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Annals of Human-Based Spirituality, tracking my own Technique Time

How hard will it be for me, keeping track of regular human-type time?

How hard will it be for me, keeping track of regular human-type time?

20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops — yes I have been recommending that a lot, starting in 2013.

Recently, though, Blog-Buddy TEHYA  inspired me to time it. (See her sweetly worded Comment 12 at 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. Let’s get practical about this.)

Gee, I could use that relentlessly objective-reality gadget called a watch.  Or sometimes a clock. Or the flashing display on my digital recorder.

Ugh, clock watching? Any of you readers a big fan of that?

By sharing my personal timing experiment, I’m going to model for you a variety of ways that a responsible person, pursuing Human-Based Spirituality, can maintain reasonable limits for Technique Time.

What do I mean by 20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time, Tops?

The amount of personal time doing dedicated techniques to move consciousness away from human frequencies.

What has been happening in my own life? How I have tracked my own time before officially measuring it?

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Since The Shift last December, all humans have been learning as fast as babies. Let's celebrate what has changed.

Since The Shift last December, all humans have been learning as fast as babies. Let’s celebrate what has changed.

Was 2013 a great year or what? Didn’t it bring you laugher, love, and learning? And at least a morsel of fun with new technology!

Yet in some ways, wasn’t 2013 rough year for you, too?

Both could be true. All year long, we earth-stationed humans have worked heroically hard. We have been adjusting to a new balance of energetic frequencies. The Shift that began last December impacts every one of us, know it or not.

Without external fanfare, your spiritual maturity has been growing. Been tested. Even strengthened.

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What a great time to let friends know about the newsletter as well, since we’re still in Special Invitation Time, when they can save $50 on a first session with me during the month of December (and you can receive a $50 referral fee, too). All that referral coolness is described in detail right here.

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Loving this Human-Based Spirituality, a Guest Post by JNANA

Human-Based Spirituality is surprisingly enjoyable.

Human-Based Spirituality is surprisingly enjoyable.

Many of you Blog-Buddies have made amazing progress this year at Human-Based Spirituality. For one thing, our online community now has a shiny new name for this way of living. 🙂

In this year, you have learned loads from this free blog about how you can use Technique Time to produce better results than you would find from either Spiritual Addiction or Spiritual Shutdown.

Of course you can live this way! And not only will you have more time to call your own, as a householder-type person. You will move forward on your personal path to Enlightenment.

Today’s guest post was inspired by growth in the direction that has this new name. What happens when you add a bright face to Human-Based Spirituality?

Well, the face at the top of today’s article does NOT belong to JNANA. But some mighty distinctive words do.

Christmas Cleans It Up (My Holiday Poem for 2013)



For days — okay, weeks — I counted the leaves on my lawn.

I counted them not as numbers but as crumbling, tan shreds of guilt.

My time-overwhelm in leafy form, it lay upon the ground for all to see.

Each day I saw the mess and cringed

that I had left yet one more chore undone.

While now, today, abundant snow is falling.


This is my snow.

The picture-book, greeting-card, white of this snow

has come to clean my mess up.


What is perfection, anyway? How much perfection must I display on my lawn or elsewhere?

Aura reading of contest winner Alicia

Who won the aura reading prize?

Who won the aura reading prize?

Blog-Buddy ALICIA didn’t get featured in Declaring a contest winner. We made a name for ourselves. ALICIA didn’t just win. She chose.

Alicia, ready for her aura reading

Alicia, ready for her aura reading

ALICIA chose an aura reading, based on this recent photograph.

Let the aura reading research begin

Yes, you can find background on the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R)

Prefer video? Here’s an introductory YouTube on aura reading.

Although I prefer the energetic literacy term “Chakra databanks,” a 10,000-year-old name for them is “The Nadis.”

Before reading the comments that follow, you can use the same technique I’m using here to research each chakra databank, a clairsentience-based method for reading auras from regular photos, found in Read People Deeper

A Special Invitation can bring you an aura reading with me (or other type of session, such as aura healing) for a $50 discount. This is available for a limited time, as you can read at yesterday’s post.

Just for fun, in today’s article I am including two chakra databanks that I do not recall having read previously at this blog. See if you can spot ’em, experienced aura readers!

Special Invitation to Save $50 or More This December


Around this time of year, you may be thinking big:

  • Gratitude to friends
  • Christmas presents
  • What did I accomplish this year?
  • What are my goals for shiny new 2014?

This Special Invitation might help.

Send a first-time client to a 55-minute session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality some time this month, in December 2013. Then each of you can receive a $50 discount on one session. And your session can take place either this year or any time in 2014.

That means saving $100. Or, perhaps more. (Read on.)

Aura Reading of President Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, ready for his aura reading

Nelson Mandela, ready for his aura reading

South African President Nelson Mandela has finally succumbed to illness. at age 95. Mandela had become one of the world’s most admired political figures. Legendary and inspiring. Loved currently and sure to be loved for ages to come. Now, mourned.

Did you know the biggest deal, spiritually, about the South African leader?

Although less well known than other great things about Nelson Mandela, you many know something pretty rare and definitely wonderful about the state of consciousness he attained in this lifetime.

Nelson Mandela is included on my Enlightenment Life List, not a great worldly honor but a spiritual one.

Yes, the blog is back

Happiness Booklet Outside-frontHi, Blog-Buddies.

Yes, your comments will be perfectly sticky now.

I still have a bit of learning curve ahead as I get used to new WordPress, but regular blog posts and guest posts will be back soon. Pictures, too, when I am feeling brave.

Ooh, those were the famous last words.

“Feeling brave?”

Ha! Although running on fumes, after a longish day, I did find a photo at random and inserted it.

This one is a holiday idea, not to mention a state of mind that might be helpful for you or someone else you love.

Whether or not you use this hypnosis CD for more happiness, on demand, I wish you happy blog reading and contributing in months to come.

You are an important part of this online community. Glad to be back with you.


Blog is under construction. Save your comments to copy in later.

Yes, Blog-Buddies. Our computer elves here are busy upgrading this blog.

Please read away and please type comments… onto a document or email that you can save, along with the url for the blog post.

When the blog is live and functioning freely again, I’ll let you know!

Declaring a contest winner. We made a name for ourselves.

Inspiration can be both Divine and human.

Human-based spirituality: That’s the official new name for the fortunate 10% in America, living neither in spiritual shutdown nor spiritual addiction.

In your country, if it isn’t the USA, the proportions among these three groups may be quite different. Yet I would be surprised if you have more than 10% either, quite yet, in the group living with human-based spirituality.

Huge thanks to all who participated in this contest, our most popular blog contest yet. At the end of today’s post, I will award THE PRIZE. And comment a bit on the selection process. Let’s start with practical definitions, though. What is “Human-Based Spirituality”?

10 Ways to Spot Human-Based Spirituality

How do you know whether you are living in human-based spirituality?

Aura reading provides clues, of course. But right on the surface of life, it’s a lifestyle. Therefore, you can spot human-based spiritualty through these defining characteristics:

  1. You take a healthy interest in yourself.
  2. You take an appropriate interest in other people, animals, the environment, caring about more than yourself and your personal belief system.
  3. You are interested in what makes people tick.
  4. You use reasonably good manners, authentically.
  5. You respect people with interests and beliefs other than your own. (Not just some bland theory about respect. Actual respect.)