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Coping Tips and Tricks for an Empath

Shopping for tips to help you as an empath?

Shopping for tips to help you as an empath?

Who doesn’t love tips and tricks, those juicy bits of fresh info? Ideally suited for the Internet, especially Facebook. Or perhaps a teleseminar full of encouragement:

  • Money-saving housecleaning tips with vinegar!
  • Marvelous makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger!
  • How about this amazing tip? You can dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of water to use as a hair conditioner. Afterwards recycle the mixture and use it to deodorize your bathroom. Keep this precious fluid in an open container, tucked inside the shower stall while you’re not bathing. Wow, that’s saving money!

Seriously, Blog-Buddies, learning new tips and tricks can be great. Just reading about them is entertaining, whether or not you ever actually use them.

Personally I’m glad that I read somewhere how you can crumple up old sheets from a newspaper (black and white pages only, no pages with color photos). Use them like free paper towels to shine up your kitchen windows. Yeah!

As an empath coach, though, I am not a big fan of tips. As the field of empath coaching grows, it’s lovely that teachers are stepping up to help. However, beware the teacher or helper or healer who offers you empath tips and tricks.

Why tips and tricks for an empath hurt more than they help

Every born empath needs skills. Skills allow an empath to have a much better life, no question.

I’m a huge fan of helping empaths to become skilled. Doing this with the system of Empath Empowerment(R) takes a bit of time. In simplest form , you could learn as quickly as seven hours total.

Skills for empaths that really work, learning faster than that? Perhaps a sample, like a little taste of ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s? This is not a matter of tips and quick fixes. Empath skills mean learning a process.

Empath Empowerment(R) was the first trademarked system in America for coaching empaths. It is still the only dedicated system for helping empaths, far as I know. Sure, you can find books galore with advice, sympathy, tips and tricks. The same with teleclasses for empaths.

I happen to think that empaths deserve more. You, for instance. When I figure out how to give a quality teleclass that really helps empaths, I’ll start teaching one. Promise. 

What I won’t do is offer a cheap substitute to cash in on the booming market for protecting and helping empaths.

You deserve to receive something that really can help you, not busywork or empty promises or advice that actually makes things worse.

At this blog and my main website and another website for empaths (that I began years ago but now lack the time to maintain), you can learn basic consumer smarts about how to become a skilled empath.

When you take your consumer survey of what is offered for empaths today in the marketplace, here is what I can contribute: A systematic method that has worked for thousands of empaths around the world, including workshops I have given on three continents; authorized editions of my books in Japanese, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish ; and mentoring done for clients in so many countries.

Where empaths’ lives were changed in really significant ways.

Just to encourage you newbies, some of you Blog-Buddies might be so kind as to write a comment  below about the difference it has made for you, learning skills for living joyfully and empowered as an empath.

As an empath, become a smart consumer

Today’s post will include a summary of how I can help any empath to get skills. Any empath means YOU, if you were born as an empath, one of the 1 in 20 people born with that wonderful kind of potential in life.

First though, let’s go for essential consumer information.

What is my one big tip for an empath? Whenever you encounter someone selling, or telling, tips for an empath, run.

Run in the opposite direction.

Becoming a skilled empath is a process. You learn how to make a few effortless shifts to your consciousness. This changes the subtle quality of positioning consciousness in everyday life.

If you entrust me with teaching you how to become a skilled empath, you will learn a small set of skills. They will become second nature.

Learning skills as an empath is like learning to drive an automobile, except that driving instruction takes longer. Compared to developing empath skills, driving is also way harder and scarier, even dangerous.

So why do folks bother with learning how to drive a car? When you want to drive, your choice is to either learn how to drive or not learn.

In the field of driver’s education today, not too many experts can get away with offering tips as a substitute for learning how to steer a car or change lanes. These are not just interesting theories. They are skills.

What do you get for your trouble, learning how to drive a car? Just like learning how to be skilled as an empath, once you master the skill set, you keep it for life. Such a great investment in your future!

To prepare for earning your driver’s license, would it be enough to gather a bunch of tips? Here come a few, just for fun.

Three Tips for Driving a Car

  1. Find a pair of ornamental dice. Keep them in your vehicle at all times. These will make you lucky and help to prevent accidents.
  2. Every car contains something called “Windows.” It is so much more comfortable driving in cold weather if you can learn how to close them. Especially during a snowstorm. So find a kind person who can show you how to close the windows in your particular model of automobile. This will keep you warmer and can help you drive extra safely.
  3. To prepare for a very long trip in your car, release the emergency brake.

