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How has Pope Francis changed so far? A comparison Skilled Empath Merge.

Pope Francis, ready for his comparison aura reading

Pope Francis, ready for his comparison aura reading

Skilled Empath Merges here will compare Pope Francis’s aura, comparing before and shortly after he became the head of the Catholic Church.

When I read the new pope’s aura for this blog, so looooooooooooong ago, back in 2013, I was no pushover. Since then he has impressed the world, gaining such admiration. And not just from Time Magazine, which named him Person of the Year for 2013.

Pope Francis got the whole world talking with a startling comment about gay priests that may steer the Church towards more inclusiveness, “Who am I to judge?”

How much will his church actually change, in policy and deed? Is Pope Francis slowly turning a very, very large ship? Or is he cleverly changing the language, perhaps doing an image makeover, with no intention to alter anything significant about the Catholic church?

Is Pope Francis just making a clever public display? To learn more about the man himself, down to the chakra databanks, let’s do a comparison Skilled Empath Merge.

Change expected, not guaranteed

Aura reading and Skilled Empath Merge reveal accelerated evolution for any public figure, but especially for a world-class politician or religious authority. In a beautiful Comment (#19) when I originally read this pope while so new to his position, Blog-Buddy LISA wrote:

“Moving into the Chair of St. Peter is more than a job promotion. It is an entire spiritual change and shift as this man becomes a conduit for the Holy Spirit for the Church. As he becomes attuned to his new position and embraces it, it will change him at all levels.

“Take another picture of Pope Francis in a few months to a year and note the differences.

“One of the reasons to pray for a new pope is to help him settle into that new position spiritually.”

I agree wholeheartedly with LISA. For the first blog post of amazing 2014, let’s explore the very same chakra databanks

that I explored last time, juxtaposing lightly edited readings of the new pope from my previous post with new readings of Pope Francis by the time of his first Christmas message, in 2013.

Photo links are supplied at the end of today’s post for those of you who would like to research these chakra databanks in advance of my readings here, whether you do Skilled Empath Merge or aura reading.

Root Chakra Databank for Connecting to Physical Reality

Pope Francis Newly Installed

9 inches. Pretty interested. Pretty excited. Thrilled, even.

Pope Francis still doesn’t do emotions much. You can tell, because 9 inches of thrill isn’t much for most human beings. This chakra databank is still way under-functioning, compared what would be a normal size for this man’s aura.

He is having ideas and concepts about being Pope Francis in front of a cheering, enraptured crowd.

This is his most interesting set of ideas to experience yet.

Physical life itself? Still dry as crumbling old toast. However, physical life to this Jesuit, turned Pope, still means something non-physical.

Putting words to the experience, I offer this language: “I am having ideas about life, am having interactions in a sad physical world that is the testing ground for my steadfast principles that will bring souls to heaven.”

Pope Francis Now

Fills the room plus 3 inches. Divine connection blazes out strong and tender. Pope Francis has adjusted well to the Divine downloads available to him.

Really, it’s sweet how his somewhat elderly nervous system, in some ways fragile, has been well prepared to carry this sacred energy.

You know, Blog-Buddies. One great thing about moving into every new year is that you have become more adaptable, due to sheer survivorhood. Especially if you have always done your best, morally and spiritually.

Right away, I am beginning to wonder if Pope Francis is going to be ready for the Enlightenment Life List. Before, not nearly. Now? Let’s keep researching.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

Does the man tend to do what he says he will do? Sins of omission or commission show up pretty clearly in this chakra databank. Or maybe the cleric us fully expressing the gift of his soul in this chakra databank.

Pope Francis Newly Installed

2 inches. For now, Pope Francis is taking it slow. He waits to find out what is going on. What power does he have? What will he really get to do? Will there be more to the job than what’s happening now, being adored?

Doing this Skilled Empath Merge, I am fascinated by the exceptional political savviness of this man. He pays attention to getting power, keeping power, using power in order to stay invincible.

Power integrity will be calibrated for him in the context of what wins. He’s still learning, quietly exploring with his usual hidden cunning, a subconscious characteristic helpful for winning over his foes.

Pope Francis Now

Fills the room plus 3 inches. “Incorruptible” is the word that comes to mind. While doing his job, in particular, Pope Francis is beautifully merged the Divine.

Frankly, if he weren’t so gentle in executing his beliefs, ideas, and wishes, the man could strike terror into those who depend on having the pope play the part of a religious figurehead. This one, Pope Francis, can’t be bent to anyone else’s will. He is a humble instrument of God’s will.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power in Relationships

This chakra databank informs us about personal style, at the time of the photo, with collaborating with other people. Or not.

Not every day does one gets to research someone whose job description includes papal infallibility.

Pope Francis Newly Installed

90 miles. In the moment of this photo, Pope Francis feels a reverence and personal surrender. They are entirely new to him.

His old ways of sharing power don’t apply for now.

Will he be transformed by a special blessing within the office of the papacy? Will the collective consciousness of the world’s faithful Catholics support him? Transform him?

In this moment, he is all benevolence, feeling extraordinarily and unprecedentedly inspired.

