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Help for solving problems with either problem gaming or problem gambling

Energy healing that does not have to be a gamble

Energy healing that does not have to be a gamble

Do you know anyone whose life has been twirled around like a roulette wheel, due to either video games or gambling? Odds are good that you do.

Regarding out-of-control interest in video gaming, that has been on an upswing in recent yearsl. According to The Fix, a website specializing in recovery, approximately 84 million of the world’s estimated 1.2 billion online gamers reside in Asia. Unfortunately, Asia is not the only part of the world where gaming interest  has progressed to video game addiction. Psychology Today, reporting on video game dependency  in America last summer, conveyed a finding that shocked me. It might be worth noting for you as well.

Research suggests that 0.5 percent of all gamers and 1.7 percent of ninth graders experience symptoms associated with excessive video game use. 

So it’s not entirely a coincidence that gaming addictions have become a recent thread here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Blog-Buddy AMANDA’s sensible perspective with parenting has been supplemented by a range of astute comments from you Blog-Buddies about technology-related ways that folks have been struggling.

What might all that have to do with gambling?

Some of you Blog-Buddies may be wondering. Why have I brought up gambling addiction?

Gaming need not lead to gaming addiction or gambling addiction. A follow-up guest post by Amanda.


Video gaming, desensitization to violence or simply fun?

Video gaming, desensitization to violence or simply fun?

At the risk of washing Blog-Buddy AMANDA totally overboard on the Seas of Gratitude…

(“Seas of Gratitude” is not the name of a video game, far as I know.)

Here comes another guest post as part of our continuing conversation begun with Gaming versus gambling addiction. A guest post by Amanda. So many points of view have been developing in our COMMENTS section. Depth comments, fascinating, and often witty.

The comment below was elevated to the status of guest post because it was beautifully detailed. Also, seems to me, AMANDA has indirectly opened up an interesting facet of the conversation.

  • When would you consider gaming to be detrimental, qualifying as a  video gaming addiction?
  • Whether regarding your child, your love partner, yourself — at what point would you become concerned enough to take some kind of action other than worry?
  • Do you know anyone with an addiction to video games, or role-playing games, a dependency similar to gambling addiction?
  • How would you tell if gaming crosses a line into addiction?
  • When would healing (as with Rosetree Energy Spirituality) be appropriate?

No secret, I will be sharing my thoughts on all this in a follow-up post. Wherein I guest post at my own blog. LOL.

Meanwhile, I would love to hear from you, in response to the following wise observations . Yes, they come from AMANDA, my contribution being the usual headings, links, minor edits for my side of the colourful pond that links the U.K. with the U.S.A.

Vanquishing concerns I once had about gaming 

Gosh, I feel honoured to be guest-posted!

Like I said, I’ve been round the houses on this one, mainly because I have a son who likes Call of Duty.

When he first started I was worried about adrenaline, desensitisation to violence –-  I thoroughly understand the concerns and the viewpoints expressed in the comments at the previous post because I’ve had them.

As a parent, I decided not to express them, not to nag, to act as if I trusted my son.

The Changing Aura of Michelle Obama. A Comparison Aura Reading

The truth about change to First Lady Michelle Obama

The truth about changes to the aura of First Lady Michelle Obama

With America’s First Lady turning 50 on January 17, what an excellent time to research her aura!

You may know that chakra databanks change a great deal. They morph, depending on how a person spends time, chooses one activity over another, and thereby positions consciousness. Changes happens one human second after another.

Any photo is an aura photo — once you have developed energetic literacy. The photograph captures all of a person’s chakra databanks. When you have the skills of Stage Three Energetic Literacy, it’s no harder to read any chakra databank you wish… than it is for you to read this screen right now.

