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When hypnosis doesn't help you quit smoking, don't give up.

A smoking trance may not improve quality of life as much as a hypnosis trance

A smoking trance may not improve quality of life as much as a hypnosis trance

Don’t give up on your resolve to stop smoking. And don’t give up on hypnosis, either.

There are three reasons why hypnosis might not help you succeed the first time you use it to stop smoking. All of these are problems you can overcome.

Today’s article was inspired by AMANDA’s question on World Hypnotism Day 2014. In Comment 2 she wrote:

“I have tried hypnosis. It didn’t work at all! I concluded I wasn’t hypnotizable….”

Hypnosis does often succeed marvelously for smoking cessation

That success is an important context for what follows in this article. We hypnotists tend to be a positive, upbeat bunch. I suspect that the article I’m about to write is wildly counter-culture within the hypnotism community. But I can’t resist naming some problems that others might hesitate to discuss in a public blog…. Even if the point is to propose what I have found can overcome those three biggest problems.

AMANDA motivates me, for starters. Anyone of average intelligence and basic mental health can succeed at hypnosis. Actually, the brighter someone is, the more likely that person is to succeed with hypnosis. This Blog-Buddy AMANDA has written many insightful guest posts and comments at this blog. Even if I didn’t care about her a great deal personally, as a long-time client and workshop student, you don’t have to know her for long before you can tell this is one brainy babe. If anyone ought to succeed at hypnosis for smoking cessation, it is somebody like AMANDA.

More disclosure about where I am coming from in today’s post! I will be sharing my perspective as a hypnotist (and now a teacher of hypnotism certified by the national Guild of Hypnotists). Moreover, I am a hypnotist who specializes in past-life regression therapy. (And I’m delighted that in 2014 I will teach my first course ever in the method of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM).)

Thus, you would find a very different perspective from the vast majority of professionals in hypnotism, I’d estimate at least 10,000 members of the National Guild of Hypnotists, with maybe 2,000 more who specialize in past-life regression.

From that perspective, here goes something designed to address how to succeed with smoking cessation. Also I aim to honestly answer the question many of you Blog-Buddies may have had about attempts you have made with hypnosis to lose weight or reduce stress or otherwise benefit from the many other practical applications of hypnotism.

Attempts where you did the hypnosis as advertised but did not receive the results you expected.

Don’t give up on hypnotism for smoking cessation until you have, at least, read this article.

Problem #1 with Hypnotism: Group Hypnosis Isn’t For Everyone

To many seekers of personal development, group hypnosis seems ideal. It is cheaper and requires less commitment, compared to scheduling one or more sessions on your own.

Besides, many folks feel more comfortable learning anything in a group. There can be a built-in set of friends.

Group hypnosis for smoking cessation is understandably popular, and it can work. Yet it does not work for everyone. That doesn’t mean that hypnotism in some other way can’t work for you and help you quit smoking.

How to overcome Problem #1 with Hypnotism

You might wish to schedule a one-on-one, dedicated session with a hypnotist in your area. That hypnotist can take the time to learn about you in ways that then are incorporated in the hypnosis process.

Group hypnosis courses and seminars are not like taking a college course with a roomful of eager students, with extra momentum for your benefit. It’s more like trying to learn how to play the violin in a group class, not the ideal way to play an instrument.

Depending on the hypnotist, the session can be a masterful, perceptive creation that is designed to meet your needs uniquely. The same with follow-up sessions — and yes, results can be strengthened with follow-up sessions. It isn’t worthy of you — or of hypnosis — to turn this potential for healing into a one-time, or group experience, test case.

Problem #2 with Hypnotism: Not Addressing Your Personal, Underlying Issues

However good they may be, hypnosis recordings cannot be designed to meet your needs uniquely. Same problem as with group hypnosis for smoking cessation!

Sometimes results are spectacular but sometimes the experience can be discouraging. Other people benefit but why not you?

When you struggle with an intractable habit that you have desired to change, try hypnosis, and don’t find results, why could that happen? Because you are different from others for whom the CD or Smoking Cessation Workshop is designed.

Underlying causes for YOU to keep smoking may be very different from somebody else’s causes. Until you receive what you need, progress will be disappointing. Yet that doesn’t mean you cannot receive what you need and succeed at smoking cessation.

How to overcome Problem #2 with Hypnotism

For starters, don’t blame yourself for not being hypnotizable.

Moving into hypnosis is different from responding to suggestions given to you during the state of hypnosis.