Pope Francis Now

Fills the room plus 3 inches. The collaboration is magnificent. Reminds me of… well, one’s own personal connection to God.

Because the power style of Pope Francis now includes a combination of paying attention, a very full attention, beyond nonjudgmental… with adding his appropriate contribution.

Being human, being papal, Pope Francis has definite standards. It’s lovely to witness how there is no need for defensiveness or calculation. The man has been transformed into a version of his human personality that is a reminder to each of us. Human individuality can be supported and, beyond that, be transformed into a walking-talking expression of the Divine.

This man is so definitely going onto my Enlightenment Life List.

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Pope Francis Newly Installed

4 inches. Even amid the marriage-style sacramental bliss he’s experiencing in some of his other chakra databanks, Pope Francis remains a deeply secretive man, expertly guarded as a communicator. Cunning, watchful, he feels no connection to “Telling the truth” as others would. He says what serves his purposes. Human-style scruples are as absent as spontaneity.

Pope Francis Now

Fills the room plus three inches. The same kind of Divine presence shows through as usual, purity incarnate.

Pope Francis has merged his human identity with the Divine in a very renunciate way. There is no him there, nothing left save for the habits of speaking, the knowledge he has, the storehouse of impressions from every lifetime so far, informing this selfless way of being. Renunciate Enlightenment at its finest.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Jesus Christ

Not everyone has chakra databanks about connecting to Jesus Christ. Because everyone has many chakra databanks related to current lifestyle, interests, and growth areas. Let’s explore this one, probably the most likely one to be really gorgeous in this new superstar of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis Newly Installed

10 inches of a faint, fine connection. Gee, who would have thought it might be a life-changing experience, becoming Pope of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?

Compared to before being elevated to this highest position within the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has developed a faint but authentic connection to Jesus Christ. He has received what, might in terms of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, be called a “Third Eye Opening.”

Gentle, very slight, but incredibly sweet!

The wonder of this means so much to Pope Francis.

Ironically, everyone reading this blog right now has probably lived for years with a much stronger showing at the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source. Having glorious, clear experience here is the long-term destiny of everyone who desires it. In current language, this is an awakening experience.

Many awakenings add up to Enlightenment. For those of us who aim for Householder Enlightenment, what helps us to make progress most smoothly and rapidly?

Spiritual practices help, as well as healing techniques for moving out STUFF and adding appropriate PUT IT. What else makes a huge difference, as this blog community and I, as a teacher, discovered so clearly in 2013? Allow spiritual experiences to integrate by doing no more than 20 Daily Minutes of Far-Out Technique Time, Tops.

At the time of this photograph, the experience of awakening for Pope Francis is quite new still It feels pristinely sacred.

Pope Francis Now

Fills the room plus three inches. In Enlightenment, the self is more strongly dunked in God presence than otherwise. For Pope Francis, the Divine presence has a distinctive quality of Jesus.

It pervades him now, through and through.

The everydayness of this connection is maybe the most magnificent aspect. Jesus Christ was a great teacher, doing his work  on earth, the one-day-at-a-time version that is required for human embodiment.

By now, Pope Francis is used to feeling identified with this presence and the aspect of doing the daily work, whatever happens, one day at a time. Magnificent, even as it is taken for granted as, simply, what is.

Practical support for Skilled Empath Merge and Aura Reading

Semi-tech? To learn more about chakra databanks and how this sort of comparison aura reading research is done, check out this nuts-and-bolts aura reading article here at the blog. Move down toward the end of the article, as the beginning is focuses on aura reading research about movie stars. (We just don’t get that many fascinating popes to read for viewing how they have evolved. )

Pope Francis, Newly Installed aura photos

On March 19, 2013, Pope Francis was installed. This was the best photo I could find around that time period:

Here is a large-pixel version, easy for you to use for aura reading Pope Francis.

Pope Francis Now

For today’s comparison reading of his chakra databanks, I chose a beautiful photograph from the celebration of Christmas Mass, December 25, 2013.

Here is a large-pixel version, easy for you to use for reading a more current version of Pope Francis’ aura.

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  1. 1
  2. 2
    Kira says:

    Ooh, this is so exciting! Any time I’ve heard about Pope Francis, I’ve been happy to hear what he’s said or done. I’m so glad it’s not just for show. (Not that I’m Catholic, but my best friend from high school, my husband’s best friend from high school, an aunt, uncle, and cousin, and several current friends are. I am just happy to see an Enlightened leader of a major religion.)

    I really want to be able to do skilled empath merges. I need to reread one or both of Become the Most Important Person in the Room and Empowered by Empathy. I was right in thinking that reading Roar of the Huntids would inspire me to get back to it, but this inspires me as well.

  3. 3
    Amy says:

    Wow this is lovely news. I did have a feeling that he would be enlightened. He has been saying a lot of really interesting things lately! I do not consider myself Catholic but my grandparents and extended family might consider themselves as such so it is an encouraging development for sure. I especially loved reading about the nuances of renunciate enlightenment as he embodies them.

