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How would you describe this clean, pristine training for professional hypnotists?

Teaching NGH-Certified Hypnosis. No surprises.

Teaching NGH-Certified Hypnosis. No surprises.

A clean, pristine approach to becoming a professional hypnotist.

And if you are local to metro Washington, D.C. and work Monday – Friday, you will need to take just four days off from work to earn the full professional credential.

What a great way to achieve the gold standard of training in the field of hypnotism!

I’m glad to have figured out a way to make the first three days of training a choice — either attending in person for three extra days, enjoying the power of the group — or studying conveniently at home, no travel  required whatsoever. With that learn -at-home  option, you schedule where to fit in the hours, spreading out the first block of Foundations training in a way that fits with your regular work schedule.

That time-compression part makes the hypnosis training I offer extra-convenient. The idea is simple to communicate and may be appealing to some of you.

Is it unusual though? Probably not. Other hypnotism instructors may have figured out something similar, as the official nine-day training is mandatory for professional training certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists. And nine days is a lotta days.

Struggling with the trickier part to explain

It’s the clean, pristine part that I struggle to describe, the part that may make my upcoming hypnosis training somewhat unusual. Because I believe I have found a need to fill, a desire that some people have for learning professional skills within hypnotism.

Definitely a need that I have. A need that you might have, Blog-Buddies. And a need that might be shared by people you know who have been interested in learning how to become a professional hypnotist.

Face Reading Folksong Hero Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger, ready for his face reading

Pete Seeger, ready for his face reading

I grew up hearing his voice on vinyl records. Yesterday, listening to the radio while driving, I heard Pete Seeger speaking in an interview. You know how you’ll start hearing a radio interview in the middle of a conversation, even mid-sentence.? Usually it can take a while before the interviewer mentions the name of the guest.

So how long did it take me to recognize the voice of Pet Seeger? Maybe three seconds. And, as always, hearing that voice, I recognized something else immediately, a friendly and buoyant and rippling with a contagious kind of joy.

Born in 1919, Pete Seeger was pushing 94 at the time of his death. Today’s face reading pays tribute to how he grew as a person.

House Representative Gabrielle Giffords, a Comparison Skilled Empath Merge for Contest Winner TERI

Aura reading of Rep. Gabby Giffords

Aura reading of House Rep. Gabby Giffords

Blog-Buddy TERI won a recent contest. Whom was she going to choose for me to profile with energetic literacy? TERI emailed:

“This was a difficult decision for me….

“I chose Michelle Obama. Then, voila! There she was in your newsletter. I chose someone else but decided that an unknown person from Egypt wouldn’t encourage readership at your blog. I settled on Gabrielle Giffords because she has been through so much personally and professionally and she should be well known to your readership. Thank you so much for the opportunity!”

And thanks back to you, TERI. You politically aware American readers may know that Rep.  Giffords was an up-and-coming member of the national House of Representatives when she was shot, along with 18 others, during an attack by a 22-year-old man with severe mental health problems who was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  Six of those people  died.

Giffords was shot in the head, critically wounded. She had to work hard to regain her ability to talk, walk and handle other everyday activities. It has been a struggle to do these even haltingly and with obvious great difficulty.

Skilled Empath Merge on bestselling author Dean Koontz

Even when your path seems too hard, never give up.

Even when your path seems too hard, never give up.

Here is how Blog-Buddy SUZ explained her choice to me, her request for energetic literacy to explore bestselling author Dean Koontz:

After reading about two an a half of his books, I fell in love with his stories, but what struck me most was his underlying theme, and it is in all of his books. Even in the midst of horror, loss, even hell, people  can find acceptance, love, and especially redemption, as long as they do not give up.

I don’t know how to explain this …

After reading a few of his newer books, I got hold of an early work, and when I turned the book over to the back side, there was his photo and it hit me like a punch.