When AMANDA questioned whether she was hypnotizable, I suspect that the latter was the problem rather than the former.

Different hypnotists have differing degrees of skill and talent at finding appropriate suggestions. AMANDA might have been given suggestions that, although well meant and safe for a client, did not address what she needed at all.

It its wisdom, her subconscious mind decided, “No thank you.”

Persist until you can find a practitioner who fits your needs better. Helping people solve problems with hypnotism or with past-life regression therapy is an art, not a mechanical process that would be done identically by interchangeable hypnotists.

Problem #3 with Hypnotism: Awakening  Strengths But Not Removing Vulnerabilities

Hypnosis awakens strengths. While in a trance state, a client like AMANDA is given suggestions to change patterns in the subconscious mind, awaking  your full potential, encouraging you to develop new behaviors and habits.

For some people, those suggestions are all that is needed to make a long-desired shift. The subconscious mind supports a project chosen by the client’s conscious mind, like smoking cessation.

If that doesn’t happen to you, do not interpret that as meaning you lacked those inner strengths, that huge potential. Of course you have that.

How to overcome Problem #3 with Hypnotism

Personally, I refuse to use hypnotism alone to help with smoking cessation. Instead I facilitate personal sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis. That way, we can find causes in the form of frozen blocks, whether from this lifetime or from others. Finding those most important causes, the process involved in this mind-body-spirit modality permanently moves out each frozen block in turn, then adds PUT-IN of fresh new energies that are congruent with that person’s soul.

Suggestions work differently.

Choose the approach that fits you best. Either explore hypnotism alone or choose some form of past-life regression therapy or select the form called Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

Don’t give up on the goal to live smoke free. You can do it. You can stop smoking for good.

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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    Hello Rose, how lovely and encouraging of you.

    Like I said, I haven’t given up (in any way :D) and I have also noticed that as I clear out stuff, I smoke less, it’s a natural progression. Perhaps that’s what I need. Meanwhile, I am fit and do check in regularly to see if it’s still OK with my body!

    I have tried one-on-one, group and CD hypnosis. I am fairly clear that it’s a global rather than separate issue which is why it follows the pattern of my general healing. Perhaps a number of frozen blocks are related.

    I have stopped being cross with myself about it and come to expect that one day it will all resolve in an unexpectedly lovely way.

    I do trust myself enough now, and my subconscious mind, to know that it will. I’ve got through lots of other things and have come to realise that I don’t do everything all at once, but I shall do them all eventually.

    Either way, I’m grateful to you for this post, Rose.

    Finding a good local hypnotist is really an issue. The only person I felt I would trust when I researched it now only does general coaching sessions.

    I shall keep on keeping on, and keep faith 🙂


  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    One interesting thing to add on this topic, which is probably personal.

    I’m a real fan of flower essences and have a lot of respect for their capacity. When I’ve used flower essences to help me stop smoking, I have noticed that they wake up areas that need healing, so I have to do the work.

    I have come to expect trouble when I use them!

    To me this fits in with your idea of frozen blocks, which in this method come up and flow out each time, one at a time.


  3. 3

    AMANDA, thank you for this sharing.

    Just to be clear, it is indeed possible that small frozen blocks do come up for releasing and fill-up as a result of your depth use of flower essences.

    However, it is the large frozen blocks that cause continuation of sticky problems like smoking.

    Those of you Blog-Buddies in England or other parts of the European Union, you might now be extra motivated to become the first skilled practitioner of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis in your area.

    Come to America, near the biggest airport in Washington D.C., for April 5-13 and then June 28-30. The rest of your training can be done at home, convenient to your schedule.

  4. 4

    Would any of you Blog-Buddies like to read about an example of using Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis for smoking cessation? Hmmm, maybe this belongs with its related own post.

  5. 5
    David.. says:

    Hi Rose
    Have been reading but very busy of late.
    Lots of fascinating posts. I know little of hypnosis. Have never been to a hypnosis event but now understand many of the “guided” prayer or meditation things that happened during other events were a form of hypnosis.

    I’ve also had many past life experiences but not through regression. But I can certainly relate to their healing potential. They can explain (and help resolve) the oddities of the current life.

    I look forward to learning more.

  6. 6
    David.. says:

    and btw – quitting smoking is so worth it. It’s been a very long time since I smoked, but I can remember. Getting flavor back. Walking out from under a kind of cloud. Loosing the bad breath (to any non-smoker). Not having to dry clean my suits as often.

    The outer smoke also creates a kind of inner smoke too, fogging the fine energy.

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