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Help for solving problems with either problem gaming or problem gambling

Energy healing that does not have to be a gamble

Energy healing that does not have to be a gamble

Do you know anyone whose life has been twirled around like a roulette wheel, due to either video games or gambling? Odds are good that you do.

Regarding out-of-control interest in video gaming, that has been on an upswing in recent yearsl. According to The Fix, a website specializing in recovery, approximately 84 million of the world’s estimated 1.2 billion online gamers reside in Asia. Unfortunately, Asia is not the only part of the world where gaming interest  has progressed to video game addiction. Psychology Today, reporting on video game dependency  in America last summer, conveyed a finding that shocked me. It might be worth noting for you as well.

Research suggests that 0.5 percent of all gamers and 1.7 percent of ninth graders experience symptoms associated with excessive video game use. 

So it’s not entirely a coincidence that gaming addictions have become a recent thread here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Blog-Buddy AMANDA’s sensible perspective with parenting has been supplemented by a range of astute comments from you Blog-Buddies about technology-related ways that folks have been struggling.

What might all that have to do with gambling?

Some of you Blog-Buddies may be wondering. Why have I brought up gambling addiction?

There it was, right from the first guest post on gaming addiction: Gaming versus gambling addiction. A guest post by Amanda

Maybe you noticed, I included the gambling topic again in the follow-up article: Gaming need not lead to gaming addiction or gambling addiction. A follow-up guest post by Amanda.

Why, why, why? Because recently a fellow hypnotism instructor brought to my attention that “Problem gambling” is becoming a fast-growing specialty for those of us who work in the hypnosis field. And for others in mind-body-spirit as well. More and more gamblers are seeking control over gaming that involves money.

Think of any bad habit or even compulsion that could upset a person. Then imagine if it directly ruined one’s financial life, on top of all the feelings of lack of control. Ouchers!

And it doesn’t take deep sociology smarts to figure out that, during prolonged recession and unprecedented income gap in the United States, the hot topic of money could tip vulnerable people into problem gambling.

By now, about two million American adults are pathological gamblers, according to the National Council on Problem Gambling. Another 4-6 million report experiencing problems because of their gambling, a.k.a. “Problem gamblers.”

America is hardly the only country with problems related to gambling. According to BBC Newsbeat in England, last year, “The number of 18 to 35-year-olds contacting the UK’s leading gambling advice service has risen for a third consecutive year.”

The purpose of today’s article is to bring a new perspective to those who seek to overcome problem gambling — or problem gaming. Rosetree Energy Spirituality does offer help to supplement the free resource of Gambler’s Anonymous. Plus I applaud, and can only supplement, the skills of professional abuse counselors who specialize in addictions to gambling and video games.

I am not one of those specialists whose professional skills focus on helping to overcome gambling addiction or addiction to video gaming. Yet I have developed some skills that can sometimes help with these problems. What follows today could start a winning streak… for personal growth.

  • Early in a new year, hope springs fresh as the pages of a new calendar. If you have suffered from problems with either gaming or gambling, consider that the solutions described below could work for you.
  • If you know someone whose life is compromised due to either gambling or gaming, please forward a link to this article. It could make such a difference.
  • Some technical parts of this article towards the end may be of special interest if you work as a hypnotist or are considering taking my first-ever training this year in the particular form of past-life regression therapy called “Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM).”

What causes problem gaming or gambling?

When does a fondness for gaming or gambling count as a problem?

My response is based on helping clients to move forward with personal development since 1970. Family members and friends of gamblers would have a different answer. My response is client-centered:

“When you decide there is a problem. ”

That’s the only way to cause a change. Until you are motivated to end the dependence on gaming or gambling, nobody else can force you to change.

But even after you have consciously chosen to change, that won’t necessarily do the job.  

Why can it be so hard to quit?

Nobody needs to gamble or play video games in order to live. So why can the habit be so insistent?

Within your subconscious mind you have way more than memories and habits. From the perspective of energy healing, every person can have STUFF. This subconscious-level debris is physically real —  at the metaphysical level of a person’s aura or energy field.

