing. A reading, and some forms of regression therapy, may provide fascinating information.

    Information helps, no question. Or I wouldn’t spend countless hours nurturing this blog community. 🙂

    However, learning is no substitute for helping the learner.

    That is where all techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality can help. And for solving the most intractable problems, that’s the special job of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

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    Yes, a link with specifics about my first-ever training in past-life regression has gone live:

    Plenty of details are offered. If you have questions, ask them below. 🙂

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