What Is The Simplest, Fastest Way to Become a Skilled Empath?

Get a copy of Become The Most Important Person in the Room. It’s available as a paperback. Plus authorized ebook editions are available through Kindle, Nook, iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Copia, Gardners, eBookPie, eSentral, Scribd, and  PagePusher.

Do a quick, fun read through the book. Like a novel! New ideas can be like characters you meet for the first time, only this is no fiction.

During this first read-through, skip all the techniques. Read in the lighthearted spirit of tips and tricks, if you like. Read sloppy.

Afterwards read just one short chapter per day. Do whatever that chapter contains, including a tiny bit of homework. Altogether it won’t amount to more than 10 minutes a day.

Still nice and easy, no being hard on yourself. Have some fun with this. Even if your motivation is very serious (like mine in teaching you) take it easy and be sloppy.

Why? The harder you try to concentrate or “Do a perfect job,” the more firmly you will rely upon entrenched habits that don’t help at all for becoming a skilled empath. Trust me, you can afford to be sloppy and have yourself some fun while developing true empath skills.

In this “30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment” Skip the last three chapters, if you like. They are for doing Skilled Empath Merge. Optional for being a skilled empath. All the rest of that how-to book is needed.

Once you have cycled through most of that simplest how-to book for empaths, you will be quite skilled.

That simple.

Want even fancier skills as an empath?

Take my annual Empath Empowerment Workshop. Coming up soon! This March 22-23.  The Level 1 weekend workshop will move you forward by six months, compared to your present skill level. No prior experience is needed. Although you could come as a very skilled empath as well, and move forward by half a year compared to your present skill level.

Or you could do some mentoring with me. I recommend you do this after your first go-through with Become The Most Important Person in the Room. Although I will help you as much as you can, however you come to me.

Mentoring can be one 55-minute session at a time, or go for a 5-hour Day of Mentoring (with a discount included for encouragement). Talking over the phone? This works fine, I promise. Although you could also come in person for your mentoring. Skype webcam might be a fine choice as well. You decide.

In addition, I am working on a pair of books, a short series called “Empath Coaching with Rose Rosetree.” They replace Empowered by Empathy, now out of print. This was the first how-to in English for empaths, maybe the first instructional book for empaths in any language. By now, however, it is like Word for Windows. Time for an upgrade to reflect how much I have learned as an empath coach.

Blog-Buddies, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm over  this pair of books I am preparing for you. Absolutely my best how-to books yet, and so crammed with the latest, best ways to help any empath develop superb, effortless skills. For about six months, I have made this my biggest work priority. Ever since I realized that it wasn’t enough to do a new edition of “Empowered by Empathy.”

I’m doing all I can to release this pair of books this spring. What more can I tell you about this so far? This is a much more detailed, sophisticated approach.  As easy as could be, yet delivering what is promised.

Even after publication of these empath books, I will still recommend starting with Become The Most Important Person in the Room, because it is so very quick and easy.

So that’s what I’ve got to help you, talented empaths. Loads of resources that can really work to help you as an empaths Just not tips and tricks. But a stronger sense of self. Protecting yourself. Preventing Imported STUFF from unskilled empath merge. Soooooo many techniques for Skilled Empath Merge. Such big fun!

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  1. 1
    Teri says:

    Eagerly awaiting delivery of Become the Most Important Person in the Room.

    Thanks, Rose!

  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    I have a Car Driving Tip to add.

    Make sure you like its colour.



  3. 3
    Melanie says:

    Before I knew I was an empath, I didn’t know who I was, what MY thoughts and ideas were, what I liked and disliked. I agreed with everybody. I’d cry everyone else’s tears. I didn’t understand why people would tell me that pain was NOT contagious, and quit being such a hypochondriac.

    What a contrast to my life now. It took more than just a few tips and tricks. What I needed were techniques and skills. All the online help sites for empaths did not help me. I did feel a little better about myself, understanding that I wasn’t alone in my experiences, and I wasn’t crazy. But none of it healed STUFF, or prevented my taking on STUFF that wasn’t even mine.

  4. 4
    Melanie says:

    My empath empowerment started with Become the Most Important Person in the Room, cycling through it over and over again, with deeper results each time. It was amazing, healing all that STUFF I’d taken on from other people, and experiencing MYSELF for the first time ever!