Sometimes “Just say no” will do the trick. Often, more is required to follow through. Aura healing that permanently removes STUFF that causes or contributes to the problem gambling or gaming — until enough of that STUFF is released, a person can have the frightening experience of not being able to stop a behavior.

If gambling or gaming seem to have taken on a life of your own, claim your life back. You can. Find someone with the skills to remove the STUFF that is the hidden cause of the problem.

How I have helped clients end gaming problems caused by subconscious STUFF

Phone sessions have usually been enough to do the job. Some of my clients have suffered from gaming problems that lasted for decades. Sometimes the video gaming was tied in with pornography, which made the difficulties even more distressing. Sometimes it has taken just a couple of sessions. My client was so motivated. A bit of STUFF stood in the way and so when enough of that was gone, the client was free to proceed in a chosen direction that did not involve the problem behavior.

Sometimes clients have had several sessions. The point is that they improved, and relatively rapidly moved forward in life without being limited by that problem behavior.

As with any session of aura healing by phone or Skype webcam, the 55-minutes would be start with an intention. Tell me briefly about which sort of behavior is the problem. We will translate that into the language of intention,  like “To use my time more productively.”

Then I will use skills to research your energy, select a “Healing Centerpiece” to help you most at this time, and proceed to do it step-by-step, keeping you informed all along the way.

Help, one phone call at a time

It isn’t a gamble, doing sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. It’s not as though you do a whole series of sessions, hoping and trusting that eventually there will be a big payoff.

My goal is to help you significantly one session at a time.

The purpose is to facilitate immediate and long-term benefits every time. I am for you to be able to notice some improvement after every single session. When you get all you need, you’re done!

You’re the one with the power. That simple.

Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM) for extra problem solving

Yes, I have helped clients remove STUFF through past-life regression therapy. As you may know, I use a form of hypnosis for this purpose, using the STUFF-removing power and PUT-IN efficacy of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

Please do not aim for this in a first session. Start with a 55-minute appointment. I will be able to assess when this in-person, bigger investment, type of session will help you. For example, my client GLADYS received a lot of help from phone sessions. Then we got to a point where I recommended that she come in person for some past-life regression therapy. She did, flying across an ocean in order to have a small series of sessions. It did the trick.

So it can benefit you as a consumer that I combine skills at past life regression hypnosis with professional skills at aura reading and energy healing.

One advantage I have in the field of energy spirituality specifically is the ability to research  and assess what is going on subconsciously,  which makes it easier to assess how best to help my client. This practitioner’s combination of skills and caring can support your desire to clear out for good the subconscious triggers for gambling. My motto? “STUFF can always, always, always be healed.”

How about using hypnosis alone for problem gaming or gambling

This hypnotist and hypnosis instructor won’t do it. That simple.

How come? Hypnosis is powerful for reprogramming the subconscious mind. For lasting results, however, I believe it is important to clean out STUFF that has been blocking the use of free will.

If GLADYS has tried, and failed, to give up her gambling, there is good reason. I aim to find that “good reason” in the form of STUFF, and facilitate the removal. Then it is so much easier to do what your conscious mind decides to do. So this is the healing model that works for this hypnotist and aura healer… and her clients.

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  1. 1
    David.. says:

    Thanks, Rose.
    Had a great chat with someone last night about how it’s all about the energy. What is expressing in the physical – in emotions, behaviors, and the body is an expression of the energy. Even if it’s not conscious, its the energy people respond to more than the appearances – although they often attribute it to the 2nd. (they are related)

    If we try to change behaviors on the level of behavior, it’s a long slog. But on the level of the energy that’s causing the behavior – much more effective. Especially if we have energetic literacy.

    Some healers simply pour energy into an area. Real change has to be much more targeted.

    PS – great link on the income gap.

  2. 2
    Zelda says:

    I just came across this article and video on internet addiction among Chinese teens and a rehabilitation program for them.

    The kids remind me of students I’ve taught. The video gave me a new perspective.

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