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How I would help a client in recovery from pot, heroin, or other drugs

Rose Rosetree, sharing ways you can help people in recovery from substance abuse

Rose Rosetree, sharing ways you can help people in recovery from substance abuse

So many searching questions have been prompted by yesterday’s aura reading research into what heroin did to Philip Seymour Hoffman, did to him energetically and subconsciously and humanly. Today’s post is a brief response. Here I will summarize my approach to substance recovery, using the example of heroin. Rest assured, you could substitute the name of any addictive drug, taken for recreational purposes or self-medication. Or you could name alcohol.

Not cigarettes, though. Not every addictive substance is dangerous energetically.

The heart of today’s article is a detailed list of particular forms of subconscious STUFF that may be blocking full recovery.

Big disclaimer upfront: I am neither a substance abuse counselor, nor a licensed mental health professional, nor licensed in any healing profession at all, unless you count Hypnotism and Past-Life Regression. I do offer a Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality that trains professionals who could help addicts in recovery.

When enough have graduated from this program, we can develop a formal certification. So far, I cannot even promise that. Graduation with these professional skills does not confer a legal credential like the NGH-Certified Hypnosis Instruction I will be giving this March.

But if today’s post inspires any of you to work with me in the field of recovery, let’s discuss what you can do to help people who are struggling with recovery.

Besides becoming a pioneer graduate from my Mentoring Program, what else can you do, if you would like to make difference in the lives of people who struggle, in recovery, taking one day at a time?

Another disclaimer: Different systems of mind-body-spirit healing abound. They include Emotional Freedom Technique, Eden Energy Medicine, acupuncture, and so many other powerful systems for helping people to re-balance energetically.

I will give the perspective from the skill sets that I prefer using. That includes the energetic literacy perspective. Many practices can help people without necessarily moving out the 10 types of energetic STUFF I will be describing here. Use your consumer skills, Blog-Buddies, to make your own choices and refer loved ones for help

Energy spirituality ways to help people in recovery from substance abuse?

When you read online conversations about substance abuse, refer folks to today’s article, the one I wrote yesterday and/or Legalize pot? An Aura Reading perspective

If you have a favorite talk show, newspaper columnist, or radio host, invite that person to interview me. Your invitation will have more weight than my approaching folks with press releases. Besides, frankly, I don’t have the time these days to hunt down media interviews. I’ve done over 1,000 and I love doing them. Sure, I am willing to do more interviews if invited.

You might simply refer folks you know to do some sessions with me, for starters a simple 55-minute session of aura healing and transformation by phone or Skype video or in person. My job for now is to help one person at a time, as I have been doing in a variety of ways related to the basic model for healing in this form of energy spirituality.

Feeling really ambitious? Do some volunteer work with grant writing. Approach foundations. Help me to get a pilot program started. Here in the Metro Washington, D.C. area, we have the National Institutes of Health. Anywhere in the world, you might write a grant proposal and obtain funding for a pilot program.

But Rose, tell me about the astral entities

Why am I starting with practical ideas like this? Maybe some of you are waiting for me to get to the juicy parts, answering questions like the one raised from yesterday’s post, like Comment #7 from Curious As Ever:

” I hope you will write more about the entities and STUFF that come in with various types of addictions and how (if so) they differ.”

Keep reading and you’ll find out. Inquiring minds deserve to know full answers.

How I help any client with Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Addict or not, the way people are helped through this aura healing modality is the rigorous application of skills to one particular individual.

My techniques of energy spirituality support a client’s intention, whether that client is a famous person like Philip Seymour Hoffman, struggling in recovery; or a mother who wants to support her family more; or a not especially famous artist whose creativity is stuck; or a husband who is struggling to make his marriage work. This same sequence applies whatever the client’s problems:

1. Agree upon an intention for that particular session

New or returning, a client who sits with me in session is first asked for an intention. An intention means one choice for that one session, a place to start, a next step. And something human, not “Clean up my energies.” Intention is about one aspect of your life, like “Speak to people more honestly” or “Live more in the present.”

Maybe we go back and forth a bit but that process itself can help a client. (Trust me on this.) And quite soon we arrive at an intention that is meaningful to the client and also is a direction that I consider both ethical and feasible.

2. Assessment through aura reading or skilled empath merge

Nobody graduates from my Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality without developing superb skills at Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Plus knowledge of different types of STUFF that can be affecting the client astrally and subconsciously. Knowledge of effective skill sets for solving problems at the level of a client’s aura. And ability to set priorities about which skill set to use when.

Sometimes I will find that a client has problems I am not qualified to help with, such as significant mental health difficulties, substance addiction. Or my client came to the session while stoned  on weed. Depending on what I find, I might ask a client to see a psychiatrist or other mental health expert and then return for a session when feeling better.  Then I would end that particular session, of course.

Usually if a client is in therapy or takes medication, that isn’t a problem for aura healing. I do ask my client to check that his or her credentialed professional gives permission for us to work together.

In general, there is no requirement to be helped by energy spirituality, other than willingness to set an intention, coming to the session without being stoned or drunk, or otherwise having a significant problem for being in session together at that particular time. When I’m in session, having researched my client’s aura and patterns of STUFF, I figure out which skill set to use for that client’s Healing Centerpiece.

3. The Healing Centerpiece

Each particular session for aura transformation includes a main event for aura healing. Healing in this form of Energy Spirituality is a two-step process:

  • Permanently remove STUFF. Or remove subconscious code, like bugs in computer software. (You will read more about the latter in coming months and years, Blog-Buddies. This is some of the most exciting new work being done today in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.)
  • Add appropriate PUT-IN. Energetically or related to subconscious code. Plus information for a client’s subconscious mind. Plus a bit of information for the client’s conscious mind.

4. Wrapping up a personal session

Often that wrap-up includes an After Picture to bookend the Before Picture earlier.

A session of Aura Healing and Transformation usually includes some optional homework as well.

Many of the sessions I offer are not healing but Aura Reading Research or Personal Mentoring. These do not contain a Healing Centerpiece. Lately I have been doing a huge amount of helping clients with Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research.

Whichever the type of session, it will have a conclusion. This will not be like, “Time’s up. Buh-byeeeee.”

Have I helped clients in recovery?


These are personal stories, although occasionally a client will give me permission to share some details.

Examples that you can find at this blog include:

Now, to satisfy your curiosity, best as I can, about helping a client in recovery

Astral-level STUFF is fascinating. That’s just one reason to ask for details and juicy possibilities.

Also, it is so depressing to learn of the misery experienced by drug addicts, potheads, people who say (as I heard just last week from a client in session): “He isn’t addicted to cocaine. He just uses it recreationally, when he wants to.”

Stinkin’ thinkin’,  that one!

So here comes a list to help you understand recovery-related topics responsibly. This is not a paranormal website, where I offer up ooh-and-ah stories and descriptions of my journeys in the astral.

Blog-Buddies, might I discourage you from pursuing that line of inquiry. Answers to such questions are as close as the rest of the Internet. However, the more you read the more you will want to read. Ever hear of “The Romance of the Astral?” Or spiritual addiction?

Beware! Reading about paranormal experiences, in lurid detail, counts for Technique Time. Do you really wish to do that with your precious 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops?

That said, yes, in Part Two of this series, I will supply a comprehensive list that impacts recovery from substance abuse, like heroin addiction. Reading Part Two  will NOT count as Technique Time. It will not get you into a special, astrally tinged use of your imagination. But can it ever help you to think in practical ways.

Drug addict, in recovery from substance abuse, or (hopefully) neither… every one of these 10 Types of STUFF could be limiting your joy in life right now.

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