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Six Reasons why it takes more humility to be a householder than a renunciate

Meditation for Householder Enlightenment or something else?

Many of my clients have been making a spirited transition in their spiritual lives. For years they worked hard to becoming more evolved… by following paths that really were for renunciates.

Not that the workshop teachers billed it that way.

Not that the workshop teachers necessarily knew.

The only way I found out was that my clients would ask me for Thrill Your Soul Research on life choices. What would be the impact, for GLADYS or JOE, continuing to do Technique X versus Technique Y?

Or clients would ask for consumer-type aura reading research. GLADYS would bring up photo of Teacher X and I would read one chakra databank after another. Then we would investigate Teacher Y. Thanks to the Worldwide Web, plenty of photos are available, usually, for researching any professional’s system or program or teaching.

Also, thanks to skills of Energetic Literacy, every photo can serve as an aura photo. That’s how I learned:

It is very, very common for Westerners to be sold on practices that are fine preparations for the ashram.

Even with my Asian clients, this happens far more often than is commonly known.

Many a teaching, or technique, is designed for renunciates. Even if it is billed as something else. Hypnosis isn’t the only perfectly fine methodology that is sometimes mislabeled as meditation. And then producing results that were never requested at all.

Are you willing to vote for Householder Enlightenment?

Rose Rosetree, daring to teach about Householder Enlightenment

Would you like to help others to discover Rosetree Energy Spirituality? Here’s one quick way.

Blog host Rick Archer invites you to vote for your favorite interview at his popular website, “Buddha at the Gas Pump.” I invite you, too. As you may know, the form of energy spirituality that I use and teach has moved some folks into Enlightenment.

This is not traditional renunciate Enlightenment but householder Enlightenment. I don’t offer traditional spiritual teachings, nor do I fit in the world of New Age. No wonder, it isn’t the easiest thing for new readers to find this blog and this set of possibilities for personal growth.

My interview at Rick’s website is here.

And the page for voting is here.

An energy healer's perspective on marijuana. A guest post by Linda Stone.

Smoking pot? To an aura reader, not just cute 'n quirky.

Why do we have so many articles about cannabis at a blog devoted to Deeper Perception Made Practical? Because techniques for aura reading and Skilled Empath Merge bring a natural high. And also because aura reading makes it easy to research the consequences of drug use, reading pot smokers at the level of chakra databanks (a.k.a. The nadis).

The topic of THC is timely, too. Pressure to smoke pot keeps intensifying, despite known health risks. (Weed sold today is way more powerful than the variety sold 25 years ago or longer.)

Recently we were discussing The Problem with Pot, Part Two when Blog-Buddy LINDA STONE brought in a comment about weed that I found so fascinating that…

Well, it has been elevated to the status of guest post. In my role as moderator, I have added just a few headings and links and minor edits.

For those Blog-Buddies who don’t know, LINDA is a graduate of the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Some of her clients, in person or by phone have that type of session. Also, she does sessions in person, in Carlsbad, New Mexico, as an acupuncturist.

Perspective on pot from a long-time energy healer

Very informative, this latest conversation on marijuana. Here is my perspective as an energy healer.

In my work an acupuncturist, I enter into mind-body-spirit healing through the physical body. Rose’s assessment about shifts in consciousness through psychoactive drugs really clarifies for me what I have observed in pot users for the last three decades.