    A year later, I attended both of Rose’s Empath Empowerment workshops. Those were truly wonderful, amazing, empowering! The book was great, the workshops even better!

    Also, in my empath empowerment journey, I’ve had many healing sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, healing centerpieces including healing psychic coercion and cutting cords of attachment where a common process-oriented item has been “empath gifts on”.

  5. 5
    Melanie says:

    All that combined has helped me to come to this point where I keep my empath gifts OFF most of the time. Occasionally, I will turn them on fully, using a specific technique for a short amount of time because I WANT TO. I am protected from taking on others’ STUFF, and the information I receive is so much more accurate. Then I go back to being human.

    I know who I am, I know what MY thoughts and ideas are, I know what I like and dislike. I’m free to share my opinions because I know what they are. I am in touch with my own emotions, and I don’t suffer from others’ pain, emotional or physical.

  6. 6
    Melanie says:

    BTW, Rose, I love your tips for driving a car. Most helpful. ;D

  7. 7
    Linda Stone says:

    For most of my life therapists, teachers, friends, so-called friends, tarot readers, psychics….. kept telling me that I did not have good boundaries.

    They all suggested things I could do to have better boundaries …. so that I would not be so adversely affected by other people, certain kinds of plants, grocery stores, airplane rides.

  8. 8
    Linda Stone says:

    The list was extensive… parties, motel rooms, other peoples books etc etc….

    I spent thousands of dollars on spiritual candles, salt and soda baths, crystals, smudging practices.

    I imagined all kinds of bubbles around me.

    I used aromatherapy.

  9. 9
    Linda Stone says:

    Oh, the list is endless.

    Bottom line…. Until I learned to be a skilled empath…. my life consisted of mostly trying to stay away from people and things.

    Roses’ classes and skill sets have allowed me to have a more relaxed and comfortable life. And compared to all the other complex gyrations I went through to feel safe in the world? It was simple, straightforward and permanent.

    I now use my empath abilities to help others. Now I see being an empath as the gift it really is…. instead of the curse that I used to think it was.

  10. 10
    Heather Crawford says:


    I am absolutely thrilled to hear of your new short series of books to help Empaths. Your work is truly revolutionary and I cannot wait to read your newest additions soon.

  11. 11
    David.. says:

    Melanie & Linda
    Thanks for sharing. I’m in the place now where I’m much more conscious of the empath dynamics I have but have not shifted the habits of being on a lot. Turning down the dial was surprisingly unfamiliar.

    My experience has not been quite what either of you describe. Rather, I slowly realized the tendency to “become my job” or the place I spent a lot of time in. I often didn’t like the person I was at work, for example, and it was hard to let it go later.

    I also used to vacuum up others anxiety. Some other gifts have been less troublesome but not well understood so not used as effectively. It’s certainly been a surprising journey of discovery.

  12. 12
    David.. says:

    (laughs) They use vegetable inks on newspapers here. If you wipe them on anything, the ink comes off on it. I use paper towels for packing dishes now, or you have to wash them all afterwards. 😉

  13. 13
    David.. says:

    Agreed, Rose. I first discovered I was an empath years ago but they didn’t cover my types so I couldn’t relate to the tips. It was useful to know but…

  14. 14
    David.. says:

    (laughs) Seems this old codger will take a little more practice than a once over. I agree that the empath skills in the ‘Become the Most Important’ book are simple. Astonishingly so, actually. But I’m still catching myself doing the quick “check” that is so ingrained. The habit of off will take practice as yet.

  15. 15
    David.. says:

    Looking forward to the new pair of books…

  16. 16
    Kira says:

    I cannot wait for the new books! I wish I could do the workshop, but I will be traveling the weekend before it and then again in early May, and have discovered that even fun trips are draining if there are too many too close together. (And that’s not even counting the huge trip to France in late July/early August!)

    I’m hoping there will be a year fairly soon that your workshop isn’t scheduled too close to any of my singing trips. (On the other hand, singing is my favorite thing to do, so I’m not hoping for fewer of those, just at more convenient times…)

  17. 17
    Kira says:

    I’m finding it difficult to do some of the homework in “Become the Most Important Person in the Room.” Most days, I’m home alone with my husband (who works from home); when I *am* around others, it’s for a specific purpose and I get absorbed in the purpose and forget to try any of the techniques I’m supposed to do.

  18. 18
    abbey says:

    Is it possible to be an empath and never help people; with empathy always kept shut off?

