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How you can change the media conversation about marijuana

Rose Rosetree, ready to reveal aura reading secrets about the dangers of marijuana

Rose Rosetree, ready to reveal aura reading secrets about the dangers of marijuana

Marijuana is in the news now, and in the media. Legalization is one issue but personal consequences of smoking weed? That’s entirely different.

Auras show dreadful results from long-term pot smoking. Already I have spoken out on “All Things Considered” on National Public Radio.

At an important time in collective consciousness, you can play a powerful role in helping the public to learn about problems with pot , dangers that don’t necessarily show on the surface level of life. But do big-deal problems with marijuana show with Stage Three Energetic Literacy? Hoo-boy, do they ever!

Could you help me to reach more media about the dangers of marijuana?

From an aura-reading perspective, the findings are clear. And years ago I would have spent 40 hours or more, sending out targeted press releases to local  and national TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

That’s how I landed most of the 1,010 media interviews in my collection so far. (My initial contacts plus the many requests to return for further interviews.)

It wrenches my conscience. Now I just don’t have that kind of time.

I’m already busy with clients, doing the peculiar sort of community service work called This Blog, working so hard to get the updated new books for empaths to press.

You can help, Blog-Buddies. A 10-minute favor from you could add up to a very different conversation in the media about the consequences of smoking grass. We could help people make a more informed choice about marijuana.

Funny part is, you have way more credibility for approaching media than I do.

How to do some powerful volunteer work

You know which radio talk shows you like, which TV talk shows. You know which online magazines you like, such as or, plus your favorite hard-copy surviving magazines like Washingtonian. You know which newspaper in your area has a LIFE section or STYLE section or otherwise-named feature section.

And you know cool blogs where you are already active at commenting or lurking. You know which blogs where it would be appropriate to raise the topic of what pot actually does to a person.

If it seems like a good match, don’t wait until a show or story appears on marijuana. Help to lead. Many outlets are discussing these stories now, especially over the next month or so. You could help to get the aura-reading-perspective into collective consciousness.

To help, here’s all you do. Figure out your pitch. (Ideas below.) Find the contact information, use it and make your pitch.

Why we could get some really great interviews

Journalism is often pro and con. Plenty of people are coming out as pro-pot.

Can you think of a more powerful anti-pot perspective than the one that comes from aura reading?

It’s also a fresh perspective that hasn’t been tried in journalism before. How many interviews have you seen on TV, for instance, with an aura reader pointing to photos of a celebrity, researching chakra databanks?

Together we could help make this happen, Blog-Buddies.

Which person is best to contact

For a newspaper or magazine, the feature editor. Or the assignment editor.

For a TV or reality show or radio show, the producer.

For a blog, the person who maintains the blog or the editor or official contact person.

Do not just contact the webmaster. Avoid pestering a famous person you happen to admire; they don’t work as producers. (I’ve been there, of course, done that. Waste of time. Worse, it’s the mark of a newbie at contacting media)

If there is interest, I can be available for any newspaper interview, radio show, national TV show, or TV show in the metro Washington D.C. area.

International media interviews? I’ve done plenty. If it’s okay that I just speak English, we can work something out.

Less news-effective, but still useful

You can always help spread the word about energetic literacy and Rosetree Energy Spirituality by commenting online at your favorite shows or your newspaper or online group of whatever kind.

That can also be helpful, in case anyone there does read comments. It’s like a second-level favor.

The big whomper favor would be to contact someone with a powerful media presence, creating the main article or interview.

How to contact a media person or blogger

Have your exact words ready. Maybe based on what will follow in today’s post.

You might cut and paste your version of the information below into the contact information form online. Better? Send an email.

Or you could read your script as you place that call over the phone.

For news executives i t is crazy-busy and ultra-high-pressure, so be organized. Plus, preparation takes pressure off you to improvise.

Never send an email with ccs. Address your contact person by name and, already, you help to show that you are not a spammer.

Invite the media contact to contact you, so that it will, again, be obvious that you are not a spammer. Provide contact details for me, too.

The Pitch

Aura Reader warns about the wonders of marijuana

In contrast to today’s rah-rah about smoking pot, aura reader Rose Rosetree warns that the dangers  from cannabis are subtle. From her comments at “All Things Considered” from a segment “If Marijuana Were Legal”:

 I read auras professionally –maybe considered as weird socially as smoking pot but really quite different.

From my perspective, pot is very, very dangerous. It’s a slow poison that has very specific consequences for all long-term users as well as very individual (and heart-breaking) consequences for each user.

Rose Rosetree has written the international bestseller Aura Reading Through All Your Senses. Not a psychic, she teaches aura reading as a form of “Energetic Literacy.” Rosetree uses it while work with clients for a kind of mind-body-spirit healing that made her the most popular healer in the history of VOICE, the top seminar company in Japan.

During an interview, Rose Rosetree can provide detailed profiles of celebrity auras of your choice, based on photos. That includes aura reading famous potheads.

Rosetree has over 1,000 media credits, including “The View,” The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Catholic Standard, “The Diane Rehm Show,”  The Chicago Sun-Times, even “The Colbert Report.” She is a columnist on “Energetic Literacy” for Pathways Magazine, a regional publication for the mind-body-spirit community.

Blog posts on marijuana include Aura Reading of a Pothead and The problem with pot, from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Guest posts on Rosetree’s blog from former potheads include Hidden addiction to marijuana, grass, weed, pot, cannabis. A follow-up guest post by Beth and  Three Years Pot Free, a guest post by Anonymous.

Contact Rose Rosetree, 703-450-9514.

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  1. 1

    Point related to my record-time writing and editing and publishing for the series of books about Empath Coaching with Rose Rosetree….

    Recently I cancelled sales of the audiobook for “Empowered by Empathy.”

    The material, though basically sound, is outdated. I would rather take a business loss than take a bite out of my integrity.

  2. 2

    Same thing with allowing advertising or installing a donation button here at the blog.

    * Yes, I charge for my books.

    * Yes, I charge tuition for workshops.

    * Yes, I charge a fee for personal sessions.

    * Yes, I appreciate when you encourage others to have sessions, take my workshops, buy my books.

    That is how Mitch and I make our living.

    It’s different if I happen to love nurturing this online community. You Blog-Buddies are a special kind of family to me.

  3. 3
    Allison says:

    Hey Rose, I have contacted the editor of The Beijinger, an online and paper magazine for expats in China. I pitched them an idea for a Rose Rosetree interview, so we’ll see if it generates some interest. I’ll also try pitching to other English publications with expat audiences.

  4. 4

    Thanks so much, ALLISON. It is always fun to do media interviews because I can do face reading and/aura reading on local celebrities. If there’s a photo, I can read it.

    And those editors aren’t that scary, are they?

    In my experience, editors and producers are very smart people, pressured and focused. They appreciate someone who has prepared a short pitch, responds with respect, and doesn’t try to boss them around, as in “You’ve gotta do this interview.”

  5. 5
    David.. says:

    Such a champion, Rose. 😉

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