There was a dead man if I ever saw one — bleak. I’ll probably never know for sure, but I bet that Dean Koontz’s writing eventually saved his own life and sanity. He sure looks much more alive today!

Prepare for Skilled Empath Merge into Dean Koontz

For a man who was once seemingly dead, Dean Koontz sure has some writing career. Here are some resources to prepare you to enjoy this Skilled Empath Merge.

Cutting a Cord of Attachment Involving Crystal Meth

Ending an energetic tug of war by cutting one cord of attachment that involved crystal meth

Ending an energetic tug of war by cutting one cord of attachment that involved crystal meth

Cutting cords of attachment is one topic we have opened up in this new year. Now let’s open up another: The aura-level effects of different substances commonly used as recreational chemicals, including crystal meth.

With marijuana legally going on sale in Colorado — and TV awards galore going to the crystal meth-related series “Breaking  Bad” — yes, let’s have our first article of many about little-known, aura-level side effects of recreational substances. And how appropriate energy healing can move that STUFF out!

In one session with JOSEPHINE, I facilitated cutting a cord of attachment between her and her best friend back in the day, GLADYS. At the time of the incident stuck in this cord, both girls were just 12 or 13.

Generously, JOSEPHINE gave me permission to share this sequence of cord items with you.

When love is in the content of your character, the ordinariness of marriage equality


When love refines the content of your character

When love refines the content of your character

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., being honored today throughout America, famously said:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Yesterday I attended a kind of wedding party that was a first for me. It taught me a great deal about what it could mean, having love at the core of your character.

That wedding party  also educated me about a new kind of legal love in America, made possible by a shift in collective consciousness during our lifetimes, Blog-Buddies.

In a growing number of American states, that shift to our collective consciousness — and the law — allows marriage equality.

Yesterday my husband MITCH and I  attended a wedding party in honor of JOE and JOHN. (In today’s article I’m not using names of the party guests out of respect for the privacy of people involved, none of whom saw my invisible “Blog Press Credentials.”)

An ordinary celebration of marriage between two men

The happy couple married recently at a county courthouse in Maryland. A few wedding-time pictures were taken in front of some lovely flowers. Plastic flowers. Courthouse variety.

Yesterday’s follow-up party for friends took place at a lovely Marriott hotel, one known for outstanding food. With real flowers.

In many respects, this was simply an ordinary wedding reception, timed a bit after the legal wedding ceremony. Good food. Good music. Lovely meeting rooms at a comfortably appointed hotel.

This was no Bridezilla bash, nothing ostentatious. Guests were the couple’s friends from a variety of social contexts, everyone meeting and mingling. Wine flowed freely, and so did the  conversation.

Before this event, in response to questions about bridal registry, JOE had written to us guests that our presence would be gift enough

 “We have been together for 30 years. We already have everything we need.”

Imagine, married yet not-legally-married for three decades!

Secrets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Part Three

More inside information to effectively cut cords of attachment

More inside information to effectively cut cords of attachment

Secret #3 in this three-part series of inside information about gaining the most as a client of Rosetree Energy Spirituality? I freely admit:

Depending on what the professional at energy spirituality finds in a client’s aura, a different healing priority could make cord-cutting relatively ineffective, unethical, deeply unhelpful. And maybe indirectly cause the client’s biggest energetic and subconscious problem to become even bigger.

In the final article of this series, I will continue with the example of client JOE, his concerns about a cord of attachment to GLADYS and how, unbeknownst to JOE, he has the particular problem of spiritual addiction.

Problem 1 with cord-cutting when a client has a spiritual addiction

Cutting a major cord of attachment is like facilitating surgery to a client’s aura.

This is no trivial skill, although many practitioners today do unintentionally trivialize it.

Imagine that JOE goes to a hospital to receive cataract surgery. The eye surgeon is there to help him; all is in order. Except, oops, JOE has the flu. He comes into the admissions desk carrying a large box of tissues. As if the nose-blowing weren’t bad enough, the man keeps vomiting.

