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Face Reading Folksong Hero Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger, ready for his face reading

Pete Seeger, ready for his face reading

I grew up hearing his voice on vinyl records. Yesterday, listening to the radio while driving, I heard Pete Seeger speaking in an interview. You know how you’ll start hearing a radio interview in the middle of a conversation, even mid-sentence.? Usually it can take a while before the interviewer mentions the name of the guest.

So how long did it take me to recognize the voice of Pet Seeger? Maybe three seconds. And, as always, hearing that voice, I recognized something else immediately, a friendly and buoyant and rippling with a contagious kind of joy.

Born in 1919, Pete Seeger was pushing 94 at the time of his death. Today’s face reading pays tribute to how he grew as a person.

I will research his face at the time of this photograph, using the system of Face Reading Secrets(R), which you can learn from a couple of my books, The NEW Power of Face  Reading and Read People Deeper. Here is some background on face reading basics for beginners.

Two pictures will be used, actually. To have the most fun with today’s article, open each of them in a different window. Blow them up bigger, if you can. You will see the physiognomy data so much more clearly that way.

The photo at the top of today’s post is Pete Seeger Face Reading Photo #1.

The photo beneath is Pete Seeger Face Reading Photo #2.

For extra fun, check out this YouTube of Pete Seeger singing some of the songs he wrote, “Turn, Turn, Turn” and “If I Had a Hammer,” and one he adapted from a traditional spiritual, “We Shall Overcome.” Fun? Well, okay, I am tearing up as I listen. Seeger may not have  been a great man in every respect, but his music has moved millions and brought more caring into this world. And for those of us in America who were part of the Civil Rights Era, the third of these songs was a rallying cry that lives in us strongly still.

Face Reading Data Part 1: Passion Power Style

How to see it on Pete Seeger

Use the Pete-with-friend photograph. The face angle is clearer. While the picture at the top of today’s post will fill in a few visual gaps. You’ll see.

This first characteristic is stronger on the right side of Pete Seeger’s face, but it shows to some degrees on both sides. The forehead is way wider than the cheekbones or jaws. Picture an upside-down triangle. Or just draw one on your computer screen around Seeger’s facial contours — provided that you have a totally washable marker.

Pete Seeger’s Corresponding Talent (Using the System of Face Reading Secrets(R))

Exceptional ambition, drive, and personal intensity. With this power style, a person is always doing more, seeking more, planning more.

Potential Challenge

Can burn out those who work with him or live with him? Why did “The Weavers” break up, anyway? They were sooooooooooooooooo great.

Face Reading Data Part 2: Ultra-Long Eyebrows

How to see it on Pete Seeger

Look for each blondish  eyebrow, end-to-end.

Seeger’s are longer than eyebrows on most people. Sure, they seem normal and not freakish. That’s an amazing treat in physiognomy.

Perfectly normal people have unusual face data. Just take a good look and you can win a treasure hunt.

Pete Seeger’s Corresponding Talent (Using the System of Face Reading Secrets(R))

Comprehensive thinking and planning. In Pete Seeger’s career, that could have include planning the trajectory of a career at any given time, plus how to involve more and more people in folk music.

Potential Challenge

No such thing as a one-verse ballad. Or  tiny project.

Face Reading Data Part 3: Wariness Index Score is 1

How to see it on Pete Seeger

Look for the shape on the lower half of each eye. Each time, you will see a straightish line. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the most  rounded — “The Wariness Index” that I describe in some of my face reading books — Pete Seeger scores a 1.

Pete Seeger’s Corresponding Talent (Using the System of Face Reading Secrets(R))

Intense loyalty to friends.

Potential Challenge

Hard to get to know with a deeper kind of intimacy than that you might find at a political rally?

Face Reading Data Part 4: Seeger’s Nose Padding Triangles, Gathering Oomph

How to see it on Pete Seeger

This facial characteristic is easier to see on the photo with the yellow hat.

Nose is narrower at the bridge and then gains more and more padding on either side of the central ridge toward the tip.

Pete Seeger’s Corresponding Talent (Using the System of Face Reading Secrets(R))

Superb delegator. Likes starting projects with a very small group, or by himself. Then enjoys gathering people to help, even as the project gathers momentum.

Potential Challenge

Needs a crowd? Depends on a crowd to feel as though life is meaningful?

Face Reading Data Part 5. Lip Proportions

How to see it on Pete Seeger

The ratio of upper lip to lower lip, regarding fullness? It’s about 1:5. The picture at the top of this article has a good view, from a wacky angle, of that lower lip. To see this face data, it’s also helpful to have the largest possible version of each picture on your computer screen.

Pete Seeger’s Corresponding Talent (Using the System of Face Reading Secrets(R))

Very, very, very good at persuading people through communication.

Outstanding at grabbing attention, then riveting the listeners.

Potential Challenge

Enjoyment at seeing how far he can manipulate the group, gain influence?


What a face full of talent! Physiognomists know, features that are extra-big or intense — what I call “VERY”s — correlated with extreme talent. Pete Seeger had such magnificent talent.

He didn’t use it to sing like an angel. He used it to sing like a human.

As a performer, Pete Seeger supported the causes that he believed in. Even this brief face reading helps make it understandable, how his talents fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

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    Kylie says:

    Nice tribute Rose! Hee hee–no such thing as a one-verse ballad.

    This photo of Pete Seeger is not good for face reading, but I love it anyway:

    What a dear person he was.

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