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Secrets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Part One

Secrets of cutting cords of attachment

Secrets of cutting cords of attachment

Does a secret still count as a secret if I am blabbing it all over the blogosphere?

Well, I’ll have to risk that. Because this useful information for consumers is NOT generally known. Perhaps when this secret is out, more people will gain results from energy spirituality in general and cutting cords of attachment in particular.

Why can’t you just order up a cord-cutting session with Rose Rosetree?

You may already know that I urge all new clients to come with an intention, not a request for a specific technique to be used by the one who facilitates aura healing with Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

An intention is one way to make your life better emotionally or spiritually or behaviorally, like “Move forward in my career” or “Trust myself more.”

Cutting a cord of attachment is a skill set, an increasingly popular skill set. To many newbies, “Cord-cutting” has come to mean all the skill sets of energy spirituality much as “Kleenex” has come to mean paper tissues.

Only that’s a problem.

One of our most popular posts here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” explains quite a bit about Cutting Cords of Attachment. And what else can happen in a session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality . Now I think it is time to go one step further and share with you some inside information about cutting cords of attachment when a new client really, really, really is sure that is the thing to do. Whereas it would be a terrible time to use that particular choice for aura healing. Maybe, even, nethical.


 The role of cutting cords of attachment in Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Cord-cutting is just one skill out of many in this healing modality that emphasizes personal growth along your chosen path. Other skill sets for aura healing can be available in a 55-minute session:

  • Cleaning up negative thought forms
  • Removing psychic coercion
  • Facilitating the release of stuck spirits
  • Facilitating the release of E.T. entities
  • Upgrading outdated façade bodies
  • Starting to reverse a spiritual addiction

My  Mentoring Program graduates and apprentices have superb skills for all this. Additional skills that I use, as a more experienced practitioner, include:

  • Exorcisms (Rare, but always a priority when appropriate.)
  • Vibrational Re-Positioning(TM) (A power-packed skill to rewrite subconscious code that came into Rosetree Energy Spirituality after The Shift.)
  • Researching Energetic Holograms to integrate spiritual progress

Which folks are most apt to seize on cord-cutting as THE service most required? Generally they are newbies. They know just enough about energy spirituality to know that this is a better way to cut cords of attachment than prayer, asking angels or archangels to “Cut all my cords,” to depend upon energy medicine modalities, attempt to use hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

So many mind-body-spirit methods have gotten on the cord-cutting bandwagon since I wrote the first book in English on how to cut cords of attachment, still comprehensive and practical. (Last year I published as an ebook a simpler version as well, Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.”) If you read ebooks, you might be interested to know that a more recent edition of the full-length how-to on cord cutting became available last year. I do recommend that more recent edition of Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality.

All these smart consumers, interested in cord-cutting, are on the right track. Good for them, appreciating the value of healing skills related to energy that powerfully address the subconscious mind and emotional energies. 

However, beginners often reveal their newness to this body of work by referring interchangeably to energy cords, energetic cords, spiritual ties, energy ties, having multiple cords of attachment to one person (supposedly), having psychic vampires attach cords, being “corded,” etc.

Not so helpful. Especially not so helpful showing up as a bold and determined consumer, seeking to get value from a session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality by demanding, “Cut my cord of attachment.”

In this healing modality, what is my job when helping a client? After establishing an intention where I sincerely believe I can help:

I use energetic literacy skills (like a Skilled Empath Merge) to assess what is going on with my client.

  • Then I select the most appropriate Healing Centerpiece for a session.
  • Then I facilitate step-by-step, always doing what I ethically can to produce the best results
  • And also doing all I can to empower my client, strengthening self-authority.

Bottom line: If you trust me or another professional practitioner enough to facilitate a session to help you move forward emotionally, spiritually, and behaviorally, trust that aura healer enough to select a real priority for your session.

After all, what motivation could we possibly have to do otherwise? There is no ulterior motive . Using our expertise, we know about types of STUFF that are different from cutting cords of attachment. That’s a good thing, actually.

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  1. 1
    David.. says:

    Awww, please cut my energy tie cords… 😉

    I don’t work on this level with people but I know what you mean. I can sometimes have an extensive back and forth with someone, only to have it become apparent they didn’t grasp the first thing. They have a fixed expectation and that’s it.

    But after you say it enough times, sometimes the door opens a little.

    Speaking of which – I haven’t put my foot in it here for weeks. 😉

  2. 2

    DAVID, your contributions are such a delight. See Comments 12-14, fresh at the new post on Friday, January 17, 2014.

    For all of us who gently and patiently help doors to open, we’re not the movie stars. We don’t necessarily have the glamour lives in any respect. But, to my thinking, is there any greater privilege?

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