  19. 19
    David.. says:

    Abbey – yep. Rose talks about that in the book. And how to get help for people without getting involved yourself.

    There can be times when the empath gifts may be useful just for yourself too, like checking our a possible partner, the quality of some expensive food, something for your home, and so forth.

    Not everyone has the temperament to be a healer.

  20. 20
    David.. says:

    Kira – I live and work solo so had the same challenge. I also read the book the first time before bed so I’d forget the exercise the next day.

    I’ll try a different approach on the next read but have 2 other books I want to cover first – trying to get up to speed on all of Rose’s treasures.

  21. 21
    Kira says:

    I’m glad it’s not just me, David! I too was reading in bed. Even on my 2nd time through.

    I think I’m already doing (or managing not to do, as the case may be) several of the techniques. I have trouble identifying which gifts I have except for Intellectual Empath because most of my answers were “I used to do that when I was a child.” I can’t remember what was going on inside me then well enough to know if it was an empath gift or just a good imagination.

    I *can* say that I’m currently practically oblivious to people’s emotions unless they make them explicit, and that’s one of the “I used to do that” ones.

  22. 22

    Certainly the system of Empath Empowerment(R) does not involve becoming conscious, or newly conscious, or self-conscious about one’s empath gifts.

    It is not, actually, about choosing healthy ways to employ them while in the midst of conscious, human life.

    What then?

  23. 23
    David.. says:

    For a few of the gifts, I’m letting time make them more clear.

    I think its common to learn to repress the gifts in various ways when we’re young – especially emotional ones. The fire of adult emotions is pretty intense for a kid. But this makes them less conscious but doesn’t actually turn them off. Thus, it can take a little time to become more conscious of some of them. And some are more subtle that others, like the Oneness ones. (to me)

    If you had them as a child, you still do. But if you talked about them then, you were probably told it was your imagination or some such and learned to frame them as “bad” or similar.

    I actually ran into an example of this in my doctors medical files, to my surprise.

    A couple of others I didn’t have when I was a kid, so I think have come online with spiritual development. They may not be quite the same as born gifts. But because they arose as an adult, they’re conscious and are normally off unless I turn them on. Thats been instructive.

    But still a learning curve to become re-conscious of them, then learn how to be with them in more healthy ways.

    Our culture teaches us to repress a lot of things.

  24. 24

    Hold that interesting thought (or bunch o’ thoughts), DAVID.

    It may well be that after you have explored more as a skilled empath, your view might be different.

    Mine is.

  25. 25

    It is so true that, related to most gifts a person might have — including every “Gift of the soul” that can be read in every chakra databank you have, when using Stage Three Energetic Literacy — yes, usually a gift works just as you wrote, DAVID:

    Becoming “re-conscious of them, then learn how to be with them in more healthy ways.”

    However, I’m convinced that empath gifts work quite differently.

  26. 26

    A certain degree of self-recognition happens in Part One of Empath Empowerment.

    You do, consciously, learn to name your empath gifts. You develop a sense of what they are, maybe gain new compassion for how you have suffered from them when not used on purpose.

    This is like being given a new car to drive and learning to name car parts like:

    * Steering wheel
    * Emergency brake
    * Plastic dice, kept for luck, dangling from the mirror above the dashboard

    This conscious recognition is a start. Totally necessary. It is not driving, however.

  27. 27

    Then, in Part Two of the Empath Empowerment system, you learn how to use consciousness to turn your gifts OFF.

    Now that’s driving! And just like Driver’s Education with an automobile, practice helps. Experiences can be quite different from our initial ideas about how things will be.

    Doing homework plays a big part in the “30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment” in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

    Wait and see what happens, DAVID.

    You are making such huge discoveries related to the various resources of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. It will be fascinating to read your discoveries and insights as the progress continues.

  28. 28
    David.. says:

    Hi Rose
    Fair enough. What I describe is not Empath Empowerment or skilled empathic gifts. It’s just the discovery of the gifts and dynamics and habits I have around them. Not being in the drivers seat at all. Just discovering i even have a car.

    I’ve been standing out in the rain and wondering why I’m wet. Now I have the keys to the car but am still looking at the keys and trying them in the lock. And noticing just how wet I am. (laughs)

    And yes, I’m sure my understanding and context will evolve. Still just soaking up the information.

  29. 29

    Aha! Not just a good clarification, DAVID, but a fine analogy.

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