  4. 4
    Isabella says:

    Really beautiful and inspiring to know about such rapid change in one person on Earth.

    I wonder about the leader of Catholics being a renunciate. I’ve never thought of Catholicism as being a renunciate religion, but wow, there are a lot of nuns, kneeling, and submission in there.

    And the hugeness of the Catholic church (structures, wealth, mystery, impenetrable hierarchy) seems to call for submission to something bigger. Can someone who actually knows about Catholic teachings shed some light on this?

    Maybe they are struggling with householder/renunciate, like so many others?

    Also, does a leader who is not democratically elected represent the collective consciousness of his/her group in the same way? Or a similar way?

  5. 5
    Jean says:

    This is good news. Thank you Rose:)

  6. 6

    KIRA, there is a wonderful synergy between developing Empath Empowerment and removing STUFF. It can all work for you.

    So glad you have been enjoying my novel about, and for, empaths. This year I aim to bring out an edited ebook edition as well.

  7. 7

    Also, KIRA, I would definitely recommend “Become The Most Important Person in the Room” as your next step toward Empath Empowerment.

    “Empowered by Empathy” is now out of print, I believe. The audiobook edition will be going out of print this year as well.

    These are like Microsoft Word 1.0 and 1.5. This year I will publish a two-book series to take the place, like Empath Empowerment 2.0 and 2.5.

    Have been working on them for months and will let all of you know when they are officially published.

    It’s not that “Empowered by Empathy” is not a helpful book. It was the first book in English to help empaths. It contains the basics of the system later trademarked as Empath Empowerment(R).

    However, that body of knowledge has progressed significantly since then.

  8. 8

    AMY, it really is wonderful to have such an evolved, honorable pope now at the Vatican. Pope Francis will help your relatives and everyone open to his example.

    As for renunciate themes in Catholicism, there may be more confusion over this than with the Protestant versions of Christianity that have developed.

    It remains a personal choice for any spiritual seeker, on any path. As I aim for connection to my highest inspiration, will I do this as a householder or a renunciate. Beware life in the middle.

  9. 9

    ISABELLA, you have started to think about a fascinating topic.

    You began with the nuns, kneeling and obedient. But what about the Catholic tradition that the leaders must all be male celibates? How many other religions can you name with that requirement for leadership?

    Vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience are all signs of a renunciate path.

  10. 10

    About this question in your Comment #6, ISABELLA:

    “Also, does a leader who is not democratically elected represent the collective consciousness of his/her group in the same way? Or a similar way?”

    Every leader, without exception, represents collective consciousness of that group.

    So does the degree of integrity or corruption in the process of voting.

    Each of us shows a certain degree of respect to others, their choices and use of free will. I believe that the voting process itself, in any locality, is closely related to that group’s collective consciousness.

  11. 11
    Isabella says:

    Ah, thanks for the replies Rose. Really fascinating.

  12. 12
    Kira says:

    Rose, I already have and have read both books. (And I did start with “Become the Most Important Person in the Room”.) I have been eagerly looking forward to the newest one.

    And I am pretty excited to find out what Pope Francis will do next.

  13. 13
    Dana says:

    Wow, how inspiring! I am so glad that Pope Francis is leader of the Catholic Church. I wonder what the interplay is between how a leader represents his/her group’s collective consciousness and how he/she leads by example through individual choices and morals.

  14. 14
    Rachel says:

    Fascinating reading.

    It’s amazing that becoming Pope has catapulted this man to such new levels. I never would have thought that an external, outer change (albeit a pretty big one) could result in such huge differences at an inner level.

    Thanks, Rose.

  15. 15
    Amanda says:

    Wonderful news and an equally wonderful and fascinating read. Thank you, Rose.

    After so many centuries (as it seems to me) of struggle, to have this kind of energy at the head of the Church is truly inspiring.



  16. 16
    Julie says:

    I find it amazing how much change Pope Francis went through, not just in this comparison reading, but looking back at the reading Rose did of him when he was an Archbishop, and comparing that to now – wow! Now that is transformation. What a real message of hope for us all, that he said yes to such a huge amount of change, and what a testament to the power of the times that we’re living in, that such change was possible and supported.

  17. 17
    Renee says:

    Two world leaders enlightened, President Obama and the Pope, that is exciting, inspiring and comforting.

  18. 18
    Kylie says:

    Very interesting reading Rose. I have been very impressed with this new Pope’s statements about poverty and social justice. There is a world of difference between Pope Francis and the previous pope. It is still discouraging knowing that this pope does not support the ordination of women and is against gay marriage. It brings home to me the fact that enlightenment, as lovely as it is, does not mean that one is suddenly right about everything. Like every human, the Pope is limited by his education, the time period he grew up in, his world view. Still, it is encouraging to have a Pope with a deep spiritual connection.

  19. 19
    Sandra says:

    Watching the live news of our enlightened president greeting the enlightened Pope–it is, indeed, a new day!

  20. 20
    Lilian says:

    It’s beautiful how quickly he’s embraced enlightenment. 🙂 This made me quite emotional actually. :-p

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