What kind of eye surgeon would say, “No problem, JOE. You are paying for cataract surgery. I’m here to keep your appointment filled. We’ll do just what you planned.”

Secrets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Part Two

Pssst, more inside information about cutting cords of attachment.

Pssst, more inside information about cutting cords of attachment.

Last blog post whispered to you the idea that sometimes cutting a cord of attachment could be a really bad choice, even unethical. Especially ironic when a new client really, really, really feels sure that cord-cutting is THE thing to do.

Before proceeding further, I have a quick quiz question for you. Which group of readers is this post most directed towards?

  • A. First-time clients for sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality
  • B. Long-term, experienced clients who have already had several sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality
  • C. Self-helpers, who do not plan to spend money on sessions when they would prefer a do-it-yourself approach

In the COMMENTS box below,  I will answer and explain. Plus I will respond to any COMMENTS  you have about this. Now, back to secrets….

Our Secret #1 could be summarized like this:

The client could have problems with subconscious STUFF that are far more urgent, as shown to the practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Because that kind of aura-healing professional knows way more about this field than new clients ever would.

Secret #2, for today, gives one example of a Healing Centerpiece that would require attention in the session and help the client far more than cutting any cord of attachment.

Now that’s a big thing for me to admit in public. So far I have gone on record, in every possible way, to advocate for cutting cords of attachment. I do my very best to clean up the reputation of cord-cutting, especially important over the last decade, as more and more people have learned about the healing potential of cutting cords of attachment.

Secrets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Part One

Secrets of cutting cords of attachment

Secrets of cutting cords of attachment

Does a secret still count as a secret if I am blabbing it all over the blogosphere?

Well, I’ll have to risk that. Because this useful information for consumers is NOT generally known. Perhaps when this secret is out, more people will gain results from energy spirituality in general and cutting cords of attachment in particular.

Why can’t you just order up a cord-cutting session with Rose Rosetree?

You may already know that I urge all new clients to come with an intention, not a request for a specific technique to be used by the one who facilitates aura healing with Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

An intention is one way to make your life better emotionally or spiritually or behaviorally, like “Move forward in my career” or “Trust myself more.”

Cutting a cord of attachment is a skill set, an increasingly popular skill set. To many newbies, “Cord-cutting” has come to mean all the skill sets of energy spirituality much as “Kleenex” has come to mean paper tissues.

Only that’s a problem.

Skilled Empath Merge with Figure Skater Ashley Wagner

Ever wonder, what happens to your aura when you fall down?

Ever wonder, what happens to your aura when you fall down?

American figure skater Ashley Wagner has just been named to the national Olympics team for figure skating. This despite a recent performance where she took a big stumble and two tumbles. The stuff of ice skater nightmares.

As described in the Christian Science Monitor:

“By the end of her performance in the free skate at the US Figure Skating Championships, even Wagner’s sequins appeared to be crying. Four years after disappointingly missing the Olympic team by one place, Wagner appeared to have done it again.”

Yowza! I was curious when I read about this controversy in The Washington Post. Why a controversy now concerning Ashley Wagner? Did she pull a Tonya Harding? No, she had that one very bad, recent performance. Consequently  many sports fans are, apparently, indignant that Ashley Wagner made the prestigious three-woman team.

I was curious to use energetic literacy to research the athlete. I have chosen to do the biggest-deepest type of aura reading research, the direct experience of Skilled Empath Merge. I’ll use the “Magic Picture” technique from Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

Why am I so curious?

  • All human beings stumble and fall.
  • Each of us has been doing it since we first demonstrated physical courage by learning to walk upright.
  • Yet few of us have the physical courage, and other forms of courage, required to become a world-class figure skater. To compete in public. To strive for Olympic gold.
  • I am curious how someone of such courage would react from a tumble, rife with public humiliation.

That’s why.