Just for fun, I thought it would be fascinating to do aura reading research on Michelle Obama, and not just comparing how she has changed in the year of her husband’s re-election. In addition, let’s explore how her chakra databanks changed doing some pretty contrasting activities…

  • Giving a press conference on January 8, 2014 — Michelle Obama, Talking to Reporters
  • Performing “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” with Jimmy Fallon, the one whose bangs aren’t nearly as good , a photo taken nearly a year earlier, February 22, 2013 — Michele Obama, Dancing

Gaming versus gambling addiction. A guest post by Amanda

When is gaming a hobby? When does it cross the line into compulsive gambling?

When is gaming a hobby? When does it cross the line into compulsive gambling?

Does gaming necessarily mean trouble? This conversation began at this thread about topics of interest related to Empath Empowerment, aura reading, face reading, Enlightenment Coaching, and the various healing modalities of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

With today’s guest post, Blog-Buddy AMANDA expands on this theme. Adding headings, minor edits, and links, I yield the floor in this new debate to… AMANDA.

Does gaming necessarily mean compulsive gambling?

I’m going to be a little controversial here on the subject of gaming 🙂 .

Human beings have evolved to play games, not just with life but with cards, computers, Scrabble, you name it.

Because the focus has moved to the electronic world, is it any different to a four-hour game of Monopoly, or the evenings spent playing whist In the eighteenth century dinner-party trend? Is the child devoted to chess or learning the Periodic Table somehow ‘doing better’ than the child playing Call of Duty?

What does it mean to be strong? Comparison aura readings of public health hero Hamid Jafari and a body builder

Body builder ready for his aura reading. Hamid Jafari is, too.

Body builder ready for his aura reading. Hamid Jafari is, too.

Now that we have done face reading on this real-life hero, let’s explore Hamid Jafari’s auric modeling. How can chakra databanks (nadis) in his energy field inspire us all? It must have taken such strength to persevere at a task once thought impossible, to banish polio from the entire Indian subcontinent.

What does it mean to be strong? What does it mean, at the level of somebody’s aura?

Energetic literacy is such a useful way to discern how a person is and isn’t strong. Of course, it matters that inner STUFF has a great deal to do with how well a person’s strength shows. Fortunately STUFF can always, always, always be healed. So there are many reasons why you may find today’s aura reading inspiring.

Aura readers and skilled empaths, you’re welcome to join me in this comparison reading.  “Bodybuilder Joe” is what I will call the so-muscular guy in our picture at the top of today’s post.  

In addition, I will be reading the same photograph of Hamid Jafari that was used for our previous article, with the face reading profile of this extraordinary man.

Preparing to read auras for strength

It’s just like any aura reading that you do with a photo. Read one chakra databank at a time. If strength interests you, choose strength related chakra databanks.

Which posts would warm your heart on cold winter days?

Bear, debonairStay warm and safe, all of you who are experiencing freezing winter temperatures. (For you Southern Hemisphere Blog-Buddies,  who are feeling too warm right now, no sympathy for you at all. 😉 )

I’ve got a huge list of articles to write for our Online Community. Help me decide which types of post to give you this winter. Today’s article aims to bring perspective and invite your feedback. Plus I’ll announce the winners of our latest contest.

 Your interests count for a lot, here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” I’ll gather up all that feedback that you supply here between now and Sunday, January 12, then set priorities accordingly.

Deeper Perception makes so many topics available. Just see the left column at this blog right now. These are not scattered specialties but interlocking puzzle pieces that can bring you empowerment , inspiration, and delight.

Where to start choosing people to read, the topics to help you move forward with human-based spirituality? Our contest winners will have input, and so can you!

Announcing the two winners of our latest contest.

Why Do Technique Time? This contest helped to complete a very practical do-it-yourself topic that was emphasized in 2013. Why? Technique Time is something BIG that you can do for your spiritual evolution. This way to use your time wisely turns out to be really important for human-based spirituality.

When hypnosis doesn't help you quit smoking, don't give up.

A smoking trance may not improve quality of life as much as a hypnosis trance

A smoking trance may not improve quality of life as much as a hypnosis trance

Don’t give up on your resolve to stop smoking. And don’t give up on hypnosis, either.

There are three reasons why hypnosis might not help you succeed the first time you use it to stop smoking. All of these are problems you can overcome.

Today’s article was inspired by AMANDA’s question on World Hypnotism Day 2014. In Comment 2 she wrote:

“I have tried hypnosis. It didn’t work at all! I concluded I wasn’t hypnotizable….”

Hypnosis does often succeed marvelously for smoking cessation

That success is an important context for what follows in this article. We hypnotists tend to be a positive, upbeat bunch. I suspect that the article I’m about to write is wildly counter-culture within the hypnotism community. But I can’t resist naming some problems that others might hesitate to discuss in a public blog…. Even if the point is to propose what I have found can overcome those three biggest problems.

AMANDA motivates me, for starters. Anyone of average intelligence and basic mental health can succeed at hypnosis. Actually, the brighter someone is, the more likely that person is to succeed with hypnosis. This Blog-Buddy AMANDA has written many insightful guest posts and comments at this blog. Even if I didn’t care about her a great deal personally, as a long-time client and workshop student, you don’t have to know her for long before you can tell this is one brainy babe. If anyone ought to succeed at hypnosis for smoking cessation, it is somebody like AMANDA.

How hypnotism can help you to stop smoking. A Daylong Online Forum for World Hypnotism Day.

 Is smoking getting to be too much?

Is smoking getting to be too much?

Hypnotism can help you to stop smoking. Sometimes hypnosis alone can do it  Maybe all you need is this link to a free recording, an Introduction to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis, yours courtesy of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

My contribution to World Hypnotism Day is this Daylong Online Forum on Hypnotism to Stop Smoking. Together we will explore different ways that hypnosis can help you to quit smoking for good.

We’ll begin with ideas that may already be familiar to you, then progress to concepts that may be new — important concepts to stop smoking or change other ways a person can get stuck and blame self-sabotage when, really, self-sabotage could be a mighty questionable concept for your path of personal development.

Add comments of any length below. No need to sign in first. Let’s make our interaction easy, practical, even fun.

Comments at this Online Forum will include my answers to your questions of general interest. Also invited to participate  and respond to questions here are my colleagues who have a professional practice in hypnotism and/or past-life regression therapy.

I am one of the hypnotists worldwide who specializes in regression hypnosis. More accurately, I use a particular form of past-life regression called “Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM).” For you as a consumer, and also perhaps as someone who wants to succeed at smoking cessation, it’s worthwhile considering different ways that hypnosis can help a person to stop smoking for good.

Face reading public health hero Hamid Jafari

Justin Bieber, apparently more famous than Hamid Jafari

Justin Bieber, apparently more famous than Hamid Jafari

“It has been almost three years with no cases of polio in India.” Sound like a big deal? Well, it should.

Blog-Buddies, you have probably grown up free from the crippling virus. Maybe you even received a polio shot as I did, growing up.  In America, the disabling disease has been eradicated since 1979.

I have only one friend whose legs are disfigured from a childhood encounter with polio, the same illness that — not so very long ago — crippled American President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Now India joins the family of nations that is polio-free. Credit goes particularly to Hamid Jafari, who wouldn’t give up on the seemingly impossible project of protecting all the children of India from the disease.

How has Pope Francis changed so far? A comparison Skilled Empath Merge.

Pope Francis, ready for his comparison aura reading

Pope Francis, ready for his comparison aura reading

Skilled Empath Merges here will compare Pope Francis’s aura, comparing before and shortly after he became the head of the Catholic Church.

When I read the new pope’s aura for this blog, so looooooooooooong ago, back in 2013, I was no pushover. Since then he has impressed the world, gaining such admiration. And not just from Time Magazine, which named him Person of the Year for 2013.

The Catholic pontiff has even impressed the mighty Rush Limbaugh, in a way. Pope Francis got the whole world talking with a startling comment about gay priests that may steer the Church towards more inclusiveness, “Who am I to judge?”